23 Unique Engagement Rings We’re Absolutely Loving!

Unique Engagement Ring Collage



If you’ve been following GWS for a while, it’ll be no surprise to you we LOVE unique engagement rings…as do our readers (hey, you!). I mean with a creative wedding comes a creative ring, right? From diamonds and opals to aquamarine and moonstone—we’ve seen it all! The best part? When shopping around for your ideal ring, you can find something that reflects your one-of-a-kind personality…or design a bespoke bauble!

Whether you have a penchant for vintage-inspired designs or gravitate toward those that make epic stacks, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite (unique) engagement rings of the moment! And we can’t wait to find out which one(s) you’re crushing on!

1. Theda Yellow Gold, Opal & White Diamond Ring  // 2. Pavé Amulet Ring in Yellow Gold, Citrine & Champagne Diamond // 3. Sakura Ring Opal // 4. Stellium Aquamarine with Diamond Halo Ring // 5. Genevieve Oval Diamond Engagement Ring // 6. Curved Bleeding Heart Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Collage

7. Machine Age Ring  // 8. Eaves Cluster Opal with Morganite Ring // 9. Bea Arrow Rainbow Moonstone & Champagne Diamonds Ring // 10. Sky Provincial Ring  // 11. Nestled Diamond Ring and Opal // 12. Minima Ring with Sapphire and Diamonds // 13. Wandering Star Ring with Rose Cut Diamond // 14. Stardust Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 

Unique Engagement Ring Collage

15. The Heiress // 16. Grey Diamond Engagement Ring  // 17. Montana Sapphire Hex Engagement Ring // 18. Bellentine Edwardian Diamond Cluster Ring  // 19. Yellow Gold Tiara Ring // 20. Waterfall Cambria Ring // 21. Grovewood Victorian Moonstone Ring // 22. Blue Sapphire Headdress Trillion Ring // 23. Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring

So…is there one you can see yourself rocking, or maybe a few?! We’d love to hear which designs caught your eye in the comments below!