29 Cute Tassel Earrings That Make a Statement

bride wearing boho fringe white tassel earrings
photo: Pierra G Photography featured in this Old-Fashioned Rustic Barn Wedding

Nothing adds a rad boho statement to your look like a shoulder-grazing pair of tassel earrings! Fringe is back in a big way, and statement earrings are the perfect way to incorporate this playful trend into your wardrobe.

From brunch to Target runs to yes, even your wedding day, your jewelry box needs a pair (or two) of these bold earrings. Rock some tassels with everything from a t-shirt to a wedding dress and you’ve got a maximum look with minimum effort.

How to Wear Tassel Earrings

With unlimited colors, textures, and styles, there’s a pair of tassel earrings to spice up any and every look. We love pairing a bright tassel with a neutral outfit to give it a pop, or throwing them on with a colorful dress to channel bubbly summer vibes.

But tassel earrings aren’t just a warm-weather trend. Take them back to their more ornate roots and style a beaded tassel with muted colors, lace, or cocktail attire to add a touch of elegance. Or, for a fashion-forward statement that looks fresh for every season, play around with unexpected tassel textures, like macramé, leather, and even feathers.

While you don’t need an occasion to don a pair of show-stopping tassel earrings, we absolutely adore them for weddings. From sparkly gemstone tassels that compliment a boho wedding dress to feminine matching pairs that tie your bridesmaids’ looks together, this accessory has that extra oomph you’ve been looking for!

GWS Tip: To nail the eye-catching look, we suggest tying your hair back and letting your tassel earrings shine. With so much personality, these babies deserve their time in the spotlight.

wedding statement earrings

Love the idea of statement earrings for your wedding day? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite show-stopping picks.

Below, we collected some fringed favorites in popular colors and styles. Let’s take a look!

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Red Tassel Earrings

bohemian fringe red tassel earrings with rattan hoops and gold post
earrings: The Silver Lunar

Looking for an accessory that matches the energy of your favorite red lip? Red tassel earrings are flirty, bold, and romantic, making them perfect for a date night or cocktail hour. For an even sultrier look, try pairing them with an off-the-shoulder neckline or a head-to-toe monochrome outfit.

1: Ombre Tiered Red Tassel Earrings

ombre red tassel earrings with gold posts and pink accents

This handmade pair of red tassel earrings is super wearable, thanks to its ombre color scheme. Whether your ‘fit is red, pink, or neutral colors, these fringe earrings will bring the look together.

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2: Bright Red Tassel Earrings With Gold Half Moons

red tassel earrings with a gold half moon charm and dainty chains

Looking to accessorize your vacation abroad (or at least feel like you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean)? These bright red tassel earrings are made for summer, sun, and partying all night. Plus, their light-weight design means you can dance for hours without them holding you down.

shop these bright red and gold earrings

3: Shimmery Red Beaded Earrings

sparkly beaded red earrings with maroon accents

Bring the va-va-voom with these dramatic and shimmery red earrings. With two different types of beading accents, this pair will catch the light beautifully as you move throughout the night.

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4: Boho Rust Red Tassel Earrings

red tassel earrings with a delicate gold hoop and rust tones

Carry your boho look into autumn and winter with these rust red tassel earrings. The dainty gold wire hoops and fun tassel charms would add a light, free-spirited energy to a cozy sweater or earth-toned coat.

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5: Bold and Boho Red Tassel Earrings

bohemian red tassel earrings with beaded details and fringe accents

Bold and striking, you can’t help but turn heads with these red earrings. With both beading and tassels, they MAKE an outfit. We love a loud and proud accessory!

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Gold Tassel Earrings

bride wearing gold bridal crown with tassel crystal earrings
photo: Alex Mari Photography featured in this Eclectic Elopement Inspiration

Add some glitz and glam to your look with a statement pair of gold tassel earrings. For a more refined, sparkly take on the typical tassel style, these picks are IT. Dress them up for a night out or a special occasion…like a wedding, perhaps?

6: Glamorous Gold Tassel Earrings

glamorous gold tassel earrings with a clear rhinestone stud

Achieve your red carpet moment with these ultra-glam golden rhinestone earrings. With these framing your face, you’ll dazzle at a black tie event or bring some extra sparkle on a night out. As we always say, there’s no such thing as too much bling.

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7: Gold Hoop Earrings With Cream Tassels

gold hoop earrings with creamy white tassels

Bored of wearing the same gold hoops with every outfit? Add some boho flair to your look with these creamy white and gold tassel earrings. They’re just as wearable as your go-to chunky hoops, but way more interesting.

shop these statement gold earrings with cream tassels

8: Glittery and Dainty Gold Tassel Earrings

long glittery gold tassel earrings

These dainty gold tassel earrings prove that an accessory doesn’t have to be huge to make a statement. We’re making these delicate, shoulder-skimming earrings a mainstay in night-out accessory collections. We’re getting all the ethereal vibes!

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9: Gold Tassel Earrings With a Mother-of-Pearl Teardrop

ornate gold tassel earrings with a mother of pearl teardrop

With a mother-of-pearl teardrop and decadent detailing, these ornate gold earrings look like they belong in the Queen of Genovia’s jewelry collection. We’re bringing our Princess Diaries fantasy to life and buying these ASAP.

shop these regal mother-of-pearl and gold earrings

10: Boho Gold Fringe Earrings With Citrine Crystals

boho gold fringe earrings with a dangling citrine crystal pendant

Citrine crystals are used for promoting confidence and manifesting prosperity — in other words, they can help make your dreams come true. With that in mind, these citrine and gold tassel earrings would make a magical addition to any look.

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Pink Tassel Earrings

feather white and pink tassel earrings
earrings: KellyMackCo

Whoever said pink is the new black knew what they were talking about. The pink trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if you’ve been looking for a sign to pick up a blush-hued accessory, this is it. These pink tassel earrings add a feminine, funky touch to any outfit, making them a staple in our closets.

11: Rainbow Pink Tassel Earrings

pink orange and red handmade rainbow earrings

You’ll feel happy and free all day (or at least you’ll look it!) with these cute handmade pink rainbow earrings from Etsy. Break them out during warmer months to celebrate the end of spring showers and the beginning of blue skies ahead!

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12: Beaded Sunset Pink Fringe Tassel Earrings

beaded pink fringe tassel earrings with gold details

Go retro-cool with these color-blocked tassel earrings. We love how the wavy stud and peek of gold at the bottom tie these groovy earrings together. They are just TOO GOOD. Sunset vibes, anyone?!

shop these Groovy beaded pink earrings

13: V-Shaped Boho Pink Tassel Earrings

boho v-shaped pink tassel earrings

You’ll always be festival-ready with these boho pink tassel earrings. Throw them on with a messy bun and suddenly you have a party-ready look. Just like magic!

shop these boho handmade pink earrings

14: Electric Pink Tassel Earrings

handmade beaded bright pink tassel earrings

Neon will always be the coolest throwback trend, and these electric pink tassel earrings prove it. But don’t just stop at pink — this Etsy pair also comes in a dramatic red and bright turquoise blue.

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15: Pink Ostrich Feather Earrings

long and whimsical pink ostrich feather earrings

These pink ostrich feather earrings are giving us all the whimsy. While feather boas may not be acceptable for daily wear (yet), these earrings sure are.

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Black Tassel Earrings

celestial gold and black tassel earrings
earrings: XTRAbyStacey

It’s hard to find the perfect, go-to pair of statement earrings. They have to be versatile — complementing both a timeless jeans-and-tee look and your most on-trend get-up. They also have to be deceivingly easy to wear, ideal for making a statement from day to night. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the black tassel earrings that check all those boxes (and a few more)!

16: Clay Gold and Black Tassel Earrings

geometric clay gold and black long earrings with black fringe

Gold-flaked black clay AND tassels? Sign us up. These black tassel earrings will carry your look — without weighing it down. This style nails the modern-meets-glam aesthetic, in the best ways!

shop these clay black and gold earrings

17: Leather Black Fringe Earrings

handmade leather black fringe earrings

How cool are these leather black tassel earrings? Pair them with your favorite black boots and denim combo for a look that’s edgy, unexpected, and just a little bit rock’n’roll.

shop these black leather fringe earrings

18: Woven Black Tassel Earrings

woven black fan shaped tassel earrings

No one will guess how affordable these woven black fan earrings are! For a statement that doesn’t go overboard, you can wear this pair with anything. And the contrast of gold against black is utterly stunning, to say the least.

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19: Chic and Timeless Black Beaded Tassel Earrings

glamorous long beaded black earrings

These Oscar de la Renta black earrings scream treat yourself — and who are we to argue with that? Both playful and polished, these will wow for a formal event or cocktail party.

shop these beaded black earrings

20: Black Fan Earrings With Gold Details

circle fan black tassel earrings with gold details

There’s something about a black and gold combination that takes our breath away. These earrings feature that unbeatable color scheme, perfectly walking the line between boho and glam. We’re swooning!

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Beaded Tassel Earrings

bride wearing boho white beaded tassel earrings
earrings: JoannaReedBridal

While we love a classic fringe look, beaded tassel earrings really take this statement accessory to the next level. Charming, sophisticated, and oh-so wearable, they capture the ultimate trifecta of style! We can’t wait to rock them with our winter holiday looks and summer wedding guest dresses alike.

21: Bubblegum Pink Beaded Tassel Earrings

glamorous light pink beaded tassel earrings

BaubleBar has nailed beaded tassel earrings. This bubblegum pink pair makes us want to change out of our sweats and leave the house just to show them off.

shop these pink beaded earrings

22: Elegant Ivory Beaded Earrings

elegant wedding beaded white tassel earrings

If you’ve been looking for the perfect pair of beaded tassel earrings for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower, you can stop scrolling now. It doesn’t get much better than these!

shop these elegant Ivory beaded earrings

23: Pearl-Inspired Beaded Earrings

elegant pearl-inspired white beaded earrings

A modern take on classic pearl earrings, this vintage-inspired white beaded pair brings the glamour of bygone eras to life. And, with pearlcore being one of our favorite new wedding trends, we’re itching to get our hands on this affordable alternative.

shop these pearl-inspired white beaded earrings

24: Bright Blue Beaded Fringe Earrings

light blue hoop beaded fringe earrings

For your something blue, we love these party-ready beaded fringe earrings. They would absolutely pop with an all-white look. Such a gorgeous and vibrant color.

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White Tassel Earrings

bride in a white hat wearing elegant white fringe tassel earrings with gold post
photo: The Silhouette Studio featured in this Boho Western Wedding Inspiration

For a beachy summer vibe or — our personal favorite — a covetable boho wedding look, white tassel earrings are an absolute must. They’ll elevate your accessory game instantly, especially when paired with other white accessories, like a western hat or a chic blazer.

25: Golden Arch White Tassel Earrings

golden brass arch white tassel earrings

These white tassel earrings are giving golden hour vibes, and we’re not mad about it. You’d be glowing from dusk to dawn with this one-of-a-kind pair.

shop these golden arch white fringe earrings

26: Statement White Tassel Earrings

ornate boho bridal white tassel earrings with chunky bead details

Forget minimalism — these white earrings are fulfilling our maximalist dreams. With handmade beads and boho charms, these are the definition of statement earrings.

shop these Statement WHite Earrings

27: Boho Western White Earrings

boho western white earrings with leather fringe

Channel those western boho vibes with some leather fringe! This handmaid pair comes in a variety of colors — and pairs well with cowboy boots. And we love the modern touch of the triangle shaped top.

shop these boho western white leather fringe earrings

28: Handmade White Earrings With Rose Motif

beaded white earrings with a rose design

Hello, perfection! White beads, funky fringe, and a romantic rose motif. Could we love these any more? These beaded tassels are for anyone who loves a more playful and eclectic aesthetic.

Shop these rosy white beaded earrings

Need More Cute Accessory Inspiration?

We love accessories for their ability to fully transform a look — with almost no effort required. This is especially true for your wedding day, where accessories act like the icing on the cake (or the doughnut wall, if that’s more your style).

If you love tassel earrings for a day-to-day look but want something a bit glitzier for your walk down the aisle, we’ve got the wedding earrings round-up for you. Or, if you’re looking to draw some attention to your neckline, these statement wedding necklaces will do the trick beautifully.

And we can’t forget our very favorite accessory: rings! Whether you’re still searching for the perfect engagement ring or just want to add another personal touch to your wedding look, birthstone rings are the answer. We’ve also covered the ins and outs of stunning wedding nails, so you can make your wedding ring pop, Euphoria style.

How are you planning to accessorize on your wedding day? Share the love in the comments below!