Best Bridesmaid Robes Your Bridal Party Will Love

large bridal party poses together outside while wearing complementing bohemian style bridesmaid robes
bridal party robes: Camas Lilly Co

If you’re looking to keep your wedding party squad looking cool and feeling cozy at the same time, then we can’t recommend bridesmaid robes more.

Robes are great because they allow you to prepare for the festivities in ultimate comfort, while still being a stylish and simple number to throw on while kicking it with loved ones. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing cuter than those pics with your crew in your adorable bridal party robes. Those are some of our faves!

There are thousands and thousands of bridesmaid robes to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best-of-the-best. From rustic bohemian-influenced styles to classic cotton numbers, all in all, you’ll never be short of options when exploring different “getting ready” fits. Whatever your wedding style is, we trust that there’s a great robe out there just waiting to be worn.

Here at GWS, we love bridesmaid robes because we’re big proponents of chic-looking comfort with a touch of class. So we’ve compiled a list of our all-time favorite robes, so you can elevate the way your wedding party kicks back and relaxes while prepping for the Big Day. But first, let’s go over a few common bridesmaid robe FAQS!

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Does the bride buy the bridesmaid robes?

bridal party posing on bed surrounded by balloons and confetti while wearing matching bridesmaid robes
photo: Finding Light Photography as seen in the Florida Keys Wedding

If we’re considering what is traditionally done, then typically the one getting married will cover the cost of the bridesmaid robes.

Bridal party robes are often treated as what the bridesmaids will wear while getting ready for the ceremony, because they can provide uniformity for any pre-ceremony photos. For instance, the bride might purchase the robes as a thank-you gift to their party.

While the dearly beloved might usually purchase the robes for the wedding party, it’s not out of question for the bridesmaids to purchase their own robes as well.

Communication is key, so just make sure that everyone is on the same page on who will be fronting the bill.

How much should I spend on bridesmaid robes?

bridal party wearing matching floral print cream bridesmaid robes
bridal party robes: PoppylovePetal on Etsy

When calculating the cost of wedding party involvement, it’s natural to consider how much money to spend on bridesmaid robes.

Since robes are commonly included as a bridesmaid gift, the price of the robe will vary widely based on your overall bridal party budget, how many people are in the party, and how much the group has spent to be a part of the wedding.

Basically, If you’re throwing a backyard wedding with a large cast of friends in the party, then you can anticipate spending less on each robe than you would on a destination wedding with a tight group of people.

Once the wedding day has arrived, your group has likely invested a hefty sum in dresses, shoes, and various travel costs. Because of this, it’s nice to gift the crew a bridesmaid robe that reflects that time and money.

That price will be unique to each wedding, but luckily bridesmaid robes come in a large variety of price points. So you’ll never run out of options for the squad.

Do bridesmaids need matching robes?

bridal party wearing mismatching personalized sage green white and blue bridesmaid robes
bridal party robes: ToHappilyEverAfter on Etsy

When it comes to planning your special day, we’re never going to hold you back from expressing yourself. While some wedding parties might embrace uniformity among the bridesmaid robes, it’s never a bad idea to mix and match patterns or colors within the group.

Additionally, mismatching the robes is a great option for groups that might have a wide variety of styles. For example, we all know that one person who doesn’t love pink. If you’ve found yourself questioning whether or not the wedding party should wear matching robes, then we suggest checking in with the group yourself.

Does everyone like the color of the robe chosen, or do they maybe want to adhere to an overall theme? The bride-to-be will usually wear a stand-out color anyway, so base your bridesmaid robe purchase on what the overall bridal party group vibe seems to be.

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Why do bridesmaids wear robes?

bridal party wearing intricate southwestern style pink and brown bridesmaid robes
photo: Lilly Red as seen in this Southwestern Wedding in New Mexico

If you’ve found yourself wondering why bridesmaids would wear robes, then we have a super simple answer for you: why not?

When considering tradition, the wedding party might wear robes while doing their hair and makeup for the wedding day (we’ve got to keep those dresses pristine before the ceremony!). But that doesn’t mean the options end there. For example, you could wear bridesmaid robes while lounging during a bachelorette event, or even when casually planning wedding day festivities together.

All in all, robes are endlessly comfortable, so you can bet that your wedding party will wear these robes time and time again, even after the wedding is over.

Where to buy bridesmaid robes

women holding champagne wear paisley cream and pale pink bridesmaid robes
photo: Moments by Frankie | bridal party robes: Homebodii as seen in: Foggy Australian Wedding

Now that we’ve explored all the reasons we love bridesmaid robes, then it’s time to start the quest for the perfect robe.

If you’ve started shopping for wedding party robes, then you likely understand that there is no shortage of options. But where should you begin?

If you want to support small businesses, then Etsy is a great choice for unique and handmade bridal party robes. On the other hand, if you prefer to shop in person rather than online, then check out David’s Bridal for some personalized perusal.

Because there are so many styles available, we recommend exploring online options through BHLDN for robes. They’re known for their dreamy, feminine aesthetic, and we’re totally in love!

Satin and Silk Bridesmaid Robes

women reach for the sky away from camera wearing matching pink silk bridesmaid robes
bridal party robes by LamarieeNewYork on Etsy

Nothing compares to the glossy comfort of satin and silk bridesmaid robes. If you’re looking to feel luxuriously lavish while kicking it with the wedding party, then these bridal party robes are a perfect choice.

Because there are so many styles of silk bridal party robes, you can trust each and every member of the party will look uniquely fabulous.

From lace detailing to sleek and sophisticated fabrics, satin and silk bridesmaid robes are always effortlessly elegant. These are a few of our all-time faves, we’re totally swooning over!

1. Castle Gray Silk Bridesmaid Robes

pale gray washable silk bridesmaid robes

This elegant gray silk bridesmaid robe is about to become your favorite outfit once the wedding day is done.

The gorgeous bluish-gray goes great with a variety of wedding palettes, so you don’t have to worry about any color clashing!

shop the dusk gray silk bridal party robe

2. Pale Pink Collarless Charmeuse Silk Bridal Party Robe

loose fitting pale pink collarless silk bridesmaid robes

We’re obsessing over this pale pink silk bridesmaid robe because of its effortless elegance.

The fact that this robe is collarless makes us even more attached to this piece.

shop the charmeuse collarless silk robe

3. Glossy & Glamorous Pure Silk Pink Bridal Party Robe

glossy pure pale pink silk bridesmaid robes

Capture modern refinement and classic comfort at the same time with this glossy silk robe.

Your wedding party is about to look sleek and stylish with this glossy little number.

shop the pale pink silk bridesmaid robe

4. Lantern Sleeve Belted Silk Bridesmaid Robes

green floral print lantern sleeve belted silk bridesmaid robes

Welcome to the jungle! How gorgeous is this fun floral print silk bridesmaid robe?! Perfect for for a tropical destination wedding.

And the lantern sleeves and the eye-catching green fabric is to die for.

shop the lantern sleeve silk bridal party robe

5. Luxurious Lace and Satin Bridal Party Robes

bridal party in pink gray and blue satin bridesmaid robes with lace detailing

Perfect for those that love a cute yet classic look, this lace and satin bridal party robe will have you relaxing in refinement.

The dreamy glossy fabric and loose-fitting sleeves will have your wedding party looking undeniably lovely, especially with that dreamy floral lace trim!

shop the stylishly satin bridal party robe

6. Romantic Dusty Pink Silk Bridesmaid Robes

dusty pink silk bridesmaid robes with lacy trim

Dusty pink is one of our favorite colors here at GWS because it looks great on virtually everyone. And there’s no denying its romantic vibe.

This dusty pink robe is a great example of classic comfort, and the intricate sleeve detailing is an eye-catching and lovely addition.

shop the dusty pink silk bridesmaid robe

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7. Embroidered Maroon Satin Bridesmaid Robes

maroon red embroidered satin bridesmaid robes

If you’re looking for a mini-robe that will have your wedding party looking fierce, this satin bridesmaid robe is the move.

It’s hard to go wrong with maroon. And we can’t get over how amazing the embroidered personalization makes this piece.

shop the embroidered satin bridesmaid robes

8. Luxuriously Long Muted Blush Satin Bridal Party Robe

full-length pale pink silk bridesmaid robes with double sash

This long and loose-fitting silky satin bridesmaid robe is nothing short of perfect for getting ready for the big day.

Show off your stunning silhouette with this stylishly sophisticated silk robe.

shop the full-length satin bridesmaid robe

9. Dreamy Blue Silk Bridesmaid Robe with Pockets

navy blue mulberry silk bridesmaid robes with pockets

This mulberry silk bridal party robe is a wedding slumber party dream. Plus, it has pockets! You’ll be able to keep your phone close to take pics of all your favorite wedding day moments with this robe.

shop the dreamy blue silk robe

10. Silky & Soft Knee-Length Satin Bridal Party Robe

pale gray knee-length silk bridesmaid robes

Excellent for wedding day prep-time or simply unwinding after a long day of celebrating your love. We’re in love.

This exquisitely silky knee-length robe will have you relaxing in style. If you’ve been bogged down by wedding day planning, then this bridal party robe is bound to save the day.

Shop the silky soft satin bridal party robe

Etsy Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party cheer champagne glasses wearing silk sage green bridesmaid robes from Etsy
bridal party robes by MagnoliaBlueSouth on Etsy

If you’re perusing ensemble options for your wedding party, then you’ll likely find yourself on Etsy at some point or another. Etsy bridesmaid robes are always unique, freshly fashionable, as well as easily customized based on what you’re looking for.

While many bridal party robes are heavily available at chain locations, that doesn’t mean you can’t support small businesses. Etsy sellers are ready and willing to learn what your wedding style is to make sure their items will fit the vibe.

Additionally, there are thousands of Etsy vendors, so you’ll never be lost in the woods for options. The only hard part will be finally pulling the trigger on your selection. Here are a few of GWS’ favorite Etsy bridesmaid robes.

11. Boho-Style Etsy Bridesmaid Robes

faded blue boho-style Etsy bridesmaid robes with cream tassel sleeves

If you’re a fan of the bohemian look, then this Etsy robe is the perfect move.

The tassel fringed sleeves and rustic color palette have an elevated yet aesthetic that we can’t help but love. And in true Etsy fashion, this bridal party robe has a unique vibe you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

shop the boho etsy bridal party robe

12. Lace-Detailed Soft Blue Etsy Bridesmaid Robe

soft blue Etsy bridesmaid robes with lace sleeves

Great for those who like their robes not too long and not too short, this mid-length Etsy bridesmaid robe is just right. And not just because it’s so charmingly eye-catching.

Boasting jersey cotton and intricate lace detailing, your bridal party is about to be living the life in this robe.

Shop the soft blue etsy robe

13. Enchanting Lace Etsy Bridesmaid Robes

chevron lace white maxi Etsy bridesmaid robes

If you’re looking for a cover-all worthy of the Royal Wedding, then do we have the perfect Etsy bridal party robe for you!

Flaunt this unique lace pattern with your wedding party, and you’ll all have a one-way ticket to comfort and class.

Shop the chevron lace Etsy robe

14. Ruffle Flounce Etsy Bridal Party Robes

green white and soft blue ruffle sleeve Etsy bridesmaid robes

There’s something so fun about ruffle sleeves, and these bridesmaid robes from Etsy are a great example. Such a flirtatiously romantic look!

Coming in a variety of color options, these robes will make the perfect addition to your bridesmaid gift package.

shop the ruffle flounce Etsy bridal party robe

15. Full-Length Blush Etsy Bridesmaid Robes

blush pink full length Etsy bridesmaid robes

Considering the lovely blush color and style of this silky Etsy bridal party robe, you’ll be wearing it long after the wedding festivities have concluded.

I mean, just look at those lace sleeves! You can’t go wrong in choosing this piece.

shop the blush pink etsy robe

16. Stunningly Stylish Tan Etsy Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party in midi tan full-length Etsy bridesmaid robes

If you’re a fan of all things tan, we have a feeling you’ll fall head-over-heels for these gorgeous neutral tone Etsy bridal party robes.

If you like neutral vibes as much as you enjoy classic comfort, these stunning robes are a great choice.

shop the stylish tan Etsy bridal party robe

17. Personalized Etsy Bridal Party Robes with Lovely Lace Detailing

customized burnt orange and cream Etsy bridesmaid robes

These silky Etsy robes with lace detailing will have you texting your bridal party group chat instantly.

Plus, you can customize these robes to include some personalized wedding party representation. We have a feeling this Etsy find will be an instant favorite among your friends.

shop the personalized etsy bridesmaid robe

Floral Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party wearing kimono style pink and cream floral bridesmaid robes
bridal party robes by TimelessAccessoryInc on Etsy

It’s super easy to fall in love with the flirty fanciness of floral bridesmaid robes as the perfect getting-ready ensemble.

Because florals are so versatile in style, with everything from leafy designs to rose patterns available, you’ll definitely find some great options for your friends. Floral robes can be easily mismatched as well as uniform, and can beautifully complement your distinct wedding day color palette.

The bouquet isn’t the only set of flowers you’ll be obsessing over with these stunningly stylish floral bridesmaid robes. Check out some of our top choices!

18. Juniper Green Floral Bridesmaid Robe

juniper green floral bridesmaid robes with pink flower detailing

Green is a super popular color for wedding themes (hello, sage green bridal party gowns!), so this juniper green floral robe is an instant fave.

The pale pink roses combined with the rich green hue has us instantly enamored.

shop the juniper green floral robe

19. Charmeuse Romantic Rose-Pattern Robe

rose bud pattern charmeuse floral bridesmaid robes

If you’re looking for floral bridesmaid robes that would have Kate Spade smiling, then you’ll love this rose-themed piece.

Feel fun and flirty, regardless of the wedding day chaos with this stylish flowering bridal party robe. Because you deserve a little relaxation.

shop the rose bud floral bridesmaid robe

20. Dreamy Champagne Floral Bridesmaid Robes

champagne toned multi-color floral bridesmaid robes with ruffle sleeves

The fancy floral pattern. The ruffle sleeves. The mesmerizing mauve!

Add all of that together, and you have one of our favorite floral bridal party robes of all time. It perfectly balances the feminine feel of florals with the sophistication of a mostly monochromatic color palette.

shop the champagne floral robe

21. Dreamy Personalized Floral Bridesmaid Robes

mauve cream and white ruffle sleeved personalized floral bridesmaid robes

These personalized bridesmaid robes are perfect for wedding parties that want to mismatch their robes, while keeping a floral theme.

With customizable options available, your bridal party is going to give off total garden vibes. Perfect for an outdoorsy wedding.

shop the romantic mauve floral bridal party robe

22. Lovely Lilac Floral Bridesmaid Kimono

lavender and lilac kimono-style floral bridesmaid robes

The options are endless for when you’ll be able to kick back and relax in this lilac-themed kimono.

The fun floral pattern and silk fabric make this robe perfect for everything from spa days to wedding party whimsy. The colors are bold and eye-catching, without being too fussy. We love!

Shop the lilac-toned floral kimono

23. Bohemian Fringe Floral Bridesmaid Robes

pale blue floral bridesmaid robes with fringe detailing

While we love floral bridesmaid robes, we’re especially charmed by these fringe-sleeved showstoppers.

Perfectly combining bohemian detailing with classic floral print, your squad is about to look stunning.

shop the fringe floral bridesmaid robe

24. Luxuriously Loose-fitting Floral Bridesmaid Robes

lavender pink and blue floral bridesmaid robes with ruffle sleeves

While we’re loving all of the details in these fun and stylish bridal party robes, we’re addicted to the fun floral pattern in particular.

Equally classy as it is modern, you’ll impress your entire wedding party with these lovelies.

shop the luxurious floral robe

Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party holding hands and wearing baby pink cotton bridesmaid robes with lace trim
bridal party robes by MakeYouBlushBoutique on Etsy

If your friend group values breathable fabrics that will make any pre-wedding beauty sleep a breeze, then we recommend cotton bridesmaid robes as a go-to.

Cotton bridal party robes are perfect for the wedding party that values comfort as much as they value style. If you have a cotton robe at home, why not add that same level of snugness to your wedding party fits?

Plus, cotton is machine washable, so you won’t need to panic if you spill any makeup on your bridal party robe. We love bringing in some wedding-day levity for any mishaps.

Need some help finding cotton robes that will have your wedding party cheering? Explore a few of our favorites here!

25. Dusk Gray Mid-Length Cotton Bridesmaid Robe

dusk gray mid-length cotton bridesmaid robes with purple hues

Handcrafted in Peru, this cotton bridal party robe is as quality-made as it is stylish. And seriously, how cozy does it look?!

Available in multiple colors, this dusk purple-gray robe is an instant favorite.

shop the dusk gray cotton bridesmaid robe

26. Sweetheart Pattern Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

pink heart-pattern cotton bridesmaid robes

Cute, comfortable, and stylish, this sweetheart-themed cotton bridla party robe is a wedding party staple.

From the cute pink hearts to cozy cotton fabric, we heart this robe because it’s an homage to your love. Could there be anything more perfect for a wedding day?

shop the pink sweetheart cotton bridal party robe

27. Nap-Worthy Jersey Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

cocoa and mocha brown jersey cotton bridesmaid robes

Advocated by Kim K herself, these sleep-worthy cotton bridesmaid robes will have your wedding party lounging in lavish luxury.

The loose-fitting jersey cotton drapes effortlessly in all the right places. These cotton bridal party robes are as comfortable as they are elegant.

shop the cocoa-colored cotton robe

28. Tan Full-Length Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

tan kimono-style pima cotton bridesmaid robes

Who knew practical could look so good?! This long cotton bridesmaid robe is as stylish as it is comfortable for the entire wedding party.

We love this bridal party robe because we know you’ll be wearing it for years, even after you’re done celebrating the wedding.

shop the floor-length cotton robe

29. Perfectly Pale Pink Turkish Cotton Bridal Party Robe

pale pink turkish cotton bridesmaid robes

Did somebody say Turkish cotton bridal party robes? Because we’re already obsessing over this pale pink cotton number.

From the cozy fabric to the sophisticated design, we’re in love. And the gorgeous waffle texture on the fabric is such a unique and gorgeous touch.

shop the turkish cotton Bridesmaid Robes

30. Floral Blue and White Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

woman wearing white and blue flower pattern cotton bridesmaid robes

Considering this bridal party robe’s Peruvian Puma cotton as well as it’s versatile pattern, you won’t have to worry about finding something blue for your wedding day. Because this robe has you covered!

Add its timeless design and convenient sewn-in belt and side pockets, and you have an all in all pretty and practical piece for getting ready.

shop the blue flower pattern cotton robe

Personalized Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party facing away to show off pink satin personalized bridesmaid robes
bridal party robes by ApkBridesmaidGifts on Etsy

If you’re on the hunt for a truly one-of-a-kind robe, then you simply need to explore some personalized bridesmaid robes.

Whether you want to add each of your names or simply “Bride” and “Bridesmaids,” a custom or personalized bridesmaid robe is the perfect way to show your wedding party that you care about each and every member. By taking the extra step to personalize each piece, you’re giving your friends a lovely gift that will always remind them of your special day.

It’s hard not to feel cool in a personalized ensemble. Plus, these robes come in a huge variety of styles, so you’ll never be left wanting. Ready to make your wedding party feel extra unique? Fall in love with these personalized bridal party robe options below!

31. Glossy Multicolored Personalized Bridal Party Robes

gray pink and white satin personalized bridesmaid robes on hangers

These are some sleek and sophisticated bridal party robes, but we love this option because of their loud and proud personalization options.

Whether you want to call bridal party members by their name or simply add “bridesmaid” to the back of their robes, the power is in your hands.

Shop the glossy multicolored personalized robes

32. Dusty Pink Personalized Bridesmaid Robes

dusty pink personalized bridesmaid robes with ruffle sleeves

A personalized bridesmaid robe worthy of a rock star, this robe makes our list because of its ruffle sleeves and amazing custom options.

From the silky satin pink fabric to the loose-fitting sleeves, we love this glossy pink robe.

shop the dusty pink satin personalized bridal party robe

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33. Ruffle Sleeve Cream-Colored Personalized Robes

ruffle sleeve cream personalized bridesmaid robes

Considering the pretty cream tones and fun design, this is another ruffle sleeve option that allows you to personalize each piece.

As long as your bridal party is wearing these fun and stylish personalized bridesmaid robes, you won’t need to worry about anyone forgetting each other’s names!

shop the cream Personalized bridesmaid robes

34. Lovely Lace Pink Personalized Bridesmaid Robes

pale pink personalized bridesmaid robe with lace detailing

To emphasize your attention to detail and value in comfort, this bridal party robe will immediately impress.

From the lace detailing to the large monogram on the back, we can’t get over how amazing this personalized bridesmaid robe looks.

shop the lace pink personalized robe

Plus Size Bridesmaid Robes

bridal party hugging while wearing warm toned plus size bridesmaid robes with floral lace trim
bridal party robes by MySewLovelyStudio on Etsy

Perfect for the wedding party that values size inclusivity as much as they value style, these plus size bridesmaid robes will keep everyone in your party looking lavish.

If you’re looking for plus-size bridal party robes for your wedding party, then you’ll be happy to learn many of these robes we’ve already looked at feature plus-size options.

Whether you’re craving lovely lace detailing or wish to rock a cozy cotton look, there is a great bridal party robe out there for any member of your wedding party.

These are a few of our favorite plus-size getting-ready fits that will have everyone in your wedding party feeling like straight stunners on your big day.

35. Bright Pink Lace Plus Size Bridesmaid Robes

bright pink plus size bridal party robes with venetian lace detailing

This bright pink little number makes the list because we’re mesmerized by its amazing pop of pink.

From the Venetian rose lace trim to the cozy cotton fabric, we love this plus size bridesmaid robe.

shop the lace plus size bridesmaid robe

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36. Regally Silky Royal Blue Bridesmaid Robe

satin royal blue plus size bridal party robes

Dare to be bold with this beautifully blue plus size number.

From the rich blue color to the silky sophisticated style, this robe is royalty-level. Perfect for a bold wedding day color palette!

shop the regal blue plus size robe

37. Jade Green Plus Size Bridesmaid Robes

jade green plus size robe with ruffle sleeves

By choosing this stunningly gorgeous plus size bridesmaid robe, you’ll make sure no one in your wedding party is green with envy.

We love this robe because of its unique detailing, rich and deep shade of jade green, as well as its overall design.

shop the jade green bridesmaid robe

Need More Bridesmaid Planning Tips?

bridal party wearing matching burnt orange bridesmaid robes with monochromatic boho rainbow pattern
photo: D Lillian | bridal party robes: Luna Zorro, as seen in Modern Art Exhibit wedding

Bridesmaid robes are the ultimate wedding party gift, perfect for keeping everyone looking cool and cohesive for your wedding-related celebrations. As the perfect getting-ready fit, you can trust your group to absolutely love these styles, because who doesn’t like cohesive comfort?

Here at GWS, we know what goes into planning your special day and are here to help! Whether you’re looking for the best gifts for your crew to say thanks, or simply need us to steer you in the direction of some of the most gorgeous shoes for your bridal party, GWS has you covered! Because planning your wedding should be as fun as the big day, not an overwhelming mess.

But as we know, the wedding party coordination doesn’t end with bridesmaid robes or shoes. You’ve got a whole squad to dress! Check out the best places to buy bridal party gowns to decide if you want a uniform vibe or prefer to rock the mismatched bridal party gown look. We want your wedding to be based on your style, so don’t be afraid to veer from tradition!

Which of these bridesmaid robes are you and your bridal party obsessing over? Share your all-time favorites in the comments below!