How to Celebrate Your Anniversary at Home

How to Celebrate at Home

We don’t really have to say it because everybody already knows- life is well, different right now. COVID-19 has turned everything topsy-turvy. However, that doesn’t mean that all celebrations have to be put on hold! For those of you celebrating major milestones during this time, we’ve got your back! Birthday, first anniversary, 10th anniversary… whatever it is, we’re challenging you to enjoy the time together at home.

You may be feeling down that you can’t go out to that fancy restaurant or take that exotic trip you were planning, so we’ve put together a full evening checklist of how you can celebrate your anniversary at home! Grab some candles, pop the champagne, and let’s do this! In fact, when the usual go-to activity is just going out to dinner, the extra time and creativity it takes to celebrate at home can make the milestone even sweeter.

Here is your 10-step checklist to the perfect evening at home! (photo above: KCM Studios)

1. Decorate the House

Date Night at Home

photo: Nicole Ashley Photography | via This Indoor Elopement

GO ALL OUT! Set the dining room table, pull out that fancy wedding china, pick some flowers from the garden, light the candles, etc! Want to recreate the setting from your first date? Do it! Did you have a special theme from your wedding day? Get creative! You can find so many sweet decorations around the house to put together the perfect romantic setting.

2. Cook and Bake Together

DIY Wedding Cake

photo: Stefanie Keeler Photography | via this Modern Minimalism Inspo

Cook your wedding dinner or bake your wedding cake! How sweet would it be to try and recreate your wedding reception meal together?! If you can’t do that, pick a meal that holds special significance. Did you have your Honeymoon in Italy? Make it a pasta night! First date at the local Mexican restaurant? Tacos!! It doesn’t have to be fancy as long as it speaks to you as a couple. Want to get outside? Why not make it a picnic?

3. Make Fun Cocktails

Delicious Cocktail Recipes

 photo: The Cookie Rookie

Nothing starts off a fun night like a delicious cocktail! Here are some of our favorite recipes that you can try:

4. Get Dressed Up

Anniversary at Home

photo: Shannon Rosan | via this Artful Elopement Inspiration

Just because you’re not going out on the town doesn’t mean to can’t get dressed up! If you want to, it could even be fun to pull out your wedding dress and wear it again for the evening! Everyone always says they wish they could wear their gown more than once! You and your SO could even stage another first look moment. So sweet!

5. Wine + Dine

Make the night ultra fancy with wine, cheese and chocolate. Everybody loves a good cocktail hour! Here’s how you can make the most delicious cheese and crostini board.

6. Break Out the Wedding Album + Video

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

photo: Shelby Rae Photographs | via this Home Tour

Wouldn’t it be sweet to celebrate your anniversary by reminiscing about the day? Pull out your wedding photos and enjoy some time looking at them together. Remember each moment and why you’re so grateful to be with the other person. On the same note, watch your wedding video! You may not have even seen it for a while!

7. Give Homemade Gifts

You may find you have some extra time on your hands right now and nothing says “I Love You” like a handmade gift! We’ve got some super cute and fun DIYs to give you some ideas!

8. Vow Renewal

celebrate at home

photo: Lauren Nicole Photography | via this Engagement Photo Roundup

Share your vows again. Since it’s just the two of you, you have a perfect opportunity to share this intimate moment together. Most likely, on wedding day, you shared your vows in front of dozens of people. It can be super special to renew the vows again with no one else around!

9. YouTube Dance Lessons

At home date ideas

Photo: RachelLizPhotography | via this Tiny House Engagement Session

One at-home date idea that we love is to YouTube Dance Lessons and learn some moves together! This would be the perfect after-dinner activity for your at-home anniversary celebration!


If one of you play an instrument, sing to one another and maybe dance on your roof?! Loving these moments….

Couple Dancing on their Roof Couple Dancing on their Roof

photos: Mason Neufeld Photography

10. Finish the Night

At home Date Night

photo: Yann of Lifestories | via this Moroccan Wedding

Round out the night with a sweet activity like stargazing in the yard, sparklers, or releasing sky lanterns (if you are somewhere safe to do that). You can even make this a new anniversary tradition! You can shop the cutest sky lanterns right from Etsy!

at home anniversary ideas

photo: India Earl | via this Engagement Photo Roundup

There you have it friends! Make this anniversary the best one ever!

Also, if you are looking for fun date night at home ideas, we love these Date Night in a Box you can have shipped to your home each month!

We’d love to hear how your at-home celebrations go, so let us know down in the comments!