39 Best Bridesmaid Robes Your Bridal Party Will Love

large bridal party poses together outside while wearing complementing bohemian style bridesmaid robes
bridesmaid robes: Camas Lilly Co

Picture this: it’s officially the wedding morning. You and your crew are prepping for your walk down the aisle with hair and makeup, lots of pep talks, and, of course, mimosas. All that’s missing are the best stylish bridesmaid robes to put your bridal party in the wedding mood!

Bridesmaid robes are our favorite way to prepare for the festivities in style and comfort. And let’s be honest — there’s nothing cuter than those pics with your crew in your adorable matching robes! While there are seemingly endless chic bridal party robes to choose from, we wanted to narrow it down to the best of the best. From breezy boho styles to classic cotton numbers, we’ve found something for everyone!

But first, let’s go over a few FAQs to help you find the best bridesmaid robes for your “I do” crew!

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Does the bride buy the bridesmaid robes?

bridal party posing on bed surrounded by balloons and confetti while wearing matching bridesmaid robes
photo: Finding Light Photography as seen in the Florida Keys Wedding

If we’re considering what is traditionally done, then typically the bride will cover the cost of the bridesmaid robes. This is a thoughtful gesture to thank your crew for being by your side throughout the entire wedding planning process. It’s also a cute way to celebrate making it to the big day — with tons of photos, of course!

Since bridesmaid robes are a staple for getting ready photos, it’s up to the bride to choose the look and style she wants. Your robes should match your wedding theme, vision, and color palette, so it’s usually best for you to pick them out.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions! While the dearly beloved might usually purchase the robes for the bridal party, it’s not out of the question for the bridesmaids to purchase their own robes as well. Ultimately, communication is key, so just make sure that everyone is on the same page about who will be fronting the bill.

How much should I spend on bridesmaid robes?

bridal party wearing the best Etsy lace-trimmed orange and white botanical patterned bridesmaid robes
bridal party robes: PoppylovePetal on Etsy

How much you spend on bridesmaid robes will typically come down to your wedding budget and how many people are in your wedding party. If you have a ton of besties in your crew, you may want to look for bulk options that limit how much you’re spending per robe.

It can also be helpful to think about how much your gals have spent to be your bridesmaid. If the gowns, bachelorette party, and travel expenses were on the expensive side, it’s a nice gesture to dish out a little extra for their bridesmaid robes. On the other hand, if you’ve already given your gang thoughtful bridal party presents, then affordable bridesmaid robes may be the move.

To help you out, we’ve found stunning bridal party robes for every budget, from steals under $20 to luxury splurges they’ll cherish forever!

What materials are best for bridesmaid robes?

bridal party wearing light green ruffle accented bridesmaid robes from Etsy
bridal party robes: MagnoliaBlueSouth on Etsy

The material you choose for your bridesmaid robes will ultimately come down to your personal style, the time of year, and your budget. To help you narrow it down, here are the best fabrics to choose from!

  • Silk bridesmaid robes: Silk is a go-to for bridal party robes for a reason. It’s luxurious, it photographs well, and it feels amazing on even the most sensitive skin. And while it’s a heavier fabric than some of the other options, silk is also known for keeping you cool and comfy — making it great for any time of the year!
  • Satin bridesmaid robes: Satin will give you the same luxurious look as silk, but for a more budget-friendly price tag. It’s also hypoallergenic and more lightweight than silk. This makes satin bridesmaid robes perfect for warm weather weddings!
  • Chiffon bridesmaid robes: Chiffon is another fool-proof choice for hotter temperatures! It’s super lightweight and flowy, so your bridesmaids won’t have to worry about overheating during the long hair + makeup sesh. Plus, it has a sheer style that oozes elegance — and an affordable price tag that your wallet will love!
  • Cotton bridesmaid robes: Cotton is one of the most versatile fabric choices. It’ll keep your crew warm in the winter and cool when the temps rise. And if you’re all about cozy vibes, cotton bridesmaid robes are a no-brainer! They’re the robes that your gals will be rewearing forever.

Do bridesmaids need matching robes?

bridal party wearing mismatching personalized sage green white and blue bridesmaid robes
personalized monogram bridal party robes: ToHappilyEverAfter on Etsy

Once again, our answer is….there are no right or wrong answers! We don’t believe in following “rules” when it comes to your special day, so whether or not you choose matching bridesmaid robes is totally up to your and your wedding vision.

While some people love the uniformity of matching bridesmaid robes (hello, girl gang goals!), others love the personal expression that comes from mixing and matching patterns or colors within the group. You may even want robes that match your bridal party’s gowns! Just make sure that whatever you choose reflects your wedding style and color palette — and looks good in photos.

And when in doubt, we suggest choosing your bridal robe first. The bride-to-be will usually wear a stand-out color, so base your bridesmaid robes around your dream style for a cute and cohesive vibe!

mismatched burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Want to showcase your crew’s personal styles? Check out our mismatched bridal party roundup!

Why do bridesmaids wear robes?

bridal party wearing intricate southwestern style pink and brown bridesmaid robes
photo: Lilly Red as seen in this Southwestern Wedding in New Mexico

Rocking bridesmaid robes on the wedding morning has become one of our favorite modern traditions. Not only is it super cute for all your getting-ready photos and last-minute lounge sessions, but it’s also incredibly practical!

Bridal party robes are easy to slip on and off. That means your crew doesn’t have to worry about messing up their gorgeous hair and makeup as they change into their gowns — or stress about staining their gowns as they get their glam on!

Plus, bridesmaid robes are ultra comfy and festive. Nothing will get you and your girl gang in the wedding mood like relaxing in a chic silk robe, drinking mimosas, and getting pampered! After all, the wedding day starts from the moment you wake up, so why not make the most out of it?!

GWS Pro Tip! Although it’s most common to save your bridesmaid robes for the wedding day, we also love seeing bridal parties rock them for the bach party or wedding planning get-togethers!

Where to buy bridesmaid robes

best Etsy lace-trimmed pink satin bridesmaid robes for worn by a bridal party of four women
bridal party robes: LeRoseGifts on Etsy

Now it’s time to start the quest for the best bridesmaid robes! Here are our top 3 favorite places to buy bridal party robes that your crew will love.

  • Etsy: If you want to support small businesses, then Etsy is a great choice for unique and handmade bridesmaid robes. This is also where you can find cute personalized robes, as well as super affordable options. No matter what you’re looking for, chances are Etsy has it!

But you’re not on this shopping journey alone — to make it as easy as possible, we’ve rounded up the best bridesmaid robes for all styles, seasons, and color palettes. Let’s get into it!

Best Satin and Silk Bridesmaid Robes

women reach for the sky away from camera wearing matching pink silk bridesmaid robes
satin bridesmaid robes: LamarieeNewYork on Etsy

Nothing compares to the glossy comfort of satin and silk bridesmaid robes! If you want your “I do” crew to feel ultra luxurious during wedding prep, then these bridesmaid robes are a perfect choice.

And because silk and satin bridal party robes are the most popular option, there are SO many styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a romantic lacy look or a sophisticated + glam style, we’ve found the perfect silky robes for your bridal party!

Keep scrolling for the best silk and satin bridesmaid robes that will have your girl gang looking and feeling effortlessly elegant all morning long.

1: Glossy Pink 100% Silk Bridesmaid Robe

glossy pure pale pink silk bridesmaid robes

Cute, classic, and super luxe, this glossy silk bridesmaid robe is the perfect blend of style and comfort. You truly can’t go wrong with a pretty in pink robe for the big day, and this one looks especially wedding-ready with that luxurious 100% mulberry silk fabric!

Silk is also naturally absorbent and ultra breathable, making this glossy little number perfect for any time of the year. Trust us, your crew will be rewearing these long after the wedding weekend!

Robe Price: $120

shop this pale pink silk Bridesmaid robe

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2: Glamorous Feather-Trimmed Satin Bridesmaid Robe

light blue best satin silk bridesmaid robes for the bridal party with feather trimmed sleeves

Channel Old Hollywood glam with this satin bridal party robe! Featuring a fabulous feather trim, it’ll have each of your gals feeling like the next big starlet.

If your style icons are Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, or Blair Waldorf, then this stunner is the best bridesmaid robe for your leading ladies!

P.S. This satin robe also comes in pale pink AND has a matching chemise, so you can make it a set!

Robe Price: $68

shop this Light Blue Satin bridesmaid robe

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3: Personalized Lace-Trimmed Satin Bridesmaid Robes

maid of honor and a bridesmaid wearing the best lace-trimmed personalized satin silk robes for the bridal party

And the award for the most ‘grammable bridesmaid robes goes to….these personalized beauties! Featuring cute cursive text on the back, these satin bridal party robes are made for a getting-ready photo op.

Choose between multiple robe colors, as well as different text options (we love the rose gold foil!) to make these stunners your own. You can even get them personalized for the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, and the MOH — and yourself, of course!

Robe Price: $14

shop these Personalized satin bridesmaid robes

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4: Wine Red Mulberry Silk Bridesmaid Robe

luxury wine red satin silk bridesmaid robes for the bridal party

How luxe is this mulberry silk bridesmaid robe?! We’re obsessing over its effortless elegance, from those chic kimono sleeves to that breathable 100% silk fabric. If you’re looking to pamper your crew on the big day, then this is the best bridesmaid robe for the job!

And while we love how bold and unique this wine red hue is, this glossy robe also comes in a few other chic colors, including light pink and dark blue.

Robe Price: $179

shop this Wine Red silk Bridesmaid robe

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5: Floral Lantern Sleeve Silk Bridesmaid Robe

green floral print lantern sleeve belted silk bridesmaid robes

Welcome to the jungle! This lush floral print silk bridesmaid robe is perfect for a tropical destination wedding. And with such an on-trend green hue, it’s guaranteed to become a mainstay in your crew’s wardrobes!

We’re also big fans of those lantern sleeves, which give this vibrant robe an elevated feel that’s simply to die for!

Robe Price: $249

shop this Floral silk Bridesmaid robe

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GWS Pro Tip! When choosing your bridesmaid robes, we suggest keeping your wedding venue and style in mind. While a classic silk robe will always make a good impression, there’s something so fun about sticking to a theme. Choose botanical robes for a garden wedding, green robes for a tropical getaway, or lacy robes for a boho celebration!

6: Stylish Lace and Satin Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party in pink gray and blue satin bridesmaid robes with lace detailing

If you love a cute yet classic look, these lace and satin bridal party robes will have you relaxing in style. The glossy fabric and loose-fitting sleeves give these robes a traditional look, and that dreamy floral lace trim is the ultimate bow on top!

And with so many trendy shades to choose from, you can mix-and-match your bridal party robes for a photo-worthy look or keep it cohesive with your wedding color palette. There are no wrong answers here!

Robe Price: $13

shop These stylish satin + Lace bridesmaid robes

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7: “Something Blue” Satin Bridal Party Robe

dusty blue kimono sleeve best satin silk bridesmaid robes for the bridal party

Just as comfy as it is cute, this satin bridesmaid robe is perfect for wedding day prep, bach slumber parties, and honeymoon lounging! It’ll give you and your gals the R&R you need during this busy time — and make sure you look super stylish while you’re at it.

Plus, this dusty blue shade also makes for the cutest “something blue” on the big day! We’re in love.

Robe Price: $79

Shop this silky soft satin Bridal Party robe

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8: Romantic Dusty Rose Satin Bridesmaid Robe

pink satin silk bridesmaid robes for the bridal party with a floral lace trim

Dusty pink is one of our favorite colors here at GWS because it looks great on virtually everyone. There’s no denying its romantic vibe for the big day and beyond!

With a shimmering fabric and loose-fitting silhouette, this chic satin beauty is one of the best dusty pink bridesmaid robes on this list. And that intricate lace trim is the perfect finishing touch to the feminine look.

Robe Price: $62

shop this dusty Rose Satin Bridesmaid robe

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best satin bridesmaid dresses

Achieve the most luxurious and romantic look on the big day with these satin bridesmaid gowns!

9: Flirty + Feminine Satin Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party wearing satin silk bridesmaid robes in white, purple, and pink with ruffle details on the sleeves and skirt

These cute ruffle satin bridesmaid robes are nothing short of perfection for the wedding morning. They’re fun, flirty, and feminine, great for getting your crew in the wedding mood before “I do’s”!

Bonus: these sweet satin robes come in sizes XS-3X, so all of your besties can match. And the best part? You can also get cute satin scrunchies in the same colors!

Robe Price: $29

shop these Cute satin Ruffled Bridesmaid robes

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10: Dreamy Blue Silk Bridal Party Robe with Pockets

navy blue mulberry silk bridesmaid robes with pockets

This mulberry silk bridal party robe is a wedding party dream come true. It’s made with 100% silk, it’s a little bit longer for extra comfort, and it’s machine washable!

Plus, this dreamy blue robe also has pockets! That means your gals will be able to keep their phones close to take pics of all your favorite getting ready moments together. Say less!

Robe Price: $100

shop this dreamy blue silk Bridal Party robe

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Best Etsy Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party cheering with champagne glasses while wearing silk sage green bridesmaid robes from Etsy
bridal party robes by MagnoliaBlueSouth on Etsy

If you’ve already started your bridesmaid robe journey, then chances are you’ve found yourself perusing Etsy at some point or another. Etsy bridesmaid robes are known as the best of the best — they’re always unique, they’re fashion-forward, and most of them can be customized for that extra personal touch.

Plus, when you buy Etsy bridal party robes you’re also supporting small businesses and independent makers! Many Etsy sellers will go above and beyond to ensure you get the exact vibe and style you’re looking for on the big day.

And with seemingly endless options, you’ll never be lost in the woods looking for your dream style. The only hard part will be narrowing down your faves! To help you out, here are a few of our personal favorite Etsy bridesmaid robes.

11: Boho Fringe Etsy Bridesmaid Robes

faded blue boho-style Etsy bridesmaid robes with cream tassel sleeves

If you’re a fan of the bohemian look, then this Etsy bridesmaid robe is the move. The tassel fringed trim and rustic color palette have a retro, free-spirited aesthetic that we can’t help but love!

And in true Etsy fashion, this boho robe has a unique vibe you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Adding it to the cart as we speak!

Robe Price: $178

shop these boho etsy bridal party robes

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12: Intricate Mid-Length Etsy Bridal Party Robe

soft blue Etsy bridesmaid robes with lace sleeves

For those who like their robes not too long and not too short, this mid-length Etsy bridesmaid robe is ~just~ right. And not only because it’s so eye-catching!

Featuring a jersey cotton fabric and intricate lace detailing, this pastel blue robe will have your bridal party looking AND feeling amazing. It doesn’t get better than that!

Robe Price: $33

Shop this soft blue etsy Bridal Party robe

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13: Enchanting Lace Etsy Bridesmaid Robe

chevron lace white maxi Etsy bridesmaid robes

Dare to be different with this all-over lace robe! It’s one of the best Etsy bridesmaid robes if you’re going for a vintage-inspired, one-of-a-kind look on the big day. Safe to say we’re totally obsessed!

So lightweight and intricate, these unique lace bridal party robes will give your crew a one-way ticket to comfort and class. And to help your bridal robe stand out, you can personalize the satin belt with “Mrs.” or the word “Bride.” Such a cute touch — especially if your wedding gown is also lacy!

Robe Price: $34

Shop this chevron lace Etsy Bridal Party robe

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14: Romantic Ruffle Sleeve Etsy Bridesmaid Robes

green white and soft blue ruffle sleeve Etsy bridesmaid robes

It’s the ruffles for us! There’s something so fun about ruffle sleeves, and these bridesmaid robes from Etsy are a great example. Such a flirtatious and romantic look!

And with in a variety of color options to choose from, these cute robes are great no matter your crew’s style or your wedding color palette. They’re also made with breezy chiffon satin — a must for warm weather celebrations!

Robe Price: $10

shop these ruffle Sleeve Etsy bridesmaid robes

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15: Elegant Long Blush Etsy Bridal Party Robe

blush pink full length Etsy bridesmaid robes

If you’re looking for a cover-all worthy of a royal wedding, then do we have the best Etsy bridesmaid robes for you! The lovely blush color of this silky stunner is classic and feminine, while the longer length gives it a touch of elegance.

And don’t even get us started on those delicate lace sleeves! You definitely can’t go wrong with this luxurious bridal party robe.

Robe Price: $53

shop this Long Blush etsy Bridal Party robe

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16: Personalized Etsy Bridal Party Robes with Lace Trim

customized burnt orange and cream Etsy bridesmaid robes

These silky Etsy bridesmaid robes will have you texting your bridal party group chat instantly. From the floral lace trim to the personalization options, they’re simply *chef’s kiss.* We have a feeling these beauties are going to be a favorite for your besties!

Oh, and did we mention that they’re only $8 each?! Now that’s what we call beauty on a budget.

Robe Price: $8

shop these personalized etsy bridesmaid robes

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17: Sandy Hued Satin Etsy Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party wearing shimmering neutral hued satin best Etsy bridesmaid robes

Pop the bubbly, because these shimmering Etsy bridesmaid robes pair perfectly with a champagne toast! The fabric has a subtle shine that looks ultra luxe in photos and IRL. We see an epic bubbly spray photo op in your future!!

Plus, these shimmering robes match any and every wedding palette, so you don’t have to worry about any color clashing!

Robe Price: $79

shop these Satin Etsy bridal party robes

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Best Floral Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party wearing kimono style pink and cream floral bridesmaid robes
floral bridesmaid robes: TimelessAccessoryInc on Etsy

It’s impossible not to fall in love with flirty floral bridesmaid robes! A must for springtime weddings, garden venues, and swoon-worthy feminine vibes, these flower-printed stunners are some of our faves. Plus, they have such a fun + unique flair compared to traditional solid bridal party robes!

Another bonus: there are SO many florals to choose from. With everything from leafy designs to rosy patterns to bright colors, you won’t struggle to find floral bridesmaid robes that match your wedding theme!

Create a garden vibe with mix-and-match robes, or go for matching designs in your wedding day color palette. Either way, the bouquet isn’t the only set of flowers you’ll be obsessing over on the big day! Scroll on for the best floral bridesmaid robes for your dream team.

vibrant summer floral bridal party dresses

Love the botanical look? Channel fresh springtime vibes on the big day with these floral bridesmaid gowns!

18: Trendy Green Floral Bridesmaid Robe

bridesmaid wearing a satin mint green floral bridal party robe

Green is a super popular color for wedding themes (hello, sage green bridesmaid gowns!), so this pastel green floral bridesmaid robe is an instant fave. The pale pink roses combined with the glossy green hue? Just try to name a better combo!!

And this satin beauty is just one of David’s Bridal’s amazing bridal party robes. If you’re looking for luxe floral styles, plus a few personalized options, you can’t go wrong!

Robe Price: $25

shop this Light green floral Bridal Party robe

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19: Modern Botanical Floral Bridal Party Robes

lavender pink and blue floral bridesmaid robes with ruffle sleeves

While we’re loving all of the details in these fun and stylish bridesmaid robes, it’s the modern floral pattern that’s the true show-stopper. They’re giving your wedding bouquets some serious competition!

And just picture these floral bridal party robes styled with some blossoming flower crowns. Pure magic! (And yes, there’s also a white option for you!!)

Robe Price: $10

shop these Cotton floral Bridal Party robes

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20: Bright + Bold Floral Bridesmaid Robe

best bright long satin floral bridesmaid robe for the bridal party

The vibrant flower pattern. The statement sleeves. The viva magenta color palette. This floral bridesmaid robe is sparking some serious joy right now!

Equal parts classy, cute, and modern, this mid-length robe will impress your entire wedding party. And if you’re all about the bright + bold color trend right now, then this one’s for you!

Robe Price: $60

shop this Bright Magenta floral Bridal Party robe

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21: Sweet Cream + Pink Floral Bridesmaid Robe

cute cream floral bridesmaid robes for the bridal party with a ruffle hem

This floral bridesmaid robe is perfect for wedding parties that want to mix-and-match their robes, while keeping to a botanical theme. It comes in 9 different garden-inspired patterns, perfect for a romantic outdoor or springtime wedding!

Plus, this silky design perfectly balances the feminine feel of florals with the sophistication of a muted color palette. It’s the best of all the worlds!

Robe Price: $29

shop this Ruffle Cream floral bridal party robe

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22: Lovely Lilac Floral Bridesmaid Robe

lavender and lilac kimono-style floral bridesmaid robes

Lilac is having a moment right now, and we’re definitely not mad about it! This floral bridesmaid robe feels super on-trend, with the dreamy lilac color and bold blossoming print. Alexa, play “Lavender Haze” by Taylor Swift!

And with such a luxe silk fabric, this robe is perfect for everything from spa days to wedding party whimsy. Obsessed.

Robe Price: $80

Shop this lilac-toned floral Bridal Party Robe

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23: Floral Fringe-Trimmed Bridal Party Robes

pale blue floral bridesmaid robes with fringe detailing

While we love almost all floral bridesmaid robes, we’re especially charmed by these fringe-sleeved lovelies. They’re the ultimate blend of boho details and pretty florals — and you can even get them personalized with your crew’s names. Your friend group’s Insta feeds will be thanking you!

P.S. These cute robes also double as stylish swimsuit cover-ups — perfect for the bach party!

Robe Price: $20

shop These fringe-Trimmed floral Bridesmaid robes

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24: Romantic Rosebud Floral Bridesmaid Robe

rose bud pattern charmeuse floral bridesmaid robes

If you’re looking for floral bridesmaid robes that would have Kate Spade smiling, then you’ll love this rose-themed beauty! It features a luxe charmeuse fabric, a free-spirited silhouette, and the cutest “just rosy” print EVER.

Your girl gang will feel fun and flirty — regardless of the wedding day chaos — with this stylish bridal party robe! Because you all deserve a little relaxation on the big day.

Robe Price: $70

shop this rosebud Dotted Bridal Party robe

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Best Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party holding hands and wearing baby pink cotton bridesmaid robes with lace trim
cotton bridesmaid robes: MakeYouBlushBoutique on Etsy

If your friend group values comfy vibes just as much as they value chic style, then cotton bridesmaid robes are definitely the move. We’ve all enjoyed the coziness of a soft cotton robe — so why not bring that same level of snugness to your wedding morning?!

Plus, cotton bridal party robes are extra breathable, making them a great option for warm temperatures as well as colder climates. They’re also machine washable, which means your gals can wear them again and again after the wedding weekend!

And with such cute styles, your bridal party will definitely want to add these to their everyday closet. Below are the best cute + comfy cotton bridesmaid robes for your big day!

25: Minimalist Mid-Length Cotton Bridesmaid Robe

dusk gray mid-length cotton bridesmaid robes with purple hues

Handcrafted in Peru, this cotton bridesmaid robe is as high-quality as it is stylish. And seriously, how cozy does it look?!

If you’ve never met a neutral you didn’t like, then this dusk brown beauty is a no brainer. A must for the minimalists, it’ll become a mainstay in your crew’s bathrooms for years to come. (And for a more classic look, it also comes in black!)

Robe Price: $98

shop this Mid-Length cotton Bridal Party robe

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26: Oh-So Sweetheart Cotton Bridesmaid Robe

pink heart-pattern cotton bridesmaid robes

Pay homage to your sweetheart with this cotton bridesmaid robe! We can’t get over that adorable sweetheart print — could there be anything more perfect for a wedding day?!

And made with 100% cotton, this pretty pink robe is just as cuddly as your other half. We wouldn’t blame your bridal party for never wanting to take it off!

Robe Price: $94

shop this sweetheart cotton bridal party robe

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27: Classic Black Cotton Bridesmaid Robe

best classic long black cotton bridesmaid robes for the bridal party

Lounge the morning away in this classic cotton bridesmaid robe! If you love all things chic, it doesn’t get better than this black knit beauty.

From its timeless design (that sleek white trim is everything!) to its two large side pockets, you have a pretty and practical bridal party robe that will go the distance. After all, black is a classic for a reason….and just think of all the rad photo ops you can get with this one!

Robe Price: $33

shop this Classic cotton Bridal party robe

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28: Whimsical Unicorn-Patterned Cotton Bridal Party Robe

long cotton cover-ups for the bridal party with a whimsical unicorn print

Looking to add a little whimsy into your big day? This cute cotton bridesmaid robe has put a spell on us, with its charming unicorn print and enchanting color palette. Magical would be an understatement!

And if the unicorns aren’t your vibe, this whimsical robe also comes in tons of other playful prints, like this funky taxi one and this ocean-inspired one. Great if you’re sticking to a theme for the wedding weekend!

Robe Price: $158

shop this Unicorn-Print cotton Bridesmaid robe

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29: Neutral Full-Length Cotton Bridesmaid Robe

tan kimono-style pima cotton bridesmaid robes

Who knew practical could look so good?! If you’re a fan of all things tan, then prepare to fall head-over-heels for this gorgeous neutral cotton bridesmaid robe!

It has everything you could want from a bridal party robe — luxurious + comfy fabric, practical pockets, and a fuss-free design. Transform your getting-ready party into a tranquil spa with this mid-length beauty!

Robe Price: $38

shop this Long Tan cotton Bridal Party robe

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30: Cute + Comfy Turkish Cotton Bridal Party Robe

pale pink turkish cotton bridesmaid robes

Did somebody say Turkish cotton bridal party robes? Because we’re already obsessing over this pale pink cotton number!

From the cozy fabric to the sophisticated design, we’re in love. And the gorgeous waffle texture is such a unique and gorgeous touch! This one would be fun for a beachy summer wedding or a destination celebration.

Robe Price: $109

shop this Cute turkish cotton Bridesmaid Robe

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Best Personalized and Custom Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party facing away to show off pink satin personalized bridesmaid robes
bridesmaid robes: ApkBridesmaidGifts on Etsy

If you’re on the hunt for a truly one-of-a-kind robe, then personalized bridesmaid robes are a need, not a want!

Whether you want to add each of your crew’s names to the back of your bridesmaid robes, or simply zhuzh them up with the word “Bridesmaids,” a custom or personalized bridal party robe is the way to go.

And by taking the extra step to personalize each piece, you’re making each gal feel extra appreciated — and giving them a rad keepsake to remember this special day!

And let’s be honest: it’s hard not to feel cool in a personalized ensemble. Prepare to fall head over heels for these personalized and custom bridesmaid robes!

31: Cute Cream-Colored Personalized Bridesmaid Robes

ruffle sleeve cream personalized bridesmaid robes with bridal party names written in a golden script on the back

As long as your bridal party is wearing these cute personalized bridesmaid robes, you won’t need to worry about anyone forgetting each other’s names! Customize each satin stunner with the bridesmaid’s name — or a fun nickname — in either gold, silver, rosy gold, or black foil.

The result? Photo-ready bridal party robes that also double as cute keepsakes from the wedding day!

Robe Price: $16

shop these cream Personalized Bridal Party robes

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32: Chic + Sophisticated Personalized Bridesmaid Robes

pink satin silk personalized custom bridal party robes with black script writing on the front saying bride and bridesmaid

Give your bridal party a sleek and sophisticated makeover with these personalized bridesmaid robes! They’ll be lounging in luxury with the satin fabric, the lacy details, and, most importantly, the custom lettering. All for less than $15 each, it’s a stylish steal!!

Personalize each luxe robe with the title of “bridesmaid,” either on the front or the back (or both!), and prepare for some stun-ning photos. You can even get one customized for your maid of honor!

Robe Price: $12

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spa in a box bridesmaids gifts

Need personalized presents for your party? We’ve crafted the ultimate list of the best bridesmaid gifts that are sure to wow.

33: Monogrammed Pink Personalized Bridal Party Robes

pale pink personalized bridesmaid robe with lace detailing

A personalized bridesmaid robe worthy of a rock star, this silky number makes our list because of its rad modern design. I mean, how iconic is that monogram on the back?! Your gals will feel ready to take on any wedding aisle after rocking these all morning!

And as if it couldn’t get any better, this bridal party robe also comes in child sizes. That means you can get one for your flower girl, too!

Robe Price: $15

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34: Pretty Personalized Floral Bridesmaid Robes

feminine floral fringe personalized bridal party cover-up with a custom monogram

A floral bridesmaid robe that’s also personalized?! Hello, dream combo!

If you love the feminine + flirty look of floral bridal party robes but also want to add that special custom touch, then this cute robe is calling your name. We’re obsessed with the lush pink floral print and boho fringe trim. Complete with a dainty monogram on the front, it feels personal without going over the top!

Robe Price: $18

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35: Silky Satin Personalized Bridal Party Robes

gray pink and white satin personalized bridesmaid robes on hangers

From the glossy satin fabric to the lace-trimmed sleeves, these personalized bridesmaid robes are a favorite for a reason. But don’t just take our word for it — over 1,000 raving reviews prove that these bridal party robes are really THAT good!

Whether you want to call bridal party members by their name or simply add “bridesmaid” to the back of their robes, the power is in your hands with these lovelies.

Robe Price: $15

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Best Plus Size Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party hugging while wearing warm toned plus size bridesmaid robes with floral lace trim
plus size bridesmaid robes: MySewLovelyStudio on Etsy

You want all of your leading ladies to feel comfortable and cute on the big day, and plus size bridesmaid robes are here to make it happen! They’re designed for all body types, so no one in your bridal party will feel left out of the festivities.

While many of the bridal party robes on this list feature plus size options, we wanted to highlight a few more of our faves. Many of these robes come in sizes up to 3x, as well as standard sizing — great for the whole crew!

Here are the best plus size bridesmaid robes to make sure everyone in your bridal party feels like their most confident self before that walk down the aisle!

36: Unique Jade Green Plus Size Bridesmaid Robe

jade green plus size robe with ruffle sleeves

Where do we even begin?! This is one of the best plus size bridesmaid robes because of its unique detailing, comfy cotton fabric, and AMAZING jade green color. The epitome of glamour, this vibrant robe is a great pick if you want to do something fun and non-traditional for your getting-ready party!

Plus, this bridal party robe can be personalized for a thoughtful touch, and it comes in sizes 2X-4X for extra comfort!

Robe Price: $21

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37: Feminine Floral Plus Size Satin Bridesmaid Robe

woman wearing a plus size mauve cover up with a botanical pattern

The romance of it all! Go for a modern feminine look with this floral plus size bridesmaid robe. We love how size-inclusive this David’s Bridal design is, with options from S/M to 1X/2X. And made from high-quality satin, it drapes effortlessly in all the right places!

We’re also digging that rich color palette. The colors are bold and eye-catching, without being too fussy. Perfection!

Robe Price: $15

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two brides wearing long sleeve plus size wedding dresses

Loving these cozy robes? Check out our plus size wedding gown guide for more size-inclusive goodness!

38: Peachy Personalized Plus Size Bridesmaid Robe

best peachy orange personalized plus size bridesmaid robes for your bridal party with ruffle trim

One of our favorite wedding color trends right now? All things terracotta! This peachy color is bringing warm, boho vibes for a warm weather celebration, and we are HERE for it. Case in point: this plus size bridesmaid robe!

And not only does the color of this cute robe stand out, but so does the chic personalization! Get it embroidered with up to 15 characters of text and choose between five different fonts to make it your own. We love!

Robe Price: $29

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39: Pop of Pink Plus Size Bridal Party Robe

bright pink plus size bridal party robes with venetian lace detailing

Who doesn’t love a pop of pink on their wedding day?! This plus size bridesmaid robe is giving Barbiecore, but with a bridal twist.

Complete with Venetian rose lace trim and cozy cotton fabric, it’s a must-have for the bold girlie girls out there!

And if that amazing pink hue isn’t calling your name, this beauty also come 8 other colors!

Robe Price: $16

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bridal party wearing matching burnt orange bridesmaid robes with monochromatic boho rainbow pattern
photo: D Lillian | bridal party robes: Luna Zorro, as seen in Modern Art Exhibit wedding

Here at GWS, we know what goes into planning your special day and are here to help! Whether you’re looking for the best gifts for your crew or you simply need us to steer you in the direction of the most gorgeous shoes for your bridal party, GWS has you covered.

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And if you’re currently in the party planning part of the process, you’ll also love our list of the best bridal shower ideas, as well as these unique bachelorette party tips!

Which of these bridesmaid robes are you and your bridal party obsessing over? Share your all-time favorites in the comments below!