37 Stunning Non Diamond Engagement Rings You Totally Need

pink morganite gemstone alternative non diamond engagement rings

We are completely smitten with the non diamond engagement rings trend, and we think it’s here to stay. To put it simply, we are absolutely loving the move towards gemstone engagement rings and alternative options.

So we’re breaking down our absolute favorites and talking about why these types of rings are just so special and epic.

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Why Choose Non Diamond Engagement Rings?

These Rings Are Super Distinct and Personalized

blue gemstone with halo alternative non diamond engagement rings

photo: AGS Photo Art as seen in this convertible jumpsuit editorial

Does your partner march to the beat of their own drum? Do they have their own distinct style? Do they love pops of color? Is statement jewelry totally their vibe? If so, a non diamond engagement ring is the perfect option.

These types of engagement rings are perfect for anyone who’s looking for something more non-traditional. Gemstone and alternative engagement rings really make a statement, and they’ll stand out amongst a sea of diamond engagement rings.

Gemstone engagement rings can also be extremely meaningful. You can opt to give your partner a non diamond engagement ring with their birthstone as the center stone (or even your birthstone, so they can wear a keepsake that reminds them of you!).

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Can Be More Budget Friendly

dark green gemstone non diamond engagement ring with a simple gold band

photo: Alexandria Monette as seen in this secluded island helicopter elopement

One of the many perks of opting for a non diamond engagement ring is that, generally speaking, the per carat cost of gemstones will be lower than that of diamonds. So if your partner wants a larger center stone, gemstones are an incredible option.

This is especially helpful if your partner loves the idea of a one-of-a-kind antique engagement ring. Going with a non diamond engagement ring will allow you to snag the perfect ring, without breaking the bank.

Gemstone Engagement Rings Can Be a More Sustainable Option

blue alternative non diamond engagement ring with art deco style sunburst around the gemstone

photo: Kate Michelle Photography as seen in this black tie boho wedding

Diamond mining is certainly not the most environmentally friendly activity, and non diamond engagement rings (and lab created diamonds!) present a much more eco-friendly and ethnical option for conscious couples.

That being said, it is certainly possible for gemstone mining to also have unethical and unsustainable practices. Which is why in our guide, we share rings from brands who prioritize responsible sourcing for their non diamond engagement rings (like Catbird, Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth, Valley Rose, and Angara).

Here at GWS, sustainability is super important to us, which is why we’re sharing our favorite non diamond engagement rings from brands with the same values.

Our Favorite Non Diamond Engagement Rings

nature inspired moonstone non diamond engagement ring sitting in a light blue Mrs Box

photo: Flora + Fauna as seen in this boho bridal inspiration

We’ve hand-picked what we think are some of the most stunning, alternative non diamond engagement rings, and we’re sharing the details below!

1. Sapphire Starburst Gemstone Engagement Ring

oval sapphire gemstone starburst engagement ring

Valley Rose has some truly other-worldly non diamond engagement rings, and this gemstone engagement ring is one of our favorites!

We love the starburst style and the beautiful bluish green color of the center sapphire gemstone.

2. Celestial-Inspired Opal Engagement Ring

celestial inspired opal gemstone engagement ring

We love love love this alternative engagement ring’s celestial, starry night vibe! The opal reminds us of a full moon, and the crescent moons on the side make the ring feel like it’s representing the full moon cycle.

If your partner loves star gazing, there’s no dreamier engagement ring than this one. So pretty!

3. Organic Triangle Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Ring

organic triangle gemstone engagement band with light blue stones

We love the organic, nature-inspired look of this gemstone engagement ring. Its delicate vibe reminds us of little flower buds on a branch!

We think this non diamond engagement ring is perfect if your partner loves the outdoors and wants an understated ring style with delicate, intricate details.

4. Raw Blue Apatite Non Diamond Engagement Ring

raw blue apatite non diamond engagement ring

Ok, we are fully swooning at how special this raw blue apatite engagement ring is!

There’s just something about raw gemstones that really make them stand out. They have an organic, earthy feel to them that you just can’t get with a perfectly polished center stone, and we are here for it!

5. Geometric Triple Band Gemstone Stack Ring

white and yellow gold gemstone stack ring

Why have a single engagement band when you can have a stack of three?! We love this triple stack gemstone ring from Blue Nile because it’s eclectic, fun, and totally makes a statement.

The stackable trend is totally in right now, and we love that it has an elevated and styled look to it.

Aaaaand if you ask us, there’s nothing better than saving some money on your non diamond engagement ring and Blue Nile is actually offering some pretty awesome deals for their anniversary sale until August 29, 2021. You can get 30% off jewelry  or 15% off engagement ring settings with the code 2021NILE.

6. Eclectic Rainbow Sapphire Non Diamond Engagement Ring

rainbow gemstone non diamond engagement ring

We cannot get over how stunning this rainbow non diamond engagement ring is! Believe it or not, it’s made up of a beautiful variety of sapphires in different colors.

We love how different this ring is from anything else out here. If your partner loves pops of color, there’s no better engagement ring than this one. It’s gorgeous!

7. Pear Shaped Chevron Sapphire Ring

chevron style blue gemstone ring from Blue Nile

We love the storybook vibe of this chevron style alternative engagement ring with a pear shaped sapphire. It has this classic yet totally distinct look to it that feels upscale without being fussy.

This is also a Blue Nile ring, and in case you didn’t catch it earlier, they’re having an epic anniversary sale at the moment. Use the code 2021NILE until August 29 for 30% off jewelry  or 15% off engagement ring settings. SUCH a steal, and we are here for it!

8. Pear Shaped Blue Moonstone Engagement Ring

pear shaped blue moonstone engagement ring

We love the simple elegance of this pear shaped blue moonstone non diamond engagement ring! It has a handcrafted feel, and we particularly love the rose gold beaded details on the band itself.

Plus, moonstones are actually some of the most budget friendly gemstones you can have as the center stone of your engagement ring!

9. Nature-Inspired Sapphire Gem Leaf Bypass Engagement Ring

nature inspired sapphire gemstone engagement ring with leaf bypass design

Bypass style engagement rings like this gorgeous sapphire one are a stylistic throwback to the early-mid-1800s, when this style grew in popularity.

The idea behind bypass rings is that the different sides of the band represent the two different people in the relationship. Where the bands meet the gemstones is where two become one unit. But the different ends of the band not technically meeting also represents the individuality of each person in the relationship. Basically, it shows that each person is their own distinct self, even though the relationship is now a unit.

We love what bypass style engagement rings like this nature-inspired sapphire one represent: the beauty of sharing your life with someone while also being your own independent self!

10. Delicate Blue Topaz Gemstone Engagement Ring

minimalist blue topaz gemstone engagement ring

This gorgeous non diamond engagement ring features a delicate blue topaz (the birthstone for November!) with an emerald cut as the center stone. We especially love the sweet and delicate look the rose gold band gives this gemstone ring.

Dotting either side of the center stone of the ring are clear stones (the ring designer gives you the option to choose from either moissanite or simulated stone!

11. Tilted Pear Shaped Sapphire Non Diamond Engagement Ring

tiled pear shaped sapphire gemstone engagement ring

This non diamond engagement ring is for the minimalists out there. How absolutely gorgeous is this tilted pear-shaped sapphire ring?!

We’re so used to seeing pear-shaped engagement rings in the typical upright position, but we love this tilted look. The shape paired with the lovely blue color reminds us of a raindrop (perfect for those who love dancing in the rain, right?!).

12. Elegant Pink Morganite Gemstone Engagement Ring

morganite gemstone engagement ring with intricate decorative halo

Talk about a gemstone engagement ring fit for a princess!

It’s so secret that we’re kind of obsessed with blush tones, and morganite is the go-to gemstone for the ultimate pink look. The intricate floral halo shape of this morganite ring gives the round center stone a very regal feel to it. Total princess vibes!

13. Delicate Braided Non Diamond Engagement Ring

braided gold non diamond engagement ring

Sometimes the perfect non diamond engagement ring doesn’t have any gemstones at all! We are huge fans of this braided gold ring, and especially love it’s hand-braided feel!

You can get this ring in 18K yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, so there’s tons of options to choose from. And since there are no diamonds or gemstones on it, you can get a top-notch gold engagement ring without blowing your budget!

14. Whimsical Pink-Toned Opal Engagement Ring

delicate pink opal non traditional gemstone engagement ring

Wow, okay this opal engagement ring from Valley Rose is just pure magic! Opals are super delicate, soft stones, and we love that each one has its own character to it.

When you go to Valley Rose’s site, you can even see a video of this gemstone engagement ring dancing in the light. The details in the opal are to die for!

15. Statement Rutilated Quartz Ring

rutilated quartz alternative engagement ring

How crazy cool is this rutilated quartz non diamond engagement ring?!

We love that the band and surround of the center stone have an elegant, almost princess-like feel, and then the rutilated quartz bring an edgy look to it. Talk about the coolest, most stunning contrast.

16. Bezel Set London Blue Topaz Non Diamond Engagement Ring

bezel set London blue topaz gemstone non diamond engagement ring with a yellow gold band

We love the modern look a bezel set engagement ring has, especially when paired with a jaw-droppingly beautiful blue topaz. We could basically swim in that blue, it’s just so pretty!

This gemstone ring comes in four different metals: platinum, 14K rose gold, 14K yellow gold, and 14K white gold. For an ultra modern look, platinum and white gold give a clean and simple look.

17. Ethereal Winter Pearl Engagement Ring

nature inspired winter pearl non diamond engagement ring with gold band

How lovely is this pearl engagement ring?! We love a good pearl center stone because it’s so unexpected, yet so classic.

The way the light catches the pearl on this ring is to die for, and we especially love the gorgeous flower-like details on the 18K gold band.

18. Art Deco Inspired Morganite Sunburst Alternative Engagement Ring

morganite starburst alternative engagement ring

Hello, gorgeous! How could you not be obsessed with this morganite gemstone sunburst style engagement ring? It’s fun, it’s playful, and it’s totally give us all the Art Deco vibes.

We especially think this non diamond engagement ring is perfect with a rose gold band, to complement the pink tones in the morganite gemstone.

19. Blue Gradient Gemstone Ring with Paired Stones

blue gradient gemstone engagement ring

One of the coolest things about non diamond and gemstone-focused engagement rings is how they put the focus on color and design, rather than a single diamond center stone.

It honestly makes for some of the most standout engagement rings you could choose from, like this lovely blue gradient engagement ring, with pairings of sapphires lined up on the band. The first thing we notice is the variations of blue, and we’re totally mesmerized by it!

20. Elegant Thin Shank Cushion Cut Garnet Engagement Ring

thin shank cushion cut garnet gemstone ring with thin studded gold band

If you ask us, garnets are the unsung heroes of the red gemstone world. Rubys get all the attention, but we’re fully in love with the rich, deep red tone that the garnet in this engagement ring has.

When it comes to alternative engagement rings, there’s something so romantic about a red gemstone. It’s the color of love, after all!

21. Playful Turquoise Studded Gemstone Engagement Ring

turquoise lined engagement band

Good vibes only. Many cultures consider turquoise to be a stone that gets rid of bad energy and brings luck. Talk about the perfect type of stone for an alternative engagement ring, right?!

And we totally get all the positive vibes from this gorgeous turquoise-dotted gemstone ring. It’s a stunner.

22. Shimmering Round Heirloom Opal Alternative Engagement Ring

opal gemstone alternative engagement ring

To say we can’t get over how cool opals are would be an understatement. We are just so smitten with the color variations you get when you go with this gemstone for your engagement ring’s center stone.

We especially love the elegance of this opal-centered ring and how lovely it looks with a halo surround. Talk about a non diamond engagement ring with all the fairytale vibes!

23. Dreamy Emerald Cut Sapphire Non Diamond Engagement Ring

non traditional emerald cut sapphire gemstone engagement ring

There’s something so classic and timeless about emerald cut center stones, but this non diamond engagement ring puts a twist on the classic look by tilting an emerald cut sapphire on its side for an elongated look. We LOVE.

And how cool is it that each of the gemstones on this engagement ring are a slightly different shade of blue?!

24. Prong Set Blue Topaz Gemstone Bypass Engagement Ring

oval London blue topaz non diamond engagement ring with bypass ring style

In case you can’t tell, we are here for the bypass style engagement rings. This one’s definitely more minimalist in style, compared to the nature-inspired one we shared earlier, but we love it just as much!

The solitary blue topaz immediately draws your eye in and really makes the swooshing bypass style of the ring even more standout.

25. Majestic Pearl and Gold Show-Stopper

eclectic pearl non diamond engagement ring

This one’s very similar to the winter pearl engagement ring we shared earlier, but with more of an antiqued look to it (the pearl on this one is also smaller, giving it more of a delicate vibe)!

We love the way the surrounding gems on this engagement ring almost look like they’re raising the pearl center stone up on a pedestal. So regal!

26. Gold Banded Teal Sapphire Stunner

oceanic teal sapphire non diamond engagement ring

We don’t know what it is, but this gemstone ring feels like it came straight out of ancient times, and we’re completely smitten! It has a perfectly imperfect style, which is kind of a signature look for Valley Rose’s non diamond engagement rings.

27. Ultra Modern Ruby Gemstone Ring

minimalist ruby gemstone non diamond engagement ring

Oh hey there, cutie! How precious is this ultra minimalist gold-banded gemstone ring with a ruby center stone? This non diamond engagement ring is ideal if you’re gifting it to you partner who loves a super stripped down and minimalist style.

This ring is a no frills statement piece, and we can’t help but stare!

28. Montana Sapphire Solitaire with Satin Gold Band

Montana sapphire gemstone non diamond engagement ring

The blue green color of the gemstone on this non diamond engagement ring reminds us of an alpine lake, which is so fitting considering it’s a Montana sapphire!

And we especially love the satin finish on the gold band, which gives it a sort of matte feel. Valley Rose does this on several of their alternative engagement rings, and we adore the look!

29. Lush Blue Green Non Diamond Gemstone Engagement Ring

blue and green gemstone engagement ring

Catbird’s site describes this engagement ring as “fit for a mermaid” and we couldn’t agree more! The blue and greenish tone of the gemstones on this non diamond engagement ring is giving us major sea princess vibes.

The symmetrical look is classic and traditional, but the colors and the style are anything but! We love that juxtaposition.

30. Oval Purple Garnet Ring with Intricate Halo

We love the deep purple of this oval garnet engagement ring, and the intricate gemstone work on the band.

This ring is perfect if your partner loves statement center stones and lots of bling. It totally packs a punch!

31. Curved Band Mother of Pearl Alternative Engagement Ring

mother of pearl alternative non diamond engagement ring

Where do we even start with this mother of pearl ring?! We are OBSESSED with how this ring is not only the perfect non diamond engagement ring, but could also be an incredible wedding band, too!

It has a muted, understated look, and we love the glow of the accent pearls.

32. Floral-Inspired Gold-Banded Sapphire Ring

alternative non diamond engagement ring with sapphire gemstone and gold band

We’ve been seeing a growing trend in non diamond engagement rings embracing a floral look, and this sapphire stunner is no different! The vibrant blue stone is the center of the flower and the gold surround and gems are the petals. How gorgeous!

33. Oval Ruby Engagement Ring

oval ruby ring with simple gold band

We adore how timeless this oval shaped ruby gemstone ring is! It has a handcrafted feel to it, and it totally looks like something that will be in style no matter how much time passes. It’ll be just as beautiful, no matter the generation.

There’s beauty in a timeless style and this non diamond engagement ring totally nails it!

34. Moody Black Onyx Alternative Engagement Ring in Gold Bypass Style

black onyx gemstone bypass engagement ring with a yellow gold band

Ooooh we love us an edgy non diamond engagement ring, and onyx is basically the go-to gemstone for the moody, edgy look. We especially love the way yellow gold pairs with the stark black onyx on this edgy alternative gemstone ring.

35. Pink Sapphire Trio Engagement Ring

pink gemstone ring with gold band

Look at the world through rose colored glasses with this rosy pink sapphire engagement ring. We love the muted, blush color of the trio of stones on this 14K gold banded gemstone engagement ring.

Why have a single center stone when you can have three gorgeous little pink ones?!

36. Sky Blue Aquamarine Gemstone Ring with Stunning Halo

sky blue aquamarine gemstone engagement ring with halo and studded silver band

Aquamarines have this playful, colorful look that reminds us of crystal clear blue waters on a tropical island. Or the sky on a perfectly sunny afternoon!

These gems are so fun and cheery, and that’s exactly how we feel when looking at this engagement ring!

37. Minimalist Sapphire Shooting Star Ring

non diamond engagement ring with six small sapphires lined up from largest to smallest

How breathtaking is this shooting star inspired non diamond sapphire engagement ring? In a world where so many engagement rings are very symmetrical in style, we love how this alternative band does something a little different.

The blue in the sapphires reminds us of the night sky, which is totally fitting, considering it’s called the shooting star ring!

Which of These Non Diamond Engagement Rings Are Your Favorite?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!