The Complete Stacked Wedding Rings Guide: How to Get The Look

gold marquise cut diamond stacked wedding rings
chunky diamond ring stack: Marrow Fine

When one wedding band just isn’t enough, stacked wedding rings are here to bring the bling! While traditional sets include just two rings, we’re seeing more and more stylish babes add on to their ensembles with stunning sparklers and modern bands. And safe to say we’re totally obsessed!

If you’ve been searching for ways to add a little more sparkle to your life, stacked wedding rings may just be your answer. To help you nail the look, we created the ultimate guide for how to build a stand-out stack — plus, we rounded up a few of our favorite sparklers to complete your collection!

Ready to fall in love all over again? Let’s get into it!

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What are stacked wedding rings?

green and gold multi-stone stacked wedding rings
curved gold stacking rings: Capuccine

Stacked wedding rings are exactly what they sound like: a stack of multiple rings that come together to create a dazzling display on your finger. Typically, ring stacks include your engagement ring at the center, combined with a wedding band and a few side-kick rings to up the sparkle factor.

The result? A layered look that reflects your personal style and tells a story with each glittering addition!

What is the meaning behind stacked wedding rings?

collection of three gold pave diamond stacked wedding rings
dainty diamond ring stack: Catbird

For many people, stacked wedding rings are used to represent significant life events or anniversaries. Think of them like a sparkly collection of your favorite memories!

While it’s becoming more popular to invest in a stack (or a set) all at once, there is something incredibly special about collecting your rings over time. This way, every time you look down at your glittering ensemble you’ll be reminded of your first anniversary, the birth of your children, or your milestone move to a new home!

Are stacked wedding rings in style?

dainty gold mismatched diamond stacked wedding rings
layered gold stacking rings: Catbird

One word: YES! With such a one-of-a-kind look, stacked wedding rings have become a favorite for people who love to stand out, express their personal style, and rock a little more sparkle on their finger. We’re also seeing tons of on-trend designers create stunning rings that are made for stacking, like Catbird and Marrow Fine.

Plus, with stacked wedding rings, you can always be in style. Let’s face it — ring trends come and go. But with a collection of stunning stacking rings, you can mix-and-match your look to reflect your current style and experiment with new trends. A wedding ring that evolves with you? Say less!

Who are stacked wedding rings best for?

gold crown diamond stacked wedding rings
classy gold + diamond stacked rings: Brilliant Earth

As we mentioned in the previous FAQ, stacked wedding rings are perfect for people who love to switch up their style every few years. If the idea of committing to one ring style until death do you part feels a little intimidating, a collection of rings is a great way to keep your look current, play with fun designs (like mixed metals or colorful stones), and express your one-of-a-kind style!

And with so much versatility, stacked wedding rings are also a no-brainer if you love to ditch tradition and do your own thing. Whether you had an unconventional micro-wedding or swapped classic diamonds for an emerald band, a stacked look sounds right up your alley! Plus, who doesn’t want all that extra sparkle, amiright?!

diamond alternative bohemian gold rings in an Art Deco inspired style

Looking for a ring that’s as one-of-a-kind as you are? Showcase your personal style with these unique engagement bands that we can’t stop staring at!

How many rings typically go in a wedding ring stack?

three classic pave diamond stacked wedding rings
diamond pavé stacked rings: Blue Nile

Most wedding ring stacks start with three rings, including your engagement ring and your wedding band. But why stop there?! You can keep building onto your wedding ring stack until you feel like it’s complete. And even then, there’s nothing stopping you from continuing your stack on another finger!

In other words, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to stacked wedding rings. While some people prefer the look of an odd number, you may love the symmetry of four rings. Or, maybe you start with three now, and end up with five in a few years. The options are endless!

Does the order of your stacked wedding rings matter?

curved gold diamond stacked wedding rings
curved diamond ring stack: Catbird

The order of your stacked wedding rings ultimately comes down to your personal preference. After all, the best part about stacked wedding rings is that you can experiment and try out different styles!

Some people choose to stack their wedding rings above and below their main center stone, which creates a gorgeous focal point around your statement bling. Others layer all of their bands below or on top of their main ring to tell a linear story of their relationship with each sparkly addition. And, of course, there’s always the option of ordering them whichever way looks best.

The main takeaway? Just have fun with it, and create a stack that feels right to you.

How to wear stacked wedding rings

gold marquise diamond multi-stone stacked wedding rings with a branch-like nature inspired design
nature-inspired stacked rings: Staghead Designs

Not sure where to start? When creating your wedding ring stack, it’s all about that base. You want your large center stone to be the star of the show, so look for wedding rings that highlight its sparkle instead of taking away from its distinct style.

From there, the bling is in your hands! While some stacked wedding rings nest together perfectly, others blend multiple different styles for a one-of-a-kind, eclectic look.

You could opt for a row of diamond eternity bands for wall-to-wall sparkle, or combine a variety of different curves, shapes, and stones for a style that represents all the different chapters of your love story.

GWS Pro Tip: When in doubt, try sticking to a theme. This will help you avoid that “everything but the kitchen sink” look and create a wedding ring stack that’s no fuss, all vibes. Your common thread could be classic gold bands, rad retro accents, nature-inspired designs, or a mix of pink and white stones. Anything that ties all those gorgeous rings together!

What style of rings work best in a stack? Are certain ring styles better than others?

dazzling multi-stone diamond sunburst crown style stacked wedding rings
rounded diamond stacked rings: Marrow Fine

Here’s the good news: you can create a gorgeous stacked look using any size and shape of wedding rings! If you want a stack that neatly fits together, your best bet is to look for rings with complementary shapes. For example, a circle diamond ring fits beautifully with a rounded crown, while a marquise stone looks amazing with a v-shaped band.

You also can’t go wrong with classic styles, especially when you’re creating the base for your stacked wedding rings. Think: solitaire rings (especially with round and teardrop stones), pavé bands, and eternity styles. It also helps to choose rings with a similar thickness or width, as this will give your ensemble a balanced look.

But don’t feel like your stacked wedding rings have to be a perfect compatibility match! Pairing unexpected styles together can create a super rad and interesting look.

Play with negative space by styling a pointy band with a round diamond ring. Or give your main stone the spotlight by choosing bands with low mountings to help it stand out.

How to mix metals effectively with stacked wedding rings

group of seven eclectic diamond mixed metal stacked wedding rings
mixed metal stacking rings: Blue Nile

Want to inject your wedding ring stack with some personality (and color)? Two words: mixed metals. While this style used to be a fashion faux pas, we’re seeing more and more people rock different metals together. And we’re totally here for it!

To effectively mix metals without your ensemble looking too busy, we suggest choosing one metal as your base. If you have a classic yellow gold stack, adding one modern white gold ring will look chic and intentional.

You can also keep the look cohesive by sticking to one type of stone for all of your stacked wedding rings. For example, a collection of dazzling white diamonds will streamline all of your layers and cause those different metals to pop!

Can you mix stone types when stacking your rings?

lavender purple stone and diamond stacked wedding rings with dramatic curved details
lavender purple stacked rings: Marrow Fine

The first rule of designing your wedding ring stack? There are no rules! You can totally make your stack your own by mixing and matching different stone types and colors.

If you have a classic white diamond wedding set, brighten it up with some colorful gems, like this whimsical moonstone band or this vibrant alexandrite ring. And vice versa — if you went unconventional with a gemstone ring, give it some extra sparkle with a couple of traditional white diamond bands!

We also love the idea of adding a birthstone ring or a family heirloom to the mix. They give your stack some color AND tell a story at the same time. And if you don’t want to commit to a super colorful look, why not mix black and white diamond stacking rings? Edgy and elegant, this two-tone style is a classic, with a modern twist.

whimsical blue stone ring with diamond accent stones

Traditional diamond ring not your jam? Add some color to your stack with these gorgeous sapphire bands (including both blue and pink styles)!

The Best Places to Buy Stacked Wedding Rings

three gold round diamond stacked wedding rings in an organic handcrafted style
distinct diamond stacked rings: Catbird

Time to get shopping! Whether you’re looking for one statement ring to add to your stack or a full set, here are the best places to buy stacked wedding rings.

  • Catbird: For dainty rings with an ethereal vibe, it doesn’t get better than Catbird. Their wedding rings are made for stacking, with delicate details that make a big statement — especially when worn together. We also love the whimsy of their styles, from this shooting star ring to this curved willow band!
  • Marrow Fine: If anyone knows stacked wedding rings, it’s Marrow Fine! This female-founded brand specializes in the mix-and-match style, with seemingly endless options of gorgeous stacking rings that fit beautifully together. Plus, their product pages give you suggestions for how to stack each ring, as well as the option to work with a stylist!
  • Etsy: Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind rings you can’t find anywhere else or wallet-friendly options that won’t break the bank, Etsy has you covered. From colorful stones to classic styles to full sets, they truly have it all. And with every purchase, you’re supporting an independent artist or small business!

Our Favorited Stacked Wedding Rings

white gold tear drop diamond stacked wedding rings trio
white gold bezel-set stacked rings: Diamond Nexus

Ready to start building your bling collection? To help you create the stack of your dreams, we rounded up a few of our favorite wedding rings that are made for mixing and matching.

From statement chunky styles to delicate and dainty diamonds, these stacking rings are here to tell your story — and up the sparkle factor at the same time.

Let’s get into the finger candy!

Chunky Stacked Wedding Rings

stacked wedding rings including three gold diamond rings and one chunky black enamel ring that says til death in a gothic style font
chunky + edgy stacked wedding rings: Marrow Fine

For a style that’s as bold as you are, look no further than these chunky stacked wedding rings!

Dazzling, glimmering, and totally statement-making, these sparklers are made for standing out. They feature thick bands, bright diamonds, and one-of-a-kind designs. With such a fearless style, it’s no wonder chunkier styles have skyrocketed in popularity recently!

If you’re the main character, these chunky stacked wedding rings are here to match your energy. Whether you’re looking to add one chunky ring to the mix or go for a full glam look, we’ve found the best styles for your statement stack!

1: Eternity-Style Chunky Stacked Wedding Rings

trio of diamond simulant eternity style chunky stacked wedding rings

Not only do eternity rings add megawatt shine to your wedding ring stack, but they also have a swoon-worthy meaning behind them. As the name suggests, eternity rings symbolize eternal love. Just as the row of diamonds never ends, neither will your butterflies for your partner. We’re not crying, you are!

With three different bands, these stacked eternity wedding rings are a sweet (and sparkly) way to celebrate your milestone wedding anniversaries with your boo. And paired with your statement center stone, they’ll give you a chunky look that feels classic and meaningful at the same time.

Shop These Chunky Diamond Alternative Eternity Rings

2: Art Deco Inspired Chunky Stacked Wedding Rings

Art Deco inspired diamond gold chunky stacked wedding rings with moon and sun inspired designs

Pay tribute to the glittering Art Deco era with these chunky stacked wedding rings! There’s something about a bold diamond + gold ring stack that feels straight out of that glamorous time period, and we are HERE for it. Especially with this sunrise + moonrise-inspired ring stack aesthetic.

This glitzy stack combines a classic circular ring with a baguette diamond crown and a thick curved stacking ring. It looks like a treasured heirloom that’s been in your family for generations — and will be passed down for generations to come!

Shop These Chunky Gold Celestial Diamond Stacking RIngs

Art Deco nature-inspired diamond ring

For more heirloom-worthy styles, don’t miss our list of the best vintage-inspired bands! These stunners are channeling allll the romance of a bygone era.

3: Mixed Metal Chunky Stacked Wedding Ring Set

square peach stone mixed metal chunky stacked wedding rings with a wide ring on the bottom and rounded narrow ones on top

When it comes to chunky stacked wedding rings, there’s a fine line between dazzling and overwhelming. Stick to the former by finding a way to break up your stack, whether that’s through diamond accents, unexpected bands, or, in this case, mixed metals!

This wedding ring set features a peachy, square-shaped ring with a two-tone band, plus a matching wide ring that fits perfectly next to it. It’s modern, romantic, and totally one-of-a-kind. And if you’re looking for a little extra bling, pair it with a third white gold band to highlight that mixed metal design!

Shop This Modern Mixed Metal Wedding Ring Set

4: Glimmering Gold Chunky Stacking Bands

thick gold chunky stacked wedding rings with diamond accents in a crown inspired design

Alexa, play “Golden” by Harry Styles! With such a solid, oh-so golden design, you could see the shine of these stacked wedding rings from a mile away. We love love love how the two gold bands hug that center diamond, perfectly framing its sparkle.

Plus, if you’re looking for a stack that feels sturdy on your finger, it doesn’t get better than that bottom cigar band. Bold, hefty, and chunky, this style was designed to make a statement. Paired with the equally bold baguette ring at the top, it’s the ultimate balance of glitz and glam.

Shop This Chunky Golden Ring Set

5: Megawatt Sparkle Chunky Stacked Wedding Ring Set

feminine curved pave diamond alternative chunky stacked wedding rings with a round cut center stone

Caution: this chunky wedding ring stack is almost too dazzling to look at directly! It features three bands stacked to the brim with sparkling stones. And sold as a set, all three rings are a perfect match — great if you want to start rocking your stack ASAP.

P.S. This statement ring set is made with diamond alternatives, so it’s also super budget-friendly. Choose between this feminine rosy hue or a modern sterling silver to match your distinct style.

Shop This Curved Chunky Wedding Ring Set

6: Black + White Diamond Chunky Stacking Bands

gold chunky stacked wedding rings with a triangle band and black and white diamonds

If you love an edgy, non-traditional look, prepare to fall head over heels for these chunky stacked wedding rings! The mix of black and white diamonds isn’t for everyone, but that’s what makes it so cool. And with so many different styles, shapes, and hues, this stack is anything but basic.

Plus, a layered look like this one is super customizable! Rearrange the glittering bands to create different masterpieces, depending on your mood. Keep it simple with just your center stone and that black diamond crown, or go full glam with all five rings. There are no wrong answers here!

Shop These Edgy + Chunky Diamond Stacking RIngs

GWS Pro Tip: Break up your chunky wedding ring stack by mixing thick bands with more delicate styles. This creates dimension and gives you a rad, customizable look!

7: Boho Turquoise Chunky Stacked Wedding Ring Set

diamond alternative and turquoise stone set chunky stacked wedding rings

For the western girlies, the boho babes, and anyone who loves to stand out, meet: this chunky stacked wedding ring set!

As much as we love the dazzling ring at the center of this stack, it’s the turquoise bands that steal the show. They give it a distinct, eye-catching look that pays homage to southwestern-style jewelry — and as a bonus, turquoise is known to bring luck, peace, and protection. Wins all around!

Shop This Rad Turquoise Chunky Ring Set

Diamond Stacked Wedding Rings

gold curved diamond chunky stacked wedding rings
chunky diamond stacked wedding rings: Marrow Fine

In the words of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: frost yourself. These diamond stacked wedding rings are all sparkle, all the time, perfect for achieving an ultra luxe and glamorous look. Because who doesn’t want a stack that glitters like a disco ball?!

It should come as no surprise that diamond bands are the most popular choice when building a stack (they are our best friends, after all). That means you’ll have no trouble finding gorgeous glittering stacking bands to complete your ensemble, from understated sparklers to one-of-a-kind designs.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate sparkly style, keep scrolling for a few of our favorite diamond stacked wedding rings to complete the look!

8: Dainty + Delicate Diamond Stacked Wedding Rings

dainty curved multi-stone diamond stacked wedding rings with sizable negative space in between them

Simple rings more your jam? No prob! This wedding ring stack features a collection of dainty rings dotted with delicate diamonds. They may be small on their own, but together they make a BIG impact. Kind of like a galaxy of twinkling stars for your finger!

P.S. This is an especially cute style if you want your wedding ring stack to represent your milestone moments — without feeling over-the-top. It’s like we can see your love story unfolding with each delicate band!

Shop These Dainty Diamond Stacking RIngs

9: Funky Zig-Zag Diamond Ring Set

funky gold zig zag diamond stacked wedding rings

Add these stacked gold rings to any wedding set for an instant attention-grabber! They’re the perfect blend of modern and retro styles, with that fun zig-zag design and the gorgeous pavé diamond accents (which are conflict-free, btw!).

We’re picturing these wedding rings stacked with a teardrop, marquise, or square-shaped stone. You can even wear them on their own for the days you want to keep it no-fuss!

Shop These Rad Zig-Zag Stacking RIngs

10: Modern Asymmetrical Wave-Inspired Diamond Stacking Bands

distinct gold wave shaped diamond stacked wedding rings in an asymmetrical design

~Wave~ goodbye to traditional styles with this rad diamond wedding ring stack! That wave-inspired asymmetrical stacking ring is big, bold, and beautiful (without feeling too flashy) and pairs SO beautifully with any type of ring.

Oh, and did we mention that this wave style also comes in a black diamond version, as well as a pretty purple stone one? Perfect for standing out in allll the right ways!

Shop THis Wave-Shaped Stacking RIng

11: Regal Crown-Shaped Diamond Stacking Bands

nesting crown pave diamond stacked wedding rings in curved and pointed shapes

Why settle for one crown when you could have three?! This pavé diamond wedding ring stack features three glimmering crowns that fit together like ripples of water. Just look at that shimmer!

Wear them stacked side by side below your wedding set, or mix and match depending on the day. There’s no doubt you’ll be feeling like royalty with these beauties crowning your finger!

Shop This Pave Diamond Ring Stack

Mixed Metal Stacked Wedding Rings

classic diamond eternity mixed metal stacked wedding rings in white and yellow gold
mixed metal stacked wedding rings: Marrow Fine

If you’re anything like us, choosing just one metal for your wedding set was a Very Difficult Decision. Do you want the warm and classic look of yellow gold? Or the chic and modern style of white gold? Or maybe the trendy and romantic vibes of a rosy hue?

Well, with mixed metal stacked wedding rings, you don’t have to choose! Mixing metals has become more and more popular with everyday jewelry, and your forever finger candy is no exception. We love the modern and unexpected look of two or even three tones side-by-side. Très chic!

For the people who hate committing to just one style, these mixed metal stacked wedding rings are for you!

12: Twinkling Constellation Mixed Metal Stacking Bands

three-piece celestial eternity style mixed metal stacked wedding rings

Is it just us, or do these stacked wedding rings look like a mini constellation made of diamonds? If your love was written in the stars, these mixed metal twinklers are a need, not a want!

Plus, there’s something so whimsical about the three different golds side-by-side — which still look cohesive, thanks to the matching moissanite accent stones. And with such a dainty design, they make for great spacers (the bands that sit between your chunkier rings when stacking).

Shop This Dainty + Whimsical Mixed MEtal Ring Stack

13: Fairytale-Esque Mixed Metal Stacked Wedding Rings

intricate filigree mixed metal stacked wedding rings with a round diamond center

Elegant, decadent, romantic, feminine — we could go on! These stacked wedding rings look like something straight out of a fairytale, with intricate milgrain details and a crown-like filigree design. Fitting for your swoon-worthy love story!

And while this gorgeous stack definitely channels the romance of a bygone era, the mixed metals also give it a modern touch. Pair it with another dazzling white gold band for extra sparkle.

Shop This Mixed Metal Wedding Ring Set

pear morganite diamond accent rings

If you can’t get enough of the romantic, feminine look, check out our list of the best rose gold bands for every style!

14: Stylish Mix-and-Match Stacked Wedding Rings

delicate curved diamond pave mixed metal stacked wedding rings with white and black stones

We could go on and on about our love for dainty and delicate stacked wedding rings. They’re chic, stylish, and SO fun to mix and match. Plus, with minimalist rings, you can add different metals and stones without your stack looking too busy!

This cute stack from Catbird may be understated, but it’s anything but boring thanks to the mix of rosy and yellow gold metals, polished and pavé bands, and white and black diamonds. It’s really doing it all!

Shop These Mixed Metal Stacked WEdding Rings

15: Total Eclipse Black Onyx Mixed Metal Set

chunky black onyx and diamond mixed metal stacked wedding rings

You’re not like everyone else, so why should your ring be?! Bold and full of mystery, these stacked wedding rings definitely stand out from the crowd.

This three-piece set is actually inspired by the beauty of an eclipse, with a dark center stone (you can choose between a black diamond or a black onyx) to represent the moon and white diamond accents to symbolize stars.

Plus, the mix of white and yellow gold gives it a warm and cold feel that is simply TO DIE FOR.

Shop This Non-Traditional Mixed Metal Ring Set

16: Thin Three-Piece Mixed Metal Stacking Bands

trio of delicate diamond eternity mixed metal stacked wedding rings

Catch the light from every direction with these dazzling mixed metal stacked wedding rings. Ultra thin and romantic, they add just the right amount of somethin’ somethin’ to your finger. Perfect if you want to zhuzh up your set with some extra bling, but don’t want anything too chunky!

We especially love how each ring in this stunning three-piece set has its own distinct style. You could totally wear each one on its own and still make a stylish statement!

SHop These Diamond Mixed Metal Stacking RIngs

white gold nested diamond stacked wedding rings
nested diamond stacked rings: Brilliant Earth

Looking to upgrade your bling this year? We’ve got you covered!

If you’re just starting to build your wedding ring stack, don’t miss our list of the very best wedding bands for ladies. We’ve found gorgeous sparklers for every style — great for stacking or wearing solo!

And once you’ve upgraded your stack, you’re going to want to show it off. Get IG-ready with this round-up of our favorite nail designs and ideas that you need to try ASAP. Best paired with some sparkly jewelry!

But why stop at your wedding set? We’ve also rounded up the best birthstone rings and birthstone necklaces to inject your look with a little personality. And if you really want to make a statement, also check out this list of trendy tassel earrings!

Which of these stacked wedding rings were your fave? Let us know in the comments below!