57 Cute Winter Nails Designs + Art Ideas for the 2023-2024 Season

collage of classy winter nails with white snowflake designs and cute sweater nail art

The temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter, and that means it’s officially time to break out our favorite winter nails and nail art design ideas! Nothing helps you beat the cold like a truly great mani, and we’ve found the cutest nail designs to add to your winter inspo board.

From festive nail art to frosty designs to cozy colors (hello, hot chocolate nails!), these nail ideas will brighten up even the darkest winter days. Let’s get into it!

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wonderland themed sparkly blue ombre winter nails with white snowflake design nail art
photo: @bycheznails

The winter nail trends for 2023 are all about shimmery finishes, festive designs, and classic colors. The chrome trend that we’ve been rocking all year is here to stay, but it’s getting a festive upgrade for winter with seasonal colors like blue, white, and gold.

Sparkly nail art is also reigning supreme this season, with metallic details and glittery designs taking center stage for winter. ‘Tis the season for glamour, and we can’t wait to break out allll the holographic nail polishes!

And of course, you can’t forget the classics. Our favorite winter nail ideas for 2023 incorporate traditional designs like snowflakes, stars, and even candy canes, but with a cool modern twist. Classy rather than cheesy, this trendy nail art can be worn all winter long!

What color nails look good in winter?

simple classy dark emerald green winter nails in an almond shape design
photo: @overglowedit

The nail colors that look best in the winter are shades that are inspired by the season, like snowy white, icy blue, and festive red. It’s also the most wonderful time of the year for dark and moody hues, and colors like vampy wine red and dark forest green are seriously trending right now.

We’re also seeing tons of metallic nail ideas for winter, with both silver and gold getting their time in the spotlight (and on our inspo mood boards). Choose the shade that matches your everyday jewelry, or mix and match for a chic and celebratory design!

The Must-Have Tools to DIY The Cutest Winter Nail Art + Designs

hand displaying simple almond shaped red jelly winter nails
photo: @nailsbyalsn

Whether you’re a nail novice or a DIY pro, we’ve rounded up plenty of winter nail ideas that you can recreate at home. But first, make sure to stock up on the must-have nail tools to DIY these gorgeous winter designs!

  • Nail art brushes + dotting tools: For winter nail ideas that feature any sort of nail art, you’re going to need something more technical than a classic nail polish brush. This complete set includes multiple different brushes, plus expert dotting tools for a professional look. Perfect for DIYing everything from a simple French manicure to a winter wonderland themed nail design!
  • Nail sponges: If you love ombré winter nail ideas as much as we do, then it’s time to add a nail sponge to your arsenal! These help you blend your polish to create that hazy, ombré effect we all know and love.
  • Holographic powder: Chromatic nail ideas are trending this winter, and this nail powder is the secret to recreating the look at home. Add it on top of your base coat for a reflective, pearlescent finish that’ll shine bright during the dark winter months!
  • Cute nail stickers: If you’re a nail newbie, then nail stickers can be a life-saver when creating more elaborate winter designs and ideas. Stock up on festive decals like snowflakes and snowmen for a winter manicure that’s cute and easy!

We’ve linked more of our favorite tools and polishes down below to help you DIY each of these winter nail ideas — so grab a hot chocolate, throw on a cozy sweater, and let’s dive into all the wonderland inspo!

The Cutest Blue Winter Nails Designs and Ideas

simple mismatched shimmery blue winter nails with a white snowflake design on the index finger
photo: @wiktoria_hoffman

The best way to overcome the winter blues? Channel them into your nail art!

These blue winter nail designs and ideas are bright, stylish, and super seasonal. From icy metallic manicures to playful frosty nail art, we’ve found the best blue nail ideas for the entire winter season. So bundle up, and keep scrolling for the chilliest blue nails to add to your winter inspo board!

1. Frosty Blue Winter Nail Art

almond shaped wonderland themed sparkly light blue winter nails with snowflake and icicle designs

photo: @amberjhnails

Channel a winter wonderland with your nail art this year! From the icy blue polish to the sparkly white details, these nails are as frosty as a cold winter day. And just as dreamy, too!

P.S. If you don’t want to DIY this chilly nail art, we also found these snowflake nail stickers for a chic and easy winter mani design!

2. Snowy Sugar Blue Coffin Shaped Winter Nails

coffin shaped glittery blue winter nails with 3D sugar inspired design

photo: @prose_rogers

There’s nothing more magical than the first snowfall of the season. Capture those cozy winter vibes with this glittery blue nail design, which reminds us of sparkly snow!

To get that dazzling textured look, pour holographic blue glitter over your freshly painted nails. Tap off the excess, let your nails dry, and voila: you have the perfect snowglobe-inspired manicure!

3. Shimmery Gradient Blue Winter Nails

simple metallic gradient blue winter nails with squared off tips

photo: @beautyspace_charlotte

Can’t choose just one blue shade for your nails? Then don’t! This skittle nail art captures all the blues of the season in a rad gradient design, from an icy light blue all the way to a dark midnight polish.

For a trendy finishing touch, swap your classic polish for shimmery metallic shades to recreate that reflective shine. It’s merry AND bright!!

4. Glittery Ombre Blue French Manicure Outline

simple ombre blue winter nails with glittery French tip outlines

photo: @heygreatnails

We’re suckers for ombré nail ideas, and this winter design takes the trend to the next level!

To DIY this festive look, use a nail sponge (or makeup sponge!) to dab blue polish on the tips of your nails, blending it down to get that hazy ombré design. Once that’s dry, grab your glittery polish and a small liner brush to recreate the French tip outline. So stunning!

5. Snowman Themed Blue Winter Nail Art

simple light blue winter nails with cute cartoon style snowman nail art

photo: @tessa.lyn.nails

Unlock your inner child with this playful winter nail art — it’s ALMOST as fun as building a real snowman. Frosty would definitely approve!

For an easy way to bring these snowman nails to life, we love these Frosty inspired nail decals. Just dip them in water, layer them on top of your nails, and seal them with a top coat. No melting here!

6. Cobalt Blue Winter Nail Inspo

simple almond shaped bright cobalt blue winter nail designs and ideas

photo: @jadeandpolished

Brighten up those dark winter days with these statement blue nails! This cobalt blue hue is seriously trending right now, and we plan on rocking it ALL season long. Bright and bold, it’s the perfect way to spark some joy this winter!

7. Whimsical Wavy Blue Winter Nail Inspo with Celestial Star Designs

almond shaped bright blue winter nails with wavy celestial French tip designs and black star nail art

photo: @thehotblend

If you loved the color of the previous nails but want that extra somethin’ somethin’ to make your mani stand out, then this winter nail design is IT. The bright blue polish speaks for itself, while the wavy tips and celestial details add a whimsical touch.

Such a dreamy alternative to a classic French manicure!

8. Snowy Blue Manicure With Sweater Inspired French Tips

wonderland themed blue winter nail inspo with knit sweater textured French tips and snowflake designs

photo: @nailzkatkat

Our two favorite winter essentials: snow and sweaters. And this nail design has both!

Embrace all the cozy vibes with this winter manicure, which alternates between a cute snowflake design and sweater-inspired French tips. And if you want to skip the pricey salon appointment, we also found these super similar press on nails!

Now all that’s missing is a blizzard and your favorite cardigan!

9. Icy Blue Winter Nail Inspo

almond shaped shimmery metallic blue winter nail designs and ideas with pink hued reflections

photo: @bycheznails

Like icicles in mani form, this shimmery blue nail design is SO perfect for winter! It reminds us of the blueberry milk nails that were everywhere this year, but with an icy cold finish. Major ice queen vibes!!

To recreate this frosty ombré design, blend this milky blue color with this bright blueberry shade. Finish with a pearlescent polish on top for an icy shine, and you’re pretty much golden!

10. Short Starry Night Blue Winter Nail Design

short navy blue winter nails with sparkly celestial designs

photo: @karanailedit

Pay homage to the longer nights of the season with this celestial winter nail design! This nail artist created the ethereal midnight hue by layering two coats of this navy blue polish with two coats of this shimmery top coat.

Complete with some constellation nail art, this winter design has us totally starry-eyed!

11. Groovy Abstract Blue French Manicure

almond shaped white and blue winter nails with wavy French tip designs

photo: @bycheznails

Why settle for a traditional French manicure when you could rock these groovy tips instead?! Featuring THE color palette of the season, this winter nail art will add a funky touch to any outfit.

Plus, the abstract design makes these nails super easy to DIY. Start with cobalt blue tips, then layer the light blue and white polish on top in unique, wavy patterns. Just be sure to let each layer dry before you add another!

12. Mismatched Blue Winter Nail Art with Snowflake Designs

short mismatched sparkly blue winter nails with snowflake designs on the middle fingers

photo: @sonyas.nails

Can we just take a moment?! Unique, seasonal, and SO chic, these wonderland nails are the ultimate winter design. They have a little bit of everything: a trendy blue hue, stylish snowflake details, and glittery accents for a festive touch. Perfect if you’re feeling indecisive about your winter mani!

The Cutest Simple Winter Nails Designs and Ideas

icy metallic purple French tip simple winter nails
photo: @sammismanis

Winter may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the busiest. When you’re busy wrapping presents, setting resolutions, and battling the cold, you need winter nail designs and ideas that are simple and easy — while still being super stylish. And we’ve found the perfect nails for the job!

Whether you’re a minimalist at heart or are looking for easy DIY ideas, these are the best winter nail designs to give you some seasonal inspo. Scroll on for our faves, plus some tips for recreating them at home!

13. Simple Winter Nail Design With a Red French Tip Double Outline

almond shaped simple red French tip winter nails with double line designs on three fingers

photo: @thenaillologist

This winter nail design is proof that simple doesn’t mean boring! Spice up your nude mani with chic red outlines for a subtle pop of color. We also love how one tip is filled in for a bold accent nail!

If you want to DIY this winter nail design, these nail sticker guides will help you create the perfect outline every time. You can thank us later!

14. Simple Holographic Lavender Winter Nails

shimmery mirrored lavender simple winter nails with a rainbow-like reflect nail art finish

photo: @amberjhnails

We definitely want to stay in THIS lavender haze! With a shiny holographic finish, these lavender nails are such a chic and unexpected way to brighten up your winter wardrobe. Perfect for the Swifties who are still in their Eras era!

P.S. Looking for more Taylor Swift inspired nail designs? We’ve got you covered.

15. Simple Wine Red Winter Nails with Negative Space Cuticle Nail Art

dark burgundy red simple winter nail inspo with negative space half moon designs at the cuticle

photo: @heluviee

Just picture these burgundy nails wrapped around a glass of red wine as you lounge next to the fireplace. Perfection!

For extra oomph, add a pop of negative space at the base of your cuticles. Kind of like a reverse French tip, it’s a simple design that makes a serious statement! Just use a Q-tip and nail polish remover to create the elegant look.

16. Sparkly Nude Simple Winter Nails

almond shaped nude glitter simple winter nail designs and ideas

photo: @nailsbyalsn

Here at GWS, we believe there’s no such thing as TOO much sparkle, especially in the winter time. For simple winter nail ideas that bring the glamour, look no further than this glittery nude design!

Sparkly, simple, and super versatile, these nails can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. Think of them as the perfect seasonal neutral!

woman wearing a statement pink formal gown with an oversized bow detail

Have a formal occasion on your calendar this winter? Earn the best-dressed guest award with our list of the most glamorous winter gowns!

17. Simple Rainbow Skittle Winter Nail Design

colorful mismatched skittle simple winter nail designs and ideas with magenta, olive green, red, midnight blue, and orange hues

photo: @sammismanis

If you’re tired of the same old winter colors, mix things up with these rainbow skittle nails! Like a breath of fresh air compared to all the dark tones of the season, this bright palette will give you instant serotonin every time you glance down at your hands.

While you can recreate this look with any nail polish colors, we’re especially digging this magenta pink, olive green, cherry red, navy blue, and terracotta orange combo. It’s unique, while still checking off the major color trends of the season!

18. Simple Forest Green Winter Nails

almond shaped dark green simple winter nails

photo: @nailsbyalsn

Speaking of the color trends of the season, these simple forest green nails are a MUST for winter. Dark and elegant, they’re our favorite seasonal update to an all-black mani. And just as versatile, too! For trendy nail ideas that you can rock the entire winter season, it doesn’t get better than this.

19. Simple + Shimmery Green Winter Nail Inspo

almond shaped shimmery olive green simple winter nails

photo: @amberjhnails

It’s no secret that green nails are having their moment this year, and this is another winter-approved version of the trendy shade. If you’re looking for something bright but still festive, this olive green hue is IT.

With a shimmery finish, this simple mani will look so chic peeking out from under a chunky sweater!

20. Simple Glittery Blue French Manicure

shimmery blue French tip manicure simple winter nails

photo: @nailsbyalsn

A simple French manicure is always a good idea — but it can also get a bit boring after a while. Give the look a playful upgrade by swapping classic white tips for this glittery blue hue! Simple and unique at the same time, these frosty blue nails are truly the best of both worlds.

21. Simple “Falling Snow” Gold Foil Winter Nails

simple winter nails with gold foil ombre tips

photo: @nailsbyalsn

Proof that all that glitters is gold! For winter nails that double as elegant jewelry, look no further than this simple design. Instead of glittery polish, they feature flecks of metallic gold foil layered on top of a nude base.

With such a sparkly and eye-catching design, they’re are the only accessory you’ll need this winter!

22. Simple Vanilla Winter Nail Inspo

almond shaped warm vanilla metallic simple winter nails with gold undertones

photo: @thehotblend

Prepare to see these nails EVERYWHERE this season. With a warm vanilla hue, they’re the coziest neutral for all those cold winter days. Plus, they’re super easy to DIY! All you need is vanilla nail polish, pearl nail powder, and a disposable eyeshadow applicator. And don’t forget a strengthening top coat!

For a simple tutorial on how to recreate this mirrored vanilla design, check out this nail artist’s how-to video.

23. Simple “Clean Girl” Winter Nails

almond shaped milky nude simple winter nails

photo: @amberjhnails

If you need a no-nonsense manicure to carry you through all the dinner parties, to-do lists, and festive events of the season, then look no further than these gorgeous nude nails! Sleek and simple, they’re designed to look like your natural nails, but better.

Get this “clean girl” look by layering light pink polish with an ultra glossy top coat. Best paired with a slicked back bun!

24. Simple Snowflake Themed Winter Nail Art

simple nude pink classy winter nails with white snowflake designs

photo: @thehotblend

Manifest winter flurries with this simple snowflake nail art! To DIY this seasonal design, use a dotting tool and a small liner brush to draw whimsical white snowflakes on top of a nude base. We also love the matte finish — which you can recreate using this matte top coat!

Our Favorite Classy Winter Nails Designs and Ideas

wonderland themed red and white French Tip style classy winter nail art with snowflake designs
photo: @thehotblend

If you’re anything like us, then your winter calendar is full of events, from festive parties to NYE celebrations. And these classy winter nail designs and ideas are the perfect accessories to complete your formal looks!

With festive nail art, elegant designs, and plenty of sparkle, these classy winter nail ideas will instantly elevate any ‘fit. We’re adding them to our winter wardrobes ASAP!

25. Classy Tinsel-Inspired French Manicure Outline

almond shaped simple classy winter nails with glittery gold French tip outlines

photo: @amberjhnails

Give your nails a festive touch by adding a little tinsel to the edges! Simple yet sparkly, this nail design is the cutest way to count down to December 25th. Keep it classic with a glittery gold outline, or have some fun with mismatched sparkly colors. There are no wrong answers here!

26. Classy Plaid Winter Nail Art

glittery white and purple classy winter nail designs and ideas with plaid pattern nail art

photo: @thehotblend

Plaid is a winter fashion essential — so why not rock it on your nails, too?! We love love love this purple plaid nail design, complete with sparkly silver details and unique geometric French tip nail art. It’s a must for the fashion girlies who love to match their nails to their outfits!

P.S. For a simple DIY mani, we found these similar purple plaid nail strips. Obsessed!

bright red suit styled with a festive crop top

Speaking of winter fashion, don’t miss our round-up of festive outfit ideas — perfect for celebrating the season in style!

27. Classy Almond Shaped Sage Green Winter Nail Design

simple sage green classy winter nail designs and ideas with two tone French tips and an almond shape

photo: @amberjhnails

Is it just us, or are you getting major aprés ski vibes from this winter nail design?! From the soft sage green color palette to the geometric tips (which almost look like snowcaps on a mountain!), they have us dreaming of a day on the slopes. Snow bunnies, this one’s for you!

28. Classy Sparkly Black Winter Nail Art

glittery black French tip classy winter nails with snowflake designs and a glossy nail art top coat

photo: @thehotblend

A black manicure, but make it festive! If classic black is your go-to nail color, this is the best way to make it feel seasonal. Alternate between solid black polish, classic French tips, and a chic snowflake design for winter nails that are edgy and elegant at the same time.

And yes, we found the perfect glittery black polish for the job!

29. Classy Silver Snowflake Winter Nail Art

wonderland themed glittery silver classy winter nails with snowflake designs

photo: @thehotblend

This classy winter nail art channels the same festive vibes as the last example, but this time in a sparkly silver hue! Super eye-catching, it’s the design we’ll be rocking to all our glamorous seasonal events. Because where these metallic nails go, the party follows!

Pro tip: If you love metallic nail ideas for winter but can’t decide between silver or gold, use your jewelry preference as a guide. This nail design would look just as stunning in gold!

30. Classy Iridescent Blue-Grey Manicure

simple pointed shimmery grey classy winter nails

photo: @thehotblend

We’re calling these nails “blizzard chic.” From the icy metallic finish to the frozen grey hue, they take the cold weather of the season and turn it into a stylish aesthetic. And we are HERE for it!

Get the look with this frosty nail polish, which has the perfect iridescent shimmer to recreate that dreamy blizzard effect.

31. Candy Cane Themed Winter Nail Art

classy winter nail art with simple star rhinestones and candy cane nail art

photo: @nailsbyalsn

Transport your nails to the North Pole with this festive winter nail art! With adorable candy canes, gold stars, and glittering rhinestones, these nails look like something straight out of Santa’s gift sack. If you’re hoping to secure your spot on the nice list this year, look no further!

32. Classy Evergreen Inspired French Manicure

dark green and metallic silver French tip winter nail inspo with an evergreen garland accent design on one finger

photo: @thehotblend

When it comes to festive winter nail ideas, why not use your evergreen tree as inspo?! With dark green tips, a swipe of glitter, and that foliage-inspired nail art, these winter nails are giving us just as much joy as a decorated evergreen tree. Now if only we could replicate that dreamy evergreen smell, too…

33. Classy Hot Chocolate Winter Nails

simple hot chocolate brown winter nails

brown nail polish: Olive & June

Warning: these classy winter nails may cause a hot chocolate craving! Inspired by the winter brew, this brown nail polish will instantly add a warm and cozy touch to your look. Perfect for those extra cold winter months!

And for an even trendier look, we also love these brown glaze nail strips, which give your hot chocolate nails an extra dose of glamour!

34. Classy Swirl Winter Nail Design

white red and glittery gold classy winter nails with a retro swirl nail art design

photo: @disseynails

This classy nail art reminds us of festive ornaments hanging on a tree — aka, the perfect design for your winter nails!

Get in the spirit of the season by using small nail brushes to draw red, white, and gold swirls across each of your nails. We love how each nail is slightly different, giving this winter nail art a dreamy whimsical vibe. Pure magic!

35. Classy Velvet-Inspired Winter Nails

short sparkly silver velvet-inspired classy winter nails

velvet winter nail ideas: Dashing Diva

We LOVE the idea of velvet nails, especially for the winter. They’re just as cozy and classy as your favorite velvet dress, and equally trendy!

To DIY this winter nail trend, all you need is magnetic cat eye nail polish, which gives you that chic fuzzy texture. Or for something even easier, we also love these velvet-inspired press-on nails! They come in three different classy colors and are so easy to use.

36. Classy + Festive Gold French Manicure

glittery gold French tip classy winter nails with festive white and gold garland nail art designs

photo: @amberjhnails

It doesn’t get much more festive than this! Decorate your nails the same way you decorate your house with glittery gold accents and classy seasonal garlands. It’s the perfect winter nail design for the people who hang their festive decor starting November 1st!!

Cute Short Winter Nails Designs and Ideas

simple olive green short winter nails in a glossy finish
photo: @londonstylesister

Looking for short nail designs and ideas for winter that don’t sacrifice style? We’ve got you covered!

If you like to keep your nails short and natural during the winter months, these festive designs will help you make the most out of every inch. Whether you’re a nail art fanatic or love a more simple look, we’ve rounded up the best short winter nail inspo and ideas for every style down below!

37. Short Snowglobe Themed Winter Nail Art Inspo

wonderland themed short winter nails with evergreen tree designs with snowy dots nail art

photo: @mynailgirlness

These short winter nails are like mini snowglobes for your fingers, complete with falling snow and the dreamiest winter scene. Safe to say were totally obsessed!

DIY your own winter wonderland manicure with this nail art brush kit. The dotting tools are great for recreating snow!

38. Short Latte Inspired Winter Nail Inspo

simple gradient brown skittle style short winter nails

photo: @gel.bymegan

Latte nail art is having a serious moment right now, and that’s not about to change anytime soon! Give the trend a winter update with this skittle nail design, which features a gradient of drool-worthy brown hues.

Such a cozy design to pair with your favorite coffee off the seasonal Starbucks menu!

39. Short Vampy Red Winter Nails

simple burgundy red short winter nails with a classy gloss topcoat

photo: @charlotteemilybeauty_

Consider this your go-to color of the season! Red nails are always a fool-proof choice, and this dark vampy shade embodies the perfect moody vibe for winter. For winter nail ideas that will never steer you wrong, it doesn’t get better than this!

40. Short Metallic Winter Nail Art

simple short black winter nails with metallic silver star nail art designs

photo: @m.o.n.a.j.

You heard it here first: the metallic trend is going to be huge this winter. And this short nail design is such a classy way to incorporate it into your winter wardrobe!

To make those metallic silver details stand out, add contrast with an all-black base. This will give the celestial nail art its time to shine — perfect for short nails with major wow factor!

P.S. This Color Foil nail polish will give you that metallic silver look with a single swipe. Brb, adding to our cart as we speak!!

41. Micro Metallic Gold French Manicure

simple short micro French manicure with classy metallic gold tips

photo: @gel.bymegan

Another one of our favorite metallic nail ideas, this chic design is the epitome of winter glam. The glimmering gold polish instantly catches the light, while the trendy micro French tips give your short nails an elongated look. Subtle, but super effective!!

42. Short + Festive Blue Winter Nail Art

wonderland themed bright blue short winter nails with white snowflake and sweater designs

photo: @toniafizzarotti

The bright bold hue! The chic snowflake details! The cozy sweater design! These short nails are checking off ALL the boxes for a chic seasonal mani.

For more unique winter nail inspo, we love the idea of choosing a festive nail decal and building the rest of your mani around that design. You can recreate a similar look using these sweater inspired stickers for an accent nail!

43. Short Skittle Winter Nail Inspo

blue red and green skittle style short winter nail designs and ideas with the bottom third of the nail near the cuticle painted with a clear gloss polish

photo: @mynailgirlness

If you haven’t noticed by now, we adore skittle nail ideas for winter. They’re cute, they’re easy to DIY, and they look amazing for short nails. What more can you ask for?!

Give the skittle nail trend the winter treatment with this festive color combo. Alternating between red, green, icy blue, and turquoise, it oozes December vibes!!

44. Seasonal + Sparkly Short Manicure

simple alternating mismatched glittery silver and olive green grey short winter nail designs and ideas

photo: @bymaisiejayne

The easiest way to take your short winter nails from neutral to festive? Just add glitter! We love how this winter nail design alternates between a dark neutral grey and a dazzling sparkly silver. It’s playful and seasonal without looking too over-the-top — the ultimate everyday manicure!

45. Santa Themed Short French Manicure

classy simple alternating white and red French tip short winter nails

photo: @mynailgirlness

Embrace your inner Santa Clause with this short red + white winter nail design! Featuring Old St. Nick’s classic color palette, they’re the perfect nails to rock as you check off your December to-do list. We’re especially digging the alternating French tips — kind of like little Santa hats for your nails!

personalized wood reindeer ornaments and knit stockings

Give Santa Clause some competition this year with the help of our ultimate gift guide! We’ve rounded up unique gift ideas for everyone on your nice list.

46. Glamorous Gold Short Manicure

classy simple metallic gold short winter nails

photo: @gel.bymegan

If you want to make the most out of every inch of your short nails, then you can’t go wrong with a glamorous metallic gold finish. It’s bright. It’s bold. And it gives even the shortest nails a super eye-catching look for winter!

Complete the show-stopping design with a holographic powder or ultra-glossy top coat for maximum star power. So good!

47. Short Sweater Inspired Winter Nail Art

wonderland themed sparkly white short winter nail art with snowflake nail art and sweater texture designs

photo: @sonyas.nails

Celebrate sweater weather with these short statement nails! For winter nail ideas that look cozy enough to cuddle up in, it doesn’t get better than 3D sweater nail art. Because even your nails need a chunky knit in winter!

To create sweater inspired accent nails to go with your winter mani, we love these embossed nail stickers. They’ll give you that cozy knit texture, no nail art skills necessary.

White Winter Nails Designs and Ideas for a Truly Wonderland Inspired Vibe

classy wonderland themed glittery French tip white winter nails with snowflake designs and a textured frosted tip nail art look
photo: @amaryllis

Flurries. Snowmen. Eggnog. Snowflakes. White is a winter staple, and the same goes for these white winter nail designs and ideas!

Elegant and classic, white nail art will always be in style, especially during the winter. If you’ve been looking for the best winter nail designs and ideas that you can rock all season long, we’ve found the most stylish inspo for you!

48. Snowstorm White Winter Nail Art Inspo

simple sparkly ombre white winter nails with gold snowflake designs

photo: @bycheznails

These white nails are truly a winter wonderland in nail form! With a glittery ombré design, each nail looks like it has its own mini snowstorm trapped inside. One word: magic.

And don’t forget the metallic gold snowflakes to tie the whimsical design together. We found the perfect golden nail stickers to recreate the look!

49. Party-Ready White Winter Nail Inspo

classy shimmery white winter nails with glittery gold curved line art details

photo: @magnificientnails

Up the glam factor with this glittering white winter nail inspo! From the shiny pearlescent finish to the playful sparkly details, these beauties are definitely party-ready. They’re also one of our favorite winter nail ideas to pair with your NYE ‘fit!

These nails + sequins = a match made in heaven.

disco inspired silver sequin maxi gown

No matter how you’re ringing in the new year, we’ve found the perfect outfits for the occasion! From sequins to lounge sets, there’s a stylish look for everyone.

50. Snowy White French Manicure

classy glittery snow-like textured French tip white winter nail inspo with snowflake designs

photo: @thehotblend

White French tips are a classic for a reason! Give the age-old look a unique seasonal twist by painting the tips of your nails with a glittery white polish. You can even sprinkle a dusting of white glitter on top to create that sparkly fresh snow-textured effect.

Complete with a snowflake accent, these nails are so swoon-worthy!!

51. Glittery White Coffin-Shaped Winter Nails Idea

simple coffin shaped glittery ombre pink and white winter nails

photo: @jet_set_beauty_nails

If you love coffin nails, this is one of our favorite design ideas for winter. The sweet and sparkly details balance the bold shape of the nails, and white ombré accents add such a dreamy touch. We love!

And if you want to skip the salon sesh, we also found these similar white press on nails with a snowy + sparkly design.

52. Simple Pearlcore White Manicure

squared tip classy metallic shimmery white winter nail designs and ideas with a pearlescent look

photo: @latelieroboutdesongles

If you’re still not over the pearlcore trend (because same!), then we’ve found the best white winter nail ideas for you!

With an ethereal, iridescent finish, these shimmery white nails truly look like glistening pearls. And since frosty white is also a classic winter color, they double as the perfect seasonal nails, too!

53. White Winter Wonderland Nail Inspo

classy milky white winter nails with snowflake designs and gold nail art lines running through them

photo: @paznokietki_dla_kobietki

The Hallmark movie version of winter nails, these beauties are almost too good to be true! We love the winter wonderland vibes of the snowflake decals, especially paired with the metallic gold accents.

Complete with a snowy white base coat, it’s the dreamiest manicure to carry you through the cold winter months!

54. Abstract Ribbon-Inspired White Manicure

classy short white winter nails with abstract gold squiggle nail art designs

photo: @m.o.n.a.j.

Come December, chances are you have dozens of ribbons and bows strewn around your living room — and that’s the inspo behind this white winter nail art!

Featuring a single thread of gold tying each nail together, this white manicure is like a gift box just waiting to be wrapped. It’s such a cute and unique way to celebrate the season, and so fun to DIY, too. Just grab this gold nail polish liner and start doodling!

55. Eggnog White Winter Nail Inspo

simple pointed shimmery white glaze winter nails

photo: @thehotblend

We’ve talked about hot chocolate nails, latte nails, and even red wine nails. And now we’re introducing another one of our drool-worthy winter nail ideas: eggnog nails!

Like the famous winter drink, these white nails look creamy, rich, and ultra-sweet. Get the sugary glazed look with this milky white nail polish, finished with a shimmery top coat. Now all that’s missing is a mug of (spiked) eggnog!

56. Sparkly Silver + White Winter Nail Art Inspo

classy short glittery silver and white winter nails with snowflake designs

photo: @sonyas.nails

The best way to upgrade a simple white winter manicure is with some sparkly nail art. Case in point: this festive white winter nail design!

We love the contrast of the glittery silver accent nail with the stark white polish. And don’t even get us started on that glittery snowflake design! If this festive combo doesn’t scream winter, we don’t know what does.

57. Simple White Manicure With Striped Accents

almond shaped white simple winter nail designs and ideas with a striped nude and white accent nail

photo: @nailsbyalsn

Another one of our favorite ideas for spicing up your white winter nails? Add an accent nail inspired by festive candy canes!

This simple striped design instantly elevates an all-white mani, and it’s SO easy to recreate. Just use some nail striping tape to create the design, paint over it with white polish, and remove the tape once it’s dry. It’s the ultimate December mani!

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almond shaped glittery black swirl winter nails in a yin and yang inspired design
photo: @disseynails

Let’s face it: the winter fashion slump is real. From the cold weather to the endless layers, it can be difficult to feel inspired during this season — but we have the fashion guides to change all that!

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Which of these winter nail ideas are you planning to rock first? Let us know in the comments below!