Taking Your Partner’s Name? Here’s How To Keep It Simple: Check Out Easy Name Change!

If you’re planning on taking your partner’s name when you’re married but going through all the messy name change steps sounds like the last thing you want to deal with after finally wrapping up all the stress and joy of your wedding, then we have some really, really exciting news. Easy Name Change has consolidated all of the hoop-jumping and paperwork-doing into a super-simple kit!!

We know you’d rather spend that post-wedding time unboxing registry gifts or honeymooning as hard as you can, and Easy Name Change wants that for you, too. PLUS! GWS readers can save $10 on the cost of their kit by entering the code GWS-decide-10 at checkout!

That offer’s good until the end of 2023!

Listen, there’s no rules about what you get to call yourself as soon as you’ve said “I do!” But to make it offish you’ve got to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. The rules vary from state to state in the US. Most states allow a person to go with any of these marriage name change options. Some states might ask you to include your intended married name when you get your marriage license. (Careful what you choose here. Changes may not be allowed once that license is issued.) Or you can get creative with it—California, for example, lets you blend your last names into a brand new shared last name!

If you’re dreaming of a name change that’s not an option in your state, apply for a legal name change well before the wedding! That way your new legal name is all ready to go at leas a month before you apply for your marriage license and will carry over into that process! (And then your parter can take that new name via the marriage license if they want!)

So here’s what the timeline looks like: You sign your marriage certificate. Then your officiant files it with the county. Then the official marriage certificate gets issued a few weeks later. THEN you can start transitioning to your official married name!

This is where all the paperwork would come in, though. Social security, ID, bank accounts, passport, etc.. All these will need official notification of your name change and they each have their own separate time-consuming process. For most of these steps you have to go in person. Most newlyweds have an average of 25 places that need a name update when they get married. This process can drag on for years. YEARS.

But see, that’s where Easy Name Change comes in!! You tell them which companies and services you need to notify and they consolidate all the paperwork necessary into an easy-to-maneuver kit. They guide you through the process with pre-written letters, ready-to-send forms, and even ready-to-forward emails! Plus there are checklists, and who doesn’t love a good checklist!! You can opt for a printable version or get a printed kit mailed to you that includes all envelopes, including 3 prepaid!

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You’ve got a guest book to read and a wedding photo gallery to look through. Why waste those freshly married days on endless paperwork? Let Easy Name Change save yourself some serious time!! And make sure you use that code (GWS-decide-10) just for GWS reader to save $10 on your kit!! Good until the end of 2023!

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