35 Best Moissanite Engagement Rings + Complete Buyer’s Guide

collection of moissanite engagement rings

We here at Green Wedding Shoes are huge fans of moissanite engagement rings. Not only are they a stunning alternative to diamonds, but they can also be an excellent option if you’re looking for an ethical and budget-friendly gem.

So naturally, we had to share the our favorite moissanite rings on the market. First things first, we’ll break down what we love about moissanite and why it’s worth considering for your engagement ring. And then we’ll go shopping for the prettiest rings you’ve ever seen. You don’t want to miss this!

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Why Choose a Moissanite Ring?

collection of moissanite engagement rings sitting on a finger
photo: @themoissanitecompany

Moissanite is one of those stones we just can’t get over. A lot of couples will choose moissanite as the center stone to their rings because it’s a budget-friendly stone that resembles a diamond, without the same steep markup. But we’d argue it can be even better than the classic gemstone!

Moissanite has an almost rainbow-like brilliance to it when the light hits it, making it stand out beautifully on your engagement ring. Needless to say, if you’d love for your bling to make a statement, moissanite is an incredible option.

Moissanite is also an extremely durable stone. It ranks a 9.25-9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it sturdier than both sapphires and rubies (two very durable gemstones).

Another reason to choose moissanite? In our guide to moissanite vs the classic diamond, we talk more in detail about price, but essentially, you can expect to pay 4X less for moissanite (such a steal, right?!).

What does this mean for you? It means you can either opt for a much larger stone for the same price, or you can save some cash that can go towards wedding planning (or anything else your heart desires) instead!

The Ethics of Moissanite Rings

collection of moissanite engagement rings lined up on a blush pink ribbon
photo: @themoissanitecompany

If having a ring that’s ethically and sustainably made is important to you, moissanite is a wonderful choice. This stone is created in a lab rather than mined from the earth, so it doesn’t present the same types of conflicts you see when gemstones are taken from the earth.

Where to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

boho oval moissanite engagement ring trio set
moissanite rings: Capucinne

With moissanite becoming such a popular stone for rings, we’re seeing so many jewelers offering this lovely option. Some of our favorite places to buy moissanite engagement rings include: Etsy, Capucinne, 1st Dibs, and Diamond Nexus.

Etsy is great for buying moissanite rings with a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted feel. Capucinne is known for their unique and unexpected styles of moissanite rings. 1st Dibs is home to some of the most eclectic, vintage-inspired styles. And Diamond Nexus absolutely nails the classic, beloved engagement ring styles, but with moissanite as the star of the show.

Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings

oval moissanite engagement rings with white gold band
white gold oval moissanite ring: Diamond Nexus

Oval moissanite engagement rings have an understated elegance to them. The curved edges give these rings a feminine and ethereal feel we love.

The oval shape does such a dreamy job of showing off the rainbow-like brilliance of moissanite in a way that’s sure to catch the eye.

1: Knife Edge White Gold Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

solitaire knife edge white gold oval moissanite engagement ring

This striking oval moissanite engagement ring design incorporates an elegant knife edge design that’s sure to catch the eye. We love the modern look the angular band gives this dreamy moissanite ring. And can we talk about that solitaire moissanite center stone? A true stunner.

shop the knife edge white gold oval moissanite ring

2: Simple + Modern Rose Gold Oval Cut Engagement Ring

modern simple rose gold banded moissanite band

Sometimes all you need is a simple design and a stunning rose gold band to really make a statement. And that’s exactly what this simple and modern moissanite engagement ring is.

shop the simple + modern rose gold ring

3: The Ultimate Moissanite Ring Set

yellow gold oval moissanite engagement ring and wedding band set

We looooove how this oval moissanite engagement ring also comes with a stunning wedding band to match. The engagement ring incorporates a super simple yellow gold band with a solitaire setting. But then that band brings in the gorgeous attention to detail, with its alternating stone and gold hints all the way around.

shop the moissanite engagement + wedding ring set

4: Symmetrical Cluster Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

multi stone cluster style oval moissanite ring

This stunning oval moissanite is dotted on either side with a cluster of three round cut stones, and they make for the most gorgeous frame! We love the volume they give this lovely ring.

shop the symmetrical cluster ring

5: The Timeless White Gold Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

oval moissanite engagement band with pave white gold band

We love the timeless design of this oval moissanite engagement ring. Especially the itty bitty stones dotting the entirety of that stunning white gold band. Such an elegant little detail!

This moissanite engagement ring is perfect for anyone who loves a more classic look with a center stone that is sure to stand out.

shop the classic meets timeless moissanite ring

diamond oval engagement rings with diamond accent on index finger

Love an oval center stone as much as us? We’re pretty sure you’ll be smitten with our roundup of the best oval rings.

Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Rings

emerald cut mossanite engagement rings
moissanite ring: Diamond Nexus

Emerald cut moissanite rings stand out for their strength and brilliance. The sharp, angular edges of an emerald cut give off a strong and powerful look.

6: Modern Bezel Set Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

gold band bezel set emerald cut moissanite engagement ring

There’s nothing quite like a bezel set stone for a super modern engagement ring style. And the emerald cut on this moissanite ring gives a little bit of an Art Deco vibe too. So stunning!

shop the modern bezel set engagement ring

7: Stunning Golden Stone Trio Moissanite Band

tri-stone yellow gold emerald cut moissanite engagement ring

It goes without saying that Brilliant Earth has some of the best rings out there, and their selection of moissanite engagement rings is no different. We’re swooning over this stunning three-stone moissanite beauty.

The three moissanite stones make for an utterly eye-catching and swoon-worthy design. It’s timeless and modern all at the same time. We love!

shop the moissanite trio ring

8: Floral Winged Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

floral winged emerald cut moissanite band

The way the angular, intense emerald cut contrasts the warm and soft marquise cut moissanite stones dotting either either side of the center stone of this dreamy ring is just TOO GOOD.

shop the floral winged moissanite ring

9: Horizontal Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

east west geometric gold moissanite engagement rings

It’s the subtle details that make all the difference. This engagement ring gorgeously incorporates a horizontally laid emerald cut moissanite stone. And we love the triangle shaped stones dotting the sides!

shop the horizontal emerald cut ring

10: Vintage Multi-Stone Emerald Cut Moissanite Band

vintage style multi stone moissanite ring sitting in a blush pink ring box

Amp up the elegance with three swoon-worthy emerald cut moissanite stones, layered one right next to each other. We’re getting all the Art Deco vibes from this ring, especially when paired with gold band.

shop the multi-stone emerald cut moissanite engagement ring

11: Toi et Moi Moissanite Band

pear and emerald cut toi et moi gold moissanite engagement ring

In case you didn’t know already, toi et moi engagement rings are totally trending right now, and we looooove this one with a pear cut and emerald cut stone. So gorgeous and unique.

shop the toi et moi moissanite ring

Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Rings

marquise cut rose gold moissanite engagement rings
moissanite rings: Staghead Designs

We’ve said it a million times before, but there really isn’t anything more romantic than rose gold, and these rose gold moissanite engagement rings totally exude that vibe.

12: Twist Banded Round Cut Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring

twist banded solitaire moissanite engagement rings in gold

The twisted gold band on this solitaire moissanite engagement ring could not be dreamier! It adds such a romantic and distinct touch to an otherwise minimalist design. And the round cut of the single moissanite stone is so radiant and gorgeous, we just can’t look away.

shop the twist band solitaire moissanite ring

13: Brilliant Compass Halo Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring

round cut compass halo rose gold moissanite engagement ring

We can’t imagine a dreamier halo for this moissanite engagement ring! It features a compass-style halo design that’s equal parts minimal and whimsical.

This moissanite beauty is definitely giving us some floral vibes, too, especially with that rose gold band. Needless to say, it’s definitely romantic.

shop the compass halo moissanite ring

14: Ethereal Milgrain Detailed Moissanite Band

round cut gold moissanite engagement rings with intricate milgrain detailing on the band

The textured milgrain detailing and intricate band design on this gold moissanite engagement ring gives it a timeless quality that would fit perfectly in any decade (anyone else getting some serious vintage vibes?!). This one’s for the romantics.

shop the whimsical milgrain detailed moissanite ring

15: Cluster Marquise Cut Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring

marquise cut rose gold moissanite engagement ring

I think we can all agree that cluster rings are BEYOND. Especially this symmetrical design, with that stunning marquise cut center stone. Totally takes this rose gold moissanite engagement ring to the next level.

shop the rose gold cluster ring

16: Romantic Rose Gold Eternity Band Engagement Ring

round cut eternity style moissanite engagement ring

We are here for an eternity band moment, and this rosy beauty sure does deliver. Moissanite is known for its brilliance, and what better way than to show it off with an eternity style ring? There’s literally no end in sight to that sparkle!

shop the eternity style engagement ring

unique gold wedding rings for women displayed on a marble table with dried florals in the background

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17: Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring with Floral Style Halo

floral inspired halo style rose gold moissanite engagement ring with matching wedding band

We’re getting all the regal princess vibes from this stunning oval rose gold moissanite ring. It features a gorgeous floral inspired halo, and the band it’s paired with has a crown-like quality that feels oh so royal.

shop the rose gold floral halo engagement ring

18: Art Nouveau Inspired Moissanite Band with a Vintage Feel

ornate vintage style Art Nouveau inspired rose gold oval moissanite band

The Art Nouveau design era was well-known for its curvy flourishes and designs, and this ring takes us back to that time! This design style creates an ornate and whimsical halo for the oval cut moissanite center stone on this engagement ring.

shop the Art Nouveau inspired moissanite ring

collection of beautiful rose gold engagement rings

We love that rosy golden look so much, we crafted a list of 70 of the prettiest rose gold rings. OBSESSED.

Halo Moissanite Engagement Rings

round cut halo moissanite engagement ring with halo style crown shaped wedding band
moissanite ring: @sundayislandjewelry

There’s nothing quite like a halo around a beautiful moissanite engagement ring to bring an ethereal and regal aesthetic. Whether you love a classic round cut tiny stone halo or something more unique (like a sunburst!), we’ve got you covered.

19: Fairytale Marquise Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

halo moissanite engagement rings with round cut center stone and marquise shaped surround

This halo moissanite engagement ring is giving us some serious ring envy. The round cut center stone is an undeniable classic. But what truly draws our eye in is the halo detail that gives the whole ring shape a marquise cut look. Elegant. Romantic. Straight out of a fairytale.

shop the fairytale halo moissanite ring

20: Extra Large Oval Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

oval halo moissanite engagement ring

Love both diamonds and moissanite? This ring gives you both, with the prettiest show-stopping oval moissanite center stone and a diamond-dotted halo. You have the cost benefits of moissanite, which afford you this epically large center stone. But you also get the cool grey tones of a diamond halo.

shop the extra large halo moissanite ring

21: Dreamy Floral Inspired Halo Moissanite Band

floral inspired halo moissanite engagement ring with round cut center stone

We’re not going to lie, this halo moissanite engagement ring feels like it came straight out of a different decade, in the best kind of way. It has a dreamy, timeless quality to it, courtesy of that nature-inspired floral design.

The radiance of the double halo of round cut stones pairs perfectly with moissanite’s natural rainbow brilliance.

shop the floral halo moissanite band

collection of vintage engagement rings

Love a timeless look? Us too! So naturally, we had to round up our fave vintage rings that are sure to stand the test of time.

22: Unique Non-Traditional Moissanite Halo Band

round cut halo moissanite band

We adore how unique and unexpected the halo on this moissanite ring is. The top half has a sunburst style look, and the bottom half has dotted round cut stones that match the center moissanite.

shop the round halo moissanite ring

23: Art Deco Sunburst Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

Art Deco vintage sunburst style moissanite engagement ring

How pretty is this take on on an Art Deco vintage sunburst design?! This ring knows how to bring the sparkle, and there’s not a single glimmering detail missed.

shop the sunburst moissanite ring

24: Classic Rose Gold Emerald Cut Halo Moissanite Band

emerald cut halo moissanite engagement ring with rose gold band

Classic designs are a favorite for a reason! This lovely halo moissanite engagement ring incorporates a classic emerald cut design with a single layer halo for a clean and timeless look.

shop the classic halo moissanite ring

Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Rings

solitaire moissanite engagement ring sitting in a pink velvet ring box
ring: @kobellijewelry

Moissanite is such a stunning stone that we can’t help but think it’s perfect in a solitaire setting. Solitaire moissanite engagement rings highlight the sole stone on your band and make sure nothing takes away from its beauty. After all, you want to show off that rainbow-like shimmer, right?!

25: Leafy, Nature-Inspired Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring

solitaire moissanite engagement rings with leaf banded setting

We are HERE for the subtle nature-inspired moment on this stunning white gold solitaire moissanite engagement ring. The band keeps it simple, but the setting is dotted with leaf-shaped details that frame the round cut moissanite in the prettiest of ways. Picture perfect.

shop the leaf-banded solitaire moissanite ring

26: Glimmering Oval Cut Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring

rainbow-like glimmering oval solitaire moissanite engagement ring

We love the way this ring totally shows off moissanite’s best qualities. The way it’s capturing and reflecting that sunset golden hour light is just TOO GOOD. And the solitaire design immediately draws attention where it needs to be: on that beautiful stone.

shop the oval solitaire moissanite ring

27: Elongated Bezel Set Hexagon Moissanite Engagement Ring

elongated bezel set hexagon solitaire engagement ring

This solitaire moissanite engagement ring emanates Art Deco upscale class, with a modern twist. The elongated hexagon shape brings all the drama and beautifully captures the light.

shop the elongated hexagon moissanite ring

28: Timeless Oval Solitaire Moissanite Band

oval solitaire moissanite engagement ring with stone lined band

She’s a classic beauty! This moissanite band incorporates all the things we love: a flattering oval cut, a stone-lined band, and the sweetest little rounded prongs framing that solitaire design.

shop the timeless oval solitaire moissanite ring

29: Elegantly Radiant Solitaire Moissanite Band

white gold solitaire moissanite engagement ring with rainbow brilliance

This white gold solitaire moisssanite ring is…well…radiant, to be frank. The sharp edges and emerald cut have an elevated look that give this solitaire ring setting a distinct and unique design.

And the cut of the gorgeous solitaire stone does a seriously dreamy job of showing off moissanite’s distinct rainbow brilliance.

shop the radiant rainbow moissanite ring

30: Pear Shaped Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring with Twisted Rose Gold Band

pear shaped solitaire moissanite engagement ring with twisted rose gold band

Another stunning example of moissanite’s rainbow like glimmer, right?! We adore the radiance of this solitaire pear shaped cut, especially when paired with that twisted rose gold band. We’re definitely getting princess vibes from this moissanite engagement ring.

shop the twisted rose gold solitaire moissanite ring

Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Rings

white gold pear shaped moissanite engagement rings
moissanite ring: Diamond Nexus

Pear shaped moissanite engagement rings give off a sweet and delicate vibe, especially with that curvy rounded pear bottom edge. But you also get regal vibes with the pointed end, too. It’s basically the best of both worlds: sweet and elegant.

31: Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo

pear shaped moissanite engagement ring set with halo

This pear shaped moissanite engagement ring is ALL dressed up, with that stunning bezel set and halo of itty bitty diamonds surrounding it. And that rose gold band?! Perfection.

shop the halo pear shaped moissanite ring

32: Nature Inspired Floral Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring Set

nature inspired pear shaped moissanite engagement ring set sitting on a green velvet ring box

Pear shaped rings can be tough to pair with the perfect wedding band, so we’re kind of obsessed with the fact that this gorgeous moissanite engagement ring also comes with a matching band. The two of them paired together is giving us some serious floral forest vibes.

shop the floral pear moissanite ring set

33: Partial Halo Pear Shaped Moissanite Band

yellow gold pear shaped moissanite engagement ring with partial halo

This pear shaped beauty comes in a few different metals, but we LOVE the way the yellow gold contrasts the cooler tones of the moissanite. And the partial halo on the thicker end of the pear shape really adds to that effect.

shop the partial halo pear shaped moissanite ring

34: Pear Shaped Moissanite Band With Stone Trios

pear shaped moissanite engagement ring with side stone trios on either side

This pear shaped moissanite is another perfectttt example of the magic that can happen when you add a cluster of stones to your center stone. Cluster rings are hands-down some of the dreamiest styles, and the way those stone trios on either side create a symmetrical effect to this ring is beyond perfection.

shop the stone trio moissanite pear cut ring

rose gold triangle shaped black diamond cluster ring

Need some more cluster ring magic? You’re about to be swooning!

35: The Dainty Teardrop Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring

pear shaped moissanite engagement ring with stone dotted rose gold band

The attention to detail on this pear shaped moissanite band is impeccable. We love the way it incorporates an ultra-thin band, dotted with little stones that highlight that gorgeous moissanite center.

shop the teardrop moissanite engagement ring

Need All The Details on Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring?

radiating floral Art Deco inspired best moissanite engagement rings in a brown leather ring box
moissanite engagement ring: MW Galaxy Jewelry

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