57 Cute Thanksgiving Nails Ideas and Nail Art Designs for 2023

collection of cute Thanksgiving nails ideas with French tip designs and abstract art in trendy colors like warm orange and cream

Pause the food prep, because today we’re breaking down the best Thanksgiving nails ideas and nail art designs to complete your drool-worthy spread! We’ve rounded up all the holiday must-haves, from cranberry red designs to pumpkin orange styles inspired by our favorite Thanksgiving dessert.

And to make sure your mani is on-trend for the season, we also reached out to Pattie Yankee, a celebrity nail expert, to get her take on all the hottest nail trends and designs for Thanksgiving (and beyond). So grab your seasonal drink of choice and keep scrolling for our favorite Thanksgiving nail ideas!

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short sparkly falling leaves themed cute Thanksgiving nails ideas with warm orange and brown hues and a gold accented design
Thanksgiving themed nail ideas: Dashing Diva

According to celebrity nail expert Pattie Yankee, the Thanksgiving nail ideas that are currently trending are seasonal, shimmery, and stunningly simple nail art. “For Thanksgiving nail trends, we always see warm, warm-toned shades and cute nail designs that include leaves and more seasonal elements,” she says. “This year, we are also seeing an emphasis on shimmers, but staying in the same warm-toned shade range.”

In other words, our favorite glazed donut nails are getting a seasonal makeover, and we couldn’t be more obsessed! Yankee’s favorite ways to get the trendy look at home? “To create autumnal shimmers and chromes, I love products such as Dashing Diva’s gel nail strips in Caramel Glaze, Mocha Glaze, and Toffee Glaze.” They sound almost as drool-worthy as your favorite Thanksgiving dessert!

What nail colors are best for Thanksgiving?

easy and simple short red cute Thanksgiving nails ideas
red Thanksgiving nail ideas: Dashing Diva

The best nail colors for Thanksgiving are inspired by the season — think warm pumpkin, cozy brown, and deep burgundy. Red is also having a serious moment this year, both for fashion and nails, and it makes a fool-proof choice for your Thanksgiving look!

As Pattie Yankee says, “For a solid nail look that doesn’t have shimmer, classic reds are always in style for the season. My top picks are the Cherry Red nail strips. Sangria Glaze is also a great option if you’re looking for a red-toned shimmer effect.”

Our Favorite Tools and Accessories to DIY Your Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs

woman applying nail polish to her short simple coffee brown cute Thanksgiving nails ideas
short + sweet brown Thanksgiving nail ideas: Essie on IG | brown polish

For DIY lovers, here are the must-have ingredients to recreate your favorite Thanksgiving nail art and design ideas!

  • Small nail art brushes: This set features nail brushes in different shapes and sizes to help you DIY small designs with precision. They’re a must for designing French tips, cute florals, and most of the other Thanksgiving nail ideas on this list!
  • Nail dotting pens: Ever wonder how nail artists create those perfect dots in their designs? These dotting tools are the secret. Use them to DIY perfect flower designs, trendy polka dots, and more!
  • A nail sponge: If you love ombre nail designs as much as we do, then a nail sponge pen is the easiest way to get the look at home. The soft surface makes it easy to build and blend your seasonal colors!
  • Seasonal nail stickers: Listen, we can’t all be amazing artists! For a super easy DIY, look for cute seasonal nail stickers to complete your Thanksgiving design ideas. These could be anything from falling leaves to cute turkeys. The options are endless!
  • A clear top coat: And last but not least, no Thanksgiving nail art design is complete without a clear top coat to seal the look! This is important for protecting your design, giving it a glossy shine, and ensuring it lasts all dinner long.

But don’t worry — we have plenty of tips and tricks down below to make DIYing your Thanksgiving nails as easy as possible, plus some simple ideas for the nail newbies! Without further ado, let’s get into the drool-worthy designs.

1. Cranberry Red Thanksgiving Nails in a Mismatched Design

wine red almond shaped cute Thanksgiving nails ideas with French tip design on the index and middle fingers

photo: @nailsbyalsn

We call this color: cranberry sauce red. And just like the must-have side dish, it’s the perfect Thanksgiving nail color idea to finish off your Turkey Day day look!

For a trendy touch, alternate your cranberry-inspired manicure between solid red and a French tip design. So simple, yet SO chic!

2. Velvet Pumpkin Spice Thanksgiving Nails

sparkly almond shaped orange velvet Thanksgiving nail ideas and design art

photo: @disseynails

If you want to (pumpkin) spice up your mani this Thanksgiving, look no further than this shimmery orange nail design! It takes our favorite cold weather trend (velvet nails) and gives them a seasonal makeover. Obsessed!

DIY this manicure at home with this orange cat eye nail polish, which comes with a magnet to create that cozy texture.

3. Short Skittle Thanksgiving Nail Design

simple short mismatched neutral cute Thanksgiving nails ideas in shades of orange and brown with a different cuticle color incorporated into the nail art design

photo: @basecoatstories

If you’re in charge of food prep this Thanksgiving, short nails are a MUST. And this design makes the most out of every centimeter!

To recreate this Thanksgiving nail art, just add a different earthy hue to each finger, then complete the design with a pop of color at the cuticle (these small brushes make it super easy to DIY!). They’re simple, they’re seasonal, and they won’t get in the way as you’re stuffing the turkey!

4. Thanksgiving Nails with a Changing Leaves Nail Art Design

white almond shaped maple leaf themed cute Thanksgiving nails ideas

maple leaf nail decals: Tattoorary on Etsy

Sing it with us now: “autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place.” Inspired by our favorite seasonal Taylor Swift song, this nail art perfectly captures the cozy vibes of Thanksgiving!

Make this manicure your own with these maple leaf nail stickers, which look gorgeous on a nude or all-white background. And don’t forget to style them with your favorite cozy (ideally, red) scarf!

5. French Tip Toasted Almond Thanksgiving Press On Nails

easy press on shimmery tan almond shaped Thanksgiving nail ideas and French tip design art

press on Thanksgiving nail ideas: Dashing Diva

Brb, adding these nails to the list of things we’re thankful for this year!! Chic and shimmery, this neutral “toasted almond” nail design will instantly elevate any Thanksgiving ‘fit. And the best part? They come as press on nails — no salon appointment necessary!

6. Rich Chocolate Brown Turkey Day Manicure

easy long dark brown cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a pointed stiletto tip inspired design

photo: @thehotblend

Don’t save the chocolate just for dessert! The rich brown hue of these Thanksgiving nails is as sweet as your favorite post-dinner treat, while the sharp pointed shape (one of our fave ideas) gives the design a bit of spice. Talk about the best of both worlds!

And with such a versatile and on-trend look, we’ll be rocking these nails allllll season long.

7. Double French Tip Thanksgiving Nail Design

semi short mismatched double french tip almond shaped Thanksgiving nail ideas and design art in shades of brown and orange with an arched second line underneath the tip of each of the nails

photo: @nailsbyalsn

Why settle for one French tip when you could have two?! When one serving just isn’t enough, this Thanksgiving manicure doubles down on the timeless nail design. And we are in love!! Complete the look with your favorite seasonal colors, like cream, brown, and pumpkin orange.

P.S. Need some help creating the perfect French manicure arch? These sticker guides are a total lifesaver!

GWS Pro Tip: As Pattie Yankee says, “We’re also seeing a lot of accented French nails for season, which is the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Dashing Diva’s press-on gel nails in Bonfire Babe, Brownie Points, and Caramel Drizzle are a few great choices to achieve the trend in an easy and fun way.” Perfect for the nail novices!

8. Trendy Tortoiseshell Thanksgiving Nail Art

long mismatched black and tortoiseshell French tip cute Thanksgiving nails ideas with a pumpkin design on one nail

photo: @eekabeauty

Tortoiseshell! French tips! Pumpkins! This Thanksgiving nail art truly has it all, and we’re adding the design to our seasonal mood boards ASAP.

We especially love how the pumpkin design looks festive, without entering cheesy territory. Get the look with these cute pumpkin nail stickers — because there’s no such thing as TOO much pumpkin on Thanksgiving!

9. Festive Floral Thanksgiving Nail Art in Dreamy Brown

mismatched brown French tip cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with an orange flower design

photo: @overglowedit

Who needs a Thanksgiving table centerpiece when you have these beauties?! Guaranteed to be the center of attention, these nails feature the cutest flower + French tip design, complete with a seasonal brown and orange color combo.

Florals for Thanksgiving? Groundbreaking!

10. Two-Tone Orange Thanksgiving Nail Design

two tone orange cute Thanksgiving nails ideas with a matte base coat and a shimmery asymmetrical swoosh style cuticle design

photo: @paintboxnails

Move aside, pumpkin spice…this Thanksgiving, we’re rocking sweet potato orange! With a peachy orange polish, this Thanksgiving nail design has us craving our favorite sweet side dish. Elevate the drool-worthy look with a metallic orange stripe at the bottom — we found the perfect polish for the job!

11. Glittery Turkey Themed Thanksgiving Nail Art

sparkly mismatched gold red and brown cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a turkey themed design on the middle finger nail

photo: @bahnannanails

Turkeys, but make them fashion! If you love the idea of having a little fun with your nail art, this is the perfect on-theme design for your Thanksgiving Day look.

Give your turkey mani a glamorous touch with glittery nail polish in the bird’s signature brown hues. And if you don’t want to DIY that tiny turkey face, we found super cute nail decals to use instead! Just soak them in warm water, add them on top of your polished nail, and blow dry them to complete the look.

12. Almond Shaped Rad Geometric Thanksgiving Nail Art

unique orange and dark green French tip Thanksgiving nail ideas with geometric design art

photo: @paintboxnails

If you’re not dressing up for Thanksgiving dinner but still want to feel festive, these nails are the perfect in-between look. They feature the essential Thanksgiving nail colors — orange, cream, and forest green — plus an eye-catching geometric design. We love!

13. Shimmery Red Thanksgiving Nails

easy to DIY almond shaped metallic red Thanksgiving nail ideas and design art

photo: @overglowedit

Introducing: the It Girl nails of the season! We’ve been seeing this red hue EVERYWHERE this year (it’s our #1 fashion trend for the season!), so obviously we had to include it on our list of Thanksgiving nail ideas.

Take the trend to the next level with this shimmery chrome finish — another top nail trend we can’t get enough of!

woman wearing a denim maxi skirt and off-the-shoulder top styled with gold metallic accents

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate trendy look for Thanksgiving (and beyond!), then don’t miss our top 2023 fall fashion trends round-up — plus the must-have pieces to add to your wardrobe right now!

14. Pink + Brown Floral Thanksgiving Nail Design Ideas

mismatched pink and brown cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with flower design art on one hand and simple solid colors on the other

photo: @disseynails

Not ready to let go of the Barbiecore trend just yet? Then don’t! These pretty pink nails get a seasonal touch with monochrome brown hues, perfect for a girly Thanksgiving look. And yes, Barbie would definitely approve of that sweet floral design!

15. Asymmetrical Maroon Thanksgiving Nail Art

short maroon and brown cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with an asymmetrical French tip design

Thanksgiving nail strips: Dashing Diva

How rad is this asymmetrical Thanksgiving nail art?! The maroon color palette is perfect for the occasion, while the funky design gives this mani a modern touch.

Bonus: you can stock up on these nail strips from Dashing Diva for the easiest at-home mani ever! They’re gentle, chip-resistant, ultra glossy, and last 14 days. That’s longer than some of your Thanksgiving leftovers!

16. Glamorous Gold Thanksgiving Nail Art

almond shaped glittery gold and brown cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a wavy design

photo: @_karebeauty_

If you like your turkey with a side of glamour, then these are the nails for you! Glittery gold polish is so unexpected for the cozy holiday, but it looks SO GOOD with this warm brown color palette. And don’t even get us started on that groovy wavy design!

Perfect if you’re planning a fancy Friendsgiving or formal sit-down dinner party this year.

17. Seasonal Micro French Tip Manicure

simple short bright orange cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a trendy micro French tip design in a slightly darker orange hue

photo: @betina_goldstein

Short nail girlies, this one’s for you! We’re loving the micro French tip trend, and this pumpkin design is the ultimate Thanksgiving version.

Start by painting your entire nail with this bright orange polish, then add the tiniest tip using this darker hue. It adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to your short nails, without overwhelming the small space. Trés chic!

18. Abstract Orange and Brown Thanksgiving Nail Art

sparkly gold and orange Thanksgiving nails art ideas with a unique abstract design and subtle brown accents

photo: @tessa.lyn.nails

If you’re looking for something to break the ice at the Thanksgiving dinner table, consider these nails the ultimate conversation starter! With an abstract orange design, they look more like a work of art than a seasonal manicure.

Fun fact: the nail artist didn’t use any tools to create this funky design. As she says, “Just grab a few coordinating colors and paint away!”

19. Trendy Olive Green Manicure

easy and simple short square shaped forest green cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas

photo: @thehangedit

Olive green nails are having their moment right now, and we LOVE the idea of this darker shade for Thanksgiving! It’s fresh and moody at the same time, with a cool girl vibe that’s guaranteed to make you the most stylish person at the dinner table.

P.S. Here’s the exact nail polish color!

20. Seasonal Skittle French Manicure

almond shaped French tip cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with mismatched colors including brown, cream, and seafoam and matcha green

photo: @disseynails

For French manicure loyalists, this is such a cute upgrade to the traditional white tips! The idea: combine the skittle nails trend with a French tip design, featuring a different Thanksgiving inspired color for each finger.

We’re also big fans of this color combo — the seafoam and matcha green add such a chic touch to the classic brown and cream hues!

21. Monochrome Brown Thanksgiving Press On French Tip Nails

gradient monochrome brown matte French tip cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a gloss tip design

photo: @eekabeauty

These Thanksgiving nails take the same look from the previous design, but this time with a chic monochrome gradient design! We love how these nails create texture using a matte finish for the base and a glossy finish for the tip. So unique!

22. Cozy Plaid Thanksgiving Nail Design

purple plaid cute Thanksgiving nails ideas with foliage themed designs in maroon, purple, and gold hues

photo: @tessa.lyn.nails

When the Thanksgiving dinner dress code says all things cozy, this plaid nail design delivers! Plaid is a must-have for the season, and it looks especially cute for your manicure. Combine the preppy design with these Thanksgiving-inspired gold nail stickers for an eye-catching finishing touch!

floral cut-out mini dress styled with knee high black boots

Whether you’re going casual or formal this Thanksgiving, we’ve found the cutest outfit ideas to help you celebrate in style!

23. Cappuccino Inspired Thanksgiving Nail Art

easy DIY almond shaped light brown cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a simple polka dot design

photo: @NailsInc

Kind of like our morning cup of joe, coffee nails are a NEED for the season, and this is such an easy DIY version for Thanksgiving!

Start with your favorite coffee-inspired colors (here’s the “cappuccino” brown polish duo used in the example above!), then use a dotting nail tool to create the cute polka dot design. It’s really that easy! Best paired with a strong brew as you begin your Thanksgiving food prep.

24. Trendy Mismatched Thanksgiving Nail Art

mismatched white and brown color French tip cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a trendy checkerboard design with index finger flower art

photo: @disseynails

Can’t choose just one design for your Thanksgiving nail art? No prob — this mismatched design gives you a little bit of everything! Featuring French tips, a trendy checkerboard, and a cute flower design, these nails are perfect for the indecisive nail lovers out there.

Just be sure to stick to a simple color palette to keep the look cohesive. We’re digging this burgundy and white color combo!

25. Modern Midnight Blue Turkey Day Manicure

simple almond shaped midnight blue cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas

photo: @londontownusa

If you’re bored of the same old Thanksgiving color palette, these nails are like a breath of fresh air! Swap the earthy warm tones for this cool, rich midnight blue. With such a bold hue, it truly speaks for itself — perfect if you want nails that are simple but still statement-making for Thanksgiving dinner.

26. 50 Shades of Orange Easy Press On Thanksgiving Nails

easy to apply mismatched pumpkin orange cute press on Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a metallic leaf design

orange press on nails: Enroutenails on Etsy

These press on nails feature 50 shades of orange polish — and we can’t think of anything more fitting for a Thanksgiving mani! With pumpkin orange French tips, metallic orange details, and that cute orange foliage design, these may just be THE perfect nails for the season.

And as if they couldn’t get any better, they’re also reusable!!

27. Shimmery Brown Espresso Glaze Manicure

easy to DIY simple short metallic cute Thanksgiving nails ideas with a coffee brown color

shimmery Thanksgiving nail strips: Dashing Diva

Upgrade your go-to glazed donut nails for Thanksgiving with this shimmery brown design! They may be simple, but they’re anything but boring thanks to the sparkly finish and warm espresso color. We’ll be adding these gel nail strips to our cart ASAP!!

28. Moody Ombre Thanksgiving Nail Art

simple almond shaped red ombre cute Thanksgiving nail ideas

red nail polish: Cirque Colors

We LOVE an ombre nail design, especially when it’s this on-trend! Mix up your classic red mani for Thanksgiving with this moody ombre design, which fades from bright cherry red to a darker burgundy hue. Perfect for adding an air of mystery to your Thanksgiving look!

To DIY this ombre manicure, just add your two colors to a nail sponge (or makeup sponge), then dab it onto your nails. Finish with a clear top coat and you’re good to go!

29. Cute Dried Floral Manicure

milky white short cute Thanksgiving nails ideas with a dried floral design

dried floral nail decals: Tattoorary on Etsy

Dried florals make for gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpieces…and gorgeous Thanksgiving nail ideas!

Add a dose of whimsy to your manicure with these dried flower nail decals, which instantly elevate any nail art design. We love them paired with this simple off-white base coat — kind of like a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving ‘fit!

30. Almond Shaped Tortoiseshell Press On Thanksgiving Nails

long almond shaped tortoise shell design press on Thanksgiving nail ideas

Thanksgiving press on nails: Enroutenails on Etsy

You heard it here first: tortoiseshell is the new black! These easy Thanksgiving press on nails are as versatile as your favorite all-black mani, but WAY more interesting. Customize them with any length or shape, and even get them with a French tip design for an extra stylish touch!

31. Groovy Orange Thanksgiving Nail Design

easy short orange and white cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with an abstract wavy design

orange Thanksgiving nail strips: Sawyer & Scout on Etsy

One word: groovy. Take a trip back in time with this wavy ’70s-inspired nail design, complete with a seasonal orange hue. The white accents are also the perfect finishing touch — kind of like whipped cream on a slice of pumpkin pie.

Oh, and did we mention that these Thanksgiving nail strips are under $5? RUN, don’t walk!!

32. Classic French Tip Mismatched Thanksgiving Nails

almond shaped brown and orange cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a mismatched French tip design on every other finger

photo: @disseynails

It’s official — we’re calling this orange + brown + beige combo THE color palette of the holiday! It has us dreaming of football, pumpkin pie, and cozy lounge sets. What more can you ask for when it comes to Thanksgiving themed nail ideas?!

33. Earthy Matte Thanksgiving Nail Art

matte earthyThanksgiving nail ideas with floral design art

photo: @tessa.lyn.nails

This Thanksgiving nail art is giving us major harvest szn vibes! From the earthy color palette to the leafy design, they remind us of a gorgeous Thanksgiving spread.

But what really makes this manicure stand out is the matte finish — which you can easily DIY with this clear matte top coat!

34. Cozy French Tip Coffin Shaped Thanksgiving Nail Art

long coffin shaped ombre brown French tip cute Thanksgiving nail ideas with a shimmer effect

photo: @hwynailit

Cozy and dramatic at the same time, this Thanksgiving manicure is guaranteed to get the whole table talking. We love love love the ombre brown nail art, especially paired with the matching French tip design.

If coffin nails are your go-to shape, then you’re definitely going to want to screenshot these ones!!

35. Cute Gravy Brown Manicure

simple monochrome easy short coffee brown Thanksgiving nail ideas and design art

photo: Essie on IG

Okay, hear us out: gravy nails. Like the sauce that ties the entire Thanksgiving meal together, these brown nails are the cutest finishing touch to your look!

Keep it simple and easy by painting this polish on your natural nails, or combine the shade with one of the other festive nail ideas on this list.

With such a versatile + seasonal look, there are no wrong answers here!

36. Funky Brown French Manicure

almond shaped dark brown French tip Thanksgiving nails art ideas with a mid-tone milk chocolate inspired brown polka dot design

photo: @amyle.nails

Another way to use that seasonal brown polish from the last example? Go funky with this polka dot + French tip Thanksgiving nail art!

To get the look, start with a dark brown French tip, then use that light brown polish to create itty bitty polka dots on top of the design. So cute — and so easy to DIY with the help of these nail dotting tools!

37. Holographic Purple Thanksgiving Nails

easy sparkly holographic purple cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas

holographic nail polish: Cirque Colors

Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot more fun!! With these holographic purple nails, you’ll spice up even the most boring Turkey Day get-togethers. Sparkly and glittery, it’s also the ultimate look to kick off the holiday season!

Scrolling through all the Black Friday deals has never been more festive.

38. Wine Red French Manicure

wine red French tip cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with an almond shape design

photo: @amyle.nails

Wine red French tips? Just try to name a better Thanksgiving combo!

Featuring the ultimate seasonal shade of red, this Thanksgiving nail design looks trendy and timeless at the same time. And just picture them wrapped around a glass of your favorite red wine at the dinner table — it’s a match made in heaven!

39. Olive Green + Tortoiseshell Manicure

unique brown and black tortoiseshell and olive green cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with each nail incorporating a different design

photo: @tessa.lyn.nails

Upgrade the tortoiseshell nails from #30 with this trendy olive green design! Adding a few pops of green polish will give your nails such a high-fashion look, and the mismatched design on each finger also means that this mani is super easy to DIY. Say less!

40. Short + Glittery Ombre Thanksgiving Nail Art

shimmery short ombre plum purple color Thanksgiving nails art ideas

ombre Thanksgiving nail strips: Dashing Diva

The glamour! If you believe there’s no such thing as TOO much sparkle in your nail design (because same), then these are the Thanksgiving nail strips for you. The plum hue is perfect for the season, while the shimmery finish brings the fun. Where these nails go, the party follows!

41. Black and White French Manicure

simple almond shaped French tip Thanksgiving nail ideas with an art design that incorporates white on the left half of the nail tip and black on the right

photo: @nailsbysmf

Bright colors not your vibe? Go classic this Thanksgiving with black and white nail ideas! This design combines the timeless vibes of white French tips with the edgy look of a black manicure, and we are HERE for it.

Pro tip: If you do love all the colors of the season, you can also recreate this two-tone look with any shade of nail polish! Brown and black? Orange and white? Burgundy and bright red? The options are endless!

42. Short + Simple Copper Orange Manicure

easy short metallic orange pumpkin spice color cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas

photo: @londontownusa

We love the metallic nail trend, and no metal is more perfect for the Thanksgiving season than copper. It’s warm, it’s shimmery, and it reminds us of pumpkin spice everything!

Shop this exact bronze polish here, and don’t forget to pair it with a glossy top coat for mega shine. Best paired with a slice of pumpkin pie!

multi colored foliage inspired long french tip manicure

Looking for more seasonal nail ideas? We rounded up the best autumnal designs for you to rock all season long!

43. Vampy Ombre Thanksgiving Nail Art

almond shaped ombre purple cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas

photo: @disseynails

Another one of our favorite nail trends this year? Vampy designs. Keep the moody look going long after October 31st with these long purple nails, which feature a mystical ombre design!

Use a nail sponge stick to DIY the edgy look, and style them with this matching vampy lipstick for a bold finishing touch.

44. Unique Abstract Thanksgiving Nail Design

brown and orange cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a glittery silver abstract design on the cuticles

photo: @evemeetsnails

For the nail novices, this Thanksgiving nail art looks way more complicated than it is! Fool everyone into thinking you’re a pro by adding an abstract half circle to the tip of your nails (no, they don’t have to perfectly match!) in your favorite seasonal hues.

Complete the look by lining your cuticles with a sparkly silver polish, and you’re pretty much golden!

45. Simple + Short Striped Thanksgiving Nails

simple short grey cute Thanksgiving nails ideas with a maroon stripe design

photo: @betina_goldstein

Looking for more Thanksgiving nail ideas that are super easy to DIY? This is the perfect look for the job!

With a simple stripe down the middle of each nail, this design makes a stylish statement, no nail art skill necessary. Just add the burgundy stripe using small nail brushes, or go the ultra easy route with this nail striping tape!

46. Classy Jewel Tone Thanksgiving Nail Art

mismatched maroon green and tortoiseshell cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a glamorous gold design detail lining the base of the nail bed

photo: @amyle.nails

We love everything about this Thanksgiving nail design. The dark jewel tones. The mismatched design. The trendy tortoiseshell. But the true star of the show has to be the glamorous gold shimmer at the base of each nail.

Such a subtle way to make your Thanksgiving manicure stand out from the crowd — and perfect for matching your favorite gold jewelry!

47. Romantic Heart Themed Thanksgiving Nail Art

short burgundy and tan French tip Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a cute heart design and the index finger a solid brown cream hue

cute Thanksgiving nail strips: Dashing Diva

Calling all hopeless romantics! We have major heart eyes over these Thanksgiving nail strips, which feature the cutest heart design. Complete with a nude and burgundy color palette, they’re the perfect nail design for adding a little love to the dinner table.

48. Simple Metallic Brown Turkey Day Manicure

simple short shimmery brown cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas

shimmery brown nail polish: OPI

Love all the brown Thanksgiving nail ideas on this list, but want something with a little more va va voom? We’ve got you covered! This brown polish has a shimmery metallic finish that is almost too good to be true. We’ll be rocking this look well into December!!

49. Feminine Floral Thanksgiving Nail Art

glittery gold and maroon French tip cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a mismatched white flower art design on one finger

photo: @_karebeauty_

Elevate even your most basic sweater with this chic Thanksgiving nail art design! It’s the perfect amount of festive with burgundy French tips, a sophisticated floral design, and a few pops of glittery gold (we found this polish with the perfect golden sheen!).

Dress these nails up or down for your Thanksgiving dinner — either way, they speak for themselves!

50. Short and Easy Gradient Brown Thanksgiving Nail Design

simple short ombre neutral brown cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas in a design where each finger is a different shade

photo: Olive & June on IG

We can’t stop, won’t stop obsessing over the skittles nail trend, and this is another one of our favorite Thanksgiving nail ideas! It features the coziest hues in a gradient from light to dark — kind of like different shades of coffee!

Here are the exact colors to help you get the look, from left to right: It’s Chilly!, Study Hall, World Lit, Shacket, and JJ. (Can we also talk about how cute those names are?!)

51. Trendy Botanical Thanksgiving Nail Design

short brown leaf themed cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas where the thumb, index, and pinky fingers are a solid brownish purple color

brown Thanksgiving nail strips: Dashing Diva

The vine art design on these Thanksgiving nail strips is a must for the season! Not only is this nail art super on-trend for Thanksgiving, but it’s also one of the cutest ideas for mixing up a basic mani.

We especially love how this botanical design features glittery gold accents for a bit of sparkle. Such a cute combination with the cocoa brown hue!

52. Cute Daisy Thanksgiving Nail Art

almond shaped brown color cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a mismatched floral design and a French tip on the index finger

photo: @naileditbeauty

SO CUTE!! With the sweetest daisy design, these nails will wow for Thanksgiving and beyond. To make them pop, add a bright white dot in the middle of each cozy brown flower. It’s kind of like having a pretty seasonal bouquet that comes with you everywhere you go!

53. Dreamy Short Rose Gold Thanksgiving Nails

simple short rose gold cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas using a metallic polish

photo: @nailssbysami

We’re suckers for a rose gold moment! Add a feminine touch to your short Thanksgiving nails with this rose gold nail polish. It’s designed to have a metallic, mirror-like finish, so you know all eyes will be on you as you pass the stuffing!

54. Modern Marble Press On Thanksgiving Nails

coffin shaped caramel brown French tip cute press on Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a marble design on every other tip

Thanksgiving press on nails: Dashing Diva

Aptly named “caramel drizzle,” this nail design features marbled French tips in the sweetest dusty pink color. They’re almost as good as your favorite seasonal coffee drink, and are SO perfect for Thanksgiving!

And don’t worry about trying to recreate these nails yourself — they’re actually press-ons!

55. Classic Red Manicure

simple short wine red cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas

photo: @londontownusa

For fool-proof Thanksgiving nail ideas that will never go out of vogue, it doesn’t get better than a bold red mani. It’s timeless, it’s universally flattering, and it goes with everything!

For an ultra-chic touch, layer this gel effect top coat over the red polish. It gives your nails the illusion of a gel manicure, without the need for a UV lamp or a pricey salon appointment!

56. Burgundy Velvet Thanksgiving Nail Art

short simple burgundy velvet cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a shimmer effect on the index and middle fingers

burgundy Thanksgiving nail strips: Dashing Diva

Try out the velvet nail trend for Thanksgiving (without any of the hassle) with these gel nail strips from Dashing Diva! They come with both glossy burgundy and velvet-inspired strips, ideal for mixing and matching for a totally unique look.

And just wait until you see the way that shimmery hue catches the light. Swoon!!

57. Festive Two-Tone French Manicure

almond shaped brown and white French manicure with a mismatched design and a solid single color on the thumb and pinky fingers

photo: @overglowedit

And last but not least, let’s give thanks to this chic Thanksgiving nail art! The cream and maroon color combo has us absolutely drooling, and the modern French tip design is a real show-stopper.

For a unique take on such a classic manicure, line each tip with the opposite color. We’re obsessed!!

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almond shaped light brown French tip cute Thanksgiving nails and ideas with a design that incorporates a thin white line at the base of the brown tip
French tip Thanksgiving nail ideas: @overglowedit

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Which of these Thanksgiving nail art ideas were your fave? Let us know in the comments below!