DIY I Do-ers: You Could *Totally* Make these Wedding Backdrops

DIY wedding backdrop ideas

Are you handy with a glue gun? Talented with tools? Proficient with paint? It does take a bit of elbow grease to pull off a completely DIY wedding day. But in the end, we say it’s worth it! You’re left with a celebration full of personal touches — and more than likely, some blood, sweat, and tears.

Of course, not every element of the wedding has to be DIY. If you feel like getting your hands dirty, we suggest focusing on one thing and going in full force. The wedding backdrop is a central piece that will frame the most important part of the day. And bonus, the backdrop can double as a piece for the reception table or even a photo backdrop for guests! It’s a huge focal point that happens to be a great canvas for your creativity to take flight.

Below, we’ve gathered some inspiration pieces + tips that are totally do-able to get your gears turning. Pick your favorite elements and make it your own!

Floral Grid

floral grid DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Clove & Kin // design: Aly Ann Events // florals: Organic Flora

You can purchase these grid walls on Amazon for a steal! From there, it’s just a matter of adding greenery and flowers. If you’d rather do it ahead of time, opt for faux florals. The bendy stems make them super easy to attach!

from this Luxe Wedding Inspiration with Lavender Hues

Layered Greenery + Floral Hoops

floral hoop DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
floral hoop installation: Vanessa Schmidt

Grab some embroidery hoops or spray paint hula hoops for your base, then use floral wire or zip ties to attach the greenery. Here’s a DIY for floral hoops on a smaller scale, but the idea is the same! Just make sure your venue will help you sort out how to hang them!

Hanging Roses

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Olivia Leigh Photography // florals: Exquisite Designs

This labor of love results in a stunning outcome! Lots of fishing line, an embroidery needle, and a ton of roses (or carnations) make for a romantic backdrop!

Tropical + Industrial Arbor

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Alyssa Luzaich Photography // florals: The Floral Times

This option requires a bit more sweat and know-how, but it’s totally do-able! You can find copper pipe and fittings home improvement stores, or you can spray paint PVC pipe for a similar effect. Work with your florist to design the final pieces!

from this Rustic California Ranch Wedding

The Triangle Arch — From Every Angle

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Tews Visual // florals: Flora By Nora

The triangle backdrop is a popular one because it’s the perfect canvas for florals. Plus, it frames the couple so well! The above photo gives you a good idea as to the mechanics of a wooden triangle. We’ve even seen couples assemble these on sight for an elopement!

from this Intimate + Minimalistic Bohemian Wedding

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photos: Immerse Photography // Naomi Rose Floral Design

For a different take, try working with pipes.

via junebug

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Alannah Liddell // florals: Sir Botanical

Or spray paint the whole thing for a cool monochrome effect!

from this Silvery Celestial + Rustic Elopement Inspiration in Australia

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Mandi Lynn Photo // design: Samantha Dapper // florals: Shindig Chic

And we loved this double triangle backdrop from this wedding on an avocado farm!

Dress the Part

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Brandi Toole Photography

We love this tree drape idea for a simple DIY that really packs a punch. The floral lanterns and hoop take it up a notch!

via junebug

Repurpose a Wall Mural

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Our Story Creative // mural: Minted

The most fun backdrop ideas are the ones that take one thing and make it something else completely. This is actually one wall mural from Minted, cut into 4 panels, then hung in small overlaps to create dimension. The added florals and lanterns are a fun touch, but this backdrop could totally speak for itself, as well!

via Ruffled

Hanging Silk Ribbon

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Mary Costa Photography // design: Harmony Creative Studio

We love this idea because there are so many ways to make it yours with different color options! Go for a tonal vibe with different shades of your favorite color, or pack a punch with bright shades. The possibilities are endless! You can find out more about this fun backdrop from this pastel wedding inspiration!

from this Fresh, Modern + Organic Wedding Inspiration

MacraMake It

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Liz Morrow Studios // design + macramé: Liz Morrow Studios

You could make your own macramé hanging…or you could find a great one on Etsy and just add florals! Either way, we applaud the final look.

from this Moody Forest Elopement

Floral Drape

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: Someplace Wild // florals: Moonflower: A Floral Design Studio

Here’s another take on hanging florals but with a totally different vibe. The extra-long length makes it larger than life and looks especially great in an industrial space!

from this Intimate Wedding in Athens, Georgia

Wooden Geometric Wall

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photo: AGP Collective // design: Clover Event Co.

This couple actually made their backdrop together! If you’re handy with wood, a saw, and a bucket of paint (and probably a few other things) this is a fun DIY inspiration for the hands-on couple!

from this Glamping Wedding in the Finger Lakes

Geometric Wooden Frame

DIY wedding backdrop inspiration
photography: ASH & STONE // design: Made to Match Events // florals: Woods & Bloom

Another hands-on wooden backdrop, minus all the panels. Loving this frame for a floral canvas!

from this Wooded Wedding Inspiration with Bold Colors and Geometric Details

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