20 Late Night Snacks Your Wedding Guests Are Going To Love!

in n out wedding food

It’s 10 o’clock at night on your wedding day…do you know what your wedding guests want to eat?! Based on the most recent wedding trends, carnival bites, boba tea and churros are at the top of the list! Perhaps it’s time to plan for something seriously delish, and save the pizza for another night. We’re cooking up cinnamon churros and other late night snacks that your wedding guests will love!

We surveyed a few wedding industry professionals to get the down low on all things late night wedding food. We encourage you to not read any further unless you’ve recently eaten. This is some yummy info!

{above photo by Mary Costa Photography from this Quirky Wedding at Big Daddy’s Antiques}

1. In-N-Out Burger Truck

photog: Brett Brooner | venue: Stone Crest Venue | dress: Mocking Bird Brial | makeup: Acie Artistry | hair:  A Touch of Chey

“Being a CA based planner, we always recommend the In-N-Out late-night truck! It’s a west coast staple and a serious crowd pleaser. We love a wow factor at a wedding & not only are the burgers the best, the truck itself makes a big statement! If you want to surprise your guests, hand down, go with In-N-Out.” – Level Events If you’re not in a state with In-N-Out, reach out to your fave local burger joint!

2. Boba Tea Station

photog: Joe Kim Studio | planning + design: White Blossom Events | floral: Milieu Florals

Dessert and Food trucks are so much fun if your venue allows for it! Some of our favorite ideas are a grazing station, a Boba station, an ice cream truck, grilled cheese with tomato soup shot glasses, and of course, late night tacos are always a win!” -SoCal Wedding Planner and Designer, Lizzy Liz Chan of Lizzy Liz Events

3. Churro Bar

photog: Bonphotage | planning + design: Rosewood Weddings | florals: Flowers for Dreams | churro wall: Cedar & Spice

We have had a lot of success lately with churros! They’re a unique, fresh, and Covid-friendly late night dessert option that both surprises and pleases guests! We’ve had churro bars where fresh fried churros were served up to guests straight from the cart. We’ve also had Nutella-stuffed churros individually wrapped and distributed to guests from a grab-and-go display.” -Brooke Avishay of Orange Blossom Special Events

4. Tasty Tacos

photog: Roxanne McClure | venue: American Vintage House | planning + design: Beijos Events | florals: Rooted & Wild Co | calligraphy: Poppy Jack Shop | handmade details: Wild Child Party | catering: Colette’s Catering | taco wall: Roxanne McClure

Late night snacks should be easy to eat, a little bit greasy, and incredibly yummy, like a classic mini taco or grilled cheese with optional tomato soup dip! We love something sweet and something savory – so french fries and ketchup + milk and donuts is a great combination that can’t be beat!” – Vikki & Shannon of All You Need is Love Events

5. Gourmet Donuts

photography: Anna Delores Photography | venue: Belmond El Encanto | design: Array Creative Design | planning: Onyx & Redwood (also event design) | florals: Ella and Louie

Donuts! Gourmet donuts can feature a range of delicious options mixing sweet and savory flavors. Something for everyone’s tastes!” – Jamie & Stephanie, Cape Cod Celebrations

6. Custom Gelato Cart

photog: Rochelle Maples Photography | floral: Flowers by Shelby Glynn | gelato cart: Sunset Creamery

“There are several different ways to plus up your late night snack bar – from savory to sweet! A custom Gelato Cart, handmade dessert that fit your color scheme or a bountiful fruit display have proven to be very popular!” – HoneyFitz Events

7. Espresso Cart

Welcome Coffee Cart | photog: Annamarie Valletta

Late night snacks are a great way to surprise and delight your guests after dinner! Some of my past clients have surprised their guests with espresso carts making lattes and iced coffees, ice cream carts complete with ice cream sandwiches, and even fresh baked cookies and shots of milk to accompany it tray passed on the dance floor. Guests love to be surprised with any sort of late night snack in a fun way! Add that extra surprise and delight element to wow your guests at the end of the night.” – Kari Dirksen, CEO + Lead Planner of Feathered Arrow

8. Carnival Bites: French Fry Cones + Mini Hot Dogs

photog: Jessica Lynn Photography | catering: Colette’s Catering and Events

“Something savory, hearty, easy-to-hold-on-the-dance-floor options are great crowd-pleasers. Some late-night snacks that are fun are mini hot dogs with different toppings. We love having them vertically displayed with fun signage and some pops of color. French Fry Cones with a lot of sauce choices are a tasty grab n’ go bite, and if you want to go healthy, why not individual Hummus and Crudités?! Lastly, the heartiness of Short Rib Poutine will keep the party going all night.” – Sarah Kuhlberg, Creative Director, Colette’s Catering & Events

9. S’mores

photog: Jamie Jones Photography

“Who doesn’t love a s’more?! Try a no-bake s’mores on a stick and bring that comfort of your childhood without the mess or flame. Dip graham crackers in vanilla marshmallow and top with chocolate shavings for a light two-bite treat – and they’re cute too!” – Michelle D’Anna, Michelle’s Catering

10. Mini Pizzas

photog: JoPhoto 

“Provide a little bite of everyone’s favorite with mini pizzas! Offer mini pizzas in varieties like vegetable, ricotta and spinach, or classic margherita with fresh basil. Serve them in a custom mini pizza both with your logo or “thank you!” to your guests for spending this special day with you. They’re small enough that it’s almost guilt-free!” – Michelle D’Anna, Michelle’s Catering

11. Mac and Cheese

photog: Jana Williams Photography

“Is there anyone that wouldn’t love a mac and cheese bar?! Provide the mac and cheese in pre-scooped bowls and offer self-serve condiments – our favorite options include avocado, a variety of spices, bacon bits, chili oil, and fresh herbs!” – Alyssa Abshier & Victoria Nadler, Co-Founders, Amber Sol Collective

12. Serve Breakfast!

photog: The Beloved Photo | venue: Millwick | planning: Sugarplum & Co | floral: Rogue & Fox Floral | catering: Funadmental Events

A Tropical-Inspired Brunch Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles as seen on GWS!

“After a night of dancing and drinking, breakfast food is the perfect hangover cure. Treat your guests to mini pancake stacks, chicken and waffle bites, mini breakfast sandwiches or eggs Benedict cups, and of course – mimosas and White Russians!” – Alyssa Abshier & Victoria Nadler, Co-Founders, Amber Sol Collective

13. Crepes + Coffee

photog: Photography By Azra

“For a little European flair, how does a crepes and coffee bar sound? Offer sweet variations like Nutella, fruit, butter, and powdered sugar, as well as savory options like ham & cheese, mushrooms, plain cheese, and veggie. Served with cups of coffee, it’ll be a sophisticated take on late night snacking!” – Alyssa Abshier & Victoria Nadler, Co-Founders, Amber Sol Collective

14. Creative Grilled Cheese Options

photog: Elaine Palladino Photography 

“There’s nothing better than a classic grilled cheese, but take it up a notch with customization options to keep things interesting! We’d recommend toppings like tomatoes, spinach, truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, crunchy onion pieces, Furikake, and fresh herbs, but get creative in what you’re offering your guests!” – Alyssa Abshier & Victoria Nadler, Co-Founders, Amber Sol Collective

15. Gourmet Popcorn

popcorn wedding favor bag

Popcorn favor bag available here

“Late night snacks should be simple, small, and hand-held delights for the whole crowd. Try sweet and savory gourmet warm popcorn cones with rosemary and garlic, cheddar and butter, or a chocolate drizzle. Set up a few flavor-filled shakers of your own sweet and savory concoctions and let your guests sprinkle their hearts away!” – Michelle D’Anna, Michelle’s Catering

16. Dim Sum

photog + catering: House of Dumplings

“Want to treat your guests to something unexpected for your late night snack? Offer up a late night Dim Sum station with soup dumplings and Bao. It’s a delicious and unique option that no one will forget!” – Alyssa Abshier & Victoria Nadler, Co-Founders, Amber Sol Collective

17. Charcuterie Display

host: Modern Love Event | photog: Emily Magers | venue: Masaya Desert Ranch | design + styling: Wild Heart Events | florals: Layered Vintage | charcuterie: Farm and Harvest

“For something a little healthier, you really can’t go wrong with a fresh charcuterie display. Pro tip: use flowers to elevate it! Place flower heads among the cheeses and fruits, and sprinkle flower petals like confetti. Include whole vegetables with greens still attached for a farm fresh look!” – Alyssa Abshier & Victoria Nadler, Co-Founders, Amber Sol Collective

18. Biscotti and Espresso Shots

photo + recipe from Bojon Gourmet

“Before heading home, wake up a bit with espresso shots and biscotti! It’s a simple yet delicious pairing that’ll give everyone the extra pep they need for one last dance before heading home!” – Alyssa Abshier & Victoria Nadler, Co-Founders, Amber Sol Collective

19. Poke Bar

photog: Schyne Photography

“Try something trendy like a build your own poke bar! Poke bowls are fresh and perfectly customizable, making them a fun treat for your guests that won’t feel heavy or weigh them down for the rest of the evening.” – Alyssa Abshier & Victoria Nadler, Co-Founders, Amber Sol Collective

20. Empanadas

catering: 4 Mates

“Two words: Hand pies. Whether it’s sweet or savory, there’s almost nothing more satisfying, when you’ve been dancing + drinking for 2 hours, than a delicious pastry-in-hand. In the past, my clients have served empanadas, and they absolutely hit the spot. Spicy, buttery, delicious.” – Danielle Horvatin, Owner, Rosewood Weddings