27 Dreamy Wedding Sign Ideas for Every Part of the Wedding Day

modern black and white personalized welcome wedding sign ideas with serif text that says it's a forever kind of thing and a white flower arrangement sitting at the base
photo by Fern and Stone Photography | welcome sign by Rebel Reflect

Despite being a small detail, wedding signs are like the frosting on top of your wedding cake — and today we’re rounding up the most stylish ideas to make them pop! From photo-worthy welcome signs to unique bar menus, your signage is both a practical part of your big day and a chic element of your decor. So why not have a little fun with it?!

To get your design wheels spinning, we’re breaking down the best wedding sign ideas for every step of your wedding day, plus a few expert tips and tricks to ensure you don’t leave anything out. Let’s get into it!

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What signs should you have at a wedding?

elegant personalized mirror welcome wedding sign ideas surrounded by flowers and modern hurricane candles
welcome mirror wedding sign ideas: MoniquePaperArt on Etsy

Wedding signs are a practical (and stylish) way to keep your guests informed and make sure your big day runs as smoothly as possible. While you can have as many — or as few — signs as you’d like for your wedding, here are the ones we suggest displaying!

  • Welcome Sign: Make a good first impression with a stylish wedding welcome sign! This sign greets your guests as they arrive and sets the tone for the rest of the day. It can be as simple as your names and the date, or super informative — with info about your wedding timeline, your wedding hashtag, or where to sit for your ceremony.
  • Guestbook Signs: Ensure your guests don’t overlook your wedding guest book with a simple sign that asks them to sign! This could be a small sign next to your book, or a large sign that doubles as a place for signatures. The options are endless!
  • Seating Signs: Help your loved ones find their seats in style! This wedding sign is typically displayed at the entrance of your reception venue, and it features your guests’ names and seat assignments. Go traditional with a classic alphabetical sign, or create fun and unique escort cards to match your wedding theme!
  • Table Signs: Speaking of seat assignments….once your guests know their table number, help them easily find their seats with chic wedding table signs! These are small details that can make a big impact on the overall energy of your reception. From elegant table numbers to creative on-theme displays, there are SO many ideas to make your wedding table signs pop!
  • Bar Menu or Signature Cocktail Signs: Drinks, anyone? Let your guests know what libations are available with a bar menu sign or a display for your signature cocktails. This is your chance to get creative — add an illustration of your favorite drinks or incorporate a fun pun to get everyone in the celebratory spirit. We’ll toast to that!
  • Directional Signs: Do you have a sprawling venue with different areas for activities? Help your guests find their way with cute directional wedding signs. Whether it’s pointing them to the dance floor, dessert table, or even the nearest restroom, these signs are both functional and super cute.
boho outdoor unique seating display board in a sage hue surrounded by cacti

Seating signs are some of the essential signage for your wedding — here are our favorite creative seating chart ideas to add a unique touch to your big day!

Should you make or buy your wedding signs?

rustic DIY wood pallet timeline wedding sign ideas for an outdoor reception
photo by Sheena Shahangian Photography | similar timeline sign: Mike’s Fine Designs

If you’re a DIY pro, you’re probably wondering: is it better to make or buy your wedding signs? Ultimately, this answer will come down to your personal budget, creativity, and free time.

If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding, DIYing your signs allows you to infuse them with your own unique style — plus, it can be more budget-friendly!

But, making your own wedding signs can also be a big time commitment, which may be an issue if you’re on a tight deadline or still have a long string of tasks on your wedding to-do list. To help you save time, effort, and achieve an ultra professional look, you may want to leave it up to the experts.

P.S. There are also ways to get the best of both worlds — we’ve included a few ideas for how to personalize your professional wedding signs down below!

How much should you expect to spend on wedding signs?

bride holding elegant personalized pink modern acrylic seating wedding sign ideas for the reception
modern acrylic wedding sign ideas: LaceAndSage on Etsy

How much you spend on your wedding signs ultimately comes down to the type of signage, as well as the material and design. Larger designs like welcome signs, seating signs, and directional signs will cost more than smaller styles, such as guestbook signs, bar menus, and table numbers. On average, you should should expect to spend around $50 to $150 for larger signs, and $15 to $50 for smaller designs.

For more budget-friendly ideas, stick to simple wedding signs with minimalist designs versus custom illustrations or other personalized details. Materials like poster board and wood will also be more cost-effective than signs made out of acrylic or neon.

Do you need anything special to display your wedding signs?

modern arch shaped light grey personalized welcome wedding sign ideas displayed on a rustic light wood easel
arch-shaped welcome wedding sign ideas: MoniquePaperArt on Etsy

While some wedding signs can stand on their own, large and unique designs may need special stands to display them. Easels and other stands come in a variety of styles — from industrial copper designs to rustic wood displays — so you can easily find ideas that match your wedding aesthetic.

For smaller wedding signs, we love using frames to create a stylish and attention-grabbing display. Look for frames that reflect your wedding style, like a vintage-inspired gold design for a black tie affair or a rustic wood frame for a barn venue.

There are also tons of unique and creative ideas for displaying your wedding signs, such as hanging them from the ceiling, attaching them to a tree, or mounting them to a wall for a unique photo op! In these cases, you may need command strips or clothespins to bring your vision to life.

The Best Places to Buy Unique Wedding Signs

personalized acrylic welcome wedding sign ideas with a copper stand for a rustic outdoor ceremony
acrylic welcome sign ideas: StoneandCoDesigns on Etsy

Ready to get shopping? Here are the top 3 best places to buy professional and stylish wedding signs!

  • Etsy: Whether you’re looking for modern and classy wedding signs or more unique ideas, Etsy has you covered. They have dozens of independent designers and small businesses who have created wedding signs for every style and occasion, from chic welcome displays to creative table numbers to custom bar menus. We also love their range of wedding sign templates, which are great if you’re on the hunt for more affordable ideas!
  • Minted: The wedding stationery pro, Minted is a no brainer when it comes to stylish wedding sign ideas. They have a seemingly endless collection of elegant designs, which can all be personalized with different wording, colors, and sizes. You can also rely on Minted for luxurious, high-quality paper stock — they even have a recycled option for sustainable couples!
  • Zazzle: Choose from Zazzle’s dozens of gorgeous wedding sign templates, or bring your unique ideas to life by creating a design from scratch! They have options for all sizes and aesthetics, including rad light-up signs and chic modern banners. We especially love their funny designs, perfect for couples who are all about good vibes!

Now without further ado, let’s get into the signs! Below, we’re breaking down the best ideas for all the essential types of wedding signs, including welcome displays, reception signage, bar menus, and table numbers. Scroll on for our faves!

Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

personalized modern acrylic welcome wedding sign ideas for a rustic outdoor venue framed with gold piping
welcome wedding sign ideas: PaperandPineCo on Etsy

First impressions are everything — so make yours count with these stylish wedding welcome sign ideas! Your welcome sign is one of the first things your guests will see as they arrive for your nuptials, and it’ll set the tone for the rest of the day. No pressure or anything!

Because of this, our favorite wedding welcome sign ideas reflect the theme and style of your wedding and add a personal touch to the event. From gorgeous displays featuring your names to unique designs that’ll make your guests smile, we’ve rounded up the best signs for the occasion!

1: Whimsical Flower Box Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

unique personalized flower box welcome wedding sign ideas

If you’re looking for welcome sign ideas for a romantic garden or springtime wedding, it doesn’t get cuter than this flower box one! It’s a unique way to show off your favorite blooms and set the tone for the blossoming event.

This sign in particular comes with a template to create the wording, as well as a step-by-step tutorial to build the flower box from scratch — perfect for the DIY pros, or anyone on a budget! (If you’re not super crafty, we also found this pre-built one!)

Shop This Unique Flower Box Wedding WElcome Sign Template

2: Elegant Mirror Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

elegant personalized arch shaped mirror welcome wedding sign ideas in a modern gold hue

We LOVE mirror wedding welcome sign ideas — they ooze elegance and instantly brighten up any venue. And this arch-shaped beauty is one of our faves! The shape gives it a boho feel, while the gorgeous white calligraphy and gold finish exude luxury.

Looking for a DIY version? All you need is a stylish mirror (you can also hunt these down at the thrift store!) and some custom signage decals. So easy, and the perfect way to add a personal touch to your ceremony!

Shop This Arch-Shaped Modern Mirror Wedding WElcome Sign

3: Romantic Linen Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

unique personalized linen welcome wedding sign ideas for an elegant outdoor venue hung on a copper pipe frame

For wedding welcome sign ideas that stand out from the crowd, why not swap the classic poster board for linen, instead? It’s a small, bespoke touch that can make a huge difference. Just picture this linen sign softly fluttering in the breeze — SO romantic!

P.S. We also found the perfect copper stand to complete the unique, vintage-inspired look!

Shop This Personalized Linen Wedding Welcome Sign

4: Vintage-Inspired Framed Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

vintage inspired gold framed acrylic welcome wedding sign ideas for an outdoor wedding

Whether you’re looking for simple DIY ideas or a vintage-inspired wedding welcome sign, this framed design delivers! It’s super easy to recreate your self — just find a frame that matches your wedding style, whether that’s a gold vintage one or a rustic wood design.

From there, remove the backing of the frame, leaving the glass. You can either try your hand at calligraphy with glass markers, or use these custom decals to create your personalized design. Add a stand and voilá! You have a stylish welcome sign that’s totally one-of-a-kind.

Shop THis Framed Wedding Welcome Sign

5: National Park-Inspired Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

personalized rustic wood national park inspired welcome wedding sign ideas

Calling all happy campers! Whether you first bonded over your love of the great outdoors or you’re tying the knot in a national park, this wood welcome sign is a MUST! Because what better way to start out your greatest adventure yet than with your own national park sign?!

It’s one of the best wedding welcome sign ideas for nature lovers who want something unique, on-theme, and totally photo-worthy. Plus, it’ll look so cute hanging in your house after the festivities are finished!

Shop These Unique Wood Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

6: Stylish Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

minimalist sage green painted acrylic personalized welcome wedding sign ideas with flowers and a white wood stand with a rustic distressed finish

Acrylic designs are one of the most classic wedding welcome sign ideas for a reason. They’re modern, elegant, and totally timeless. Plus, there are so many ways to make them your own!

This acrylic sign stands out with a whimsical painted background (which comes in 12 different colors). It’s also proof that your welcome sign doesn’t actually have to say the word “welcome” — add a sweet quote instead to set the romantic mood!

Shop This Painted Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign

7: Celebratory Champagne Welcome Wall

large pink-peach hued arch shaped wood display welcome wedding sign ideas with individual champagne glasses

Do traditional wedding welcome sign ideas feel a little underwhelming? Kick the party up a notch with this unique champagne wall! This welcome sign also doubles as a welcome drink, with built-in shelves to hold up to 50 glasses of your choice.

Help your guests find their seats and get to know their neighbors with a glass of bubbly, a shot of tequila, or even a mini cupcake. We see a best wedding award in your future — cheers!

Shop This Unique Welcome Champagne Stand

8: Groovy Retro Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

unique retro colorful pink arch shaped acrylic wedding signs with red font

Jumpstart the good vibes with retro + colorful wedding welcome sign ideas! If you’re planning a ’70s-inspired soirée, this arch-shaped sign is the grooviest first impression for your guests. We love the funky font and colorful hues — such a great alternative to classic black + white!

This design is also a great example of how to include other info with your wedding welcome sign. Under your names, add a cute note about which side your guests should sit on, whether you’re planning an unplugged ceremony, or if you have a wedding hashtag. It’s functional AND stylish!

Shop This Colorful Arch-Shaped Wedding Welcome Sign

Wedding Reception Sign Ideas

modern black acrylic reception wedding sign ideas with a wood stand and a bohemian white and cream flower arrangement sitting at the foot of the easel
wedding reception sign ideas: MoniquePaperArt on Etsy

It’s official — you’ve said your “I do’s”, and now it’s time for the real party to begin! The best wedding reception sign ideas channel these celebratory vibes, while also giving your guests the info they need to party the night away.

From fun photo ops to sentimental memorials, there are SO many different wedding reception sign ideas. Most of them are optional displays to add a unique and custom touch to your night — so feel free to pick and choose your faves!

9: Photo-Worthy Neon Wedding Reception Sign Ideas

unique light up large arch shaped reception wedding sign ideas with text that says you're my person

The best wedding reception sign ideas also double as fun photo ops. Case in point: this cute display!

We’re big fans of neon signs, and this is such a rad way to put it front and center. Get your sign personalized with your names or a romantic phrase, then hang it above a stylish lounge area where your guests can pose for their mandatory wedding IG photos.

Don’t forget to add another sign nearby, displaying your wedding hashtag so you can see all the amazing photos of your nearest and dearest!

Shop This Personalized LIght-Up Reception Sign

10: Cute Glittery Gold Reception Banner

married couple standing beneath unique gold banner reception wedding sign ideas strung up on a front porch of a charming light pink house

photo by Geoff Duncan as seen in this colorful Austin wedding

Not all wedding reception sign ideas are actual signs — this one makes a chic statement as a glittering banner! Such a fun decor idea, this gold banner can be hung above your reception venue entrance to greet your guests, or placed on a blank wall as a photo op.

And if you’re not loving this quote, the designer also makes tons of other wedding-approved banners. You can even get one custom-made with your names!

Shop These Gold Wedding Reception Sign Ideas

11: Audio Guestbook Wedding Reception Sign Ideas

modern arch shaped acrylic unique reception wedding sign ideas with verbiage encouraging guests to leave an audio message for the couple

One of the must-have signs for your wedding reception is a guestbook display, and this is one of our favorite unique ideas! Instead of a classic book, ask your guests to record their well wishes into this retro phone, which then transforms them into an audio file you can listen to again and again.

Add this cute arch-shaped sign next to the phone to explain the process…let your guests do the rest!

Shop This Unique Arch-Shaped WEdding REception Sign

rustic heart shaped token display with wedding attendee names on the hearts

Looking for more unique guestbook ideas? We’ve got you covered with this list of the best creative and one-of-a-kind ways to record your loved ones’ messages!

12: Mirror Selfie Wedding Reception Sign Ideas

unique arch shaped mirror reception wedding sign ideas that say hello darling you look incredible now go grab a drink

As your guests make their way to your reception, they’re likely going to want a quick touch-up — and a cute selfie to mark the start of the party. And that’s where mirror wedding reception sign ideas come in!

Made with an arch-shaped floor mirror and these cute decals, this display really has it all. It’s a photo op. It tells your guests where to go next. It adds a stylish touch to your decor. And it keeps the good vibes rolling!

Shop These Mirror Reception SIgn Decals

13: Rustic Wood Directional Wedding Reception Sign Ideas

rustic wood directional reception wedding signs for an outdoor event

If you have a large or confusing venue, a directional wedding reception sign will definitely come in clutch as your guests make their way to dinner, the dance floor, the lounge area, or the restrooms. Plus, these rustic wood signs are just so dang cute!!

Easily DIY this sign with some leftover wood and these elegant decals. (We also found these pre-cut wood arrows to make it a little easier.) It’s one of our favorite wedding sign ideas for an outdoor or camp-themed reception!

Shop These Directional Wedding REception Sign Decals

14: In Loving Memory Wedding Reception Sign Ideas

in loving memory minimalist reception wedding sign ideas in a modern black frame

It can be bittersweet to plan your celebration knowing some of your loved ones can’t be there. This wedding reception sign is one of our favorite ideas for honoring their memory in a sweet and thoughtful way.

Add this print-out sign to a special table surrounded by candles or even give it a designated seat (this also applies to the ceremony!). We also love the idea of including a framed photo of your loved one next to the sign as a small and sweet memorial.

Shop This Printable Wedding Reception Sign

Wedding Bar Sign Ideas

personalized wood and cane vintage inspired bar wedding sign ideas for an outdoor reception with signature drinks listed alongside beer and wine options
wedding bar sign ideas: ReeceDesignWorks on Etsy

No wedding is complete without a glass of bubbly (or the booze of your choice) to toast with — and no wedding bar is complete without a chic sign to display the menu!

While wedding bar signs may seem like a small and boring detail in the grand scheme of things, we’ve found cool and unique ideas that are guaranteed to make a big impression. Just wait until you see the one dedicated to your dog of honor!!

15: Glamorous Illustrated Wedding Bar Sign Ideas

gold acrylic bar wedding sign ideas with personalized signature drink illustrations

For wedding bar sign ideas that stand out, we can’t get enough of these signature cocktail illustrations! Choosing signature cocktails is such a fun way to inject a bit of your personality into the bar menu, and this illustrated sign really takes it to the next level.

Choose from dozens of different images to find your drinks of choice, then include the name and ingredients below for your guests (bonus points for creative names!).

We’re also digging the mix of frosted acrylic and gold for the design — perfect for a glamorous formal affair!

Shop This Illustrated Acrylic WEdding Bar Sign

16: Dog of Honor Wedding Bar Sign Ideas

funny arch shaped acrylic bar wedding sign ideas with personalized dog illustration

We love any ideas that bring your fur baby into the action, and this wedding bar sign is no exception!!

If you’re having an open bar, give a shout-out to the puppy who’s picking up the check. This designer can create a custom illustration based on a picture of your pet, then print it onto this chic acrylic sign.

Now all you have to do is come up with signature cocktail names based on the dog of honor!

Shop These Dog-Themed Wedding Bar Sign Ideas

17: Funky ’70s-Inspired Bar Menu

cool retro 70s inspired bar wedding sign ideas in sunset hues displayed in a wood frame

Groovy vibes only! Channel major ’70s vibes with cute retro wedding bar sign ideas like this colorful design. It comes as a template that’s super easy to edit and print out in any size that works for you. Best paired with some disco ball decor and a rad ’70s playlist!!

P.S. This designer also has tons of other funky designs for all your signage needs, including an entire retro wedding bundle!

Shop This Retro Wedding Bar Sign Template

18: Chic Acrylic Wedding Bar Sign Ideas

light blue and white arch shaped acrylic bar wedding sign ideas featuring his and hers signature cocktails

Make a chic and classic statement with this acrylic wedding bar sign! These doubles arches are custom engraved with your bar menu and can be personalized with different elegant color choices. It’s one of the best ideas if you want a wedding bar sign that’s equal parts timeless and trendy.

Pair this bar sign with a blossoming flower arrangement in the background, and complete the look with some vintage-inspired coupe glasses. Trés chic!

Shop These Double Arch Acrylic Wedding Bar Sign Ideas

19: Minimalist Illustrated Signature Cocktails Menu

minimalist black and white bar wedding sign ideas with personalized signature cocktail illustrations on a textured card stock

If you love illustrated wedding bar sign ideas as much as we do — but want something with a minimalist touch — prepare to fall in love with this luxe sign! It’s simple and sophisticated, with handmade cocktail illustrations that make a statement.

And for something a little brighter, you can also get these illustrations in color!

Shop These Minimalist Illustrated Wedding Bar Sign Ideas

20: Large Acrylic Wedding Bar Sign Ideas

large modern frosted acrylic bar wedding signs framed by a black stand and botanicals

Don’t let your drink menu go unnoticed with this large acrylic sign. While smaller wedding sign ideas may be more popular for your libations, this bar menu is a great way to add some extra stylish decor around your drink area.

Zhuzh it up with some florals and a modern black stand, and choose different background colors to make it pop!

Shop This Large Acrylic Wedding Bar Sign

21: Boho Arch-Shaped Acrylic Bar Menu

modern 3D acrylic arch shaped light pink bar wedding sign ideas with text thats says let's drink

If you haven’t noticed by now, we really love arch-shaped wedding sign ideas. They’re stylish, modern, and just a little bit boho. And this cute bar menu is the perfect example!

Made with sturdy acrylic and featuring a pretty pastel hue of your choice, this sign adds a chic touch to any bar set-up, no matter your wedding style. We’re especially digging the 3D “let’s drink” detail — you don’t have to tell us twice!

Shop These Modern Acrylic WEdding Bar Sign Ideas

Wedding Table Sign Ideas

modern black acrylic table wedding sign ideas for a formal reception
wedding table sign ideas: MoniquePaperArt on Etsy

Wedding table signs are another small detail that can pack a major punch. They’re arguably the most important element of your tablescape, showing your guests exactly where to sit.

And while wedding tables signs are often overshadowed by flowers, candles, and other decor, we’ve found some stunning ideas to help them stand out.

So whether you’re looking for minimalist designs to pair with your statement decorations or funny ideas to get the conversations started, here are the best wedding table signs for your reception!

22: Glamorous Gold Table Numbers

gold Art Deco inspired modern arch shaped acrylic table wedding sign ideas

For wedding table sign ideas with a vintage flair, look no further than this arch-shaped display! It’s inspired by mid-century modern design, but the vertical stripes and golden hue also give it an Art Deco feel. SO GOOD.

If glamour, elegance, and timeless style are the name of the game for your reception, these are the table numbers for you.

Shop These Glamorous Gold WEdding Table Sign Ideas

23: Unique Stone Table Numbers

unique modern stone and acrylic table numbers in an organic and natural shape

Prepare for major ooohs and ahhhs with these stone table numbers! This is one of the best ideas if you’re looking for unique wedding table signs — they stand out from classic acrylic styles and add such a luxurious touch to your tablescapes.

Keep it modern and elegant with these beige stones, or go glam with marble. You can also DIY these table numbers by adding this acrylic wording to any stone (or crystal) that matches your theme!

Shop These Stone Wedding Table Sign Ideas

24: Adventure-Themed Illustrated Wedding Table Sign Ideas

unique minimalist national park inspired table wedding sign ideas for a rustic reception

This is another one of our favorite wedding sign ideas for adventure lovers! If you loved the national park-inspired welcome sign above, keep the theme going with these illustrated table cards. Each one features an iconic landmark from a different national park, from Yosemite to Zion.

They’re such a cool alternative to traditional table numbers, and are a great way to showcase a unique part of your relationship (choose parks you and your S.O. have visited together!). Plus, they’re the perfect conversation-starter for your guests!

Shop These National Park Wedding Table Sign Ideas

25: Classy Black + White Acrylic Table Numbers

minimalist modern black and white arch shaped acrylic table wedding sign ideas

These acrylic table numbers are proof that sometimes less really is more! We’re big fans of minimalist wedding table sign ideas — they’re ultra classy and will never go out of style. Plus, they go with allll wedding aesthetics, making them a fool-proof choice if you’re struggling to choose a design.

Make these acrylic signs your own by pairing them with flowers, candles, fairy lights, or even fresh fruit. There are no wrong answers here!

Shop These Minimalist Acrylic Wedding Table Sign Ideas

26: Funny Baby Photo Table Numbers

funny personalized baby picture table numbers in a gold frame

Take a trip down memory lane with these unique baby photo table numbers! For each table, choose a photo of you and your other half at that age. Your nearest and dearest will love gushing over your adorable faces — and celebrating how far you’ve come!

For wedding table sign ideas that your guests will still be talking about for years to come, it doesn’t get better than these.

Shop These Personalized Photo Wedding Table Sign Ideas

27: Cards + Gifts Wedding Table Sign Ideas

black acrylic arch shaped cards and gifts table wedding sign ideas

Just because a sign is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, too!

Cards + gifts table signs are a must-have for your wedding, and this is one of our favorite ideas for giving them a classy upgrade.

With a black + white color combo and a trendy half-arch design, this acrylic sign will ensure your reception decor looks photo-worthy, down to the very last detail.

Shop This Black Acrylic WEdding Table Sign

minimalist modern black and white timeline welcome wedding sign ideas on an easel dotted with white flowers and greenery
wedding timeline sign ideas: BlushPaperieShop on Etsy

Narrow down the perfect wedding sign ideas for your big day: check. Now let’s tackle the rest of your wedding planning to-do list!

If you still haven’t said “yes” to the dress, don’t miss our ultimate guide for where to buy wedding gowns online — as well as our wedding shoes guide to complete the look. And for the grooms, also check out our list of the best wedding suits in every style!

Next up: your wedding party. Ensure your dream team is looking their best with our ultimate bridesmaid gown guide and complete list of dapper groomsmen suits. We also rounded up the cutest dresses for your flower girl!

Finally, if you need a little break from all the planning, have some fun shopping for your future with our list of the best wedding registry sites for every couple — including a few spots to create a honeymoon fund!

Which of these wedding sign ideas were your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!