37 Best Anniversary Gifts for Him – The Unique Husband Gift Guide

husband and wife celebrating their anniversary at home
photo by Lauren Nicole Photography, as seen in this guide to celebrating your anniversary at home

Here’s to another 365 days around the sun with your favorite guy! Anniversaries are always exciting — whether it’s your first year married or your 20th. So, to celebrate the husband who has made the past 525,600 minutes (and counting) so special, we’ve rounded up the best anniversary gifts for him!

When it comes to your anniversary, it may feel impossible to find a gift that perfectly sums up how grateful you are to be doing life with this person. That’s why we wanted to focus on the most unique, sentimental, and totally one-of-a-kind anniversary gifts for your husband. Forget generic gifts….these babies are all about celebrating your totally one-of-a-kind love story!

So, to help you find “the one” for your one, we’ve scoured the internet for the best anniversary gifts for every relationship, budget, interest, and marriage milestone (steel anniversary? no prob!). But first, here are a few FAQs to make narrowing down the perfect present a little easier!

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Should you get your husband an anniversary gift?

personalized anniversary journal scrapbook best sentimental anniversary gifts for him
“Our Anniversary Journal” gift for him: InTheBookUS on Etsy

While giving your husband an anniversary gift is definitely not a requirement, it is a sweet and thoughtful way to express your love and celebrate all the moments you’ve spent side-by-side. After all, who doesn’t love receiving a meaningful gift from their other half?! (If gift-giving is your love language, we’re looking at you!)

But, if anniversary gifts don’t feel like your relationships style, then there are plenty of other ways to celebrate your love on the big day. Which brings us to our next FAQ….

How can you make your husband feel special on your anniversary?

unique matching sweatshirt anniversary gifts for him with personalized date and two hands making a heart on them
cute matching him + her sweater anniversary gifts: LakeHouseDesignArt on Etsy

There are SO many ways to make your husband feel like #1 on your anniversary, from classic gestures to out-of-the-box ideas!

Of course, one of the most common ways to make your husband feel special on your anniversary is with a well-thought-out anniversary gift. This could be something sweet and sentimental, like a personalized scrapbook of your adventures together, or something unique that he’s had his eye on for months now, like a deluxe Old Fashioned cocktail set.

If you want to go above and beyond for your anniversary this year, why not plan an unforgettable date to go with your gift?! (This is also great if you’re skipping gifts this year!) For the husbands who are all about quality time, treat him to a meal at his favorite restaurant, take him on a phone-free hike, or whisk him away on a romantic escape at a luxury vacation rental, like this a-frame mountain cabin!

But grand gestures and anniversary gifts aren’t the only way to make your leading man feel special on this milestone day. Something as small as a cute card, a handwritten love letter, or breakfast in bed will make him feel appreciated and bring back those butterflies from when you first fell in love.

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How to Find Unique and Sentimental Anniversary Gifts for Him

personalized wood constellation star map best anniversary gifts for him
personalized star map anniversary gift for him: FavoriteWoodenGifts on Etsy

Searching for an anniversary gift for him that feels just as special as your love story? Here are some expert tips to help you find something totally unique for your totally unique man!

  • Think about what makes him unique: Consider what your man is passionate about, whether it’s a sport, a hobby, or his guilty pleasure TV show. Then look for anniversary gifts that tie into your husband’s unique interests. Think: a custom jersey, this DIY hot sauce kit, or this rad Snoop Dogg cookbook!
  • Add a personal touch: When in doubt, adding a personal touch to your anniversary gift will automatically make it more sentimental and special for your husband. Consider engraving his name or a sweet message onto a piece of jewelry (like this wooden timepiece), or creating a custom wall print that reflects your love story (like the star map pictured above)!
  • Give an experience: Like we mentioned in the last FAQ, one of the best unique and sentimental anniversary gifts for him isn’t a gift at all — it’s an experience! Instead of (or in addition to) a physical gift, consider giving your husband an unforgettable date, such as a romantic cooking class or a weekend at a beachside rental!
  • Shop from independent artisans: If you’re looking for unique anniversary gifts for him, don’t shop from the go-to generic places. Instead, look for independent artisans from places like Etsy or Uncommon Goods! This is where you’ll find one-of-a-kind anniversary gifts that you can’t buy anywhere else, such as a gorgeous custom portrait or personalized whiskey glasses.

And remember: the best unique and sentimental anniversary gifts are the ones that show your husband how much you love and appreciate him. So, take the time to choose something that’s meaningful and personal to your love story!

How much should you spend on anniversary gifts for him?

man wearing stylish black onyx square gold signet ring best anniversary gifts for him
signet ring anniversary gift for stylish guys: Mejuri

There is no hard and fast rule for how much you should spend on anniversary gifts for him. Ultimately, it will come down to your budget, your relationship, and the type of gift you choose. The good news is that you can find meaningful and unforgettable anniversary gifts for every price range, from $15 to $500!

  • $15 – $50: If you’re on a budget, you can find sweet and sentimental anniversary gifts in this wallet-friendly price range from places like Etsy and Amazon. To make these budget-friendly gifts feel extra special, look for personalization options, like this custom song plaque!
  • $50 – $200: For anniversary gifts that will become treasured keepsakes or staples in his daily life, you should expect to spend between $50 and $150. You’ll have limitless options in this price range, from this outdoor gas grill to this custom world map!
  • $200+: Celebrating a milestone anniversary, like your 5th, 10th, or even 20th? Or, just want to spoil your man with something luxurious? Then you may want to look for deluxe anniversary gifts in this higher price range. These gifts are family heirlooms in the making!

Ultimately, the best anniversary gifts are meaningful and thoughtful, regardless of the price tag. So have fun with it, choose a gift that you know your man will love, and enjoy celebrating all the days (and years) that got you here!

The Best Places to Buy Anniversary Gifts for Him

collection of deluxe best anniversary gifts for him including a ballpark book, airpods, a cocktail shaker, and framed prints
deluxe anniversary gifts for him: Pottery Barn

Need some inspo to start shopping? We’ve got you covered with the top 3 places to find the best anniversary gifts for him!

  • Etsy: For unique and sentimental anniversary gifts for him, look no further than Etsy. They have hundreds of one-of-a-kind options created by independent artisans and small businesses. Plus, most of their anniversary gifts can be personalized to reflect your love story — perfect for the secret softies and hopeless romantics!

But don’t worry about sorting through all these shops on your own….we’ve rounded up the best anniversary gifts for every category, so you can focus on making this anniversary one to remember!

Unique Anniversary Gifts for Him

black leather biker jacket unique best anniversary gifts for him
unique leather jacket anniversary gift for him: Banana Republic

You’re not here for the same old generic anniversary gifts — you want the gifts that will stand out, make your husband smile, and won’t end up in the back of the closet. Enter: these unique anniversary gifts for him!

Totally out-of-the-box, these are the best anniversary gifts for the guys who already have everything. They speak to his interests, while also being fun splurges that he wouldn’t buy for himself. Plus, they’re all items that he’ll actually use for years to come!

And if you’re celebrating a specific anniversary (like your steel or iron anniversary), we’ve also found the best unique mens anniversary gifts for those categories! Keep scrolling to see our faves.

1. Best Unique Anniversary Gift for Him if Loves At-Home Happy Hour: This Luxe Gold + Wood Bar

unique gold metal and wood bar best anniversary gifts for him

For the dapper man who wishes he lived in the “Mad Men” era, this unique anniversary gift will make him feel like the next Don Draper!

Bar carts are always a chic gift (and one he probably wouldn’t buy himself). And this one feels especially luxe, with a glimmering gold metal frame and a sturdy wood base. It also features wheels, so he can easily push it from his at-home office to the living room for your 5 o’clock happy hour!

P.S. Take this anniversary gift to the next level by stocking it with your husband’s favorite booze and some rad cocktail glasses, like these gold-rimmed tumblers!

Shop This Unique Bar Anniversary Gift

2. Best Unique Anniversary Gift for Him if You’re Celebrating Your Leather Anniversary: This Luxury Leather Timepiece Box

luxury leather timepiece display box unique best anniversary gifts for him

For the guy who has it all, give him somewhere to store it all! This chic timepiece display box can hold five different timepieces (you know, for all the ones you’ve given him on past anniversaries). It also features a glass insert on top to make choosing his style of the day that much easier!

Plus, this unique anniversary gift for him is made with genuine leather — perfect if you’re celebrating your “leather anniversary” (3 years)! Choose between brown or black leather and add a monogram for an extra special touch.

Shop This Unique Timepiece Box Anniversary Gift

3. Best Unique Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s a Sneaker Head: These Classic Air Jordans

best unique Nike black and white Air Jordan sneaker anniversary gifts for him

Does he have a special space in the closet just for his sneaker collection? Or has he been talking about the latest Air Jordan drop for weeks now? Then he may just be a sneaker head….and we’ve found THE best unique anniversary gift for him!

Make his street style dreams come true by giving him the latest sneakers he’s been obsessing over. And if you’re not sure which style is his fave, you can’t go wrong with some classic Jordans!

Shop These Unique NIke JOrdan Sneakers

4. Best Unique Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s a Whiskey Connoisseur: This Classic Glass Decanter

unique glass whiskey decanter anniversary gift for him

If you’re looking for something to stock his home bar, then this glass decanter is a must. Its the best unique anniversary gift for him if your husband is a self-proclaimed whiskey connoisseur — and a much better way to show off his booze collection than with all those half-empty bottles on your counter!

Made with beautifully crafted glass and featuring an old school geometric motif, this decanter looks and feels luxurious. But don’t just take our word for it. Dozens of raving 5-star reviews prove that this anniversary gift is really THAT good!

Shop This Unique WHiskey Decanter Anniversary Gift

5. Best Unique Anniversary Gift for Him if You’re Celebrating Your Steel Anniversary: This Stainless Steel Men’s Timepiece

unique all-black stainless steel timepiece anniversary gifts for him

Celebrate your steel anniversary (11 years) in style with this unique anniversary gift for him! A stylish timepiece will always be a great gift, and this stainless steel one is an heirloom in the making. Both fashion-forward and practical, it’s inspired by troop transports, bank vaults, and racing tachometers.

Plus, if the modern all-black look isn’t your husband’s style, this one also comes in 10 other designs, including luxe gold and classic silver. We can’t think of a better way to show him how much you love your ~time~ together!

Shop This Unique Stainless Steel Timepiece Anniversary GIft

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For a fool-proof gift he’ll love every time, it doesn’t get better than a stylish timepiece! Find the perfect one to celebrate your time together with this list of the best men’s watches in every style.

6. Best Unique Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s an Amateur Barista: This Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

unique nitro cold brew coffee maker best anniversary gifts for him

If his guilty pleasure is spending $10 a day on barista-made coffee, then this is the best unique anniversary gift for him (and for your bank account)! Trust us, this stainless steel nitro cold brew coffee maker and dispenser is about to become a mainstay in your fridge.

This coffee maker comes with everything you need to make a perfect glass of foamy, caffeinated cold brew, including N2O cartridges, filter bags, and even cleaning tablets. Just add your husband’s favorite bag of coffee and some water, and you’re good to go!

Shop This Unique Cold Brew Maker Anniversary Gift

7. Best Unique Present for Him if You’re Celebrating Your Iron Anniversary: This Cast Iron Cookware Collection

best unique 6-piece cast iron cookware collection anniversary gifts for him

Bring that “yes, chef” energy into your kitchen with this unique anniversary gift for him! If your man loves to whip up a killer breakfast spread or a dinner party feast, then he’ll love upgrading his chef stack with this 6-piece cast iron cookware set.

The set includes a skillet, griddle, grill pan, hot handle holder, deluxe scraper, and round scrub brush — everything he needs to dish up some love on the daily. And if you really want to take this anniversary gift to the next level, pair it with a luxe cast iron cookbook or a fun cooking class for the two of you!

Shop This Unique Cast Iron Anniversary Gift Set

8. Best Unique Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s a Pizza Lover: This Personal Gas-Powered Pizza Oven

gas-powered personal pizza oven unique best anniversary gifts for him

On the other hand, if your husband’s idea of a five-star meal is a truly great slice, then this personal pizza oven may be more his jam! Fully gas powered, this compact outdoor pizza oven cooks one large 16-inch pizza at a time. He’ll have the chance to choose his own toppings, perfect his ultimate slice, and be the star of game day!

For unique anniversary gifts for him that he’ll want to show off to everyone he knows, it doesn’t get better than this. So invite your crew over, because this oven is about to be your new backyard centerpiece!

Shop This Unique Pizza Oven Anniversary Gift

9. Best Unique Present for Him if You’re Celebrating Your Wood Anniversary: This Wooden Bluetooth Record Player

unique wood bluetooth record player anniversary gift for husband

Whether he’s a hardcore audiophile or just loves all things retro, this unique anniversary gift for him is guaranteed to be a winner.

Inspired by mid-century modern design, this classic record player features a wood cabinet, a gold-accented radio dial, and a three-speed turntable. Going analog has never looked better!

Bonus: this media player will also play cassettes, CDs, and FM radio, AND it’s bluetooth compatible so he can stream his favorite Spotify playlists. Give it to him with a vinyl version of his favorite record for your wood anniversary (5 years)!

Shop This Unique Record Player Anniversary Gift

10. Best Unique Anniversary Gift for Him if He Always Wins on Game Night: This Wood Scrabble Board

unique maple wood scrabble board game best anniversary gifts for him

Another great option for your wood anniversary, this wooden scrabble board is a major upgrade from the old board that’s falling apart in your game closet. It includes a deluxe rotating maple wood cabinet with a storage drawer, wood letter tiles, and luxe wood tile racks.

Complete with a luxurious foil-stamped scorebook, it’s definitely one of the best unique anniversary gifts for him if he’s a game night pro, skilled wordsmith, or fierce competitor. Did someone say W-I-N-N-E-R?!

Shop This Unique Scrabble Board Anniversary Gift

11. Best Unique Gift for Him if You’re Celebrating Your Cotton Anniversary: This Cotton Canvas Bar Backpack

cotton canvas insulated bar backpack unique anniversary gifts for him

This is the best unique anniversary gift for him if he loves taking happy hour with him wherever he goes, from picnics at the park to weekends at the beach!

This bar backpack is fitted with 16 essential bar tools (including a shaker, muddler, jigger, and even a cutting board), plus room for three large bottles and other cocktail essentials. All secured in one insulated backpack, it’s his answer to cocktails on the go!

And made with cotton canvas, it’s also a fun and unique gift for your second anniversary. We can cheers to that!

Shop This Unique Bar Backpack Anniversary Gift

12. Best Unique Gift for a Cute Anniversary Date Night: This At-Home Outdoor Movie Screen

unique outdoor movie screen anniversary gift for husband

Give your husband the gift of an unforgettable at-home date night with this outdoor movie screen! It’s designed for easy set up in your backyard, so you can enjoy your next Netflix and chill night under the stars.

And totally weather-resistant, this screen can stay up all summer (and possibly year) long. Perfect if you’re looking for unique anniversary gifts for him that just keep on giving! All it’s missing is an at-home projector, some pillows + blankets, and allll the snacks!

SHop This Unique Movie Screen ANniversary Gift

Last Minute Anniversary Gifts for Him

classic brushed cotton olive hoodie last minute best anniversary gifts for him
olive hoodie last minute anniversary gift for him: Buck Mason

Did your anniversary creep up on you this year? Have you been so busy planning an epic date night that you forgot about the gift portion of the evening? Don’t stress — because we’ve rounded up the best last minute anniversary gifts for him!

These are the gifts that you can either find in stores or that will be delivered to your doorstep ASAP. They’re universally loved by the guys in our lives, while still feeling thoughtful and meaningful for your leading man. And yes, we’ve also included a few Amazon options for you Prime member procrastinators!

Scroll on for the best last minute anniversary gifts for him in every category, price range, and anniversary theme.

13. Best Last Minute Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s a Grill Master: This Wood-Handled Barbecue Tool Set

wood and stainless steel barbecue tool set best last minute anniversary gifts for him

If the grill is your husband’s domain, give him everything he needs to achieve master (backyard) chef status with this 9-piece barbecue tool set! It comes with all the essentials and more: a turner, fork, basting brush, grill cleaner, and tongs, all wrapped in a stylish canvas carrying case.

So luxurious, this set really goes above and beyond for a last minute anniversary gift. Plus, the tools blend both wood and stainless steel — so whether you’re celebrating your 5th or 11th anniversary, you’re covered!

Shop This Luxe Barbecue Anniversary Gift Set

14. Best Last Minute Anniversary Gift for Him if He Loves Weekend Getaways: This Stylish Faux Leather Weekender Bag

luxury faux leather weekender bag last minute best anniversary gifts for him

Is your husband still taking the same backpack he’s had since college on every weekend trip the two of you take together? Consider that a cry for help and get him this stylish faux leather weekender bag instead!

It’s one of the best last minute anniversary gifts for him because it’s both practical and fashion-forward — and it’s a treat he probably wouldn’t buy for himself. Plus, it’ll get him excited for all the weekend escapes you have in your future!

This also makes a great surprise anniversary gift for him if you’ve already planned a romantic getaway to celebrate this milestone. Packing has never been so fun!

Shop This Stylish WEekender Bag Anniversary Gift

15. Best Last Minute Anniversary Gift for Him if He Prefers Analog to Instagram: This Retro Instax Mini Camera

best retro Instax mini polaroid camera last minute anniversary gift for him

There’s nothing like capturing a special moment ~in the moment~, without thinking about editing or posting it. If that sounds like something your man would say, then you can stop scrolling now. Because this is the best last minute anniversary gift for him!

This Instax mini instant camera will help him capture his favorite memories the retro way…and with a rad, retro look! We love the classic black design and mini size of this camera — great for bringing along on all his adventures. Just don’t forget to pair it with a few boxes of Instax mini film!

Shop this Instax Instant Camera Anniversary Gift

16. Best Luxurious Last Minute Anniversary Gift for Him: This Deluxe Ice Ball Press Kit

whiskey ice ball press kit last minute best anniversary gifts for him

For last minute anniversary gifts for him that scream luxury, look no further than this ice ball press kit! He’ll feel like a big shot every time he pops a couple of spherical ice cubes into his Old Fashioned night cap.

But it’s not all for show — professional bartenders actually recommend using ice balls versus cubes. They’re designed to chill the drink evenly without watering down, so he can get the perfect cocktail every time, thanks to this easy-to-use press!

Shop This Deluxe Ice Ball Press Anniversary Gift

17. Best Last Minute Anniversary Gift for Him if He Needs a Signature Scent: This Givenchy Fragrance

Givenchy Gentleman fragrance last minute best anniversary gifts for him

We couldn’t create a list of the best last minute anniversary gifts for him without including a luxurious fragrance. It’s a tried and true classic that your husband is guaranteed to love!

If he already has a signature scent, getting him a fresh bottle of his fave will show him that you’re paying attention (and that you can’t resist the way he smells). But if he hasn’t decided on the perfect fragrance, splurging on a designer bottle is the perfect way to show him some love!

We recommend this Givenchy Gentleman fragrance — it’s a warm and spicy fragrance that’s inspired by a smooth glass of whiskey. Strong, sophisticated, and so sexy!

Shop this Givenchy Men’s fragrance Anniversary Gift

warm woody Dior Sauvage best cologne for men

Need some inspo to choose the best scent for your man? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best men’s cologne — as ranked by our GWS audience!

18. Best Last Minute Gift for Him if He’s Always at the Gym: This Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

best deep tissue muscle massage gun last minute anniversary gift for husband

For the guys who are always bulking up at the gym, this is the best last minute anniversary gift that he probably already had on his list. As a massage gun designed for fast recovery, it’s must for any guy who loves to push himself to his limit.

A total fan favorite, this M3 Pro handheld therapy gun applies concentrated pressure to work out knots and tension, improve blood flow, ease pain and soreness, and quickly enhance range of motion.

It also features five different speeds and comes with multiple attachments, as well as a sleek carrying case.

And with 13,000 customers giving their stamp of approval, you really can’t go wrong!

Shop This Muscle Massage Gun Anniversary Gift

19. Best Last Minute Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s an Aspiring Mixologist: This Leather-Bound Whiskey Cocktail Book

whiskey cocktails leather bound book last minute anniversary gifts for him

If your husband is always trying out new whiskey cocktails, either at your favorite speakeasy or at home, then he’ll love this last minute anniversary gift! With over 100 recipes to choose from, this whiskey cocktail book will have him feeling like a pro mixologist in no time.

He’ll master everything from the perfect Old Fashioned to the crowd-pleasing Tennessee Mule. It has something for every whiskey lover — whether he’s a fan of bourbon or rye, sweet or refreshing, or modern or classic cocktails!

And with a hard leather cover and a vintage-inspired design, this gift is a special keepsake in the making.

Shop this Leather-Bound Cocktail Book Anniversary Gift

20. Best Last Minute Gift for Him if He Loves a Classic Look: These Classic Steel Ray-Ban Sunnies

best steel Ray-Bans last minute mens anniversary gift

Looking for a fool-proof last minute anniversary gift for the hubs? You can’t go wrong with men’s sunglasses! Practical, stylish, and endlessly useful, they are ALWAYS a good idea.

While there are so many styles of sunglasses to choose from, these Ray-Bans are a no brainer if your leading man loves a classic look. They mix one of the most iconic designs of the brand with an innovative flat lens style. Complete with lightweight steel frames and a luxe flash of gold, these sunnies are perfect for the stylish guy who’s always on the go!

SHop These Steel Ray-Ban Men’s Sunglasses

21. Best Last Minute Anniversary Gift for Him if He Has a Killer Beard: This Luxe Beard Grooming Kit

best luxury beard grooming kit last minute anniversary gifts for him

Is his beard part of your husband’s personality? Then pamper his facial hair with this last minute anniversary gift for him!

Complete with beard balm, beard oil, beard combs, scissors, and even a grooming e-book, this luxury beard grooming kit from Amazon has everything he needs to grow and maintain some gorgeous facial hair.

And not only will this gift set give him an epic Viking-level beard, but it’ll also make sure his facial hair feels soft and smells amazing. In other words, it’s an anniversary gift for you, too!

Shop This Beard Grooming Anniversary Gift Set

22. Best Last Minute Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s a Commuter: This Protective Leather Airpods Case

leather airpods protective case last minute best anniversary gifts for him

If his fatal flaw is always losing his AirPods, then this last minute anniversary gift for him is going to be a real life-saver (or, at the least, a real commute-saver!). This “AirSnap” case is made with high-quality leather and is designed to hold and protect AirPods and their charging case.

And the best part? It comes with a carabiner-style clip for him to hook onto his work bag or keys for easy access on those long train rides to and from the office! He’ll never have to suffer in silence again.

Shop THis Leather AIrpods Case Anniversary Gift

Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Him

personalized engraved roman numeral matte black leather bracelet best anniversary gifts for him
personalized bracelet anniversary gift for him: Eve’s Addiction

For a gift that’s as one-of-a-kind as he is, personalization is the way to go! With these personalized anniversary gifts, you’re giving your husband something that’s just for him. No one else in the world will have something that’s exactly the same — it doesn’t get more special than that!

From custom engraved keepsakes to hand-embroidered items, these personalized anniversary gifts will have him feeling like royalty. Plus, they’ll totally earn you the “best gift-giver” spouse award!

So get ready for your trophy, because here are the best personalized anniversary gifts for him that are guaranteed to become hist most treasured keepsakes.

23. Best Personalized Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s an Outdoorsman: This Wood + Stainless Steel Engraved Pocket Knife

best stainless steel and wood engraved pocket knife anniversary gift for him personalized with husband's name

If your husband’s ideal weekend is spent roughing it in the wilderness, then this personalized anniversary gift is calling his name! The perfect addition to his survival kit, this pocket knife features a stainless steel blade and a stylish wood handle, which can be engraved with his initials, name, or even a handwritten message.

Choose from 18 different fronts to make this gift special for your favorite outdoorsman. He’ll think of you every time he’s off fishing, hunting, camping…or whatever else he does while you’re enjoying the great indoors!

Shop This Personalized Wood + Stainless Steel Knife

24. Best Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Him if He Loves All Things Cozy: These Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodies

personalized roman numeral embroidered matching cotton hoody anniversary gifts for him

Okay, okay, so this is also an anniversary gift for you, as well as for him — but that’s just part of the allure! These matching hoodies are custom embroidered with your anniversary date in roman numerals for a look that’s equal parts stylish, cozy, and sentimental.

You can also add your initials on the sleeve (since you’ve both committed to wearing your hearts on your sleeves!) and choose from 16 different fabric and thread colors. Get matching colors for the two of you, or mix and match for a “you complete me” type of look!

Shop These Personalized Roman Numeral Matching Hoodies

25. Best Personalized Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s a Grill King: This Custom Engraved Wood Cutting Board

engraved wood cutting board anniversary gifts for husband with personalized name engraving

Forget grill master — your main man is a grill KING. And he needs a personalized anniversary gift that reflects his royal status!

This custom cutting board is made with the restaurant-quality wood of your choice (from bamboo to walnut) and is engraved with the words “King of the Grill,” as well as your partner’s name. He can use it as a serving tray for his grilled creations, or display it in the kitchen for all to see!

And if you want to go above and beyond with your gift, you can also get this matching apron!

Shop This Personalized Wood Cutting Board Anniversary Gift

26. Best Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Him if He’s a World Traveler: This Leather Engraved Passport Cover + Luggage Tag

grey leather engraved passport cover and personalized luggage tag anniversary gifts for him

Whether you’re a pair of world travelers or you’re planning a much-needed romantic getaway, this personalized anniversary gift will make your next trip to the airport that much more special!

Both the luggage tag and the passport holder are made with vegan leather that’s engraved with your partner’s name or initials. We especially love that the inside can also be engraved — perfect for a sweet or sentimental message just for him!

Plus, you have the choice between multiple fonts and motifs, from the world map design pictured above to a more minimalist monogram. There’s truly something for everyone!

Shop This Personalized Leather Passport Cover + Luggage Tag

27. Best Personalized Anniversary Gift for Him if He’s Always on the Green: This Monogrammed Golf Shoe Bag

mesh golf shoe bag anniversary gifts for him with monogrammed personalization

The golfer in your life will feel like he’s gone pro with this personalized anniversary gift! Not only will he appreciate having a high-quality bag to carry his golf shoes, but he’ll also love seeing his custom monogram on the front. It doesn’t get more official than that!

Bonus: this golf shoe bag is made with durable material (which comes in multiple colors) and features a mesh backing for extra breathability. Plus, it includes a comfy carrying handle and convenient trolley sleeve, so he can easily bring it along as he travels from course to course!

Shop This Personalized Golf Shoe Bag Anniversary Gift

28. Best Personalized Gift to Carry You With Him Wherever He Goes: This Custom Fingerprint Ring

silver custom personalized fingerprint jewelry best anniversary gifts for him

Give him a little piece of you to carry with him everywhere he goes with this personalized anniversary gift! Made with solid sterling silver, this stylish piece is custom engraved with your actual fingerprint. As far as meaningful jewelry goes, this one definitely takes the cake!

You can also get the inside engraved for an extra special touch. We love the idea of adding your names, the date of your anniversary, or a sweet phrase that only he can see!

And if your husband is not much of a bling guy, this same artisan also makes a personalized fingerprint guitar pick!

Shop This Personalized Fingerprint Ring ANniversary Gift

29. Best Personalized Gift That He’ll Use Again and Again: This Engraved Leather Wallet

dark leather wallet anniversary gifts for him with personalized name engraving

Wallets are something that your man uses every. single. day. So make sure it’s a style that he really loves with this personalized anniversary gift!

Made with handcrafted, top-grain leather, this stylish wallet is built to last. It also features RFID blocking technology, two different color options, and a custom engraving of his name, monogram, or a special message.

You can even get the inside engraved with a longer message of your choice. Add an inside joke or write your husband a sweet love note that will make him smile every time he opens up his wallet (aka: about 20 times a day)!

Shop This Personalized Leather Wallet Anniversary Gift

30. Best Personalized Gift for His Home Gym Set-Up: This Motivational Steel Sign

unique custom steel home gym sign best anniversary gifts for him personalized with husband's name

Help him stay motivated with this custom metal sign for his home gym! It’s handmade with lightweight steel and is laser cut to feature his name, plus a little pep talk to keep him going. For a finishing touch, it’s also powder coated for long-lasting durability!

This is the best anniversary gift for him if he’s a personal trainer, gym lover, or just wants to get fit this year. Plus it ships in just 24 hours — also great for a last minute anniversary gift!

Shop This Personalized Steel Sign Anniversary Gift

Sentimental Anniversary Gifts for Him

sentimental gold matching magnetic necklace set anniversary gifts for him
sentimental magnetic necklace anniversary gifts for him: CustomCuff on Etsy

Cue the tears! If your husband is a total softie, these sentimental anniversary gifts are guaranteed to be winners. With a focus on your love story and the connection between the two of you, they could earn a (happy) tear from even the most stoic of guys!

Most of these sentimental anniversary gifts are personalized to your relationship, and all of them express your lovey dovey feelings in the sweetest of ways. These aren’t just gifts — they’re thoughtful gestures to reconnect with your boo and show him just how happy you are to be celebrating another 365 days of love!

So last, but certainly not least, here are the best sentimental anniversary gifts for all the hopeless romantics out there!

31. Best Sentimental Anniversary Gift for Him if He Loves the Movie “Up”: This “Adventure Book” Scrapbook

leather photo album adventure book best anniversary gifts for him

If he always cries during the first 10 minutes of the movie “Up,” then this sentimental anniversary gift will definitely pull at his heartstrings! Inspired by the “Adventure Book” in the movie, this scrapbook is perfect for celebrating and documenting all your best moments together.

It’s made with high-quality, genuine leather and comes with photo corner stickers to make filling it with your memories that much easier. You can even personalize it with your names for an extra special touch! A must for your favorite adventure buddy.

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32. Best Sentimental Gift for a Trip Down Memory Lane: This “Where We Met” Map Print

personalized map art print sentimental anniversary gift showing where you met your husband

Take a trip down memory lane together with this sentimental anniversary gift for him! Whether you want to journey back to the place where you first met, first got engaged, or first tied the knot, this map art print will capture that special location — and all the memories that come with it.

We also love how personal this anniversary gift is. Not only is it customized to your special place (down to the street address), but it can also be personalized to feature your names and anniversary date. You can even choose between 6 different styles to make sure it fits your home aesthetic!

Oh, and did we mention that this physical print is only $21? Just add a stylish frame and you’re pretty much golden!

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33. Best Sentimental Anniversary Gift if All Direction Point to Him: This Personalized Engraved Compass

personalized engraved brass compass sentimental anniversary gift for him

For sentimental anniversary gifts that show your husband just how glad you are to have found him, it doesn’t get more symbolic than a compass! This one is a real working brass compass that is durable enough for outdoor use — and special enough to become his most treasured keepsake.

Get it custom engraved on the inside, top, and/or bottom with a sweet love note in any font of your choice (you can even use your own handwriting!). Such a special way to mark all your years spent side-by-side, as well as all the adventures to come!

P.S. This is also one of the best sentimental anniversary gifts if you’re currently in a long distance relationship!

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personalized illustrated state art print

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34. Best Sentimental Anniversary Gift for Him if He Loves Physical Keepsakes: This Cute Custom Photo Book Keychain

personalized leather photo book keychain sentimental anniversary gifts for him

Sure, his phone is probably filled with cute and meaningful photos of the two of you. But there’s just something so special about physically flipping through your most cherished memories together! And that’s where this sentimental anniversary gift comes in.

The perfect keepsake for him to take along wherever he goes, this photo book keychain is bound in leather and personalized with 14 of your favorite photos.

Choose from your wedding photos, funny selfies together, or pictures from your favorite vacations! Only 1.5 inches in length, it’ll fit right on his keys — handy for whenever he misses your smile.

Shop This Sentimental Photo Keychain ANniversary Gift

35. Best Sentimental Gift to Reminisce on Your Vows: This Personalized Copper Wallet Insert

sentimental copper wallet insert card best anniversary gifts for him with personalized date engraving

Bring back the butterflies from those first “I do’s” with this sentimental anniversary gift for him! It’s a beautiful reminder of your vows that he can carry with him (in his personalized wallet, perhaps?) every day.

Small but filled with meaning, this wallet insert card is a great surprise anniversary gift or a sweet add-on to another present. It’s made with slim + lightweight copper and is diamond engraved with your sentimental message. And if you’re not in love with the copper, it also comes in brass gold and aluminum!

Shop This Sentimental Wallet Insert Anniversary Gift

36. Best Sentimental Gift for Him if He Loves Love Letters: This Custom Engraved Leather Notebook

sentimental personalized engraved leather journal

This personalized leather notebook would make a great anniversary gift for the writer in your life. But, if you’re looking to go the ultra sentimental route, we also love the idea of giving it to your other half already filled with words — specifically, with love letters from you to him!

Handmade with quality leather and engraved with the word(s) and image of your choice, this refillable notebook would make such a sweet keepsake to hold all your professions of love. If your husband’s love language is words of affirmation, this anniversary gift is a NEED, not a want!

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37. Best Sentimental Gift for Him if He’s a Music Lover: This Rad Personalized Vinyl Record + Stand

personalized vinyl record and wood stand sentimental best anniversary gifts for him

Do the two of you have “your song” that feels like it was written specifically for your love story? Maybe it’s your first dance song, or the song that you both bonded over on your first date. Pay tribute to the soundtrack of your relationship with this personalized vinyl record!

Engraved with the track of your choice and personalized with a photo of the two of you, this is one of the best sentimental anniversary gifts if you want to set the romantic mood. Display it on the included wood stand to inspire random dances or serenades throughout the day!

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