The Best Bridal Shower Invitations for Every Event Style

floral bridal shower invitation with purple envelope
invite designer: Oh Joyful Day | photo: Anne Troxel

Finding the perfect bridal shower invitations is the first step to planning a pre-wedding celebration that gets you and your crew in the wedding mood. And, like a good bridal shower, your invitations can be anything you want them to be, from fun and flirty to elegant and sophisticated.

A favorite event for many brides, wedding showers are a centuries-old way to kickstart the wedding ceremonies. Whatever vibe you choose for your shower, invitations will set the tone for the day. They’re also an aesthetic keepsake for both you and your fellow party-goers.

But, with so many different styles, colors, fonts, and designs, it can feel almost impossible to narrow down your invitation options. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry — we’re a bit stationery obsessed here at Green Wedding Shoes, and we’ve rounded up 29 of the best bridal shower invitations guaranteed to fit any style of event.

Before we hop into all things design, we have some FAQs to keep in mind as you’re choosing your invitations.

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When should you send out bridal shower invitations?

pink and white bridal shower invitation for a summer wedding
invite designer: PoppyJackShop

Bridal shower invitations should be sent out around six weeks before your bridal shower to give your guests enough time to prepare their schedules (and outfits!). However, this depends on if you’re inviting any guests from out of town — if so, you may want to send out your invites at least two months before the party.

Most bridal showers are thrown 4-8 weeks before the wedding to avoid causing extra stress for the couple around the big day (while still being close enough to jumpstart the festive spirit). With this in mind, you should plan on sending your invitations around three months before “I do”s.

Of course, if you’re planning the shower around a specific season or holiday, this may change your timeline. Check out our complete bridal shower guide for everything you need to know about party planning!

How to address bridal shower invitations

neutral wedding shower invitation with calligraphy
invite designer: Proper Letter | photo: Jessica Lynn Photography

While there are no hard-and-fast rules, it’s best practice to address your bridal shower invitations in a way that reflects the style of the event. For more laid-back celebrations, skip formal wording (such as prefixes) and find a font that expresses the vibe of the party. For more elegant affairs, you may want to opt for handwritten calligraphy and traditional wording (this means spelling out commonly abbreviated words such as “Street” and “Avenue”).

If you do choose to include prefixes, we suggest reaching out to guests beforehand to ask for their preferred title, or opting for a gender-neutral option. Some people may want to be addressed with their profession, such as Dr. or Professor. Similarly, different women have different preferences about using Ms., Mrs., or Miss. It never hurts to ask — this way everyone can feel included and ready to party!

When to mail bridal shower invitations

elegant bridal shower stationery with metallic gold font
invite designer: Polka Dot Paper

To make sure your guests receive your invites around 6-8 weeks before your event, you should mail your bridal shower invitations around 7-9 weeks in advance. This will help you avoid any hold-ups with the post office, which is extra important if you’re sending out invites during the holiday season.

Also, keep in mind that custom invitation designs may take a bit longer. If the clock is ticking, we recommend ditching print-out copies and opting for digital invites instead. They’re easy to send and sustainable!

Now, let’s get into some of our favorite invitation picks for every party personality!

Etsy Bridal Shower Invitations

minimalist wedding shower invitation with a neutral color scheme
invite designer: PaperMinxPrintables

If you’re looking to stand out and make your party your own, Etsy bridal shower invitations are THE vibe. We love Etsy for its seemingly endless number of aesthetic, customizable invitations (and other wedding goodies). As a bonus, when you shop from Etsy you’re supporting independent creators — and getting something one-of-a-kind at the same time. Truly a win-win.

1: Boho Wildflower Etsy Bridal Shower Invitation

colorful floral Etsy wedding shower invitations with script font

For the bohemian bride with a romantic side, this wildflower Etsy bridal shower invitation has us dreaming of a spring bridal shower. Pair it with flower crowns, free-spirited cocktails, and a whimsical photo backdrop for an unforgettable event.

Shop This Boho WIldflower Invitation

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2: Romantic Rose Gold Wedding Shower Invitation

rose gold invitation for a bridal shower with glitter detail

Rose gold, glitter, and a touch of glam — say no more! This Etsy bridal shower invitation is sparkling with romance. The confetti effect at the bottom will get your guests in the party mood, without going overboard on the sequins.

shop this rose gold Wedding shower invitation

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3: Regencycore Lavender Etsy Invitation

purple wedding shower invitations with a lavender design

If you, like us, are still in your Bridgerton era, this Regencycore Etsy wedding shower invitation will leave you feeling like the diamond of the season. Now all you have to do is throw a party that Lady Whistledown will have no choice but to write about.

shop this regencycore lavender Etsy invitation

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4: Modern and Minimalist Bridal Shower Invitation

modern blush watercolor Etsy bridal shower invitations

Modern and chic, this blush Etsy bridal shower invitation is a minimalist dream. We love the juxtaposition between the gorgeous cursive script at the top and the clean and crisp font for the details below. The watercolor element also bring this simple structure up a notch.

shop this watercolor bridal shower invite

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5: Boozy Cocktail-Themed Etsy Wedding Shower Invitation

Etsy invitations with a cocktail theme and playful font

What is a bridal shower without a signature cocktail? This Etsy bridal shower invitation gives your guests a taste of what to expect during happy hour with a fruity and fun illustration. Each invitation is also handmade on sturdy, luxe card stock. We can cheers to that!

shop this boozy bridal shower invitation

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6: Lover-Inspired Rainbow Wedding Shower Invitation

rainbow watercolor Etsy bridal shower invitations with gold flakes

For the bride that swears to be overdramatic and true, this is the bridal shower invitation for you. With gold flakes and a rainbow watercolor background, this Lover-themed option is perfect for Swifties and hopeless romantics alike.

shop this rainbow etsy wedding shower invitation

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Taylor Swift Inspired Wedding

For more Taylor Swift wedding inspo, check out this whimsical Taylor-inspired photoshoot.

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7: Etsy Bridal Shower Invitations For Kate Spade Lovers

Kate Spade-inspired wedding shower invitations with black and white stripes and a bright floral pattern

Planning a Kate Spade-inspired bridal shower? You’ll love these bold and classic Etsy bridal shower invitations with a bit of flair! The gold frame around the text has a regal aesthetic, while the bright flower design is flirty and fun.

shop this kate spade-themed shower invitation

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8: Bold and Vibrant Mexican-Inspired Bridal Shower Invite

colorful mexican inspired wedding shower invitations with cactus illustration

Bring Taco Tuesday to your celebration with these Mexican-inspired wedding shower invitations. They’re colorful and vibrant (and would be a great teaser before a Tulum bachelorette party). Bring on the margaritas!

shop this vibrant mexican-inspired wedding shower invite

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Minted Bridal Shower Invitations

playful millennial pink bridal shower invitations with a modern quiz theme
invite designer: Jennifer Lew

With a community of talented independent artists behind the designs, Minted bridal shower invitations are bold, original, and always top quality. They’re also acing the sustainability game, with options for recyclable paper — so you can feel good about every stunning invite you send out.

9: Bold and Elegant Minted Bridal Shower Invitation

elegant arch wedding shower invite with bold typeface from Minted

This elegant arch invitation from Minted wows with an understated Art Deco feel and a bold typeface. It comes across as retro and modern at the same time — and it’s also fully customizable, so you can make it your own.

Shop this elegant arch wedding shower invitation on Minted

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10: Leafy Garden-Themed Minted Wedding Shower Invitation

leafy Minted invitations with light green font and a white background

This Minted bridal shower invitation has us feeling like we’re stepping into a secret garden — and we’re HERE for it. The leafy design and soft hue makes the invite feel whimsical and welcoming. And, if you’re not into the green, you can easily choose from a range of different colors to match your party theme.

shop this whimsical leafy wedding shower invitation on Minted

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11: Vibrant Floral Minted Invitation

vibrant floral bridal shower invites with butterflies

Who needs a bridal shower when you can have a bridal fiesta instead? This Minted wedding shower invitation is bringing the energy with colorful designs that perfectly frame the event details.

shop this colorful fiesta invitation on Minted

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12: Moody Autumnal Minted Bridal Shower Invite

moody autumnal Minted wedding shower invitations with a romantic floral print

Moody florals and muted colors make this Minted bridal shower invitation the perfect pick for a romantic autumn or winter event. We can’t get enough of the opulent font and off-white background!

shop this romantic autumnal bridal shower invite on Minted

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13: Mid-Century Minted Bridal Shower Invitation

Mid Century modern abstract Minted wedding shower invitations with bright colors

Are you a mid-century obsessive? This Minted bridal shower invitation is giving major mod vibes, with clean, geometric lines and bright colors. If you love this design, be sure to check out this rad mid-century wedding inspiration.

shop this mid century modern invitation on Minted

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14: Graphic Conversation-Starting Minted Invitation

Minted graphic millennial pink invitation with a conversation bubble design

Nothing can make us say “omg!” like millennial pink — and add a playful graphic and we’re absolutely gushing! Prepare for this Minted wedding shower invite to be the star of your group chat.

shop this playful minted wedding shower invitation on Minted

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15: Glittery Gold Foil-Pressed Wedding Shower Invitation

arch wedding shower invitation with pressed foil and a mint green background

Transport your event to a more decadent era with this foil-pressed bridal shower invitation. It’s perfect for the bride with an old soul who loves a bit of extravagance. If your mood board is filled with shots from The Great Gatsby, look no further.

shop this glittery foil-pressed bridal shower invite on Minted

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Boho Bridal Shower Invitations

minimalist boho bridal shower invitations with a brown and white motif
invite design: MoticePaperDesign

Here at GWS, be love boho everything: boho wedding dresses, boho ceremony decor, and, of course, boho bridal shower invitations. For the brides that are carefree, non-traditional, and effortlessly cool, you need an invite that matches your energy. Our picks have the earthy hues and free-spirited vibes that will have you counting down the days until your dreamy celebration.

16: Floral Arch Boho Wedding Shower Invitations

minimalist boho wedding shower invitation with a tiny bouquet detail

These boho bridal shower invitations are checking off all the boxes: an arch design, delicate script, and a pampas grass bouquet that we want to walk down the aisle with. They also come with the option of including a photo of you and your soon-to-be betrothed for a cute keepsake.

shop this Floral Arch Boho Invitation

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17: Minimalist Boho Invitation With a Tiny Bouquet Motif

minimalist wedding shower invitation with a tiny bouquet detail

For the minimalist romantics, this bridal shower invitation keeps with simple and sweet with tiny font and an even tinier bouquet detail. If that isn’t enough to make you swoon, this designer also plants a tree for every order that is placed. So, yes, you can make the world a better place by sending out these adorable wedding shower invitations!

shop this minimalist bohemian invitation

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18: Dainty Wildflower Bohemian Bridal Shower Invitations

dainty wildflower boho bridal shower invitations

Capture the feeling of twirling through a meadow of wildflowers with these all-natural boho bridal shower invitations. We love the dreamy florals that frame the dainty font — perfect for a sunny outdoor party.

shop this boho wildflower wedding shower invitation

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19: Boho Arch Invitations With Fall Florals

invitations for bridal showers with bohemian arches and fall florals

The best boho bridal shower invitations master the art of setting a mood. With double arches, fall florals, and a blush palette, these invites are truly a bohemian dream.

shop this fall floral boho wedding shower invite

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20: Desert Themed Boho Bridal Shower Invite

boho wedding shower invitations with desert scenery

Is there anything more enchanting than a desert sunset? This boho bridal shower invitation is bringing that magic with earthy tones and a free-spirited cactus design. Perfect for the brides that want to don their cowboy boots and throw a fiesta, West Coast-style.

shop this desert-themed boho bridal shower invitation

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21: Boho Invitations With a Hand Drawn Peacock Chair Illustration

bridal shower invites with a boho wicker chair illustration and muted colors

Every bohemian bride needs a wicker throne! Featuring a hand drawn peacock chair illustration, these boho wedding shower invitations are feminine and one-of-a-kind.

shop this hand drawn boho wedding shower invitation

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Lemon Bridal Shower Invitations

lemon bridal shower invitations with elegant script
invite design: MakeMeDigitalStudio

When life gives you lemons….make lemon bridal shower invitations! This is one of the freshest trends with invitations right now, and we are SERIOUSLY in love. Lemons can brighten up any piece of stationery, and they are ripe with good pun opportunities. They’re also extremely versatile, making them the perfect invite theme for any style of spring or summer soiree.

22: Mediterranean-Themed Lemon Bridal Shower Invitation

Mediterranean themed lemon bridal shower invitations with a tile arch

We can almost smell the salt air of the Mediterranean sea with this bright lemon bridal shower invitation! The tile arch is such a unique detail, and the blue and yellow color scheme feels like a breath of fresh air. Who says you need a destination event when you can get the same vibes with these Mediterranean-themed invites?

shop this mediterranean lemon wedding shower invite

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23: Sweet and Sour Lemon Wedding Shower Invitation

sophisticated lemon invitations with a dark green background and white typeface

Liven up your sophisticated shower with a pop of citrus. The dark background of this bridal shower invitation makes the vibrant lemon illustration shine, while still giving it an overall feeling of sweetness.

shop this sophisticated lemon invitation

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24: Elegant Minimalist Lemon Bridal Shower Invitation

elegant and minimalist lemon bridal shower invitations

Give your minimalist style a summer makeover with this crisp lemon wedding shower invitation. The combination of clean lines, a white background, and gorgeous watercolor lemons has an elegance that is always in season.

shop this minimalist lemon bridal shower invitation

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25: “She Found Her Main Squeeze” Lemon Invitation

she found her main squeeze lemon wedding shower invitations

If you’re not including the phrase “she found her main squeeze” in your lemon bridal shower invitations, what are you even doing? With a frame of pastel yellow lemons around the playful wording, you can’t help but get a boost of happiness from this invitation.

shop this playful lemon wedding shower invitation

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Retro Bridal Shower Invitations

retro bridal shower invitations with 1970s font and florals
invite designer: MoonShadowPaperie

The ’70s are back baby, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve seen more and more couples swapping modern wedding aesthetics for nuptials that are a bit funkier. After all, who doesn’t love some disco glam, hippie flower power, and groovy patterns? With all this and more, these retro bridal shower invitations will have you saying “I was born in the wrong time era!”

26: Bright Pink Retro Bridal Shower Invitations

1970s inspired bright pink retro invitations

Groovy font and a textured terracotta effect make this retro bridal shower invitation appear as if you’ve just discovered it at a cool vintage shop. It’s THAT good.

shop this groovy pink retro wedding shower invitation

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27: Flower Power Retro Invites

daisy patterned retro bridal shower invitations

A funky twist on a spring or summer bridal shower invitation, we love the retro daisy design and big looping typeface. It’s giving flower power realness, perfect for the modern hippie.

shop this daisy retro bridal shower invite

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28: Peace and Love Retro Invites

retro bridal shower invitations with a peace sign illustration

Modernize your retro bridal shower invitations with this 1970s-inspired e-vite. While it’s also available for printing, we love a chance to peace out and save the trees! Plus, a digital invite will never get lost — and you’ll save the hassle of a post office run.

shop this 1970s-inspired retro digital invitation

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29: Yellow Floral Shower Invites

bright yellow floral invitations with a retro theme

Choose retro bridal shower invitations that your guests will want to display loud and proud on their fridges! You can’t go wrong with a sunny yellow and bold floral frame.

shop this yellow floral retro invitation

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Ready for the next step in your bridal shower planning?

millennial pink arch wedding shower invites with pink font
photo: Ivory & Stone

Choosing the perfect bridal shower invitations is just the start of planning an unforgettable day to celebrate YOU with your nearest and dearest. But don’t worry — whether you’re looking for inspiration about Instagram-worthy bridal shower decor, fun gift bags, or activities all your guests will love, we’ve got you.

And remember: your wedding shower can be anything you want it to be! That may mean going all out with a girly end-of-summer bash or keeping it simple with a laid-back gathering of your closest friends. At the end of the day, if you’re having fun, everyone else will be too!

Tell us what you have planned for your bridal shower in the comments below!