How to DIY a Custom Leather Jacket (It’s easier than you think!)

Custom leather + jean jackets are the latest craze! We love that you can work with artists to create these gorgeous one-of-a-kind jackets BUT we also know not everyone has it in their budget or timeline. So, what if we told you it was possible to get the look for yourself?? We’ve found two great ways you can DIY your own custom leather (or jean!) jackets. And the best part? You don’t have to be an artist OR have a lot of time on your hands. You read that right…let’s do this!

Option 1: Paint Your Own Jacket

DIY Custom Leather JacketPhoto by Janneke Storm

DIY Custom Leather JacketPhoto by Anna Lee Media

These jackets were designed by Kelly of Bash Calligraphy – she told us how it all started:

I’ve been creating custom jackets since 2016 so I’m excited to see the trend really take off. I originally started creating jackets because I wanted something cool & unique to wear during our sparkler send-off at my own wedding (was inspired by Kim & Kanye and a matching set they wore). I think these custom jackets are so special because once the day is over, you throw out the florals, return the rentals, and store the dress, but the jacket is a part of the wedding day that you’ll be able to wear over and over.

DIY Custom Leather Jacket

Now here comes the DIY: Kelly created the Bash Box Kit, complete with everything you need to make your own painted jacket! (Psst, it’s only $65!) The kit is designed to give customers the very best materials, highest quality leather paints, and all the tips and tricks Kelly has learned over the last couple years.

How to Create your Own custom Leather Jacket Step by Step

DIY Custom Leather JacketPhoto by Gina And Ryan Photo

Mrs. Lewis Photo by Jasmin Vant Photography | Wifey photo by Alex Mari Photography

DIY Custom Leather JacketPhoto by Diana Mcintrye Photography

DIY Custom Leather JacketPhotography by Hazel Eyes Photography

Sarah, the bride, created her Skull “Coba” Jacket using the Bash Box Kit! OB-sessed.

These DIY Kits have been great for brides, as engagement gifts and also a popular option for Bridal Parties. They’ll order a set, get the gang together and have a champagne & DIY day! Brides can choose a pre-made stencil, or send me wording for a custom stencil. 

DIY Custom Leather Jacket

Doesn’t that sound so fun?? And jean jacket kit is coming later next month so keep up with Kelly at Bash to find out when :)

Option 2: Go Bold with a Vinyl Decal

DIY Custom Leather Jacket

Last year we shared Nicole Hanriot’s wedding and you guys were gaga over all the dreamy details! Nicole is the founder of swimwear company, Beach Riot, and after her wedding day she took on a new creative venture: yep, custom leather jackets!

DIY Custom Leather Jacket

NicolesCovet offers the jackets as a whole – OR – you can order your own custom removable decal! So simple. So cute. And at $45, so not going to break the bank.

DIY Custom Leather JacketNicole’s wedding photos by Jordan Voth

Love this trend as much as we do? You’re welcome!! Now, let’s see what designs you come up with!

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