33 Best Anniversary Gifts for Her – The Unique Wife Gift Guide

couple standing in front of a graffiti wall looking at vintage musical vinyl records thoughtful anniversary gifts for her
photo: Mary Costa

If there was ever a time to pamper your wife, it’s on your anniversary — and we’ve found the best anniversary gifts to make her feel like number one! While every moment spent with your other half is worth celebrating, your anniversary is your chance to go above and beyond with a gift worthy of your love story. And we’re here to help!

Whether you’re sticking to a theme (ie: leather for your third anniversary) or are looking for something as unique as her, we’ve rounded up the perfect (and most thoughtful!) gifts for the job. But before we get into the goodies, here are a few tips and tricks to help you choose the very best gift for your leading lady!

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How to Choose the Best Anniversary Gifts for Her

thoughtful personalized wood photo frame anniversary gifts for her with a custom message engraved on the front
anniversary gift for her: this engraved wood frame from UmitheCarpenter on Etsy

To choose the best anniversary gifts for your wife, think about what makes her — and your relationship — unique. Here are a few tips for narrowing down a gift that’s thoughtful, personal, and totally swoon-worthy!

  • Reminisce on your favorite memories: Your anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on all the special moments you and your wife have shared together, and what better way to do that than with a thoughtful gift? Choose something based on an inside joke or a favorite vacation, or take a trip down memory lane with a luxury photo album!
  • Think about her hobbies and interests: Does she love astrology, or won’t stop talking about her latest book obsession? Give her an anniversary gift that speaks to these passions, like a star map art print or a leather-bound copy of her favorite book! By making your anniversary gift personal to her, you’re guaranteed to earn alllll the best spouse awards.
  • Stick to a theme: Each anniversary year has a specific theme (ie: paper for your first year, leather for your third year, copper for your seventh year, and so on). We love the idea of using this theme as the jumping off point for your anniversary gift for her. Not only is this a sweet way to celebrate each milestone, but it also helps you choose something unique each year!
  • Treat her to some pampering: Want an anniversary gift that makes your wife feel like a million bucks? Treat her to something she wouldn’t usually do or buy herself! Give her a massage appointment or a gift box filled with luxury bath products. Cook her favorite meal. Buy her a fancy bath robe. Surprise her with meaningful jewelry…the options are truly endless!

How much should you spend on an anniversary gift for her?

woman wearing a diamond initial bracelet for wife best thoughtful anniversary gifts for her
anniversary gift for her: this diamond bracelet from Mejuri

How much you spend on an anniversary gift for her will ultimately come down to your personal budget, as well as how long you’ve been together. Luckily, there are amazing options for all price ranges, from sweet keepsakes for around $30 to diamond jewelry for a couple thousand!

If you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, like your 1st, 5th, 10th, or even 20th year, then you may want to splurge on a gift that’s a little more meaningful. But, if you haven’t been together as long, or if you’ve decided to budget this year, you can still find meaningful anniversary gifts for her that won’t break the bank. We’ve included a little somethin’ somethin’ for all budgets down below!

The Best Places to Buy Anniversary Gifts for Her

wife wearing a personalized roman numeral sweatshirt anniversary gifts for her
anniversary gift for her: this Roman numeral sweatshirt from uscustomizedshirts on Etsy

So…where do you start? Here are the best places to buy meaningful anniversary gifts for her that stand out from the crowd — and may even earn you a happy tear or two!

  • Etsy: If you don’t want to give her the same old classic anniversary gift this year, Etsy is here for you. They have dozens of unique and personalized anniversary gifts that are guaranteed to make your wife swoon, all created by independent artists and small businesses. From custom portraits to engraved keepsakes, there’s a little something for everyone!
  • Amazon: For last minute anniversary gifts for her, it doesn’t get better than Amazon. With an endless collections of all types of gifts, from couple’s cookbooks to thoughtful decor, you always have a sweet gesture just a click away. And if you’re running behind on your schedule, most of these gifts can also be at your door within a couple of days. Total lifesaver!

But don’t worry — we’ve done the scrolling, sifting, and searching, so you don’t have to. Here are all of the best anniversary gifts that are guaranteed to make her swoon, whether you’re celebrating your first year together or your 10th!

Best Leather Anniversary Gifts for Her

personalized leather tote for wife best anniversary gifts for her with initials etched into the bag
leather anniversary gift for her: this personalized tote bag from LeatherMilano on Etsy

Here’s to 1,095 days spent side-by-side! If you’re celebrating your third anniversary with your wife, leather anniversary gifts for her are a classic choice. They represent your durability as a couple, as well as the strength and flexibility of your love. Plus, they’re oh-so luxurious!

Even if you’re not celebrating your third anniversary (or you’re shopping beyond the traditional themes), giving her a leather gift is a meaningful gesture. And we’ve found some gorgeous leather anniversary gift ideas no matter her style or interests — keep scrolling for our faves!

1: Leather Adventure Book Anniversary Gift for Her

turquoise hued adventure book photo album leather anniversary gifts for her with unique engraved metal corners

For your adventure buddy, celebrate all your favorite memories together — and all the good times yet to come — with this leather-bound photo album! It comes with corner stickers to hold your best photos, as well as acid-free paper to write little notes for each memory.

It’s one of the best leather anniversary gifts for her if she’s the Ellie to your Carl (“Up” fans, we see you!).

Shop This Leather Photo Album for Her

2: Song Lyric Leather Engraved Anniversary Gift for Her

personalized engraved leather song lyric wall hanging anniversary gifts for her in a wood frame

It’s the song you first bonded over. The one you played for your first dance. The one you still serenade her with in the car. And with this anniversary gift for her, it’ll forever be immortalized in smooth, quality leather!

Get this leather engraving personalized with your names and anniversary date, plus the lyrics to your favorite song. Best paired with a spontaneous slow dance in the living room!

Shop This Leather Engraved Wall Hanging

3: Leather Passport Holder Anniversary Gift for Her

personalized engraved light brown leather passport holder for wife anniversary gifts for her

Couples who travel together stay together! This is the best leather anniversary gift for her if she’s always dreaming about your next romantic getaway. Customize this leather passport holder with your wife’s name, an inspiring travel quote, or a sweet love note from you to her.

Want to take this anniversary gift to the next level? Give it to her with a plane ticket inside! Spouse of the year award: achieved.

Shop This Personalized Leather Passport HOlder

4: Romantic Leather Rose Anniversary Gift for Her

unique leather rose display anniversary gifts for her in a glass case

Do you love to randomly surprise your wife with her favorite flowers? With this leather anniversary gift, you can give her a bouquet that lasts forever! This gorgeous blossoming rose is actually made with high-quality leather — an enchanting metaphor for your undying love.

Plus, it comes with the glass display case, the perfect addition to her desk or bedside table. And if roses aren’t your jam, this designer also has dozens of other flower options!

Shop This Romantic Leather Rose Display

5: Engraved Leather Candle Holder Anniversary Gift for Her

personalized roman numeral leather cover anniversary gifts for her

Nothing sets the mood like a flickering candle — especially when it’s displayed in this chic leather holder! Engraved with your anniversary date in Roman numerals, it’ll instantly up the romance factor for your next date night at home.

And don’t forget to pair this anniversary gift with one of her favorite scents — we love this “golden coast” one (it’s also 100% soy wax and cruelty-free!).

SHop THis Custom Leather Engraved Gift

patchouli best smelling scent on amazon in a frosted glass

Need some more fool-proof gift ideas for her? Check out our list of the best-smelling candles to add to her collection!

6: Personalized Leather Bookmark Anniversary Gift for Her

personalized engraved leather bookmark best anniversary gifts for her

If you can never tear your wife away from her latest book obsession, then this is the best leather anniversary gift for her. It’s a custom engraved bookmark, perfect for bookworms (and a major upgrade to her dog-eared pages!).

Get it personalized with your initials, anniversary date, and a cute book-themed quote so she’ll think of you with each new chapter.

Shop This Custom Leather Engraved Bookmark

Best Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Her

pastel purple personalized love letter leather clutch bag thoughtful anniversary gifts for her
thoughtful anniversary gift for her: this custom clutch from Anthropologie

The best anniversary gifts for your wife are the ones that feel meaningful, thoughtful, and personal to her! These are the gifts that go beyond the anniversary classics (read: flowers and diamonds) and instead step it up with something that speaks to her unique interests or celebrates your special memories together.

If you’re looking for something that will show your wife just how special she is to you, these are the anniversary gifts for the job. From personalized artwork to a custom song (#10 is seriously the best!!), it doesn’t get better than these thoughtful anniversary gifts for her.

7: Thoughtful Vinyl Record Mixtape Anniversary Gift for Her

custom vinyl record mixtape thoughtful anniversary gifts for her with a picture of a couple on the cover

Sure, you could make your wife a personalized Spotify playlist with all of the songs that make you think of her — or you could go the more thoughtful route with this retro anniversary gift!

Perfect for audiophiles who love all things old school, this vinyl record mixtape can be customized with 40 minutes of your favorite tunes, plus a personal album cover. Pull it out whenever you’re making dinner, getting ready for date night, or enjoying some good old quality time.

Shop This Thoughtful Vinyl Record Mixtape

8: Thoughtful Star Map Necklace Anniversary Gift for Her

unique personalized gold star map necklace for wife best thoughtful anniversary gifts for her

Is she always telling you about how you’re the perfect astrological compatibility match? With this thoughtful anniversary gift for her, your wife can see how your love was written in the stars — literally!

This custom necklace features a star map that displays the exact placement of the stars and constellations on a specific night. Choose the night you met, the night you popped the question, or the night you tied the knot. Either way, it’s guaranteed to leave her starstruck (sorry, we had to).

Shop This Thoughtful Star Map Necklace

9: Thoughtful Couple’s Portrait Anniversary Gift for Her

unique custom black and white illustration couples portrait thoughtful anniversary gifts for her

Want to add an extra special touch to your gallery wall? There’s truly nothing more meaningful than your wedding photos — except maybe those photos transformed into a custom piece of art!

With this thoughtful anniversary gift, you can give her a one-of-a-kind portrait inspired by the best day of your lives. The artist will use a photo of your choice to create a custom line drawing, complete with your names and anniversary date on the bottom. Such a sweet gift for your paper anniversary (one year)!

Shop This THoughtful Custom Couple’s Portrait

10: Custom Love Song Thoughtful Anniversary Gift for Her

sheet music for a custom song for wife best thoughtful anniversary gifts for her

If you’ve ever dreamed about giving your wife one of the greatest love songs of all time — but you aren’t a musician — then this is the perfect anniversary gift for her! With this gift, you’ll work with musician David Morgan to create a one-of-a-kind song based on your one-of-a-kind relationship.

You’ll answer a few questions and share some of your favorite anecdotes, and David will transform these into meaningful lyrics, set to the music style of your choice. Play your 3-minute tune for your wife on your anniversary date night, and prepare for waterworks!

Shop This THoughtful Custom Love Song

11: Thoughtful Hardcover Photo Book Anniversary Gift for Her

luxury hardcover leather and linen photo book thoughtful anniversary gifts for her

You and your wife likely have thousands of amazing, meaningful photos between the two of you — but they’re probably all stored on your phone’s camera reel or Instagram feed. Instead of another IG post this year, why not show off your photos IRL with this thoughtful anniversary gift for her?!

There’s something so special about physically flipping through your favorite memories together, and that’s where this luxury photo book comes in. It features a durable hardcover design that’s made with either linen or leather in any color of your choice, plus gold foil lettering. Perfection.

Shop This Thoughtful Luxury Photo Book

12: Thoughtful Signature Scent Anniversary Gift for Her

collection of Tocca signature fragrances for wife thoughtful anniversary gifts for her

It’s a classic for a reason! A signature scent carries so much emotion, and that’s why it will forever and always be a thoughtful and fool-proof anniversary gift for her.

Whether or not your wife already has a favorite fragrance, these Tocca perfumes are guaranteed to make her swoon. They come in the prettiest glass bottles and feature 6 different drool-worthy scents. She’ll love having something special to wear on romantic date nights out!

Shop This Tocca Fragrance for Her

applying long lasting best perfumes for women thumb

When it comes to signature scent, there are SO many options to choose from! We’re helping you narrow it down with this list of the best fragrances for women, as rated by our GWS readers.

13: “A Year of Dates” Thoughtful Anniversary Gift for Her

personalized a year of dates cards thoughtful anniversary gifts for her in a black box adorned with illustrated hearts

Speaking of date nights out, we know how easy it can be to get into a dinner-and-a-movie routine. If you and your wife have been together for years, this is the perfect anniversary gift to spice up your weekly outings!

This “A Year of Dates” box comes with 52 cards, each with a fun activity to do together. Because why save all the romance for just one day each year?!


14: Personalized World Map for Your Wife Who Loves to Travel

unique personalized pushpin world map thoughtful anniversary gifts for her in a dark brown wood frame

Marriage was just the start of your adventures together — and with this thoughtful anniversary gift, you and your wife can plan many more adventures to come!

This vintage-inspired world map is personalized with your names and anniversary date and comes with pushpins to mark all the places you’ve traveled together (or want to travel together). It’s a gorgeous keepsake that you’ll love looking back on in 50 years time!

Shop This Personalized Pushpin Map

Best Unique Anniversary Gifts for Her

personalized song lyric photo print unique anniversary gifts for her in the shape of a couple embracing on their wedding day
unique anniversary gift for her: this song lyric art print from ArtCanyonMaps on Etsy

Looking for an anniversary gift that’s as unique as her? We’ve got you covered. These aren’t the gift ideas you’ll find on just any list. They’re hidden gems, personalized keepsakes, and unique twists on classic gift ideas. In other words, they’re the best of the best anniversary gifts for her!

Scroll on for our favorite unique anniversary gifts for your wife that will have her asking: “Where did you find this?!” They’re totally one-of-a-kind — just like your love story!

15: Unique Marquee Photo Print Anniversary Gift for Her

personalized movie marquee photo print unique anniversary gifts for her with wife and partner's name printed on it

Ever feel like your relationship would be the plot of an iconic rom-com? Celebrate your movie-worthy romance with this unique anniversary gift for her!

This marquee photo print can be personalized with you and your wife’s names, your anniversary date, and the title of the greatest love story of all time (aka, yours!).

Now go enjoy your happy ending!

Shop THis Unique Custom Marque Photo Print

16: Unique Chocolate Box for Your Wife With a Sweet Tooth

luxury chocolate box unique anniversary gifts for her with a watercolor painting of a person and his wife on the front of the container

If your wife has a major sweet tooth, then chocolate is probably a mandatory gift for every anniversary. But for something more unique than your average heart-shaped box, we love this collection of bonbons using ingredients sourced from The Huntington gardens!

Not only does this gift include 24 signature flavors and unique sweets (like the Huntington Tea Caramel flavor), but it also comes in a collectible box featuring a painting of the Gardens. Talk about a delicious keepsake!

Shop This Unique Anniversary Chocolate Gift Box for Her

17: Unique “Where Should We Begin?” Card Game

thoughtful storytelling card game unique best anniversary gifts for her in an Art Deco inspired design

Remember when the two of you used to talk for hours about anything and everything? Bring that back with this unique anniversary gift for her!

Designed to encourage connection through storytelling, this card game features 250 prompt cards and 30 story cards that will keep you chatting all night long. Bring it along on your next dinner date — you may be surprised by how much you still don’t know about each other!

Shop This Unique Storytelling Card Game

18: Unique Acrylic Song Plaque for Music Lovers

personalized acrylic song plaque unique best anniversary gifts for her featuring a photo of wife and groom surrounded by their friends on the day they got married

If your wife is a music lover, this anniversary gift is such a rad alternative to a classic framed photo! Designed to look like a Spotify song screen, the acrylic plaque features a special song with a special photo above it (kind of like album art). It’s a unique way to honor the soundtrack of your love story!

And as a bonus, this plaque also includes a code at the bottom that you can scan to play your love song. Romance at the touch of a button!

Shop This Unique Acrylic Song Plaque

19: Unique Leather Photo Keychain Anniversary Gift for Her

mini personalized leather photo album keychain unique anniversary gifts for her

With this unique anniversary gift, your wife will have a little piece of you to take with her wherever she goes. So instead of scrolling through her camera roll when she’s missing you, she can flip through this cute mini photo album! WAY more romantic.

This keychain comes with 14 photos and can be custom engraved with your initials. It’s also bound in leather, making it perfect for your 3rd anniversary!

Shop This Unique Leather Photo Album Keychain

20: Unique Birthstone Necklace Anniversary Gift for Her

personalized mixed stone necklace for wife thoughtful anniversary gifts for her

Here at GWS, we LOVE birthstone necklaces — they’re a stylish and thoughtful gift for any occasion! And with mixed stones (for both your wife’s birthday and your birthday), these ones are a must for your anniversary. She’ll love keeping you close to her heart wherever she goes!

Plus, you have the option to fill these necklaces with up to four different types of stones, so you can add some for your children or other family members, too!

Shop These Personalized Necklaces for her

21: Unique Shadow Box Anniversary Gift for Her

thoughtful memory timeline collection artwork unique anniversary gifts for her

Honor all the milestones that have brought you and your wife to where you are now with this unique anniversary gift for her! This shadow box is customized with icons for each anniversary you’ve celebrated, represented by the traditional theme for that year.

For example, your first anniversary is symbolized by a paper heart, while your fifth anniversary is wood. Underneath each icon, you can add a personal note about a special memory that happened that year. Such a sweet way to take a walk down memory lane together!

Shop This Unique Anniversary Shadow Box

22: Unique Self Care Anniversary Gift Box for Her

best self care spa box for wife unique anniversary gifts for her

Give her the gift of a little R&R this anniversary — she deserves it! While we love the idea of buying your wife a spa day, this luxury self care box is a more unique (and affordable) option.

She’ll feel totally pampered with goodies like calming bath salts, handmade body bars, a natural soothing scrub, nourishing body butter, and more. Bonus points if you treat her to the full at-home spa experience — aka, brining her wine as she unwinds in the bath!

Shop THis Unique Self Care Anniversary Gift Box for Her

Best Copper Anniversary Gifts for Her

best handmade wind chime for wife copper anniversary gifts for her
copper anniversary gift for her: this wind chime from CoastChimes on Etsy

With their glittering rose gold hue and unique look, copper anniversary gifts for her are some of our faves. Traditionally, they’re given for the 7th anniversary (a major milestone!), but these gifts are so good you’ll want to give them to your wife ASAP!

Plus, copper anniversary gifts aren’t just gorgeous — they’re also packed full of meaning. Copper represents strength, beauty, wealth, and warmth. It’s also a conductor of heat (wink, wink), and symbolizes good luck. Sounds pretty perfect for a romantic anniversary gift for her, amiright?!

23: Copper Star Map Anniversary Gift for Her

unique personalized copper star map anniversary gifts for her with wife and partner's name engraved

Similar to #8 on the list, this anniversary gift features a star map from a special night you and your wife shared together. But instead of a necklace, this copper artwork can be displayed on your wall for ultimate stargazing potential!

Get it customized with you and wife’s names, the date of your anniversary (or another special night), and the coordinates where you tied the knot.

Shop this Copper Star Map Artwork

24: Copper Guitar Pick for Your Musical Wife

personalized engraved copper guitar pick anniversary gifts for her

When it comes to anniversary gifts for her, you can’t go wrong with a good pun. And if she’s a musician, this is the best of the best! Give her something that makes her laugh every time she reaches for her guitar with this custom engraved guitar pick.

The copper will also give her a different sound than a classic plastic pick, perfect for leveling up your next jam sesh!

Shop This Copper Engraved Guitar Pick

25: Unique Copper Pipe Photo Frame

unique industrial copper pipe photo frame anniversary gifts for her with a picture of groom and his wife when they got married

How cool are these industrial copper pipe picture frames?! With such a dazzling copper hue, they’ll instantly elevate any home décor aesthetic. Pair them with a sweet photo from the big day for a nostalgic anniversary gift that will give her those same butterflies, seven years later.

Shop This Copper Pipe Photo Frame

26: Copper Ring Dish Anniversary Gift for Her

best handmade heart shaped copper ring dish for wife anniversary gifts for her

After seven years, we’re guessing your wife could use an upgrade to her ring dish! Not only is this copper anniversary gift for her extremely beautiful, but it’s also practical. She’ll get a sweet reminder of all your memories together every time she takes off her ring to go to bed, shower, or cook!

We also love that this heart-shaped ring dish is hand-forged from solid copper. It’s a high-quality keepsake that she’ll use and love forever.

Shop This Copper Heart-Shaped Ring Dish

27: Copper Moscow Mule Kit Anniversary Gift for Her

copper moscow mule mugs and ginger beer making kit anniversary gifts for her

Is there anything better than a cold Moscow Mule after a long summer day? We think not! With this anniversary gift, you and your wife will get the chance to DIY this refreshing cocktail right at home.

This kit comes with everything you need to brew your own ginger beer from scratch, plus two antique-finished copper mugs to complete the cocktail. Just bring your own vodka and have fun playing bartender for the night!

Shop This DIY Moscow Mule Kit + Copper mUgs

28: Unique Copper Decision Maker Coin for Book Worms

unique book chapter copper decision coin anniversary gifts for her

Whether your wife is a bookworm or just struggles to make a decision, this is a cute and unique copper anniversary gift for her! Each side of the “decision-maker” coin features a different decision: either read one more chapter, or go to bed.

Pair it with a first edition copy of her favorite book for extra brownie points.

Shop this Copper Decision Maker Coin

Best Last Minute Anniversary Gifts for Her

personalized ceramic pastel ring dish last minute anniversary gifts for her with wife first name monogram in gold
last minute anniversary gifts for her: these initial ring dishes from Amazon

We’ve all been there: you lost track of time and didn’t realize your anniversary was this week. But no need to panic! We’ve rounded up the best last minute anniversary gifts that will have her ooohing and ahhhing — no pre-planning necessary.

As a bonus, all of these anniversary gifts for her are from Amazon (a last minute lifesaver), which means they can be on your doorstep within one or two days. We’ve also included a few tips to make these anniversary gifts feel extra special, and a little less last minute. Your secret’s safe with us!!

29: Last Minute Cookbook Anniversary Gift for Her

unique date night cook book last minute anniversary gifts for her

Have your weeknights at home become a routine you know by heart? Cook the same meals, then spend the rest of the night watching Netflix. This year, why not spice it up a little bit with this date night cookbook for couples?!

Not only does this book come with tons of new recipes to try out together, but it also features fun activities to pair with each meal. You can even crack it open for your anniversary night! Such a fun and thoughtful experience, your wife will never guess that this anniversary gift was a last minute idea.

Shop THis Last Minute Cookbook for COuples

30: Last Minute Cheese Board for Your Foodie Wife

best bamboo wood cheese board for wife with knife drawer last minute anniversary gifts for her

If you’re shopping for last minute anniversary gifts for your foodie wife, then her favorite snacks are a fool-proof choice — you can pick them up from the grocery store and have them fresh for your celebrations the same day.

But to make this idea seem a little less, well, last minute, we suggest pairing them with this stylish cheese board! Spend some time arranging her fave goodies on this chic wood charcuterie board for a great gift + romantic date night in one.


ampersand wood unique small charcuterie board ideas

Need some tips for creating the perfect date night spread? Here’s our list of the best charcuterie board ideas — plus the tools you need to bring them to life!

31: Last Minute Anniversary Journal Gift for Her

hardcover photo memory book last minute anniversary gifts for her with a black and white photo of groom and wife when they got married

This is one of our favorite last minute anniversary gift ideas if you and your wife are celebrating your first year together — but it also works for anyone!

Called the “Anniversary Journal,” this book is packed full of guided prompts and spaces for photos and memories. It helps you easily capture each special anniversary together, from year one all the way to year 70 (and beyond!). With such a luxurious hardcover design, it’s a keepsake you’ll cherish forever.

Shop This Last MInute Anniversary Journal Gift for Her

32: Last Minute Luxury Cotton Bath Robe for Her

best luxury cotton bathrobe last minute anniversary gifts for her

If it’s too last minute to give your wife a spa trip as an anniversary gift, why not recreate those luxe spa vibes at home? This plush robe is made with 100% cotton (also great if you’re celebrating your 2nd anniversary!) and feels like wearing a fluffy cloud.

Complete your gift with some extra at-home pampering, like a romantic massage or a candle-lit bubble bath for two. You can also get this luxe bubble bath delivered last minute!

Shop This Last Minute Luxe Bath Robe for Her

33: Last Minute Digital Love Note Messenger Box

unique digital love note messenger box for wife

Level up your “I love you” texts with this fun last minute anniversary gift for her! Every time you send your wife a message, the heart on this wood box will spin. When she opens the lid, she’ll be greeted with a cute digital love note — which can be anything from a text to a drawing to a photo!

This is such a cute way to add some romance to her work day or show her some love anytime the two of your are apart.

Shop This Digital Love Box Anniversary Gift

How far in advance should you buy anniversary gifts for her?

personalized etched toasting glasses best anniversary gifts for her
anniversary gift for her: these personalized glasses from MrandMrsAZ on Etsy

When shopping for anniversary gifts for your wife, it’s always a good idea to start early. We suggest beginning your search at least two weeks before your anniversary date — this will give you plenty of time to explore different options, consider customized gifts, and make sure you find something truly unforgettable.

If you do want to give her a personalized anniversary gift, keep in mind that it might require extra processing time. For engravings, monograms, or custom-made gifts, check with the seller to get an accurate timeline. And don’t forget to factor in shipping, too!

Of course, life happens, and sometimes you need to find your wife an anniversary gift last minute. While you may have limited options, you can still find thoughtful and unique gifts on Amazon — or you can opt for a fun experience, instead!

Need More Gift Giving Ideas? Our Guides Have You Covered.

couple standing in a bookstore window while shopping for unique book anniversary gifts for her
photo: Mary Costa

Whether you’re looking for more anniversary gift ideas for your wife, or you need to brainstorm for another special occasion, we have the perfect gift guides for the job!

For more general ideas for your leading lady, check out our ultimate gift guide for her. These are great gifts for your anniversary, her birthday, the holidays, and beyond!

If she can be picky with her preferences, also check out this unique gift guide for people who are hard to shop for. You can thank us later!

And for gifts that do good, don’t miss our list of the best gifts that give back!

We also have round-ups of some fool-proof anniversary gifts for her, from bar carts to a signature fragrance to birthstone rings and beyond. That perfect gift is out there waiting for you!

Which of these stunning gifts are you giving your wife for your anniversary? Let us know in the comments below!