55 Unique Couples Tattoos and Ideas To Mark Your Relationship

collage of unique matching couples relationship tattoos including finger designs that spell out "love", small music notes, and hearts with fingerprint patterns

You’ve found your person, your soulmate, your “forever and always” best friend — and now you’re looking for matching couples tattoos and ideas that are as permanent as your love!

While matching tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart (they do last forever, after all), we’ve rounded up rad and meaningful design ideas for couples who are ready to take the plunge. These tattoos go beyond skin-deep designs — from symbols of your love and commitment to sweet mementos from your love story. Plus, we’ve also linked temporary tattoos so that you can test out these designs before getting inked.

Ready to ink your heart on your sleeve? Let’s get into it!

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How to Decide On Meaningful Couples Tattoos That Truly Define Your Relationship

unique and simple matching small couples tattoos above the wrist that say "until the end"
photo: @mrs.tattoo_

Matching couples tattoos are one of the most romantic ways to celebrate your soulmate status — but just like finding your partner, it can be tricky to find the one for you. After all, the design you choose will be on your skin forever, so it’s important to pick something that you truly love. So before you get inked, here are a few tips and tricks for deciding on the perfect couple tattoos for your relationship!

  • Reflect on your love story: To choose a couple tattoo that’s significant to your relationship, think about the experiences, moments, or places that hold meaning for the two of you. This could be where you first met, a shared hobby or interest, or a song or movie that bonded you together. These unique experiences are what make you soulmates, and they’re also great inspirations for matching couple tattoos!
  • Consider the placement: Moreso than normal tattoos, the placement of couples tattoos can hold a ton of significance and meaning. Maybe you each want half of a design that connects when you hold hands (a symbolic way to show how you complete each other!). Some married couples also get matching finger tattoos in place of a traditional diamond band. Considering the symmetry and meaning of the placement will help you choose a design that truly reflects your relationship.
  • Try before you buy: Once you get your ink, there’s no going back — so we suggest trying out a temporary tattoo first to ensure you like the vibe. Etsy sells temporary tattoos with so many rad design ideas for couples, and we’ve linked a ton of them down below! This way, you can test out different styles, placements, and designs before you commit to your forever tattoo.

Our Favorite Couples Tattoo Ideas and Unique Designs

a collage of unique matching couples tattoos with meaning including sun and moon art, finger heart designs, and simple script that says "always"

Flowers die. Jewelry can be lost or removed. Vows can be forgotten. But one thing lasts forever: matching couples tattoos!

If you’re looking for a symbol of your love that will stand the test of time, we’ve rounded up our favorite matching couples tattoos and soulmate design ideas for every style and relationship. Because nothing says “forever and always” like a permanent tattoo….so keep scrolling for the best designs!

Unique Couples Tattoos and Ideas That Perfectly Define Your Relationship

small matching swallows unique relationship couples tattoos with meaning
photo: @iotattooing

If you’re looking for couples tattoo ideas that are just as unique as your love story, we’ve got you covered. After all, your relationship is totally one-of-a-kind, so your matching ink should be, too! From personalized designs to rad custom touches (just wait until you see the matching thumbprint tattoos!), we’ve rounded up the best unique ideas for couples who are definitely soulmates.

1. Unique Matching Sound Wave Couples Tattoos

simple matching sound wave and roman numeral unique relationship couples tattoos with meaning located on the forearm

photo: @heatherguzman_

If you’re looking for unique couple tattoo ideas with a special meaning, it doesn’t get better than this. To showcase their love for each other, this married couple each tattooed a sound wave of their partner saying “I do” next to a small Roman numeral of their wedding date…the soulmate vibes are truly unmatched.

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2. Unique Matching Angel Numbers Couples Tattoo Idea

simple matching "444" angel numbers unique relationship couples tattoos located on the outside edge of the wrist

photo: @vanityink.bym

Angel number tattoos have been having a serious moment lately, and they’re such a unique and meaningful idea for couples!

If you don’t know, angel numbers are a sequence of repeating numbers that are believed to be a sign from the universe. 444 angel numbers, for example, mean that you’re on the right path and your angels are close by guiding you. Pretty perfect for your matching ink, if you ask us!

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3. Unique Soulmate Connection Couple Tattoos

simple abstract line art matching unique relationship couples tattoos that connects one person's shoulder to the other person's shoulder

photo: @madrabbit

Sing it with us now: “And all along there was some invisible string, tying you to me…”

For a matching couple tattoo that represents your soulmate status, we love this simple and symbolic design. It’s a physical way to show off your connection, with a minimalist line that literally connects you together. Plus, it looks SO rad when you’re standing next to each other!

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cute mirrorball inspired ink design on a forearm

Are you a couple of Swifties? Don’t miss our round-up of cute tattoo ideas inspired by Taylor Swift’s most iconic songs!

4. Unique Lock and Key Couples Tattoo Ideas

small lock and key unique relationship couples tattoos with simple initials on the inside of the wrist

photo: @madrabbit

You’ve found the person who has the key to your heart, and now you’ve also found the perfect matching tattoo to share with them! This lock + key tattoo is such a cute design for couples who don’t want anything too big or flashy for their matching ink. Simple, but SO effective.

For an extra sweet touch, pair your symbolic design with simple initials underneath. After all, nothing says “I love you” like getting your partner’s initials inked on your skin! You can even get a “W” and “H” to represent your husband and wife titles.

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5. Unique GPS Coordinate Couple Tattoos

simple matching latitude and longitude coordinates unique relationship couples tattoos with meaning on the inside of the arm above the elbow

photo: @katryntattoo

If you love minimalist script tattoo ideas but want something more unique than a date or word, look no further than this rad matching ink design. This couple found the exact coordinates of the place they first met, then got it inked on the same spot on their arms. We. are. obsessed.

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6. Unique Matching Thumbprint Heart Designs

matching hearts unique relationship couples tattoos with meaning with a thumprint pattern filling in the heart shape

photo: @allegiant.ink.tattoos

This is another one of the most unique couples tattoo ideas with a sweet hidden meaning. What looks like an abstract heart is actually the couple’s two thumbprints merged together in a heart-shaped design. It’s one-of-a-kind — just like your one-of-a-kind love story!

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7. Unique “Her One” + “His Only” Script Designs

small unique relationship couples tattoos that say "her one" and "his only" in a simple script on the inside of the wrist

photo: @jhecampbell

These unique couple tattoos keep things simple and straightforward. With a script design that says “her one” and “his only” (respectively), it represents exactly what you mean to each other.

We also love the combination of the two different font styles — it’s a unique way to showcase your individual personalities, while still rocking a matching design!

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8. Unique Matching Locket Couple Tattoos

small matching unique heart shaped lockets relationship couples tattoos with an "A" initial in each

photo: @madrabbit

Wear your heart on your sleeve — or should we say your skin — with these unique matching couple tattoos! Lockets were once a classic way to show your love for your partner, and this design gives that tradition a modern (and permanent) twist.

Make your locket tattoos extra personal by adding each other’s initials or other unique custom touches, like a dainty bow or a special date. So sweet!

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9. Unique Matching Rosemary Sprig Couples Tattoo Ideas

simple matching rosemary sprig unique relationship couples tattoos located on the inside of the arm above the elbow

photo: @zaya

Rosemary is believed to represent love, remembrance, and fidelity. In other words, it’s one of the best unique matching tattoo ideas for couples! Get a rosemary sprig as a reminder of your love and commitment to one another…with such a subtle design, it’s meaningful without looking cheesy.

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10. Unique Matching Music Note Couple Tattoos

unique relationship couples tattoos with meaning with a small matching music note above each person's wrist

photo: @phoenix_tattoo_tushar_

Are you both musicians? Or did you first bond over your love of a specific song or album? For couples tattoo ideas that feel unique to your love story, we love these matching music notes. They’re your daily reminder to never stop serenading each other!

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11. Unique Matching Seashell Ink Designs

simple matching scallop seashells unique relationship couples tattoo ideas

photo: @ediebea

Calling all ocean lovers! These matching seashell tattoos are a super sweet way to incorporate the romance of the ocean into your ink collection. Plus, they also have a deeper meaning that makes them stand out.

As scallop shells, both halves were once (metaphorically) joined together as one. The patterns of each half are also slightly different, despite being part of the same shell. Kind of like the two of you!

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12. Unique Anniversary Date Couples Tattoo Ideas

simple matching half circle unique relationship couples tattoo ideas with an anniversary date design

photo: @renata_sipos

Speaking of two halves joining as one, these half-circle designs are some of the best unique tattoo ideas for married couples! Celebrate the day the two of you became one with minimalist lines that join together to form a full circle, complete with a simple anniversary date to honor the big day.

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Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas

unique chinese symbols small matching couples tattoos
photo: @moonchild.tattoo

While not all couples tattoos have to be the same, there is something about matching tattoo ideas that just screams “soulmate.” Even when you’re apart from each other, you can look down at your design and know that somewhere your person is doing the same. Talk about romantic! For ink that will connect the two of you together forever, here are our favorite matching tattoo ideas for couples.

13. Matching Compass Couples Tattoo Ideas

unique compass star matching couples tattoos with meaning on the inner forearm

photo: @d_ratajczyk

For travel-loving couples, these matching compass tattoos will always guide you home (aka, back to each other!). We especially love this idea for long-distance couples and soulmates who are always jet-setting across the globe — no matter how far apart you are, these matching tattoos will keep you close.

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14. Matching “Always” Script Designs

simple script that says "always" and small butterfly matching couples tattoos with meaning on the inner arm above the elbow

photo: @youareyouthful

Nothing says “forever and always” like a matching couple tattoo! Put your promises in ink with this sweet and simple script design. It’s the perfect reminder of your everlasting love….’til death do you part.

For a cute finishing touch, we also love the dainty butterfly design floating next to the script. SO CUTE.

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15. Matching Lighthouse Couples Tattoo Ideas

unique lighthouse matching couple tattoos with meaning on the inner forearm

photo: @kb.kb

Similar to the compass tattoos above, lighthouse tattoo ideas are a super symbolic design for couples. They represent the guiding light that helps you find your way home, even in the stormiest of seas. If your partner has been your light in the darkness, this is the perfect tattoo to honor your love story.

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16. Small Matching Dice Couples Tattoo Ideas

unique matching couples tattoo ideas of small dice on the upper arm

photo: @hannahmckennett

You’ve rolled the dice and come out lucky in love! One of our editors actually got these matching couple tattoos after eloping in Las Vegas, and we are in love.

“We wanted to get something that would remind us of that amazing memory forever. Dice seemed like the perfect symbol for Vegas — plus, we also liked the symbolism of luck and fate, since that’s how we felt about finding each other. The tattoo studio was also right across the street from the chapel….we could hear Elvis singing as we waited for our appointment!”

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17. Matching Full Moon Couple Tattoos

small unique black and white moon matching couples tattoos on the inside of the arm below the elbow

photo: benza_tattoo

They’re the moon of your life, and now you can keep a little symbol of them on your arm forever. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that!

These matching full moon tattoos are perfect for couples who love all the romance and symbolism of the night sky. Full moons are also believed to hold a special power and significance — just like your bond!

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18. Matching Roman Numeral Designs

simple soulmate roman numeral date matching couples tattoos for a husband and wife on the outer edge of their forearms

photo: @deep.hora

Matching Roman numeral tattoos are one of those classic couples tattoo ideas that will never go out of style. Even Beyonce and Jay-Z have matching Roman numeral tats!

For a bold and graphic design, get a special anniversary date in Roman numerals on your arm (or the inside of your finger, for something more subtle). This could be the date you met, the date you tied the knot or any other special anniversary.

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personalized vinyl record song plaque

Speaking of anniversaries, make yours one to remember this year with the help of these rad anniversary gifts for him and these gorgeous anniversary gifts for her! Best paired with some new ink…

19. Matching Bumble Bee Couples Tattoo Ideas

unique black and white honey bees matching couples tattoos in between the thumb and index fingers

photo: @madrabbit

Pay homage to your honey bee with these cute matching couples tattoos! We love tattoos that are based on an inside joke or special nickname — whether it’s a bumble bee or any other sweet lovebug.

Really want to commit to your ink? Get your matching designs tattooed on your hands. This way, they’ll be side-by-side every time you link fingers!

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20. Cute Matching Banana Ink

funny small banana relationship matching couple tattoos on the inside of the upper arm

photo: @hanabanaanaa

Couples who laugh together stay together! For couples who don’t take themselves too seriously, these matching banana tattoos are SO FUN. Because your relationship isn’t like everyone else’s — so why should your ink be?!

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21. Matching Palm Tree Couples Tattoo Ideas

large black and white palm tree matching couples tattoos on the back of the forearms

photo: @sebastian_tattoo

Maybe you fell in love in a coastal beach town or honeymooned on a tropical island. Whatever the significance, palm tree tattoos are always a good idea. You can even get these matching tattoos while on a romantic couples getaway. Talk about the ultimate souvenir!

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22. Matching Cowboy Hat Couple Tattoos

funny small cowboy hats matching couples tattoo ideas above the ankle

photo: @moonchild.tattoo

A tattoo that will make you smile every time you look down at your ankle? Say no more. These matching cowboy hat designs are one of the cutest couples tattoo ideas for soulmates who love all things Western. And don’t even get us started on that dainty heart pattern. OBSESSED.

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23. Matching Landscape Couples Tattoo Ideas

unique half circle day and night matching couple tattoos with a mountain landscape drawing

photo: @shashonna

For a couple’s tattoo that says “you complete me,” look no further than these matching landscape designs. Not only do the two half-circle designs come together to create a complete circle, but these tattoos also show the day and night versions of the same mountain scene. Almost like two puzzle pieces — slightly different, but perfectly matched!

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24. Matching Wolf Head Couple Tattoos

unique geometric wolf head matching couples tattoos

photo: @gruntinstattoo

You’re a lone wolf no more! Celebrate finding your pack with these matching wolf face couples tattoos. We love how they incorporate the same geometric details, without being the exact same design. Such a rad tattoo to get with the person you love running through life with!

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Cute Couples Finger Tattoos and Ideas

finger couples tattoos that say "jennyoom" in matching script
photo: @woonatattoo

When it comes to couples tattoos, it doesn’t get much more romantic (or cool) than finger tats. While finger tattoos used to be taboo, these days they’re the perfect real estate for dainty designs and meaningful symbols. From matching couples tattoos in place of — or in addition to — diamond bands, to sweet soulmate designs that line up every time you hold hands, these ink ideas are the epitome of romance.

GWS Pro Tip: Finger tattoos tend to fade quicker than other ink, so keep that in mind when choosing your design. You may need to get these tattoos touched up over the years to keep them fresh…and sunscreen will also help them last as long as possible!

25. Matching Celestial Couples Finger Tattoos

unique matching star and moon couples finger tattoo

photo: @madrabbit

If your love was written in the stars, then these are the matching soulmate couples tattoos for you! We LOVE celestial tattoos — they’re stylish, they’re subtle, and they’re SO timeless.

And the best part? These designs look good no matter the placement. Whether you choose your finger or your collarbone, they’ll add the perfect dose of magic to your ink collection.

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26. “LOVE” Couples Finger Tattoo Ideas

unique and simple script couples finger tattoos that spell out "love" with "lo" on one partner's index finger and "ve" on the other partner's

photo: @hautewaldorf

We are in L-O-V-E with this couple’s finger tattoo idea! Sometimes the smallest designs can be the most meaningful, and these finger tats are proof. With two tiny letters on each hand, they only make sense when you’re together. If that’s not a metaphor for your relationship, we don’t know what is!

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27. Matching Tiny Heart Soulmate Couple Tattoos

matching couple tattoos with a small heart on the index finger

photo: @youareyouthful

Minimalists, this one’s for you! Whether you don’t have a ton of ink or you just want something small to represent your relationship, these tiny hearts are one of the cutest couples tattoo ideas on this list. With such a dainty design, they’re almost like a secret sign just for you and your boo.

Because life is all about the small things, amiright?!

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28. Simple Matching Band Designs

unique matching simple solid line married bands couples finger tattoos

photo: @tinytattooinc

Take your commitment to the next level with these matching band finger tattoos! If a diamond band doesn’t feel ~forever~ enough, then ditch the bling for some ink instead. It’s one of our favorite ideas for married couples who aren’t afraid to break tradition!

And since these tattoos are so simple, they also pair great with diamonds….so you can still get the best of both worlds.

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unique simple matching arrow on  finger couples tattoos

Calling all married couples! We’ve rounded up even more finger tattoo ideas for couples who want to say “I do” to a forever design.

29. Eternal Rose Couples Finger Tattoo Ideas

matching black and white rose couples tattoos on the thumb finger

photo: @profizoo.lviv

Roses are a classic symbol of romance, so it should come as no surprise that they’re also one of our best matching tattoo ideas for couples. Get these black and white roses on your hands to represent your passion and true love — since the petals will never die, it’s the perfect symbol of your everlasting bond!

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30. Matching Anniversary Date Designs

matching anniversary date finger tattoo idea for married couples

photo: @pearleweddings

A surefire way to never forget your anniversary? Get it tatted on your finger! These simple matching date tattoos are such a rad way to memorialize that special day forever.

Get them done on the big day for an experience you’ll never forget — or surprise your partner with a tattoo appointment for your anniversary. Either way, you can’t go wrong with couple tattoos dedicated to the moment you said “I do.”

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31. Simple Dot Couple Finger Tattoos

unique simple matching single dot tattoos for married couples on the underside of the finger

photo: @european.son.222

Love the idea of getting matching soulmate couple tattoos to celebrate your married status, but not ready to commit to a big and bold design? Keep it simple with these small dots!

Since they’re placed on the inside of your finger instead of the knuckle, these tiny designs will stay hidden from everyone except you and your S.O., kind of like private vows for just the two of you. Swoon!

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32. King and Queen Couples Finger Tattoo Ideas

husband and wife with small matching king and queen crowns finger couples tattoos

photo: @fantasydatzme

They’re the king to your queen (or vice versa), and you want to give them the crown they deserve. Introducing: these matching couples finger tattoos! If your partner makes you feel like royalty every day, then these regal crowns will look right at home on your fingers.

Now all that’s left to do is rule the world together!

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33. Small Lock and Key Finger Designs

small and simple lock and key finger couples tattoo ideas with soulmate meaning

photo: @tinytattooinc

If you loved the lock and key tattoo ideas from #4 but wanted something a little more subtle for your couples ink, these dainty designs are a no-brainer.

Plus, you can design these tattoos so that they touch when you hold hands — kind of like a key sliding into a lock!

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34. Matching Heart Couple Finger Tattoos

matching simple line art heart couples tattoos above the thumb finger

photo: @jovinotattoo

Hearts + flowers = the ultimate matching couples tattoo idea! This simple design combines the two into one heartfelt tattoo that represents love, growth, and your forever commitment. We love a tattoo with meaning!

Which brings us to our next category…

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Couples Tattoos and Ideas With Specific Meaning

unique couples tattoos with matching hands holding red string representing connected soulmates
photo: @tattoo__sanal

The best tattoo ideas are the ones with a significant meaning — especially when it comes to couples tattoos. If you want to go more than skin deep with your design, we’re breaking down our favorite matching couples tattoo ideas that double as meaningful reminders, sentimental symbols, and rad representations of your soulmate connection. Disclaimer: these may cause swooning!

35. Matching Pine Tree Couples Tattoo Ideas

meaningful matching couples tattoos of evergreen trees

photo: @little.tattoos

If you’re searching for matching couples tattoo ideas with a special meaning, pine trees are some of the best. Not only do trees represent growth, strength, and longevity, but they’re also a sweet symbol of your expanding family.

Little family trees for you and your partner? We love.

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36. Matching Flower Couples Tattoo Ideas

couple in a relationship displaying their matching black and white flower tattoo designs

photo: @sea_of_ink_tattoo_studio

Like tree tattoos, floral tattoo ideas are packed full of meaning for couples. While all flowers represent growth, each specific bloom has its own symbolism. For example, forget-me-nots represent loyalty, while lotuses represent rebirth. Such a unique way to customize your ink!

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37. Nature-Inspired Couples Tattoo Inspo

unique sun and moon and ocean and mountain matching couples tattoos with meaning

photo: @aizjatatoo

How rad is this take on a night and day matching tattoo?!

By pairing the sun with waves (which have tides that are controlled by the moon) and the moon with trees (which grow thanks to the sun), these nature-inspired tattoos are a meaningful representation of balance and harmony. Proof that opposites DO attract!

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38. Matching Soulmate Couple Tattoos With Meaning

matching line art hands tattoo connected by a string drawn to connect a couples shoulders to each other

photo: @moganji

With these matching soulmate couples tattoos, you’ll be connected for life — literally! This design is such a meaningful representation of your soulmate connection, with a single line that connects from one shoulder to the other.

And with two hand designs holding the symbolic string, there’s no denying that fate brought you together.

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39. Meaningful Hummingbird Couples Tattoo Ideas

matching black and white hummingbirds couples leg tattoos

photo: @marta.xi.tattooer

Hello, love birds! Hummingbirds are often seen as a symbol of love, joy, and hope, and they make for ultra-sweet matching tattoo ideas for couples.

And since these birds are known for moving at a mile a minute, hummingbird tattoos are also a cute reminder to slow down and appreciate every second spent together. If your love language is quality time, then these are the matching tattoos for you!

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40. Cute Western Hat + Boot Ink Design

funny cowboy hat and western boot unique couples tattoo ideas with a disco inspired design

photo: @havenstudionyc

Do you love slow dancing to your favorite country songs together? Or did you first fall in love in the South? For western boot-wearing couples, we LOVE these cute and unique tattoos. With a matching boot and cowboy hat, your ink will complete each other. Just like the two of you!

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41. Unique Love Bird Couples Tattoo Ideas

funny love bird ink designs with simple script that says "in spite of me" on one leg and "you've already won me over" on the other

photo: @adelemagpies

This is another one of the best couple tattoo ideas for love birds! If you’re always serenading each other with your favorite love song, these singing bird tattoos are such a cute way to memorialize the lyrics. But be warned: these tattoos may get the song stuck in your head…for the rest of your lives!

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42. Meaningful Sun and Moon Couple Tattoos

meaningful sun and moon soulmate couples tattoos

photo: @mytattooandpiercing

A sun and moon are some of the most classic tattoo ideas for couples, and that’s because they hold so much meaning. They’re polar opposites — representing day and night, light and dark, and masculinity and femininity — but when they come together, it’s perfect harmony.

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43. Simple + Symbolic Black Line Ink Designs

couple hugging to display a simple matching black line tattooed on their spine and wrists to symbolize a meaningful connection in their relationship

photo: @tattoofilter

Do you ever feel like you and your partner fit together like puzzle pieces? Well, these matching soulmate couple tattoos are like a physical representation of that feeling!

Simple and symbolic, these bold black lines are designed to perfectly match up when you hug. It’s such a unique and meaningful way to say: “We belong together.”

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44. Unique Lion Face Designs

meaningful lion and lioness ink designs with simple script that says "her one" on one arm and "his only" on the other

photo: @mf.tattoostudio

Introducing: the ultimate power couple tattoos! Lions and lionesses represent courage, strength, and leadership. They’re the king and queen of the Sahara, and are known for being fearless, majestic, and protective.

Are we describing you and your other half right now? If so, these matching lion tattoos may be the perfect idea for your couples ink!

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Small Couples Tattoo Ideas

couple hugging and showing off their unique matching small initial tattoos on their inner wrists
photo: @toni.marie.photography

Sometimes the smallest tattoos can be the most meaningful, and these matching couples tats are proof! Featuring tiny designs that are packed full of meaning, these couples tattoos are perfect if you don’t have a ton of ink and aren’t ready to commit to a large style. And for the minimalists, they’re also the ultimate subtle and discreet symbols of your love. Read on for our faves!

P.S. Want to try out a few different small couples tattoo ideas before deciding on your fave? Check out this sheet of temporary tiny tats, from romantic hearts to symbolic stars. SO cute!

45. Small King and Queen Couples Tattoo Ideas

small matching king and queen playing card symbols couples tattoos for a husband and wife

photo: @small.tattoos

Nothing says “soulmate” like king and queen matching couple tattoos! Inspired by a deck of cards, these king and queen symbols are the perfect way to show your winning hand. Because in the game of life, hearts always win.

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46. Small Matching Number Couples Tattoo Ideas

small matching couple tattoos of the number "17"

photo: @effortlessly.inked

Small, subtle, and symbolic, matching number tattoos will never steer you wrong. They’re not as in-your-face as some of the other couples tattoo ideas on this list — perfect if you don’t want to wear your entire heart on your sleeve.

Keep it simple with a meaningful number like your anniversary date, the street number of your first home together, or symbolic angel numbers.

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wavy gold lined French manicure

Whether you’re getting your matching couples tattoos for the big day, or you just want a great manicure to help show them off, we’ve rounded up the best bridal nail ideas for the occasion.

47. Matching Book-Inspired Couple Tattoos

unique book and galaxy matching small couples tattoos with a drawing of a tiny person sitting on the pages

photo: @sea_of_ink_tattoo_studio

Your love story is one for the ages — and this matching couples tattoo symbolizes that! Honor all of your past (and future) chapters together with this tiny book design. You can even get dainty depictions of each other, or the two of you together, perched on the edge of the pages. Perfect for bibliophile couples!

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48. Small Black Cat Couples Tattoo Ideas

simple black cat unique small matching couple tattoos on the ankle

photo: @moonchild.tattoo

Whether you’re parents to a black cat or you both identify as black cats, this is one of the cutest matching couples tattoo ideas on this list. Turn those bad luck rumors on their head with a small black cat design that brings you both together. It’s a little bit witchy, a little bit spooky, and A LOT cute!

P.S. We love the idea of customizing these matching couples tattoos with any animal silhouette. It’s such a sweet way to pay homage to your fur baby!

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49. Small “To Infinity and Beyond” Design

unique simple script ink designs that say "to infinity" on one wrist and "and beyond" on the other

photo: @inkmoetattoos

You won’t just be together forever…you’ll be together to infinity and beyond. If you’re looking for unique script tattoo ideas that go beyond the classic couples quotes and phrases, this small design is IT. We’re also suckers for a nostalgic tattoo — perfect for couples who are still kids at heart!

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50. Small Smiley Face Couples Tattoo Idea

simple smiley face ink design with two eyes on one partner's wrist and the smile on the other partner's wrist

photo: @pintadon_tattoo

This may be one of the smallest couples tattoo ideas on this list, but it’s also one of the most symbolic! If nothing brings out your smile like being together, then this quirky design is a must. Every time you hold hands, these tiny couple tattoos will form a smiley face — both on your wrists AND on your faces!

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51. Small Avocado Couples Tattoo Ideas

funny matching small avocado halves couples tattoos

photo: @attitudeholland

Celebrate finding your other half with these adorable avocado couples tattoos! After all, it’s hard to meet someone who has the exact same sense of humor as you. So when you do find that person, the only thing to do is get matching dancing avocado tattoos together. We don’t make the rules!

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52. Small Sun and Moon Couples Tattoo Ideas

simple matching small sun and moon couples tattoos on the outside of the wrist

photo: @little.tattoos

Don’t want to commit to a large tattoo design, but love the idea of matching soulmate couple tattoos? Enter: these dainty sun and moon designs! Unlike the other sun and moon tattoo ideas on this list, these designs are perfect for couples who love small and subtle ink.

Because you don’t need an entire sleeve to show how much you love your soulmate!

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53. Small Matching Takeaway Coffee Cup Ink

small couple tattoo ideas of funny to-go coffee cups

photo: @simplyfatetats

If you’ve found the person you love almost as much as you love coffee, then these are the matching couples tattoos for you. Brew up some love with these tiny takeaway coffee cup designs, which are steaming with romance (and tiny heart designs).

It’s such a cute symbol if you had coffee on your first date, or if every day together starts with a steamy cup of Joe!

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54. Matching Hearts + Safety Pins Designs

small matching couples tattoos of a safety pin piercing two hearts

photo: @moonchild.tattoo

Keep your hearts pinned together forever with these matching couple tattoo ideas! The symbolism behind this ink is SO GOOD — from the double hearts to the dainty safety pins. After all, you’ve already given each other your hearts…so why not make it official with a tattoo?!

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55. Small Matching Pineapple Couple Tattoos

funny and unique pineapple matching small couples tattoos

photo: @inkbykael

Last but certainly not least, we’re leaving you with these adorable pineapple designs!

While pineapples may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about matching soulmate couple tattoos, they actually have a super sweet meaning. Pineapples are associated with hospitality and represent a sense of home. If you’ve found home in your soulmate, then look no further than this ink inspo.

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Tying the Knot and Want Some Ink To Mark Your New Married Life Adventure?

unique small matching heart above the wrist relationship couples tattoos with meaning
photo: @madrabbit

Then don’t miss our list of the best wedding ring tattoo ideas for non-traditional couples! Just like the matching couples tattoo ideas on this list, they’re a romantic and meaningful way to celebrate finding your soulmate….’til death do you part.