31 Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas We’re Obsessed With

outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with simple white chairs and rainbow flowers
Photo: Allan Zepeda | Design: Lewis Miller Design | Planning: Jennifer Zabinski Events

Walking down the aisle is one of the most iconic parts of your wedding. Here at GWS, we’re suckers for a show-stopping aisle. From boho wedding aisle decor ideas to retro disco balls to string lights that give us Italian countryside vibes, we’ve featured it all (and we’ve seen ALL the trends). So naturally, we had to round up the best of the best: our favorite wedding aisle decor ideas so good they’ll easily be the talk of the whole wedding season.

For those of you opting out of a first look and seeing each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle, incorporating gorgeous wedding aisle decor ideas is even more essential. After all, you NEED your aisle to perfectly frame you and set the mood as you make your way down to your beloved.

Plus, the aisle is one of the first things your guests will see. It totally sets the tone for the rest of your wedding! Whether you design things yourself, rent, or buy, these wedding aisle decor ideas are perfect to inspire and help you elevate your wedding.

Our favorite wedding aisle decor ideas are perfect for any venue, color palette and exactly what you need while planning your perfect wedding. But before we share our favorite inspo, let’s cover a few essential aisle decor FAQs.

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Should You Buy or Rent Your Wedding Aisle Decor?

indoor wedding aisle decor ideas with boho lanterns adorning a vintage rug pathway
photo by: Under the Sun Photography | event design: Rustic Romance Rentals | planning: Volaré Planning & Design | florals: Lesley’s Flowers and Gifts | as seen in this Western Inspired Boho Wedding

Both have their perks! Buying your wedding aisle decor most likely means you’re having it custom made, which we love! There’s nothing quite like having your wedding aisle decor be truly unique and inspired by your distinct style and vision for your day.

We also love the option of buying your wedding aisle decor if you plan on incorporating elements in your design that you know you’ll use well after the wedding day? Those gorgeous lanterns lining the aisle? Those would be absolutely perfect when arranged together in the backyard of your new home after you say “I do”.

The downside of buying your wedding aisle decor? Custom designs can often get expensive. And if you opt to design your aisle on your own to save on cost, it can be both challenging and time consuming.

Renting your wedding aisle decor is oftentimes the more common choice, because there are wedding vendors that specialize in this. This tends to be the more cost effective option, and you won’t have to worry about taking it down and home after your wedding. However, renting can sometimes mean that you have the same decor as another couple (and it’s possible the wedding aisle decor you use is a bit more worn down from multiple uses).

Overall, every couple is different and you should do what makes the most sense for your budget, timeline and the vision you have for your wedding aisle decor.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend on Wedding Aisle Decor?

rustic boho outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas on a lakeside dock with string lights
planning: V.A. Day | photo by: Chupris Photo | as seen in this Get Creative with Your Ceremony Seating

Depending on if you plan to buy or rent (and whether you plan to hire help to put together your wedding aisle decor), you can expect to spend anywhere from $300 – $3,000. This is typically how much couples spend, but of course it could be less or more.

If you are looking for wedding aisle decor that is budget-friendly, opt for a simple and more minimalist aisle design. Or gather friends and family to help with the setup and breakdown on the big day.

If you are looking for a unique wedding aisle look, be prepared to spend more for a custom wedding design where professionals can expertly arrange your decor on your behalf.

The Best Places to Buy the Best Wedding Aisle Decor

Rustic Italian villa outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with greenery and white vintage chairs
photo by: Rossini Photography | planning and design: Parade Wedding | venue: ⁠Villa Eventi Roma | floral design: Flowers Living

When it comes to finding the most stunning wedding aisle decor ideas, we have a few shops we love recommending to couples.

  • Amazon – Your wedding aisle decor is only a prime membership away! Amazon has tons of faux florals, candles and extra details that will truly tie your wedding aisle decor together (like these floral bundles for your guests chair!). Plus, we love Amazon because they are timeline friendly. No hassle with quick and easy shipping. Amazon is also a go-to for couples looking for wedding aisle decor ideas on a budget.
  • Etsy – We love supporting small businesses, and Etsy has custom wedding aisle decor ideas that are perfect for that extra wow factor you’re looking for. So many stunning handmade, expertly crafted wedding goods. We love this dreamy custom frosted acrylic wedding sign that greets your guests before you walk down the aisle.
  • Crate and Barrel – Don’t sleep on home design stores when it comes to wedding aisle decor ideas! Crate and Barrel is perfect for those extra details you MUST get right. Like we love these wicker baskets that are perfect for your boho wedding aisle decor! Plus, we love C&B for decor items you know you’ll use well after the wedding day.
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Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

three piece floral arch outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas in the mountains
photo by: Corbin Gurkin | planning + design: Easton Events | design + florals: Mindy Rice Design

Outdoor weddings are romantic and ethereal, and your outdoor wedding aisle decor should be too! We love the use of florals, greenery, and rustic boho decor details to highlight your outdoor wedding aisle. There’s nothing quite like using nature to complement the great outdoors.

And because outdoor weddings tend to take place in less restricted spaces, you have a lot more freedom with the length and shape of your aisle, along with the scale of the decor you use (hello, extra large florals…SWOON).

Our favorite outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas manage to perfect the balancing act of both blending in with the natural surroundings of the venue while also being show-stoppingly stunning.

1. Enchanting Woodland Wildflower Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with a curved walkway lined with boho florals and rustic chairs

photo by: Laura Murray | florals: Sophie Felts Floral Design | planning: Evoke Design & Creative

It’s a wedding aesthetic that never goes out of style. We’re suckers for an enchanted forest woodland vibe, and this one has us seriously swooning.

The best outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas are the ones that feel like a natural fit in their environment, and those stunning neutral toned florals arranged on a curving pathway to the altar do exactly that.

Paired with those rustic wooden chairs? Hello forest princess vibes. We’re pretty sure this aisle came straight out of a fairytale.

Take the enchanting vibes to the next level by giving your guests these dried blooms to toss during your recessional. Talk about a fairytale ending.

2. Cute + Colorful Guest Umbrella Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with circular chair arrangement adorned with colorful umbrellas

photo by: Lauren + Abby Ross

This is kind of a two-for-one outdoor wedding aisle decor idea. First off, that circular seating setup?! So unique.

But the thing we really love is the colorful umbrella decor. What cuter way to add a pop of color to your wedding aisle than to put lovely little colorful umbrellas on the backs of the chairs. Practical AND pretty. Safe to say we’re in love.

And an added bonus? Your guests will totally thank you for saving them from looking sunburned in all those wedding photos!

3. Arrangements of Colorful Plants + Greenery Alongside Your Outdoor Wedding Aisle

outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with arrangements of colorful plants in rustic planters

photo: Heather Waraksa, as seen in this Seaside Garden Wedding

Plant parents, this one is for you!

We cannot imagine a cuter way to decorate your outdoor wedding aisle than with potted plants you can take home for your own garden (bonus points for putting them in pretty rustic planters). Add different levels, colors, and textures for a varied look that feels lush and elevated.

GWS Pro Tip: Make sure to incorporate some of the plants you use in your outdoor wedding aisle decor into your bouquet. Talk about a stunning way to tie everything together.

4. Curvy Baby’s Breath Outdoor Aisle Decorations

boho outdoor wedding aisle decor with curvy baby's breath pathway and rustic wood bistro chairs

photo by: Dos Santas | florals: Molist Floristes

You’re on cloud 9, literally.

When it comes to romantic outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas, it’s this one that haunts our dreams (in the best way). We love the way the baby’s breath florals create a cloud-like curving pathway to the altar. Pretty sure we’re in heaven!

And an added bonus? Baby’s breath are known to be one of the most budget-friendly flowers, making them a perfect option for anyone looking to keep wedding aisle decor costs down.

5. Rustic + Vintage Doorway Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with a rustic door adorned in a vibrant pink floral arrangement

florals: Marcos Ferreira Decorações

Wedding aisle decor ideas that bring the indoors outside? We love to see it.

We love the symbolism of including a door at the start of your aisle. You’re entering a whole new life adventure when you walk through those doors.

And could there be anything prettier than opting for a vintage, rustic door completely decked out in an over-the-top floral arrangement? We think not.

Keep your wedding aisle decor budget-friendly (and sustainable) with a faux floral arrangement to frame the door. Pure magic.

6. Modern Meets Glam Altar Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

black walkway runner with large altar floral arrangements outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas by the ocean

photo by: Abby Jiu Photography | design + planning: Grit & Grace

Planning a small wedding by the ocean? Up the glam factor by going all out with your outdoor wedding aisle decor. We love the way this wedding incorporated a statement black floor runner that pops against the bright sand.

Another epic option? A reflective mirror aisle installation.

And to complete the look, don’t be afraid to go all out with your florals. We’re obsessed with the way this wedding incorporated extra large arrangements that meandered up those modern walls at the altar. The perfect contrast with the cool and calming ocean behind everything.

7. An Outdoor Wedding Aisle Framed by Rustic Mismatched Chairs

outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with rustic mismatched chair arrangements, boho pillows, and lanterns lining the pathway

photo by: She Wanders Photography | event design: Donna Urban Events | florals: Krista Jon for Archive | rentals: Archive Rentals

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your wedding seating, especially if you’re planning a boho or rustic affair.

It’s no secret we love the mismatched look (hello, mismatched bridal party dresses!). But incorporating this look into your outdoor wedding aisle decor is one of our favorite ways to give your wedding some character.

Complete the look by lining your outdoor aisle with these rustic, vintage-inspired lanterns to create a cozy and welcoming vibe. Straight out of a storybook, if you ask us.

GWS Pro Tip: We also recommend adding cozy boho pillows to the mismatched chairs so your guests are comfortable throughout the ceremony.

8. Circular Hay Bale Seating Arrangement Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

rustic outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with hay bales

photo by: Artem Vindrievsky | planner: Celebrate It Now | design + florals: Floral Style

Hayy Y’all!!

Be the center of attention, literally, with a circular hay seating installation! This outdoor wedding aisle decor idea is perfect for a backyard wedding or a wedding on a farm. And with a shortened aisle, you can use more of your decor pieces at the alter or during your reception!

We definitely recommend adding blankets over the hay bales so your guests are comfortable.

A circular setup like this one is particularly good for wedding photos, because it gives your photographer SO MANY different angles to capture the two of you as you say your “I do’s”.

9. Dramatic White Flower-Lined Outdoor Wedding Aisle

white floral outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with simple white chairs

photo by: Andrew Bayda | decor: Maria Kamenskaya | planning: Happy Moments Collector

Sometimes the best outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas are the simplest. Case in point: this stunning white flower-lined pathway.

We love the way this couple took advantage of a natural feature of their venue and opted to use the existing florals to make a statement. Elegant and budget-friendly.

And the symmetrical setup of simple white chairs on either side of the aisle? So pretty! We love how it gives each guest the perfect view of the bride as she makes her way to her groom.

Safe to say, this natural wedding aisle decor is what dreams are made of.

10. Rustic Tree-Lined Road Outdoor Aisle

rustic tree lined road outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas with simple hurricane candle holders

photo: Kaley from Kansas, as seen in this this wedding in the middle of the forest

This whimsical, rustic tree-lined road is what outdoor wedding aisle decor dreams are made of. You honestly don’t have to do much here. The trees do most of the talking, and that’s exactly how we like it.

Line your rustic woodland aisle with simple hurricane candle holders and gorgeous vintage-inspired wooden chairs, and you’re golden.

GWS Pro Tip: If you’re getting married in a place where wildfire risk is high, opt for LED candles as your outdoor wedding aisle decor instead of your standard wax candle.

Indoor Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

indoor wedding aisle decor ideas with disco balls, colorful pink and orange streamers, and rustic black bistro chairs
photo: Kathy Davies Photography, as. seen in this colorfully stunning warehouse wedding

Indoor weddings give you the opportunity to work with the features and structures of your venue to create some truly magical designs for your “I do’s”. With no wind and no rain to worry about your indoor wedding aisle decor can be a bit more whimsical! You can utilize the ceiling and walls, as well as the aisle – so it’s time to get creative!

These aren’t your grandma’s indoor wedding aisle decor ideas. Our favorite designs incorporate everything from vibrant colors to statement florals to Art Deco inspired looks that feel like they came out of the past (in the best kind of way).

11. Greenery Adorned Candle + Lantern Indoor Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

indoor wedding aisle decor where candles in lanterns are surrounded by greenery and rustic wooden chairs

photo: M2visualstudio, as seen in this 70s Inspired Elopement

Light the way to the rest of your life, literally.

This romantic indoor wedding aisle decor idea is perfect for our greenery loving couples! Why go overboard with florals when you can opt for this simple, yet stunning option? Bonus points for incorporating a collection of vintage + rustic lanterns to create an eclectic vibe that feels oh so intentional.

Plus, greenery can be a more cost-effective option if you’re looking to save on florals.

12. Dramatic Ceiling Floral Arrangement Indoor Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

simple indoor wedding aisle decor ideas with floating ceiling floral arrangement and rustic metal chairs

photo: The Commoneer, as seen in this Eclectic Nashville Wedding

The best indoor wedding aisle decor ideas aren’t limited to the floor. When you get married inside, you have the benefit of using the ceiling to create an utterly stunning dreamscape, and this rainbow floral one has totally taken our breath away.

This kind of aisle decor is perfect if you are wearing a large princess-like gown that flares out! You won’t have to worry about knocking anything over or getting anything on your dress.

GWS Pro Tip: Keep the ethereal vibes going by putting up a hanging flower installation at your reception’s photo booth or selfie spot. Don’t forget to leave a Polaroid camera for guests to snap photos of themselves that you can have as a keepsake after the big day.

13. Cutesy + Eclectic Potted Plant Indoor Wedding Aisle Decor

rustic indoor wedding aisle decor ideas with cactus and candles

photo by: Tim Ryan Smith

We totally get it…custom floral installations are not only a LOT of work, but they can also be quite expensive. And one of our fave budget-friendly indoor wedding aisle decor ideas is incorporating potted plants instead.

We love it when couples think about what types of plants they’d want to take home after the wedding day too. After all, who doesn’t love a multi-use purchase?!

Mix your potted plants in with some dreamy candles in hurricane candle holders like the ones above for some seriously romantic vibes.

14. Color Blocked Floral Indoor Aisle Ideas

indoor wedding aisle decor ideas with color blocked blue, pink, and purple florals

photo by: Elsie Goodman | florals: Flower Disco

This one’s for our color-loving couples. When it comes to indoor wedding aisle decor ideas, we’re kind of obsessed with color blocking florals.

This aesthetic is especially great if you don’t want to fully commit to just one color palette. Mix and match your fave tones for a playful look that brings your aisle to life.

Collab with your florist and planner to come up with the best color block palette and types of florals to achieve the vision you have for your aisle. If you’re down to design it yourself, be on the look out for pampas grass you can use, like this stunning blue bundle!

GWS Pro Tip: Use different sized and textured flower vases to add dimension to your wedding aisle. We love these retro French glass vases from Etsy!

15. Iridescent Accented + Rainbow Aisle Ideas

indoor wedding aisle decor ideas with disco balls and iridescent streamers and rainbow block chairs

photo: Rossella Putino Photography, as seen in this pop art meets 80’s vibes wedding inspo

We’re pretty convinced that walking down an aisle covered in confetti is the perfect way to celebrate the rest of your life together. This indoor wedding aisle decor idea is perfect for the couple that is the life of every party!

We love the addition of the disco balls alongside the entire pathway to the altar. And those color blocked benches? TOO COOL.

These gorgeous iridescent streamers are perfect for your bright, pop art-inspired wedding. And don’t forget the disco balls!

16. Retro Art Deco Inspired Indoor Aisle Ideas

Art Deco inspired indoor wedding aisle decor ideas with simple greenery and yellow rustic chairs

photo: Becca Gleason, as seen in this Art-Deco Detroit Wedding

There’s something about the elegance of the Art Deco era that gets us every time. It’s equal parts glamorous and vintage warmth, and we’re absolutely smitten.

Honestly, the best indoor wedding aisle decor ideas are the ones that can utilize the natural character of the space. And that’s exactly what this aisle does. All you need is a simple greenery garland to complete the look. Seriously timeless!

Church Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

outdoor rustic white church wedding aisle decor ideas with vintage red rugs and rustic bench pews
photo: Jamie Hardin Photography, as seen in this Little White Chapel Wedding

We get it, church wedding aisle decor can be some of the most challenging. Churches aren’t always the easiest places to work with when crafting the perfect wedding aesthetic, but it totally doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve seen PLENTY of epic church weddings, and our favorite church wedding aisle decor ideas find a way to balance the architecture of the church with your personal wedding vibe.

17. Romantic Candle Cluster Church Aisle Idea

simple indoor church wedding aisle decor ideas with clusters of candles and pastel dyed baby's breath flowers

photo: Ashleigh Coleman, as seen in this Romeo + Juliet Inspired New Orleans Wedding

For the creative couple that wants to make a statement with their church wedding aisle decor, this one’s for you.

This wedding aisle was decorated with pastel baby’s breath and gorgeous layers of floating candles. The couple added colored tulle scarves, white drapes and neon lit up crosses to the interior of the church to achieve a Romeo + Juliet, Baz Luhrman vibe…and we. are. obsessed.

P.S. We found similar cylinder candle holders so you can achieve this dreamy look!

18. Bundled + Dramatic Floral Church Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

indoor church wedding aisle decor ideas with large boho floral arrangements lining the pews

Photo: Rossini Photography | Design and Planning: Le Jour Du Oui | Flowers: Flowers Living

It’s a timeless + classic church wedding aisle decor idea, but we can’t get enough of it: extra large, dramatic floral bunches adorning the sides of the pews. Seriously heavenly.

Bundle florals together and line the aisle for a beautiful and elegant wedding aisle look that’ll look just as good today as it will when you look back on your wedding photos for years to come.

And when your ceremony is over you can move those bunches to line the dance floor at your reception (a great budget friendly option)!

19. Minimalist Candle Lined Church Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

chic and simple church wedding aisle decor ideas with white floor runner and tea light candles

photo: Jeroen Noordzij as seen in this Sophisticated + Chic Wedding

We love a classic and timeless look, especially for church nuptials. This church wedding aisle decor idea incorporates a simple, yet stunning, lined white walkway with tea light candles running the entire length. And frankly, we don’t think you need anything else.

This look works best when you’re getting married in a church that has distinctive architectural features you don’t want to detract from.

20. Maximalist Candle + Floral Display Church Wedding Aisle Decor

church wedding aisle decor ideas with extra large candle arrangement at the altar and florals lining the pews

photo by: Tec Petaja | event design + planning: Crosby + Jon | florals: Moni Junco as seen in this Enchanting + Ethereal Wedding Inspo

Don’t stick the flower girls with this job if you can do it yourself! Incorporating candles and heavy florals in your church wedding aisle decor is a MUST.

This wild but elegant church wedding aisle decor idea perfectly shapes the aisle and truly makes a statement. For that extra wow factor, use these gold candle holders to achieve that dreamy, romantic church look.

Boho Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

outdoor boho wedding aisle decor ideas with an extra large sun inspired pampas adorned altar on rooftop
photo: Zulie Rego Photography, as seen in this Tropical Rooftop Wedding

Calling all boho babes! It’s no secret we have a thing for boho wedding aisle decor ideas. We’ve featured enough boho weddings here on GWS to be tried and true experts on the boho aesthetic.

We love boho wedding aisle decor for its blend of laid back and free-spirited vibes, without sacrificing style and sophistication. It’s basically the cool girl of wedding aesthetics, and we’re obvi obsessed. And these are the aisle vibes that have us consistently coming back for more. TOO. PRETTY.

21. Dried Palm Accented Boho Aisle Idea

boho indoor wedding aisle decor ideas with Persian rugs, lanterns, and a palm adorned altar

photo: Under the Sun Photography, as seen in this Western Inspired Boho Wedding

Next to pampas grass, neutral toned palm fronds have to be the top boho staple.

Incorporating dried palm into your boho wedding aisle decor is an absolute must when trying to achieve the eclectic and natural vibe.

Pair the look of dried palms with a collection of vintage rugs to line the aisle, along with wicker baskets to house everything from cozy pillow seating to simple white candles.

22. Vintage Rug-Lined Boho Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

outdoor boho wedding aisle decor ideas with rustic wicker chairs and a Persian rug walkway

photo by: Lenny Pellico | planning + event design: Angela Mugnai | florals: White Pepper Studio | as seen in this Boho Italian Wedding Day

If you can’t run through a field of wildflowers on your wedding day you should at least walk down the aisle surrounded by them!

Using bright florals, like these wildflowers, adds that extra bit of whimsy to your journey down a path you’ve been waiting take.

Complete the look with some stunning vintage rugs that you KNOW you’ll want to put in your future home.

23. Over-The-Top Glam Meets Boho Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

outdoor boho wedding aisle decor ideas with desert tone floral archways and glam metallic hanging lights

photo by: the Foxes | planning + design: Wild Heart Events

Just because you’re planning a boho wedding doesn’t mean you can’t go all out. We love the way this boho wedding aisle decor incorporates elements of glam (hello, gorgeous metallic installations!) amongst more bohemian elements like sunset tone florals.

And the rows of archways all the way to the spot where the couple is saying their “I do’s”? It doesn’t get any more magical than that.

24. Extravagant Pampas Installation Boho Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

indoor boho wedding aisle decor ideas with pampas installation on the ceiling and rustic glass jars holding pampas bundles

photo: Jennifer Anderson Photography + Bev Robison Photography, as seen in this Boho Wedding Desert Vibes

Want a boho desert inspired wedding vibe but not in the actual desert? Pampas grass has completely taken the wedding world by storm, and it’s the perfect way to achieve the look.

We’re fully head over heels for the way this indoor boho wedding aisle decor incorporates the prettiest pampas ceiling installation, paired with rustic glass jars containing pampas bunches that line the way to the altar.

And those Turkish rug runners? *chef’s kiss*

25. Oversized + Colorfully Asymmetrical Boho Aisle Ideas

outdoor pastel pink, orange, and purple floral boho wedding aisle decor ideas on Lake Como

photo by: Catherine Mead | Florals: Tulipina | planning + design: Lake Como Weddings

Don’t be afraid of using color and asymmetry in your design, especially if you’re aiming for the boho wedding aisle decor aesthetic.

Incorporating a colorful, asymmetrical floral archway is such a unique and unexpected look. And that’s what boho weddings are all about: letting go of tradition and embracing the free-spirited vibe. The perfect way to frame your “I do’s”.

GWS Pro Tip: Incorporating unique shapes and layers to your wedding aisle decor helps add dimension to your wedding photos. Perfect for a boho of whimsical look!

26. Draped Tulle Boho Aisle Ideas

indoor boho wedding aisle decor ideas with red tulle cascading from the ceiling

photo: Autumn Nicole Photography, as seen in this Abandoned Train Station Wedding

Forget tulle on your wedding dress, tulle draping from the ceiling is our new obsession.

We love the extravagance of this indoor boho wedding aisle decor idea. The way the wisps of maroon and dark orange tones meander their way down toward the guests is a thing of dreams.

And we love the moody bohemain touch of dark Persian rugs lining the pathway with those gorgeous candles lit alongside.

27. Bold Color Block Streamer Boho Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

bright rainbow streamer boho wedding aisle decor ideas with clear acrylic chairs

photo: Trish Allison, as seen in this Brightly Colored Wedding

One word: STREAMERS.

Looking to achieve a bright and bold boho wedding aisle decor look? Then bright streamers aren’t a want…they’re a NEED.

While the boho style is typically defined by sunset tones and neutrals, we love the combo of the boho aesthetic with modern elements like the famous Louis Ghost Chairs and bright + springy florals.

Making a grand exit has NEVER been more iconic. Choose one of these recessional songs for an epic ceremony exit!

Simple Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

rustic simple wedding aisle decor ideas with string lights
Photo by: Chris & Ruth Photography

Sometimes, less IS more. These simple wedding aisle decor ideas are stunning and perfect for that minimalist vibe.

Not to mention, simple wedding aisle decor is often cost effective + budget-friendly, because you’re using less materials to decorate (and it tends to be easier to do yourself!).

But don’t mistake these simple wedding aisle decor ideas for anything but magical. Wedding decor totally doesn’t need to be over-the-top or extravagant to be stunning, and these ideas are the perfect example of that.

28. Florals on the Beach Simple Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

simple wedding aisle decor with a white aisle runner lined with roses in the sand of a beach and rustic wooden chairs

photo: Jaimee Morse | Florals: Bloom and Blueprint

The beach is already a stunning spot for a wedding, so there isn’t much you need to do here. We love the idea of incorporating simple wedding aisle decor, like a neutral runner and roses planted into the sand alongside it.

Just one thing to note: due to the breeze on the shore, we would shy away from using anything that could potentially be blown away.

29. Beachy + Boho Meets Modern + Simple Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

outdoor simple wedding aisle decor ideas with rustic wood benches and vases holding boho neutral tone florals

photo: Marcella Laine, as seen in this Boho Cabo Wedding

Love the boho look but still want simple wedding aisle decor? We’re all for mixing styles, and this look is a stunning example.

The simple benches with neutral cushions provide a modern look, while the rustic clear vases and pampas grass bring all the boho vibes.

And if you’re looking for styling that lasts beyond the wedding day, these modern + simple lanterns would look just as gorgeous on your front stoop as they would at the end of the aisle. STUNNING.

30. Potted Flowers Simple Wedding Aisle Decor Idea

indoor simple wedding aisle decor ideas with minimal florals and farmhouse style white chairs

photo: Emma Wynn Paul, as seen in this Wedding Inspired by Their First Date

Simple wedding aisle decor doesn’t mean you can’t have florals. In fact, we love the understated elegance of having a few smaller floral arrangements spread out. This more minimalist look really helps the colors of your blooms pop.

Opt for potted florals (we’re loving these modern black pots) so that you can easily bring each arrangement over to decorating the dining tables at the reception too. Not only is this a more sustainable option, but it’s also budget friendly.

31. Moody Twinkle Light Display Simple Aisle Idea

indoor simple wedding aisle decor ideas with twinkle lights behind the couple

photo: Esme Whiteside, as seen in this feature on How to Create a Moody Backdrop

Sometimes simple wedding aisle decor ideas are also the most romantic. Case in point: this aisle adorned with the prettiest of twinkle lights.

We love the moody aesthetic happening here, especially for an indoors winter wedding. Go for the ultimate moody effect for your wedding aisle with candles in gorgeous gold lanterns, and skip the overhead lights altogether.

We’re swooning!

couple standing at the end of an outdoor aisle with dramatic florals surrounding them in a rainbow of colors and four chandeliers at the altar
photo: Kimon Kaketsis, as seen in this Reimagined Santorini Elopement

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So which of these wedding aisle decor ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!