Baby, Just Say Yes: Whimsical Taylor Swift Wedding Inspiration

Taylor Swift Wedding Inspiration

Few have captured the thrill of falling in (and out) of love just like her, so dreaming up the concept of a Taylor Swift wedding inspiration just FEELS RIGHT. From the excitement of a first date to the promise of forever, she’s written about it all, and Sophie of Photos from Sophie was in synch with Taylor all along the way:

From country into pop and through her alternative phase, Taylor Swift’s music has spoken to me — especially relevant as I dated throughout my twenties. I wanted to base this shoot on young love and the songs that represent it best. When I think back to how I saw love when I was younger, I am reminded of the innocence, the thrill, the fun first dates, midnight drives, the question of, “…is this forever?” The fantasies of finding real love, and what it would be like. You expect it to be a fairytale full of romance and butterflies, but in reality it so much deeper than that. As Taylor outlined in her song “Daylight” when she sings, “I once believed love would be burning red but it’s golden.”

Sophie thought of every detail — like choosing specific poses to represent lyrics or recall iconic music videos and transitioning the dress colors to represent the ever-changing emotions of love. Taylor’s album, Lover, inspired the pastel aesthetics: To me, this album represents the hope and light that comes after a dark era, similar to what the wedding industry is going through at the moment.

Surely you are DYING to see what Photos from Sophie brought to life — so let’s have a look!

Baby, Just Say Yes

mint green wedding dressFirst things first, prepare to be totally undone by the sweet confections of dresses by Millia London!

rainbow flower crown

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?

Taylor Swift Wedding Inspiration
The bride (should we call her Taylor?!) wore pastel green to represent a calm love that comes with settling down into forever.

Taylor Swift Wedding Inspiration

At Every Table, I’ll Save You a Seat

Taylor Swift Wedding InspirationIn between the gauzy pastels and fairytale-like setting, Orchard Blooms Floral Design took the theme and ran with it. Bunches of colorful blooms elevated the sweetness of the day.

whimsical sweetheart table

We Found Wonderland

fairytale wedding cake display
The cake display took hints from Taylor’s song, “Wonderland,” with its colorful teacups and dreamy cotton-candy vibes.

Taylor Swift wedding cakeImagine the Lover album cover as a cake — and it’s most certainly this by Bon Bon Cakes!

Scenes From a Taylor Swift Wedding

pink wedding dress

Taylor Swift pink dress
You’re a real one if you recognize this shot…Cherry lips, crystal skies, I could show you incredible things…

pink tulle wedding dressThe pink dress is all about vibrancy, fun, and the thrill of the early stages of falling in love! It’s also similar to the dress worn in the “ME!” music video when Taylor is sitting on the rooftop. SJB Hair and Makeup created a young, romantic look to match with a fun palette of colors + and soft, wavy locks.

hot pink tulle wedding dress
If you want to see another hot pink wedding dress in action, this is for you. And here’s a list of our favorite blush wedding dresses if you like the idea, just a bit muted!

fairground wedding inspirationThe shoot took place at Marleybrook House in Kent, a country farmhouse venue with fairytale charm; acres of peaceful woodland, pathways leading to pretty walled gardens, and a vibrant vintage fairground. Basically, the perfect setting for a wedding inspired by Taylor Swift!

baby's breath rainbow flower crown

Don’t Want No Other Shade of Blue, But You

blue tulle wedding dress
Sophie chose the blue dress at sunset to represent the end of the story — perhaps even the sad melancholy that comes with love and certainly a color that Taylor references often.

Taylor Swift wedding dress

Taylor Swift wedding inspiration

Taylor Swift wedding inspiration
“Deep blue, but you painted me golden…”

blue boho wedding bouquet

Taylor Swift Inspired Wedding
Feeling SO MANY FEELINGS about how perfect this all is!

Taylor Swift Inspired Wedding

Before we leave this fairy tale, here’s one more dive into the rabbit hole from Meros Productions Ltd:

photography: Photos from Sophie // venue name: Marleybrook House, Canterbury, Kent, UK // florals: Orchard Blooms Floral Design // wedding dress: Millia London // hair stylist: SJB Hair and Makeup // makeup artist: SJB Hair and Makeup // videography: Meros Productions Ltd // paper goods: Tiggity Boo // cake: Bon Bon Cakes // tabletop rentals: My Pretty Vintage Party // models: Emily Briggs and Jack King // cotton candy cart: Vintage Candy Floss // floral macarons: Bluebell Kitchen // pastel macarons: Lily Rose Macarons