Choosing the Right Engagement Ring For You With Helzberg Diamonds!

We know that finding the right engagement ring can be totally overwhelming. You and your partner start thinking about getting engaged and you’re suddenly expected to become diamond experts overnight. Natural or lab grown? Diamond alternatives? Quality?? Price point?!  It’s a lot to consider.

Take a deep breath. We have a feeling that visiting Helzberg Diamonds will put your mind at ease. Helzberg has exceptional standards and is super proud to specialize in ethically sourced diamonds and quality craftsmanship, and they are just as excited as you are that you’re getting engaged. And if you don’t know where to start you’re in luck because Helzberg’s been around since 1915 and they kinda do everything.

If you’re getting familiar with the engagement ring shopping process, you’ve probably heard of the 4 C’s to consider when you’re looking at diamonds: cut, color, clarity and carat

“At Helzberg, there’s a 5th C: Choice!” says the brand. Helzberg offers lab grown and natural diamonds, and they are happy to help you understand and navigate the differences. On top of that, there are endless possibilities when it comes to customization and creating a Helzberg ring that’s uniquely yours!!

It’s pretty cute: Helzberg loves love. They know that there’s a beautiful love story behind every engagement and that if you’re shopping for a ring you’re about to make one of the most romantic purchases of all time. “At our core, Helzberg is all about making people feel loved,” the brand says, “and we’re thrilled to play a part in your happiest, lovey-est life moments and guide you through finding just the right jewelry along the way.”

Helzberg has over 200 locations across the United States, so odds are there’s a store not too far from you where you can walk in and deep-dive with one of their Associates about what kind of ring is going to be right for you. Or! Get started by visiting their expansive and easy-to-explore website.

All of these stunning, sparkly mixed metal rings feature Helzberg’s Bellissima Lab Grown Diamonds. Going lab-grown is a great way to maximize the amount of sparkle that your ring can include on a given budget.

The key to diamonds that catch the light like these gorgeous stacked bands?? Quality. “Not just any piece lives up to the Helzberg name,” Helzberg says. “We always go beyond industry standards for sourcing our products, from ethics to the stunning quality of our diamonds.”

Diamond alternatives are always on the table and can be a great way to make room in the budget for that dream honeymoon. Diamonds aren’t the only glittery gemstones out there. These stunning solitaire set rings are Moissanite, and Helzberg has a whole collection of Moissanite options.

The rêve collection is Helzberg’s first-ever collection of certified sustainable lab-grown rings. That’s where this timeless single stone emerald cut engagement ring and diamond encrusted pave wedding band came from!!

Fun fact? Helzberg’s associates are all ordained! So if you pop into the store and get swept up in the romance of picking out your ring, you can elope right there!

Listen, getting engaged is supposed to be exciting, not overwhelming! Thank goodness Helzberg Diamonds is here to help us all the choices!! 🙌

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