Pear Shaped Engagement Rings Shopping Guide – Everything You Need to Know

gold solitaire pear shaped engagement rings with glamorous art deco stacked bands
photo: Marrow Fine

Calling all modern, bold, stylish, and elegant couples! Pear shaped engagement rings are calling your name.

A mix between a circle and a marquise style, pear shaped engagement rings (also called teardrop rings) are a modern classic. While the cut itself is hundreds of years old, pear shaped rings still feel more contemporary and glamorous than other designs. They have a certain je ne sais quoi that exudes style, sparkle, and major swoons.

If you’ve been seeing pear shaped engagement rings EVERYWHERE right now and are wondering if they’re the forever style for you, you’re not alone! We can’t get their chic shape out of our heads — so we put together this ultimate guide to help you find your pear shaped ring soul mate. Get ready to fall head over heels!

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How to Wear Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

woman wearing a white gold halo diamond pear shaped engagement ring
photo: Brilliant Earth

One of the best things about pear shaped engagement rings? There are SO many ways to wear them! With a more distinct shape than a classic round cut or princess cut ring, pear shaped styles are definitely interesting enough to stand on their own — so feel free to rock a single solitaire stone for a stand-out look!

Want something with a little more bling? Pear shaped engagement rings are also super stackable, despite their more irregular shape. Get a custom matching band that perfectly hugs the design of the diamond (or gemstone) for a classic look, or add a few non-traditional bands below the main ring for something modern and stylish! There are no wrong answers here.

We especially love adding a marquis or sunburst crown to pear shaped rings — tres chic.

elegant gold diamond alternative pave pear shaped engagement rings
pear shaped ring: GWS x Diamond Nexus

One word: YES! Over the past few years, pear shaped engagement rings have taken off in popularity, with the most stylish soon-to-be-weds rocking the modern shape. Even some of your fave celebrities have sported the style — from Sophie Turner to Megan Fox to Cardi B to the one and only Elizabeth Taylor.

And it’s easy to see why! They’re stylish and timeless at the same time, plus they’re super flattering and slimming on your finger. And, with an elongated shape, pear shaped engagement rings also maximize on sparkle — and tend to appear larger per carat than their more traditional counterparts (giving you more bang for your buck).

But despite their irresistible glamour and recent popularity, pear shaped styles are still more rare than many other ring shapes. That means that you’ll look totally elegant, without looking like everyone else.

What Does a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Say About You?

left hand displaying gold black solitaire pear shaped engagement rings
pear shaped ring photo: Marrow Fine

If we’re talking symbolism here, pear shaped engagement rings are designed to represent tears of joy — making them a pretty perfect design to start your new married life.

Plus, pear shaped designs tend to be more trendy, glamorous, and bold than other ring shapes. They stand out from the crowd of round and square cut stones, without appearing too over-the-top or unconventional.

In other words, these rings are perfect for hopeless romantics that are modern, elegant, and super stylish. If we’re describing you (or your soon-to-be fiancée) right now, then a teardrop/pear style is probably a love match!

Do You Wear a Pear Shaped Ring Up or Down?

glamorous white gold halo pear shaped engagement rings
diamond pear shaped ring photo: Blue Nile

There are no rules for how to wear pear shaped engagement rings, so whether you point the tip up or down is completely up to you! But if you want to go with the more common style, you should wear the tip of the pear pointed up, toward your fingertips. This way, when you look down at your hand, the ring will look like the shape of a pear (or a teardrop!) from your perspective.

What Wedding Band Goes With a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring?

solitaire gold Art Deco glam pear shaped engagement rings
pear shaped ring stack photo: Marrow Fine

Like we mentioned before, there are so many types of bands that pair well with pear shaped engagement rings — it just depends on your style!

If you want something more traditional, look for a matching band that wraps around the setting of your pear shaped stone. This way, it’ll line up with the band of the engagement ring and mirror the patterns of the stone for a harmonious look.

But don’t feel like your band has to hug your ring perfectly! You can also make a statement with dazzling designs that add a bit of space between the engagement ring and the band (like the stunning Art Deco inspired diamond band pictured above!).

You can even double up on bands for a glitzy, one-of-a-kind look (we’re OBSESSED with the eye-catching combo of these stackable bands), or choose an unconventional design, like this glimmering wave-shaped band. Just try to balance elaborate engagement rings with more minimalist wedding bands, and vice versa, for a design that’ll withstand the test of time.

Ready to find your dream ring? Let’s get into the pear shaped finger candy!

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

distinct Art Nouveau diamond pear shaped engagement ring
pear shaped diamond engagement ring: Brilliant Earth

Hello, sparkle! Pear shaped diamond engagement rings are some of the most brilliant (right after round cut styles), meaning they have a huge dazzle factor. These are the rings that’ll catch everyone’s eyes as soon as you walk into a room — and keep them there.

For the traditional diamond look, plus a little modern flair, these pear shaped diamond engagement rings are IT. Add some extra twinkle with a polished pavé setting, kick the style up a notch with a diamond crown, or let that center diamond speak for itself with a simple and sophisticated design.

The choice is yours — and we’ve found the most stunning pear shaped diamond engagement rings for every style!

1: Classic Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

classic white gold pavé diamond pear shaped engagement rings

Every other piece of bling in your jewelry box will be jealous once they see this pear shaped diamond engagement ring! The round diamonds along the band keep the sparkling pear shaped stone company — and that 18k white gold makes the entire ring dazzle.

A timeless look, this Blue Nile ring is oozing with class and glamour. Perfect for those that want a pear shaped style that matches their sparkle!

Shop This White Gold Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

2: Art Nouveau Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

chevron pavé Art Nouveau inspired diamond pear shaped engagement rings

A tribute to the Art Nouveau era, this pear shaped diamond engagement ring captures all the romance of a different time period. We love that this design feels unexpected, decadent, and a little bit artistic. We seriously can’t take our eyes off of it!

This chevron-shaped diamond ring comes in any metal of your choice — but we’re suckers for that rosy pink gold! SO romantic.

Shop This Nouveau Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

rose gold oval engagement rings

Love the romantic look? Don’t miss our list of the best rose gold engagement bands we can’t stop obsessing over!

3: Diamond Alternative Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

gold diamond alternative classic pear shaped engagement rings

As much as we LOVE diamonds (they are our best friend, after all!), we also wanted to give a shout-out to this stunning diamond alternative pear shaped engagement ring.

Made with the Diamond Nexus brand’s diamond alternative, the radiant stones on this classic ring are indistinguishable from a flawless diamond — plus, they’re also more sustainable AND more affordable! Trust us, you won’t believe your eyes when you see that price tag!

(P.S. This ring is part of our new Green Wedding Shoes curation for Diamond Nexus, and we are SO excited to be sharing our faves with all of you!! We’ve also picked an alternative diamond eternity band that matches this pear shaped ring perfectly!)

Shop THis Diamond Alternative Pear Shaped Ring

4: Twisted Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

twisted band white gold solitaire diamond pear shaped engagement rings

The classic pear shaped diamond engagement ring, but with a twist (literally!). For something that stands out in an oh-so elegant way, it doesn’t get better than this enchanting diamond pear shaped ring.

Plus, we love how the two bands twisting around each other could symbolize your union — so cute! Pair this one with a matching twist diamond eternity band for sparkle that lasts forever.

Shop This Twisted White Gold Diamond Pear Shaped RIng

5: Glam Multi-Stone Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

gold multi-stone diamond pear shaped engagement rings

Why have one pear shaped diamond when you could have three?! This stunning gold diamond ring combines two connecting bands — one with two dainty pear shaped stones, and one with a single stone and a glittering pavé setting.

The result? A breathtaking ring that maxes out on glam.

Shop THis Multi-Sone Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

6: Whimsical + Delicate Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

whimsical gold diamond pear shaped engagement rings with side diamonds sitting in a velvet ring box

An heirloom-worthy engagement ring if we ever saw one! For pear shaped diamond engagement rings that you’ll want to pass down for generations, look no further than this simple, swoon-worthy design.

We love how the center pear shaped stone is decorated with three round cut diamonds on each side, giving it sparkle for daaays.

Shop THis Simply whimsical Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

7: Salt and Pepper Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

white gold multi-stone salt and pepper diamond pear shaped engagement ring

For those that love to venture from tradition, mix it up with salt & pepper pear shaped diamond engagement rings! With a mystical, aged look, this unconventional diamond ring looks like a magical artifact from an ancient time. One word: enchanting.

Plus, there’s no better way to tell someone that they’re the salt to your pepper! (Sorry, we had to.)

P.S. Save 5% on this ring (or any ring at Staghead Designs) with code JENCAMPBELL. Don’t walk, RUN!

Shop This Salt and Pepper Diamond Pear Shaped Ring

8: Marquise Crown Boho Pear Diamond Ring Set

white gold solitaire bezel diamond pear shaped engagement rings with marquise cut diamond crown

A bezel setting and a marquise crown? The perfect combo of modern meets glam. This solitaire pear shaped diamond engagement ring comes with a matching diamond crown band to complete the delicate, whimsical look.

We can’t get over how dainty this white gold diamond pear ring is. It proves that delicate diamonds can make a BIG statement!

Shop This Bezel set Pear Shaped Diamond RIng

9: Something Blue Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

royal blue Art Nouveau inspired gold diamond pear shaped diamond engagement rings

The perfect “something blue” for the big day! Another unconventional, majestic design, this pear shaped engagement ring has us sold on a pop of color with our diamonds.

This glimmering chevron-shaped ring is also giving us major royalcore vibes. Because every fairytale romance needs a royal blue ring (and a princess-inspired wedding gown to match)!

Shop This Blue Multi-Stone Diamond Pear Shaped Ring

cluster pear shaped blue sapphire ring

Obsessed with all things blue stones? You’ll fall head over heels for our favorite sapphire bands. Three words: to die for!

Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Rings

classic white gold and diamond halo pear shaped engagement ring
pear shaped halo engagement ring: Brilliant Earth

Is there such a thing as too much sparkle? Here at GWS, we think not! For maximum glitz, glam, sparkle, and shine, you’re going to LOVE pear shaped halo engagement rings!

With smaller diamonds encircling the glittering center stone, halo rings are designed to dazzle. Plus, halos add the illusion of a larger stone in the middle, but without the extra carats (and price tag)! They’re grand, exquisite, decadent, and endlessly eye-catching.

Keep scrolling for the pear shaped halo engagement rings that we can’t stop gushing over!

10: Beautiful Bezel Set Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

elegant white gold bezel diamond halo pear shaped engagement rings

You’re definitely going to want to screenshot this one! With a large halo of round diamonds wrapping around the bezel setting, this pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring looks crisp and impossibly chic. We especially love how this halo ring manages to be both modern and timeless at the same time!

This would look stun-ning with this simple open shank diamond band!

Shop This Bezel Halo Pear SHaped RIng

11: One-of-a-Kind Halo Pear Ring Set

dazzling distinct custom diamond halo pear shaped engagement rings

This is the pear shaped halo engagement ring set of our DREAMS! We’re swooning over all the little details that came together to create this dreamy masterpiece — from the matching diamond halo + diamond band, to the elegant pearly effect on the paired band.

If you don’t rock this trendy meets timeless halo ring with a matching pearl gown, then what are you even doing?!

Shop THis Luminous Pear Shaped Halo Ring

ethereal beaded sheer sleeve pearl wedding dress

These definitely aren’t your grandmother’s pearls! Whimsical and timeless, these 29 pearl wedding gowns are TO DIE FOR!

12: Glittering Curved Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Rings

white gold split shank pavé band diamond halo pear shaped engagement rings

This dazzling split shank pear shaped halo engagement ring needs no introduction. But we’re going to give it one anyway!

Like a luxe disco ball for your finger, this glittery halo pear ring has sparkle coming from all angles. The shining center stone is accented with a diamond halo that curves around its edges (for maximum shine), plus two rows of pavé diamonds on the split band.

But wait, there’s more! You can also peep a surprise row of diamond accents on the bridge under the center diamond. It’s the kind of dazzle that never dims.

Shop This Curved Band Halo Pear Shaped Ring

13: Black Diamond Halo Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

distinct diamond black halo pear shaped engagement rings

You’re edgy, cool, and not afraid to break traditions — and you need a pear shaped halo engagement ring that matches your energy! With a black diamond halo, this stand-out ring is just the one for the job.

There’s something about black accents for weddings that just hit different. Keep those modern, elegant vibes going with a matching black wedding gown!

Shop THis Black Halo Pear Shaped Ring

14: Glitz and Glam Mixed Metals Halo Pear Ring Set

two tone pink diamond multiple halo pear shaped engagement rings

A glamorous diamond halo? We’ll take two!

This pear shaped engagement ring kicks the sparkle into overdrive with not one but two diamond halos. Add a morganite center stone, an ornate matching band, and romantic rosy accents, and you’ve got some seriously luxurious bling. Because sometimes more is more — and this double halo ring is proof.

Shop This Two Tone Halo Pear Shaped Ring

15: Pretty in Pink Halo Pear Ring Set

Art Deco bezel set pink and diamond halo pear shaped engagement rings set

Ladies and gentlemen…her. This pear shaped halo engagement ring set is channeling ALL the divine feminine energy, with a pretty in pink center stone, a pink-hued band, and a coven of delicate, dazzling diamonds.

This radiant ring goes out to the girlie girls, the new romantics, and the boho babes. Meet your forever favorite accessory.

Shop This Pink Pear Shaped Halo Ring

16: Golden Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

classic yellow gold scalloped pavé diamond halo pear shaped engagement rings

Channel the golden age of glamour with this pear shaped halo engagement ring! Set with ornate, glowing gold, this decadent pear ring feels like a shimmering tribute to Old Hollywood. We’re picturing it styled with your best satin dress and a dry martini. (And just wait until you see the hidden diamond accents under the center stone, too!)

Add a sophisticated, curved band and you’re pretty much golden.

Shop This Gold Halo Pear Shaped Ring

Gold Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

non-traditional stackable multi-stone diamond gold pear shaped engagement ring
gold pear shaped ring photo: Marrow Fine

Alexa, play “Golden” by Harry Styles.

Gold jewelry has been having its moment for years now, and the same goes for gold pear shaped engagement rings! While yellow gold used to seem more traditional, the retro style is now a MUST for rad, modern couples. And we are, simply put, obsessed.

With a glowing finish that exudes glamour and luxury, these gold pear shaped designs have a knack for dressing up any and every outfit. Plus, they’ll go with your favorite gold hoops!

Quick disclaimer: In this section, we’re going to be focusing on yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings. But even most “silver” looking rings are actually white gold (which we also love!).

17: Delicate Gold Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

small delicate pink gold pear shaped engagement rings

Channel all the grace and elegance of a swan with this gold pear shaped engagement ring, aptly named “Leda the Swan.” Hand-finished in Brooklyn with 100% recycled solid 14k gold, this dainty Catbird ring is built to be treasured for a lifetime (if not longer).

We’re especially digging the slightly translucent center stone, which takes on a one-of-a-kind color when worn on top of your skin. Make it even more personalized to you with an unconventional gold band, like this Greek Goddess-inspired ring!

Shop this Dainty Pink Gold Pear Shaped Ring

18: Modern Double Pear Shaped Gold Engagement Ring

modern bezel two stone diamond gold pear shaped engagement rings

Is there such a thing as a mid-century modern engagement ring? Because we have a feeling it would look something like this.

Made for standing out and looking effortlessly cool at the same time, this rad gold double pear ring features two pear shaped stones positioned across from each other. We’ve never seen anything like it, and that’s what makes it SO GOOD.

Shop This Double Pear Shaped Gold Ring

19: Pop of Pink Gold Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

simple pink stone gold pear shaped engagement rings

In case you haven’t noticed by now, we really love pink. Like, really, really love it. From Barbiecore elopements to blush wedding gowns, we can’t get enough of the feminine hue — and this pear shaped design is no exception!

The same design as #16 on the list, this delicate gold ring takes things to the next level with those two pops of pink on the sides. Like two of your favorite flowers, or two blushing cheeks. Which brings us to the next ring…

Shop This Pink and Gold Pear Shaped Ring

20: Blushing Bride Gold Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

peach pink Art Deco inspired diamond crown gold pear shaped engagement rings

For the soon-to-be blushing bride! Add an extra dose of romance to your hand-holding with this blush-colored pear shaped engagement ring. Another pink option, we’re really digging the soft, peachy shade of this golden ring’s center stone.

And those that dainty crown of delicate diamonds? Utter bliss.

Shop This Peach and Gold Pear Shaped Ring

21: Glowing Green and Gold Pear Ring

glowing green multi-stone gold pear shaped engagement rings with side diamonds

There’s just something about green engagement rings that we can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s the glamorous, Gatsby-era vibes. Maybe it’s how totally one-of-a-kind they seem. Maybe it’s the fact that they would look SO good with green wedding shoes!

Either way, this green and gold pear shaped ring has us seriously smitten. Style it with a golden band that also brings some green, like this modern “Always” band or this dainty marquise ring.

Shop This Green and Gold Pear Shaped Ring

collection of boho emerald engagement rings

Got a thing for green? You’re going to LOVE these emerald engagement bands for every style!

22: Art Deco Inspired Gold Pear Ring Set

dainty art deco marquise diamond gold ring set

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Art Deco gold pear shaped engagement ring, then you can stop scrolling now. This is THE bold and stylish gold pear ring set for you!

We’re obsessed with the idea of marking your engagement with a ring inspired by the same decade 100 years ago. It’s officially the Roaring ’20s, and we’re ready to party!

Shop This Dainty Gold Pear Shaped Ring

Pear Shaped Solitaire Engagement Ring

stackable diamond gold solitaire pear shaped engagement ring with diamond crown band on top
pear shaped solitaire ring photo: Marrow Fine

Calling all minimalists! For the classic couples, solitaire pear shaped engagement rings are a no brainer. A solitaire style (a single center stone on a band) will always transcend trends. It’ll never get old or go out of style, and it’s the type of ring that screams “We’re engaged!”

Plus, keeping things simple with your engagement ring means you can have more freedom with your wedding band. Solitaire rings typically look good with any band, so you can go full glam with a sparkly stacking set, or keep things classic with a diamond eternity band.

There are SO many reasons to love solitaire pear shaped engagement rings, and we have the proof down below!

23: Whimsical Solitaire Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

elegant twisted gold band diamond solitaire pear shaped engagement rings

Think solitaire pear shaped engagement rings are boring? This whimsical diamond ring is here to prove you wrong! Airy, elegant, and totally distinct, this ring features two strands of gold flowing together and meeting behind the center stone. We see a metaphor in there somewhere!

Style this ring with a twisted vine diamond band for the ultimate wow factor (and some extra sparkle).

Shop This Whimsical Solitaire Pear Shaped Ring

24: Hidden Diamond Solitaire Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

gold solitaire pear shaped engagement rings with hidden diamond bridge

It’s the hidden bling for us! While this may be cheating just a little bit, we couldn’t help but include this stunning gold ring. It looks like a classic solitaire ring from the top, but turn it on its side and you’ll be dazzled with a delicate bridge of hidden diamonds.

It’s kind of a like a little, shiny secret just for you and your other half. We have a feeling you’ll get those newly engaged butterflies every time you catch a glimpse of those radiant details!

Shop This Gold Solitaire Pear Shaped Ring

25: Minimalist Solitaire Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

minimalist petite white gold solitaire pear shaped engagement rings

The perfect solitaire pear shaped engagement ring doesn’t exi—

This white gold solitaire ring is here to show that sometimes the simplest things in life really are the most important. This one is no frills, only flawless perfection.

Plus, with such a classic ring, you have ultimate freedom with your band! Choose something show-stopping (like this diamond triangle band), add some color (like this aquamarine ring), or keep building your set over time!

Shop This Minimalist WHite Gold Solitaire Pear Shaped Ring

26: Floating Diamond Solitaire Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

dainty floating diamond Art Nouveau inspired solitaire pear shaped engagement rings

Swoon-worthy would be an understatement — this solitaire pear shaped engagement ring has us on the floor!

The center stone of this radiant pear ring attaches to a smaller circle diamond, giving the illusion of a floating diamond — or a romantic tear drop. The perfect ring for the perfect occasion!

Shop This Dainty Diamond Solitaire Pear Shaped Ring

27: Gold Chunky Band Solitaire Pear Shaped Stunner

gold wide band diamond solitaire pear shaped engagement rings

This solitaire engagement ring is so retro, it’s now the perfect style for modern couples! The wide, gold band makes just as much of a statement as the pear shaped diamond, and we’re not mad about it. Major cool factor, zero frills.

This stand-out ring is practically begging to be worn with a super dainty band to balance its bold shape. This princess + baguette diamond band would be perfect!

Shop This Gold Wide Band Solitaire Pear Shaped Ring

Pear Shaped Ruby Engagement Rings

gold bezel set diamond crown red pear shaped engagement rings
halo red pear shaped engagement ring: AUSGEMS Co

Whether you were born in July or just love unconventional rings, pear shaped ruby engagement rings are a stunning choice. Plus, there are SO many reasons this stone makes for a great lifelong heirloom!

One: rubies have long symbolized love and passion (that red hue is just irresistible!). Two: they’re super resilient compared to other gemstones, and they’re almost as hard as diamonds. Three: they’ve traditionally been a favorite stone for royalty, perfect for your most special piece of jewelry!

Now that you love pear shaped ruby engagement rings as much as we do, let’s get into a few of our faves!

28: Romantic Pink Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

handmade gold delicate diamond red pear shaped engagement rings

Where do we even start?! From the pink-ish hue of this pear shaped ring to the dainty side stones, this feminine style is utterly mesmerizing.

Plus, it kind of looks like a single rose surrounded by smaller white flowers, and we can’t think of anything more romantic. We see a whimsical garden wedding in your future!

Shop This Dainty Diamond Pear Shaped Ring

29: Royal Red Boho Pear Ring Set

elegant red solitaire ring set with marquise diamond crown

Talk about engagement ring royalty! This pear shaped ruby ring, complete with a marquise diamond crown, is definitely fit for a queen (aka, you). All hail this magnificent, golden, regal style!

P.S. You can get this one custom engraved for an extra personal touch. We love the idea of adding a special date, your names, a meaningful phrase, or even the latitude/longitude coordinates of where you first met!

Shop This Red Solitaire Pear Shaped Ring

30: Vintage Vibes Diamond Halo Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

stunning red and gold diamond halo pear shaped engagement rings

Prepare to draw some serious gazes with this rosy diamond halo ring! The crème de la crème of pear shaped ruby styles, this one is for people that love to stand out, show their personality, and look great doing it.

And you NEED to check out this amazing band we found to complete the bold, glittering look!

Shop This Diamond Halo Pear Shaped Ring

31: Dazzling Halo Purple-Red Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

white gold diamond halo purple-ish red crystal pear shaped engagement rings

It’s impossible NOT to say yes when you see this stunning pear shaped ring! With diamonds on diamonds surrounding that deep purple-red stone, the brilliance of this halo ring is simply unmatched.

It’s almost too sparkly to look at directly! All the other rings may as well go home now.

SHop This White Gold Pear Shaped Ring

32: Toi et Moi Ruby Pear Ring

modern gold and red stone pear shaped engagement rings

“Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before…”

We’re talking about this rad toi et moi ring! The toi et moi style is having a serious moment right now, and if it’s good enough for Ariana Grande then it’s good enough for us! With two side-by-side stones, this is definitely one of the most eye-catching modern engagement rings on this list.

Give the minimalistic, modern look some oomph with this detailed diamond + ruby band!

Shop This Toi et Moi Pear Shaped Ring

Unique Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

gold diamond grey blue distinct pear shaped engagement ring
photo: Marrow Fine

You’re not like everyone else, so why should your engagement ring be?! We are HERE for all the unique pear shaped engagement rings we’ve been seeing lately — they go with our main mantra here at GWS, which is that your wedding (and your rings) should reflect you!

Instead of following traditions or trends, these engagement rings are all about showcasing your distinct personality. From unconventional center stones to one-of-a-kind details, there’s a little something something about all these rings that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Ready to find your perfect ring?

bohemian gold unique engagement rings

Stand out from the crowd with these stunning unique engagement bands! You could say we’re obsessed.

33: Stormy Grey Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

raw gold solitaire grey stone pear shaped engagement rings

How cool is this raw gold solitaire pear ring? We love that it’s fully handcrafted, giving it a totally one-of-a-kind feel. Plus, our favorite pear shaped rings make the most out of distinct center stones — and this stormy grey diamond has to be one of the raddest.

Add some drama to this solitaire style with a delicate gold band, like this curved diamond one!

Shop This Grey SOlitaire Pear Shaped Ring

34: Diamonds + Double Gems Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

pink blue two stone gold pear shaped engagement rings with curved diamond dotted band

We can’t stop, won’t stop gushing over this pear shaped engagement ring! If we were to list off everything we loved about this show-stopping ring, you’d be here all day, so let’s just name a couple of details:

The pastel pink morganite and blue aquamarine pear cut stones. The elegantly twisted band. The combo of pavé chocolate and white diamonds. It’s all just TO DIE FOR!

Shop This Two-STone PEar Shaped Ring

35: Intricate Halo Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

intricate gold flourish diamond halo pear shaped engagement rings

One word: mesmerizing. All the little distinct details make this pear shaped ring absolute perfection, from the bold bezel setting to the ornate gold flourish detailing to the diamond halo.

Bonus: this intricate ring can be fully customized and personalized to you — you can even send in personal materials for the designers to make it with!

(P.S. This is another Staghead Designs ring, so don’t forget to get your 5% discount with code JENCAMPBELL!)

Shop This Intricate Pear Shaped Ring

36: Icy Blue Diamond Ring

gold diamond halo icy blue pear shaped engagement rings

Another one of our favorite pear shaped styles with an unexpected center stone, this Staghead Designs ring keeps things crisp with an icy blue gem. And that combo of the bold blue stone, the crisp white diamonds, and the shining pink gold? Perfection.

This one’s perfect for an icy winter engagement — but that radiant design would also dazzle all year round! (Especially when paired with this sweet diamond band!)

Shop This Blue Pear Shaped Halo Ring

37: Rainbow Moonstone Pear Ring Set

stackable rainbow pair cut moonstone ring set with diamond crown detail

Show that your love was written in the stars with this moonstone pear shaped ring! A stone that’s connected to feminine energy and looks like a pearly, mystical moon, moonstone is SO enchanting for an engagement ring.

And we can’t get over how charming this moonstone ring looks with the crown of diamonds on the top, like a little constellation! Add the Art Nouveau-style band and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Shop THis Moonstone Pear Shaped Ring

Black Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

stackable gold diamond onyx black pear shaped engagement rings
black pear shaped ring photo: Marrow Fine

Black might not be the first color you think of when it comes to anything wedding-related, but these black pear shaped engagement rings are here to change your mind.

Perfect for couples that are edgy, non-traditional, and boldly modern, black rings show that you’re here to carve your own path, not follow others. And honestly, it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Our favorite distinct and elegant style, these black pear shaped engagement rings are not to be missed!

oval sapphire gemstone starburst engagement ring

We have MAJOR heart eyes for these non diamond engagement bands! They’re unique, non-traditional, and so rad.

38: Modern Onyx Black Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

diamond pavé onyx black pear shaped engagement rings

We have no words. Made with an onyx center stone, this black pear shaped engagement ring has quite literally taken our breath away!

Like your most elegant black dress, this onyx ring is the definition of glamour. Add some diamonds and you have a real show-stealer!

All it’s missing are some equally bold, modern, and elegant bands. We love this “til death” black band for the gothic bride, this black diamond crown for a regal touch, and this diamond wave ring for some extra sparkle.

Shop This Onyx Black Pear Shaped Ring

39: Regal Black Pear Ring Set

white gold diamond halo distinct onyx black ring set with pear cut center stone

Introducing: another black onyx center stone that we are OBSESSED with! Onyx is known to bring protection against negative energy, and it’s also a stone of strength. Saying we love that for an engagement ring would be an understatement!

This black onyx ring features a radiant diamond halo and an intricate diamond band, and it also comes with a matching band with a black marquise crown. Very regal and very strong, if you ask us.

Shop THis Diamond Black Pear Shaped Ring Set

40: Black and Gold Pear Shaped Beauty

diamond halo black pear shaped engagement rings with a yellow gold band

With a retro look, this black pear shaped ring has a definite heirloom feel to it. It also has everything we love in an engagement ring! Unique center stone? Check! Glittering diamond halo? Check! A sparkling pavé band? Check!

We’re definitely digging this one for a modern fall wedding (or even a Halloween-themed ceremony, if you dare!).

Shop This Black and White Pear Shaped Ring

Planning to Pop the Question? We’ve Got Your Back.

pink diamond and morganite gold pear shaped engagement rings
peach morganite pear shaped ring: Capucinne

First of all…CONGRATULATIONS!! There’s nothing more exciting than proposing to your other half — except maybe marrying them, of course!

And we want to help you make it the most special, memorable moment of your lives so far. That’s why we created our guide to the most unique proposal ideas that are guaranteed to get you a big “YES,” and maybe even a tear or two!

To make sure you’re fully prepared for the big moment, don’t miss our ultimate sizing guide, which will give you the ins and outs of measuring ring size.

Not sure pear shaped styles are you jam? We have a TON of other engagement ring round-ups, from different shapes to one-of-a-kind designs! The rest is in your hands.

Which of these pear shaped engagement rings is your fave? Fill us in below!