2022 Wedding Trends: Sustainability Rules, Pearls are Back, and Rings are Stacked

2022 wedding trends pearl bow jennifer behr
Pearl Bow by Jennifer Behr

What’s the scoop for 2022 wedding trends? If you’re looking for intel, you’ve come to the right place. We’re taking a look at what sparked a flame in 2021 and what’s poised to totally take off this year. And if last year’s trend forecast is any inclination, we’re pretty good at predicting the future.

We’re breaking down the trends into categories to cover everything from fashion to food to the new way couples and vendors are using social media in weddings. With input from our editors and industry insiders, these are the trends you’ll definitely be seeing more of this year.

Wedding Dresses With Puffy Sleeves and/or Corset Bodices

2022 wedding trends puff sleeve corset wedding dress

photography: Vicky Baumann | wedding dress: Galia Lahav | hairpiece: Dry Please

Blame in on Bridgerton, but wedding dresses with puff sleeves and corset bodices are BIG for 2022. The show may have kicked off the trends, but dress designers and brides took are taking it to a whole new level by adding in a little ’80s flare. The pandemic has left us with a craving for big and bold when it comes to style. And after laying low for so long, puff sleeves are the whimsical statement-makers we need.

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Street Style Meets Wedding Sneakers

2022 wedding trends bridal sneakers and groom sneakers

photo: Lorenzo Guerrero Fotografía | planning: Strawberry Fields Wedding Planner

What happens when sneakerheads get married? The combination of street style with wedding attire is a trend we love — and it’s just so damn cool. Plus, there’s the added benefit of comfort on your wedding day.

Jesse Reing of Events by Jesse agrees, and she’s seeing the trend take off for couples and wedding parties alike: “Couples are now opting for a fun pairing of their favorite sneaker with their fancy wedding day attire. Wedding parties can even pick a matching pair for them to wear while they all dance the night away together.”

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Pearlcore Wedding Fashion + Design

2022 wedding trends pearl bow
Pearl Bow by Jennifer Behr
beaded floral Forever Soles wedding heel shoes
Pearl Flower Shoes by Forever Soles

“Pearlcore” comes to us on the heals of regencycore. With their luminous shine + endless options, pearls are in for 2022. Expect to see pearls all over weddings — from accessories and beyond. Think wedding cakes, decor, capes and veils, dresses, shoes, and even manicures. As for jewelry, pearl chokers will be big and rings, too.

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Sustainability Becomes Even More Accessible

2022 wedding trends sustainable weddings joshua tree bride

photography: Cedar and Pines | wedding dress: Nordeen Bridal

We called sustainability in 2021 and this one is truly moving from a trend to a staple. So what’s different about 2022? Sustainable weddings are becoming more and more attainable across the board.

No longer are we just talking about biodegradable cutlery, the big players from wedding dresses to engagement rings are stepping up to the plate. It’s easier for everyone to make sustainable choices — good news for all.

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Green For All Seasons

2022 wedding trends emerald green

photography: Hugo Coelho | wedding dress: Vesselina Pentcheva Bunce

It’s no secret we love green. The color represents life, health, renewal, and energy. It creates a sense of grounding and has ties to the simplicity we find in nature. It’s no wonder the color is showing up more for 2022!

When it comes to weddings, sage green bridesmaid dresses will be huge in spring and fall, and emerald engagement rings will continue to grow in popularity. As for wedding dresses, emerald green gowns like the one above will be chic, fashion-forward choices for brides.

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Stacked Rings are Trending:

stackable wedding rings

Expect to see stacked rings “build” in popularity this year! Aside from the unique, one-of-a-kind look, stacking rings can also carry more meaning. Each ring can represent a moment or a person as your life together changes and your family grows. And here’s a trend within a trend: rings stacks built with mixed metals is totally in!

For men’s wedding bands, lots of textures including wood, meteorite, and steel.

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A Return to Traditional:

2022 wedding trends black and white invitations minted

photo: Jessica Jaccarino Photo | florals: Devine Floral Design | invitations: Minted by artist: Lauren Chism

This year we’re expecting simple to take center stage when it comes to wedding invitations and signage. Black and white will return in all its classic glory, with simple lines and a more traditional style taking over — even for untraditional celebrations. “Traditional” isn’t a word we throw around often at GWS, but there comes a time when even traditional becomes unique again!

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Neutrals With a Twist

neutral wedding flowers with a pop of color

photo: James x Schulze | planning: Gather Events

When it comes to wedding flowers, the team at Gather Events has seen it all. From bright + bold colors circa 2013 to the more recent neutral trend. But in 2022, get ready to mix things up.

“Currently, we’re witnessing couples opt for a timeless neutral palette but adding a twist with a complimentary bold hue accent. For example, warm terracotta tones and blushes with a pop of bright red or soft earthy greens and whites with pops of chartreuse or marigold.”

And how do you know you’ve got the right amount of bright pops? “We love to use the 60/30/10 rule! 60% neutrals, 30% blending tones, 10% bright pops!”

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A Fun Wedding Ceremony Trend

Alternative Flower Girls

2022 wedding trend grandma flower girls

photo: Stephanie Velez

Grandma’s still got it! We LOVE this trend. You can’t help but smile when grandma drops petals down the aisle or the “flower man” don a flower crown. This idea is especially great if you’re planning a smaller and/or kid-free event.

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Passed Small Plates

2022 wedding trends passed small plates

photog: Schyne Photography | planning: Gather Events

What’s new for wedding food in 2022? Gather Events has the intel: “In lieu of stations and sit-down dinners, more and more couples are opting for the experience forward progressive dinner where EVERYTHING is tray-passed! From bite-sized passed apps to appetizer-sized portions of salads, entrees, and desserts, guests are led on a food adventure.

Mingle with your long-lost college friends for starters, your family for entrees, and new friends as you move on through dessert! The food will find you. We love this style of dining as it allows for defining spaces with a variety of interesting seating. Low-level pouf tables, gorgeous lounge vignettes, nostalgic bistros, intimate high tops, you name it!”

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Elaborate Cocktails

2022 wedding trends sparkling cocktails

Where some trends are leaning toward simple, cocktails certainly are not! We’re seeing cocktail stations with lots of elaborate details like sparkles, toppings, and interesting ingredients. In other words, cocktails are becoming more FUN!

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Large + Small Ornate Wedding Cakes

2022 wedding cake trends

cake by Sweet LionHeart

And speaking of fun, ornate cakes are in! These Marie Antoinette-style are all over Instagram for small celebrations and they’re going to grow in popularity with weddings. You’ll even begin to see aspects of those classic grocery store birthday cakes incorporated in designs. Lots of color, lots of over-the-top vibes, and lots of frosting!

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TikToks + Reels of Viral Moments

2022 wedding trends tiktok and reels

photography: Alex Lasota Photography

This one is for couples and vendors alike. Social media will continue to change the way people share weddings and 2022 is no different. This year, expect to see super-fast sneak peeks of the wedding day in the form of TikToks and Instagram reels. Photographers and videographers can bring assistants or “social shooters” to capture content to be edited and shared before the day is even over.

Similarly, viral moments in weddings will keep showing up in your feed! Think before and afters, unique first dances, fun entrances, and more. If social media and sharing is valuable to you, it might be beneficial to chat with your planner about ideas.

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Unexpected Moments

2022 wedding entertainment trends pool performers

photo: Jennifer Emerling | planning: Gather Events

And speaking of viral moments…! The team at Gather Events is finding that couples want to provide more intimate, personal, guest-focused occasions. This means lots of surprises and unexpected fun!

“From planning unexpected moments (celebrity impersonators, surprise performances) to personal welcome notes and thoughtful gift bag items, our couples are wanting to ensure that their guests experience the wedding in a way that promotes presence and connection.”

If and when the pandemic recedes and couples being to plan larger events, Gather Events points out that personalized experiences are still totally doable. “The aim is to have guests depart feeling delighted, cared for, and savoring specific memories that will last a lifetime. We find that if you focus on the little details, this level of intimacy can be achieved for guest counts of all sizes!”

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The Cutest 2022 Wedding Trend of All

Custom Pet Attire

2022 wedding trends pet attire

photo: Peter Maher Photography | planner and design: Indigo Event Design

Pups need wedding ‘fits too! Rebecca Foster of Indigo Event Design anticipates custom pet attire will take off in 2022, and specifically culturally relevant custom attire. “Couples are looking for special ways to incorporate their fur babies in their big day. This cutie was dressed in a custom Indan sari made by the bride’s mom and to say it was a huge hit is a massive understatement!”

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