DIY: Yarn Wrapped LOVE letters

DIY Yarn Wrapped LOVE Letters

This weeks DIY is perfect for Valentine’s Day as well as your wedding! Our DIY contributor Michelle Edgemont is sharing how to make the super pretty yarn wrapped LOVE letters above. I love the use of dye in the rope which gives the letters a more watercolor feel. You could use whatever color dye you’d like to match your color palette and these are perfect to display in your home after the wedding! Let’s see how to make them…


What You’ll Need:
Two cotton clothes lines
Two plastic buckets
One pink bottle of RIT liquid dye
One blue bottle of RIT liquid dye
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
One 20” x 30” piece of white foam core
Quilting ruler
Exacto Knife
Cutting mat


1. Fill one bucket with hot water. Pour half of the pink bottle of dye into the bucket. Stir. Unwrap one clothesline and soak in room temperature water.


2.  Start draping the clothesline into the bucket. You want to put a few inches of rope into the dye, then drape about a foot of rope along the side of the bucket, then immerse the next few inches of rope into the dye. Keep dipping and draping the whole length of the rope all the way around the bucket.

Repeat with the next rope. I used the blue and pink dye to make a purple dye bath. After an hour or two, rinse both ropes until the water runs clear. Let dry.


3. Using the quilting ruler, measure out the letters LOVE onto the white foam core. I made mine simple block letters that are 7.5” wide and 12” high. The individual sections of each letter, like the vertical section of the L, are 2” wide.


4. Cut the letters out with an exacto knife on a cutting mat.


5. Grab your dry rope. Place a line of hot glue on the back of the top of the letter L. Glue on the end of the rope. Let dry.

6. Wrap the rope around the L, gluing it onto the front each time you wrap. Keep wrapping until the whole letter is covered in rope.

7. Hot glue the end of the rope onto the back of the bottom of the letter L. Then repeat for each letter, using different colors of your dipped dye rope.


DIY Ombre Yarn Wrapped Love Letters

It makes a perfect backdrop to use as a display piece on your escort card table, dessert table, or guest book table.

DIY Ombre Yarn Wrapped Love Letters

DIY Ombre Yarn Wrapped Love Letters

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DIY created by Michelle Edgemont exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Looking for creative event styling, handmade details or flowers for your wedding? Check out Brooklyn based Michelle Edgemont for your wedding day!