The 37 Prettiest Affordable Engagement Rings Under 1000

stack of engagement rings under 1000
stack of affordable engagement rings under 1000: Catbird

Are you ready to see the prettiest and most affordable engagement rings under 1000? Believe it or not, buying the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. The ring you choose for your partner signifies your love and commitment to them, but it doesn’t have to mean choosing something that isn’t affordable or doesn’t feel financially comfortable.

We did the digging, and there are SO MANY good engagement rings for all kinds of budgets. To make it easiest on you, we’ve split up our guide by price point, so you can go right to the budget category that feels most right to you. So without further ado, let’s jump right into our favorites: the prettiest, most affordable engagement rings under 1000.

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Affordable Engagement Rings Under 100

Yes, you read that right: engagement rings under 100. Bet you didn’t expect to see a steal like that! We love rings in this price point for anyone who likes to mix up their styles.

Buying an engagement ring under 100 means you can buy a few for your partner. After all, who says you have to commit to only one ring?! These inexpensive engagement rings make mixing and matching possible.

1. Gold Honey Bee Signet Affordable Engagement Ring: $48

gold signet affordable engagement ring under 1000 with honey bee detail

Could this affordable engagement ring (well under $1000) BEE any cuter?! We’re certainly smitten with the honey bee design and think it makes for the sweetest little accent. With over 200 stellar reviews, it’s kind of wild to think this gorgeous 18K gold vermeil engagement ring is only $48…certainly under the 1000 mark to stay the least. We love to see it!

Shop The Gold Honey Bee Affordable Engagement Ring Under 1000

2. Solid Gold Twisted Stackable Affordable Engagement Rings Under 1000: $78

stackable solid gold affordable engagement rings under 1000 with twisted band design

These golden twist affordable engagement rings are easily under 1000, coming in at only $78. Impressive for a band that’s made out of 14K solid gold. These budget-friendly rings are dainty, delicate, and perfect for anyone who loves to stack their bands.

Shop The Twisted Band Affordable Engagement Rings Under 1000

3. Cubic Zirconia Constellation Engagement Ring: $57.86

cubic zirconia rose gold engagement ring under 100

The warmth of the rose gold band on this dreamy engagement ring is giving us sunset vibes, and the cool glimmering tones of the cubic zirconia are reminiscent of a collection of stars in the sky.

shop the affordable Constellation engagement ring

cushion cut pink sapphire ring with asymmetrical diamond cluster

We can’t lie, there’s something BEYOND magical about cluster bands. Which is why we just HAD to round up a list of the prettiest ones around.

4. Affordable Emerald Cut Emerald Engagement Ring Under 1000: $80

rose gold emerald cut engagement ring under 100

How pretty is the emerald cut emerald stone on this affordable engagement ring? This is one of our favorite cuts, for its elevated elegance. And it’s currently half off, at an affordable $80. Don’t walk, RUN.

shop the affordable emerald cut emerald ring

emerald engagement rings

We’re suckers for a gorgeous emerald engagement ring, and you HAVE to see our list of favorites.

5. Vintage Inspired Oval Halo Ring: $23.99

cubic zirconia oval sunburst vintage inspired engagement ring under 100

We’re smitten with the four marquise cut cubic zirconia stones surrounding the oval shaped center stone of this ring. Such an elevated and elegant engagement ring style, but also well under 1000.

shop the vintage vibes halo engagement ring Under 1000

Affordable Engagement Rings Under 200

The affordable engagement rings in our under 200 category are choc-full of stunningly intricate details and unique designs. And they introduce some of our favorite new ring materials, like moissanite (which has a similar look to diamond (although with more of a rainbow-like sparkle!), but comes at a fraction of the price).

There are so many engagement rings under 1000 that know how to incorporate designer styles at a budget friendly price, and these are the ones we can’t get over.

6. Vintage Style Rounded Alexandrite Engagement Ring: $129.03+

rose gold round cut alexandrite affordable engagement ring under 200

Have you ever seen anything prettier than the vintage scalloped setting of this Alexandrite engagement ring? It’s so unique and unexpected, and at a steal of a price. This one’s hands-down one of our favorites on this list of engagement rings under 1000.

shop the vintage alexandrite ring

7. Pear Shaped Rutilated Quartz Engagement Ring: $112+

pear shaped rutilated quartz affordable engagement ring under 200

Rutilated quartz is one of the most utterly unique and gorgeous stone options for an engagement ring (and super affordable, too!). It has an edgy vibe that stands out beautifully. And we especially love the pear shaped setting that brings a soft touch to this specific design.

shop the affordable rutilated quartz engagement ring

8. Nature-Inspired Affordable Moissanite Engagement Ring: $119.21+

nature inspired oval moissanite rose gold sterling silver banded affordable engagement ring under 200

We love the subtle floral branch vibe of this moissanite ring’s design. Its exquisite curves and organic patterns are beyond sweet, and make for a truly whimsical engagement ring.

shop the nature inspired moissanite ring

9. Black Onyx Signet Affordable Engagement Ring Under 1000: $128

black onyx signet affordable engagement rings under 1000 with gold vermeil band

After seeing this ring, we know one thing to be true: affordable engagement rings under 1000 do NOT have to sacrifice on style or elegance. We love the way the gold band incorporates curves and texture that add to the depth of the black onyx center stone. It’s equal parts mysterious and alluring.

shop the Black Onyx Affordable Engagement Ring Under 1000

10. Summery Sunflower Moissanite Ring: $110+

sunflower shaped moissanite engagement ring under 200

Is this or is this not the most delicate ring design? We love the way the marquise cut stones create the prettiest flower petals around that rounded center stone. This engagement ring comes in a variety of band materials and stones, but all are less than 1000.

shop the sunflower engagement ring

Affordable Engagement Rings Under 300

Our collection of engagement rings under 300 can best be summed up in two words: uniquely elegant. Each of these designs stands out amongst classic and traditional engagement ring designs. And they all give off a simple yet high-end vibe.

11. Emerald Cut Elegant Black Onyx Engagement Ring: $192

emerald cut black onyx affordable engagement ring under 300

Black onyx is hands-down one of the coolest, and most elegant stones you can choose for a ring. Aaaaand it doesn’t have to break the bank either. This stunning emerald cut onyx engagement ring comes in well under the 1000 mark and it so pretty you’d honestly have no idea.

shop the affordable emerald cut black onyx ring

12. Modern + Elegant Oval Shaped Simulated Diamond Ring: $225+

modern simulated diamond oval engagement ring under 300

If you’re looking for an super minimal, modern vibe, you’re going to fall head-over-heels with this stunning oval-shaped simulated diamond engagement ring. We love that yellow gold paired with the cool grey-white of the diamond. So good!

shop the gold band oval engagement ring

13. Floral Inspired Affordable Engagement Ring Under 1000: $250

gold and diamond floral inspired affordable engagement rings under 300

Let’s be honest, this ring is basically made for a whimsical forest princess. It showcases the prettiest floral design, with a gorgeous collection of marquise and round cut diamonds scattered gorgeously along the gold band. When it comes to affordable engagement rings under 1000, this one has our hearts.

Shop The Floral Affordable Engagement Ring Under 300

14. Affordable Dainty Five Stone Diamond Engagement Ring: $295

dainty five stone diamond engagement ring under 300

Soooo dainty and delicate. This gorgeous rose gold banded multi-stone ring is so pretty. It’s subtle but also head-turning at the same time. Not to mention this engagement ring comes in at a price well under 300. Yaaaas.

shop the affordable dainty five stone engagement ring

Affordable Engagement Rings Under 500

Oooh where do we begin with the engagement rings in the under 500 category? These rings are SERIOUSLY something else. So many unique stones and distinct cuts, that picking a favorite ring is going to be so hard.

15. Grey Moissanite Sunburst Engagement Ring: $353.70+

grey moissanite sunburst style boho affordable engagement ring under 300

Can we pause for a sec and admire how gorgeous this sunburst engagement ring design is when paired with that lovely grey moissanite stone? So unexpected and dreamy. We’re getting all the boho vibes.

shop the affordable grey moissanite engagement ring Under 1000

16. Rose Gold Opal Cluster Engagement Ring: $334.40

rose gold opal cluster affordable engagement ring under 500

This gorgeous opal dotted cluster band has such a warm and whimsical vibe. And the design is so organic, with its asymmetrical hand-crafted feel.

shop the affordable opal cluster Band

17. Golden Art Deco Inspired Affordable Engagement Ring Under 1000 : $420

dainty Art Deco inspired affordable engagement rings under 1000 with gold band and green center stone

A true dream for anyone who feels like they were born in the wrong decade. This affordable engagement ring under 1000 borrows design elements from the Art Deco era, and it’s bursting with 1920’s charm. The geometric settings holding those three round cut stones?! We’re smitten with this budget-friendly ring, to say the least.

Shop The Affordable Deco Engagement Ring Under 1000

18. Elegant Emerald Vintage Sunburst Ring: $463.35+

vintage sunburst affordable engagement ring under 500

If you’ve been on the hunt for an affordable engagement ring under 1000 that has a timeless, historic look to it, you’ve found it in this emerald beauty. It incorporates one of the most prized of precious gemstones in the center, with a beautiful vintage sunburst halo. We need.

shop the affordable vintage sunburst ring

collection of vintage engagement rings

Love the look of a timeless ring? SAME. You’re going to be obsessed with our fave vintage bands.

19. Fairy Wing Inspired Affordable Engagement Ring Under 1000: $498

boho fairy wing inspired gold banded affordable engagement rings under 500

If there’s one thing we love about rings from Catbird NYC, it’s the way they pair up with the most talented artisans to bring the coolest boho engagement rings at price points that won’t completely blow your budget. And this affordable engagement ring under 1000 is no exception to that.

It features the most whimsical design that’s inspired by fairy wings. How dreamy!

Shop The Fairy Wing Affordable Engagement Ring Under 500

20. 18K Rose Gold Pink Sapphire + Morganite Cluster Ring: $456.78

pink sapphire and morganite engagement ring under 500

We’re seeing them more and more these days, and it’s proooobably because they’re stunning: cluster rings are seriously having a moment. And this morganite and pink sapphire one has the softest, prettiest details and gorgeous pink and purple tones.

shop the affordable rose gold morganite engagement ring Under 1000

21. Affordable Pear Shaped Opal Engagement Ring Set: $520

pear shaped opal engagement ring set with gold bands under 1000

Sooooo…consider this stunning engagement ring a bonus, because you actually get both a lovely pear shaped opal engagement ring and the matching wedding band in one set that sits well under 1000. And they could not look better together.

shop the pear shaped opal engagement ring set

art deco gold solitaire diamond pear shaped engagement rings

We are here for a pear ring moment. Talk about a seriously romantic vibe that has us swooning.

22. Dreamy Pear Shaped Moonstone Dotted Engagement Ring: $414.55+

pear shaped moonstone dotted affordable engagement ring under 500

The asymmetrical, modern design of this moonstone engagement ring is so unexpected and playful. We love the variations of angles each moonstone has. And who could deny how dreamy those rainbow tones are?!

shop the affordable pear shaped moonstone engagement ring

23. Boho Kite Cut Moss Agate Ring: $306+

boho kite cut moss agate affordable engagement ring under 500

Have you ever seen a more interesting or unique center stone than moss agate?! This ring is giving us all the nature boho vibes, especially with that striking kite shaped cut and crown-like half halo.

shop the affordable mossy agate engagement ring

Affordable Engagement Rings Under 1000

We’ve now graduated into the over 500 category, where you’ll find some of the most stunning ring designs, textures, and high quality band materials. There are so many incredible engagement rings you can get that sit well under 1000 price point, without sacrificing quality or style. These are our faves.

24. Ethereal Diamond Dotted Affordable Engagement Ring Under 1000: $776

gold scallop affordable engagement rings under 1000 with round cut diamonds lining the band

If you ask us, there’s nothing cooler than taking the non-traditional route of opting for a band-style engagement ring. It’s a statement in simplicity and modernity, and we’re in love. And this engagement ring under 1000 has us feeling all the epic non-traditional feels.

The round cut diamonds dotting the band add so much romance. And the warmth of the yellow gold just takes it over the top. This ring was actually $970 but is currently on sale for $776. Add to cart.

shop the affordable Diamond Dotted Gold engagement ring Under 1000

25. Affordable Crown-Shaped Celestial Opal Engagement Ring: $798

crown shaped celestial opal affordable engagement ring under 1000

We’re getting all the celestial princess vibes from this affordable opal engagement ring. We especially love the crescent moon half halo underneath the opal center stone and the way the ring almost has a crown-like structure to it. So whimsical!

shop the crown-shaped opal engagement ring Under 1000

26. Radiant Cut Golden Engagement Ring Under 1000: $984

compass style gold radiant cut affordable engagement rings under 1000

We love a good sale, and this gorgeous radiant cut engagement ring is now under 1000. It used to be $1,230, but is selling for $984.

We’re loving the way the radiant cut center stone gives the ring a brilliance and glimmer that immediately catches the eye. And the compass style halo? Such an unexpected touch.

Shop the Radiant Cut Engagement Ring Under 1000

27. Gold Round Cut Compass Halo Engagement Ring Under 1000: $840

gold round cut compass style affordable engagement ring under 1000

Round cut engagement rings are some of the most expensive and coveted types of rings, so it’s always a total score when you can snag one for under 1000. And this gorgeous one, with a stunning compass style halo is the perfect option for anyone who loves luxury on a budget.

This affordable engagement ring is normally $1,050, but it’s currently on sale for $840. We love to see it!

Shop the Round Cut Compass Halo Engagement Ring Under 1000

28. Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring with Textured 18K Gold Band: $797

five champagne diamond 18k textured yellow gold banded affordable engagement ring under 1000

Catbird is one of our favorite shops for distinct and gorgeous engagement rings, and this five diamond ring is no exception. The 18K gold band has a stunning handcrafted texture to it that beautifully complements the glittering shimmer of the champagne diamonds.

shop the affordable champagne diamond engagement ring Under 1000

29. Affordable Art Deco Watermelon Tourmaline Engagement Ring: $540

art deco watermelon tourmaline engagement ring under 1000

Speaking of summer vibes, if this stunning watermelon tourmaline engagement ring doesn’t take you back to warm summer days, we don’t know what will. The tourmaline center stone on this gorgeous Art Deco inspired ring is so eye-catchingly beautiful. The tones are subtle, but still awe-inspiring.

shop the watermelon engagement ring

30. Pale Blue Three Stone Trio Engagement Band: $745

pale blue trio stone engagement ring under 1000

The pale blue color of the sapphires on this stone trio engagement ring is so unique and unanticipated. We can’t help but get lost in that dreamy tone. So calm and pretty. And did we mention this engagement ring is also well under 1000?!

shop the affordable pale blue stone trio engagement ring Under 1000

31. Gold + Green Goddess Ring: $850

gold affordable engagement rings under 1000 with green, diamond, and opal stones

Engagement rings under 1000 that look THIS good? Sign us up!

Needless to say, this ring delicate, dainty, and so adorably cute. But don’t mistake this itty bitty asymmetrical multi-stone engagement ring for anything but stunning. We love the collection of round and baguette cut stones dotting that stunning gold band.

shop the affordable asymmetrical engagement ring Under 1000

32. 18K Yellow Gold Geometric Stacking Ring: $550

yellow gold geometric stacking affordable engagement ring under 500

We loveeeee a good stacking ring. It basically serves as the foundation for the ultimate ring collection, and stackables go with SO MANY different ring styles. Not only is this engagement ring affordable (and also made of high quality 18K gold), but it’ll make for a stunning addition to any stack.

shop the affordable gold stacking engagement ring Under 1000

33. Opal + Green Tourmaline Engagement Ring: $930

opal and green tourmaline affordable engagement rings under 1000

We’re getting ocean vibes from this affordable stone duo engagement ring. It features the prettiest square cut green tourmaline and round cut bluish-greenish opal, and together they emanate an ultra iridescent vibe that’s mesmerizing.

shop the affordable opal + green tourmaline ring Under 1000

34. Dainty, Dotted Four Sapphire Gold Engagement Band: $598

four blue stone engagement ring around 500

The way each blue stone has its own personality, tone, and variations makes this engagement ring truly stand out. We can’t get over the handcrafted feel of the band and settings for each stone. It feels so personalized.

shop the affordable four sapphire band

35. Boho Blue Stone Triangle Engagement Ring Under 1000: $965

boho blue stone triangle shape affordable engagement ring under 1000

We LOVE seeing angular shapes make an appearance in engagement rings. It’s such a strong statement, and this particular boho style ring incorporates both round cut sapphires and a unique asymmetrical triangle shape. It’s a unique take on a cluster ring that we haven’t seen anywhere else.

shop the affordable triangle engagement ring Under 1000

36. Art Deco Geometric Flower Shaped Engagement Ring: $580+

geometric Art Deco flower shaped affordable engagement ring

Another insanely beautiful example of moissanite just stealing the show (and allowing this beautiful engagement ring to come in well under the 1000 mark). We adore the vintage Art Deco moment this flower-inspired ring is creating. And the rose gold band really brings the romance to the next level.

shop the affordable art deco flower engagement ring Under 1000

37. Simply Elegant Aquamarine Engagement Ring Under 1000 : $547.35+

handmade aquamarine ring under 1000

Helloooooo gorgeous! Rounding out our list of affordable engagement rings under 1000 is this total stunner of a ring. The whimsical aquamarine design pays attention to the little details, without being overpowering or over the top. And we’re obsessed.

shop the aquamarine engagement ring Under 1000

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solitaire gold affordable engagement rings under 1000 stacked on top of each other
ring: NYC Jewel on Etsy | photo: Sheena Shahangian Photography

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