Coquette Aesthetic Style Guide: What It Is and Our Favorite Outfits

a collage of cute coquette aesthetic fashion ideas with vintage style outfits with pink florals and bow details

If you’re looking for new ways to style and romanticize your life this year, let us introduce you to the cute and girly fashion aesthetic taking over our outfits mood board: coquette core! This aesthetic is all about embracing your feminine side with frilly bows, flirty florals, and plenty of pink. And yes, it’s seriously trending right now.

While the coquette aesthetic isn’t anything new (Lana Del Rey has been rocking the style for years!), it has made a recent mark on the fashion world — and we can’t get enough. So much more than a fun fashion trend, coquette core is a timeless aesthetic with certain styles and outfit silhouettes dating all the way back to the Regency era. Marie Antoinette, we’re looking at you!

So if you love all things girly and romantic, we’ve created this complete fashion style guide to help you channel the coquette aesthetic in 2024 — plus a few of our favorite outfits to use as inspo. Let’s get into it!

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Full FAQ Guide – Everything You Need to Know About the Coquette Aesthetic

a collage of cute coquette aesthetic outfits with pink bow accessories and vintage style fashion including square neck tops and dresses with balloon sleeves

Before we jump into our favorite coquette outfits, let’s break down everything you need to know about the coquette aesthetic and what makes it such a dreamy style. We’re talking about the meaning behind this aesthetic, who it’s best for, and the must-have fashion essentials to help you incorporate coquette core into your style. Bring on the bows and lace!

What is the coquette aesthetic?

woman wearing a vintage style white lace mini dress coquette aesthetic outfit with a black bow detail on the neckline
white coquette aesthetic dress: For Love and Lemons

The coquette aesthetic is a fashion trend that celebrates all things romantic, girly, and hyper-feminine style — think: ribbons, bows, frills, lace, and florals. It takes inspiration from vintage styles, such as the Regency and Victorian eras (hello, Bridgerton!), as well as classic girlhood obsessions, like ballet and princesses.

While the word “coquette” means “a woman who tries without sincere affection to gain the attention and admiration of men” — aka, a flirty woman — this aesthetic is more about channeling your feminine side than anything else. Like the other viral girlcore trends (girl dinner! girl math!), the coquette aesthetic is about reclaiming all the things that make girlhood so special….and looking super cute at the same time!

What We Love About the Coquette Aesthetic And Coquette Core Fashion (And Who This Style is Best For)

woman in a coquette aesthetic pink floral vintage style mini dress with cute rosette details and lace trim on the neckline
pink coquette aesthetic dress: For Love and Lemons

As hopeless romantics, we love how the coquette aesthetic channels flirty and feminine fashion vibes, but with a modern twist. There’s just something undeniably dreamy about lacy mini dresses, dainty floral prints, and allll the bow details. It makes us feel like we’re the main character in a period drama directed by Sofia Coppola — obsessed!

And with such a whimsical and playful style, coquette core fashion is perfect for anyone who wants to spark a little joy with their outfits. After all, why settle for muted color palettes and simple silhouettes when you could cover yourself in head-to-toe pastels, ruffles, and pearls?! It’s the perfect way to inject your daily life with a little extra beauty and take some time for self-care (in the form of accessorizing).

What aesthetics are similar to the coquette aesthetic?

woman in a coquette aesthetic vintage style white lace mini dress with a form-fitting corset-inspired bodice and cute hair bow
coquette aesthetic mini dress: Oh Polly

Feminine and romantic, the coquette aesthetic is similar to some of the other ultra-girly fashion aesthetics that have gone viral in the past few years — including balletcore, regencycore, and cottagecore.

Similar to classic ballet outfits, most coquette fashion features soft details like pastel pink hues, sheer tights, and, of course, ballet flats. It combines this style with the vintage elegance of a regency-era look (floral prints, sultry corsets, pearl embellishments…we could go on!). Complete with the soft and whimsical vibes of the cottagecore aesthetic, coquette core style is the pinnacle of all things sweet and girly.

P.S. There’s also a sultry (or “dark”) side of coquette core that overlaps with aesthetics like dark academia and vampy styles. This dark coquette aesthetic swaps pretty pastel colors for black and red and is best paired with your favorite Lana Del Rey playlist!

What is the coquette aesthetic controversy, and does it really matter?

woman having breakfast in bed and wearing casual vintage style pink and white plush loungewear with a coquette aesthetic style
photo: Miss Candyholic

While coquette fashion has officially taken over our social media and style mood boards, there are a few issues that people have pointed out with the hyper-feminine aesthetic. Since it takes inspiration from classic girlhood styles, coquette core has been associated with the “Lolita” aesthetic (from the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov), which glorifies the sexualization of innocence and youth.

Other people have noted that the aesthetic seems geared toward skinny white women, leaving more diverse bodies and skin tones out of the conversation.

Ultimately, we believe that every fashion aesthetic only has as much power as we give it. The modern coquette aesthetic is more about reclaiming your girlhood than dressing for the male gaze, and it looks good on ALL types of people. And if you ask us, there’s nothing more empowering than embracing an aesthetic that makes you feel like your best authentic self — whether it’s marketed toward you or not.

Wardrobe Essentials You Need To Put Together a Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

woman in a coquette aesthetic outfit styled with cute pink bows on her headphones and white shirt and a vintage style pearl necklace with a bow design
coquette aesthetic pearl necklace: Urban Outfitters

Ready to embrace your coquette core era? The coquette aesthetic is all about soft pastel hues, dainty florals, and romantic details — and here are the wardrobe essentials you need to bring it to life!

  • Bow details: When it comes to coquette outfits, there’s no such thing as too many bows — they add the cutest feminine fashion touch to anything, from your hair to your shoes to even your headphones! And since bows are one of the top fashion trends of the year (including in the bridal world!), they’re a great way to dip your toes into the coquette aesthetic before jumping all the way in.
  • Pearl accessories: Another major fashion trend that doubles as coquette core? Pearls! We’ve been huge fans of pearlcore for years now — from pearl accessories to pearl wedding gowns. They’re a little bit vintage, a little bit whimsical, and the perfect finishing touch to all your coquette outfits.
  • Cute tights: No, we’re not talking about the basic black tights you’ve had in your wardrobe for years now. To achieve the ultimate coquette style outfit, opt for cute tights with sheer lace fabrics, pastel hues, or flirty embellishments. This also applies to socks — the frillier the better!
  • Floral patterns: There’s nothing more feminine and romantic than floral patterns, so obviously they’re a must-have style for the coquette aesthetic! Channel a secret garden with whimsical floral dresses, flower-patterned tops, and cute rosette details.
  • Ballet flats: Ballet flats are in their comeback era, and we are HERE for it. They’re the perfect look for all your coquette outfits, with a nostalgic vibe and flirty style that we love. Plus they go with everything, from jeans to dresses!
pastel pink ombre manicure with cute bow designs

Another must-have accessory for the coquette aesthetic? Cute nails! Get some inspo with our chic nail guides — perfect for pairing with all your coquette style outfits.

The Best Places to Shop For Coquette Aesthetic Outfit Pieces

cute white lace two piece set coquette aesthetic outfits
knit coquette aesthetic outfit: For Love and Lemons

If you’re ready to fill your wardrobe with coquette style outfits, here are the best places to start shopping!

16 Cute Coquette Outfits for an Iconic Fashion Look

Polaroid photo style collage of cute vintage style coquette aesthetic outfits and pink fashion accessories with rosette and bow details
graphics by Green Wedding Shoes | outfits from For Love & Lemons

Now that you’ve officially fallen in love with coquette core, let’s get into the outfits and fashion inspo! Below, we’ve rounded up the most dreamy and romantic outfits to help you incorporate the coquette aesthetic into your 2024 wardrobe. They feature everything you know and love about coquette core fashion: Bows! Lace! Pearls! Florals! All of the above!

So whether you’re looking for a full style refresh or just want to add a few coquette pieces to your collection, these outfits are the ultimate fashion inspo. Keep scrolling for our faves, and prepare for a complete coquette aesthetic makeover!

1: Vintage-Inspired Floral Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

cute blue and pink floral mini dress coquette aesthetic outfits with light blue bow details and balloon short sleeves

This outfit is checking off ALL the boxes for coquette core fashion. A romantic floral print? Check. Cute bow details? Check. Frilly ruffles and delicate lace? Check and check! If Marie Antoinette lived in the modern day, she would definitely have this Selkie mini dress on repeat.

Complete the coquette aesthetic by styling this outfit with vintage-inspired lace shorts (cute AND practical!) and modern ballet flats.

Shop This Coquette Aesthetic Floral Mini Dress

2: Sweet Bow Bustier Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

coquette aesthetic outfits with a cute white and pink floral bow bustier top styled with low rise jeans

If you’re looking for a more casual way to incorporate the coquette aesthetic into your daily outfits, this bow style bustier top is BEYOND cute. It’s the ultimate mix of sweet and sexy, with a cropped strapless design and a dainty pink floral print. We’re not swooning, you are!

Layer it over a sheer lace top for maximum romance, or keep it casual with a pair of baggy jeans. There are no wrong answers here!

Shop This Casual Coquette Aesthetic Bustier Top

3: Cute Coquette Style Pink Slip Dress

cute pink bow patterned maxi slip dress coquette aesthetic outfits

If there was such a thing as dress soul mates, this would be ours. From the slip-inspired silhouette to the bright pink fabric, it’s a coquette aesthetic dream come true! And don’t even get us started on the adorable bow pattern. We. Are. Obsessed.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect coquette outfit for a spring wedding or romantic date night, it doesn’t get better than this dreamy midi style. Pair it with some cute heels and matching bow earrings for a romantic formal look!

Shop This Pink Coquette Aesthetic Slip Dress

4: Sexy Pink Lace Corset Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

coquette aesthetic outfits with a sexy pink corset top styled with casual baggy jeans

If you don’t want your coquette aesthetic outfit to feel TOO cutesy, swap the bows and frills for sexy lace instead. We love how this outfit feels modern and vintage at the same time, with a lacy corset top styled with casual slouchy jeans.

And remember: accessories are an essential fashion element when channeling the coquette aesthetic. Pair this look with pearl earrings, a sweet hair bow, or a cute cardigan (or all of the above!) to give it that iconic coquette style. It’s the perfect low-key coquette outfit that you can wear every day!

Shop This Pink Coquette Aesthetic Corset Top

5: Cozy Light Pink Coquette Aesthetic Outfit for Winter

coquette aesthetic outfits for winter with cute pink bow sweater styled with white lace tights

While the coquette aesthetic is typically associated with spring and summer fashion, this outfit is the cutest way to channel those dreamy feminine vibes in the winter, too.

Opt for ultimate coziness with this oversized pink sweater, which features feminine ribbon details and the prettiest bow accents. Paired with sheer floral tights, it’s a match made in coquette core heaven!

And if you live in a colder climate, you can also style this coquette outfit with leg warmers for a trendy ballet-inspired look. We love!

Shop This Cozy Coquette Aesthetic Pink Sweater

6: Pretty Plus Size Coquette Style Mini Dress

cute babydoll style pink plus size mini dress coquette aesthetic outfits with flowy and feminine balloon sleeves

The romance of it all! Feminine dresses are a wardrobe essential for the coquette aesthetic, and this pink mini is one of our absolute faves. We love the babydoll silhouette — it oozes sweet girly vibes, while also being super flattering. And how cute is that rosette detail on the neckline? So whimsical!

And as a bonus, this coquette outfit is designed for all body types, with sizes ranging from XS-3X. Choose between this rosy hue or a bright floral print, and style it with flirty heels for a date-ready look.

Shop This Size-Inclusive Pink Coquette Aesthetic Mini Dress

woman putting on a pair of pink satin chunky platform heels

The coquette aesthetic is all about a cute and comfortable look — and we’ve rounded up the best comfy heels to complete all your coquette style outfits!

7: Sultry Dark Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

dark coquette aesthetic outfits with cute white eyelet bow top styled with below-the-knee black floral lace tights

If pastel pink isn’t your vibe, the “dark coquette” aesthetic may be more up your alley. It trades pretty pastels for a classic black and white color palette, with pops of red for that sultry vampy look.

Try out the dark coquette core style by pairing a frilly top with daring lace pants. Totally sheer, these black pants aren’t for the faint of heart — but that’s what makes them so good! Balanced with the sweet feminine details on the top (plus those dainty bow-adorned heels!), this sexy coquette outfit is a total show-stopper.

Shop This White Coquette Aesthetic Eyelet Top

8: Chic Black + White Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

French girl inspired dark coquette aesthetic outfits with a cute black bustier style midi dress paired with a red beret

Dark coquette fashion, but with a French girl twist? Say no more! Another dark coquette look, this outfit leans into the vintage style of the romantic aesthetic. We love the lacy bodice of this feminine midi dress, which features both black and white cups and a cute velvet bow to tie it all together.

And like all coquette fashion, this outfit style revolves around accessories. Make it pop with cute Mary Jane flats, a playful red beret, and chic floral tights!

Shop This Black + White Coquette Aesthetic Midi Dress

9: Floral Ballet-Inspired Coquette Style Outfit

romantc coquette aesthetic outfits with a cute pink and white floral mini dress styled with ballet flats

Embrace your inner ballerina with this cute coquette aesthetic outfit! With a fun bubble skirt and romantic vintage floral print, this flirty mini dress looks like a Bridgerton-inspired ballet outfit. Aka, the ultimate coquette core look!

Lean into the playful girly vibes by pairing this dress with lace-up ballet flats and a messy ballerina bun. Perfect for twirling around your living room and romanticizing your life!

Shop This Floral Coquette Aesthetic Mini Dress

10: Sweet Floral Embroidered Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

winter coquette aesthetic outfits with a cute white chunky sweater with pink florals on it styled with a pink floral skirt

When it comes to coquette core fashion, it’s all about the little things. Case in point: this floral embroidered sweater! Cozy sweaters are a must-have for the winter coquette aesthetic, and this one gives you that extra dose of sweetness with the dainty pink florals dotting the chunky knit fabric.

It’s those small details that make coquette style so irresistible — and a great reminder to always appreciate the little things in life! Style it with a pink floral midi skirt and a pretty hair bow for your sweetest outfit yet.

Shop This FLoral Embroidered Coquette Aesthetic Sweater

11: Romantic Ruffle Coquette Style Outfit

cute pink and white floral mini dress coquette aesthetic outfits with lace trim details and ruched half sleeves

Everything about this coquette aesthetic outfit is pure girly fashion perfection! With lacy ruffles, pink florals, and a sweet bow, this mini dress is a maximalist dream — while still looking delicate, dainty, and romantic. We also love the twirl-approved handkerchief hemline….and just wait until you see the sultry open back!

Add a rosette clip to your hair for a flirty coquette style that is simply TO DIE FOR.

Shop This Pink Floral Coquette Aesthetic Mini Dress

12: Casual Lacy Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

coquette aesthetic outfits with a cute pink lace crop top with a plunging v neckline styled with a grey mini skirt

Alexa, play “Lacy” by Olivia Rodrigo! Now that we’ve set the mood, prepare to fall in love with this oh-so-sweet coquette aesthetic outfit, featuring THE perfect pink lacy top. With girly details and Y2K design, it reminds us of something we would’ve worn during our childhood. And what better way to embrace our girlhood than by dressing like our younger selves?!

Finish this coquette style look with a ruffle mini skirt and a pink satin scrunchie. Our 10-year-old selves would be obsessed!

Shop This Lacy Coquette Aesthetic Pink Crop Top

13: Pastel Pink Coquette Aesthetic Two-Piece Outfit

coquette aesthetic outfits with a cute floral maxi skirt and matching crop top with bright magenta pink bow tie straps

Is there such a thing as TOO much pink? We think not, and that’s where this coquette aesthetic outfit comes in! Rock head-to-toe pink with this stunning two-piece floral set, featuring hot pink roses adorning the bubblegum pink fabric.

And the best part? You can wear both pieces together for a statement formal look, or style them separately for a more casual coquette aesthetic. That maxi skirt with a cropped baby tee? Perfection!

Shop This Pink Coquette Aesthetic Two-Piece Outfit

14: Cute Crochet Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

woman in a coquette aesthetic white knit two-piece outfit with cute pink bows standing next to a white horse

Introducing: another coquette two-piece outfit, but this time with a more casual vibe. We LOVE matching sets, especially for the coquette aesthetic — they’re cute, they’re easy to throw on, and they remind us of the outfits we wore as little girls. And this one is the perfect example!

With pink bow details and pretty scalloped trim, this top + skirt combo is the epitome of coquette core fashion. Plus, we love the homemade look of the crochet fabric….perfect for incorporating sweet cottagecore vibes into your coquette aesthetic.

P.S. If two-piece sets aren’t your style, this coquette outfit also comes in a gorgeous dress version!

Shop This Crochet Coquette Aesthetic Two-Piece Outfit

15: Dark Floral Coquette Aesthetic Outfit

dark coquette aesthetic outfits with a cute pink and black floral midi dress styled with an oversized hair bow

Hello, DRAMA! For a coquette outfit that will give you major main character energy, look no further than this vintage style midi dress. It captures all the romance of a bygone era — with an elegant floral print, structured corset bodice, and pretty puff sleeves — but with a sexy modern update.

To really nail the coquette aesthetic, style this dress with sheer socks and platform heels (for a formal fashion look) or ballet flats (for something more casual). And yes, that oversized hair bow is a must!

Shop This Dark Coquette Aesthetic Midi Dress

16: Flirty Pink Tutu Coquette Style Outfit

cute pink corset style mini dress coquette aesthetic outfits

Fairytale vibes meet balletcore fashion with this enchanting coquette aesthetic mini dress! We’re totally smitten with the romantic corset bodice and tulle tutu skirt. Because who doesn’t want to dress like a fairy princess as they go about their daily activities?!

Up the romance by styling this coquette outfit with floral tights and bow heels for date night, or tone it down with a cute cardigan and comfy socks for a playful everyday style. It’s your wardrobe, so you might as well have fun with it!

Shop This Cute Coquette Aesthetic Mini Dress

Our Fave Fashion Guides, For Your Next Iconic Look

formal pink ruffle ball gown coquette aesthetic fashion outfit
coquette aesthetic style photo: @sammii.ash

Calling all fashion girlies! Now that you’ve fallen in love with the coquette aesthetic, let’s dive into our other fashion and style guides to help you complete your 2024 wardrobe refresh.

Have a concert on your calendar? Bring the party with these cute concert outfits — including Insta-worthy outfits for every genre! And for more trendy outfit inspo, also check out our complete fall fashion guide, with a breakdown of all the top trends for the year.

Heading into summer instead? Dress to impress with these cute summer dresses in every style. Or, for the winter months, don’t miss these Christmas and NYE outfit guides.

And finally, complete any of these outfits with our top nail ideas — we’ve created guides for every style and season!

Are you planning on incorporating the coquette aesthetic into your style this year? What other aesthetics do you have on your fashion mood board? Let us know in the comments below!