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DIY: Marbled Paper

DIY Marbled Paper

This morning we shared a few fun ways to incorporate marbleized details into your day. One of the easiest ways is by creating your own marbled paper – which you can use for confetti, favors, invites – so many ways! Our DIY contributor Smitten on Paper is sharing how easy it is to create your own marbled paper, so I’ll let them take it away…

DIY Marbled Paper

For water mixture:
• 4 cups of water
• 1/4 cup of Methyl Cellulose
• Whisk
• Container large enough for your paper to fit into

Marbled Paper DIY

For Marbling:
• Liquid acrylic
• Forks or toothpicks
• Cotton paper

Marbled Paper DIY

Step 1: Mix the methyl cellulose and water together in your container. We used a storage container we had lying around, but you can use a cookie sheet or tray. It just needs to be deep enough for at least an inch of water and wide enough for your paper. Once you have mixed the water and methyl cellulose together, let it sit for about an hour while mixing it about every 15 minutes. You want a thick, gel-like consistency, this keeps your paint from sinking to the bottom. Bubbles are bad so if the surface of your mixture is covered in bubbles, place pieces of newspaper on top, give it a gentle pat and then lift it off. This should remove the bubbles.

Marbled Paper DIY

Step 2: Add your liquid acrylic. We used calligrapher’s ink because it was a perfect consistency and we didn’t have to worry about watering down normal acrylic paint. We used gold and hot pink!

Marbled Paper DIY

Step 3: Now create your patten! You can use toothpicks or a plastic fork like we did (real fancy).

Marbled Paper DIY

Step 4: Place a sheet of paper on top of the mixture and gently pat the entire backside so the entire surface comes in contact with the paint. You only need it sit atop the mixture for about 30 seconds.


Step 5: Grab one corner of your paper and lift it, give it a little shake so the extra gel runs off.

Marbled Paper DIY

Step 6: Place your sheet of paper into another container that is filled with a couple inches of water. Gently pour water over the paper. This will help wash off the excess gel.

Marble Paper DIY

Step 7: Let your paper dry! To do multiple sheets you will need to repeat steps 2 and 3 between rounds otherwise you will end up with a blob of ink on your sheet of paper. Your paper might curl while it’s drying, we just ironed it down with a regular household iron.

You can use this paper for almost anything. We made really adorable confetti, mini favor boxes, tags and wraps for our lager favor boxes.


Marbled Paper Favors

Marbled Paper Tags

DIY created exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes by Smitten on Paper. Check out more of their design work at Smitten on Paper!

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Head Over Heels For: Marbleized Details


We are loving the use of marbleized details – wouldn’t they make great design inspiration for your wedding day?! We have an easy DIY we will be sharing later today to make your own marbled paper, but thought we’d start the day off with sharing some other favorite ways we are seeing this trend! Whether it’s in your cake, balloons, vases or paper details, there are so many ways to incorporate marbled details into your day…




photo credits: marbled balloon // marbled cake // marbled vases // marbled clutch // maxi marbled dress // marbled tie // short marbled dress // marbled table runner // marbled cake // marbled escort cards // marbled boutonnieres

Which is your favorite marbleized detail? Would you incorporate any of these ideas into your wedding? I’d love to hear in the comments! :)

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Create Your Wedding Album with Muujee + a Giveaway!


Didn’t get an album with your wedding photography package? No time to sort through all your images to design an album? Want more choices than what your photographer is offering? Then Muujee is the solution you’ve been waiting for! Muujee offers professional wedding albums for couples. Simply submit your wedding images to Muujee and their graphic designers will recreate your wedding story through their designs. Muujee offers a wide variety of professional wedding albums for everyone’s budget and needs – these albums are the same albums offered by wedding photographers. muujee_4_v2 muujee_6_v2 muujee_5

They even offer a free design trial where you can submit some sample images to see what your layout will look like! muujee_7


And Muujee is offering a bunch of great prizes for GWS readers!


To enter the contest, just fill out the form below. The giveaway ends on 3/7/13 at 3pm PST. Winners will be emailed once the contest ends.

Congrats to Chelsey, Moira, Jill who won the albums; Alana, Rebecca, Jessica, Cathi and Emily who won the 50% discount; and Sara, Jen, Gavriel, Meg, Olivia, April, Caitlin, Iris, Ria and Ashlyn who won the 30% discount.

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