40 Unique Bridal Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

Bridal Shower Favors
photo: Kelsea Holder Photography featured in this post

The secret to a really great party? It’s making every guest feel seen and special. And next to showering the bride with the perfect gift, bridal shower favors are essential to planning a truly memorable soirée. Below, we gathered the best bridal favor ideas for any event style and any budget.

We’ll begin with the cutest gift bags to house your favors. From there, we’ll move into everything from soaps that look like donuts (they are VERY fun) to the best treats to gift when you want to tap into some nostalgia. Spoiler: candy bags as treats are just as rad now as they were when you were 7 years old.

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Bridal Shower Gift Bags

bridal shower gift baskets
photo: Adriana Klas Photography ​featured in this post

Before you think about the favors, you might consider something cute to put them in! We’re big fans of bags that can be reused — and chances are, your recipients will agree.

’80s Jelly-Style Retro Bag

bachelorette shower favors jelly basket

How CUTE is this retro jelly-style bag? You can personalize each with a name and they come in over 15 colors.

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Name Embroidered Straw Bag

personalized woven bridal shower gift baskets

These adorable straw bags can be customized with colored embroidery to make the effect extra special.

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Reusable Printed Bag

reusable bridal shower gift bags

Baguu’s bags are well-known for durability and reuse. There are so many fun prints to choose from, too!

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Rose Gold Drawstring Bags

rose gold bridal shower gift bags

Go a little glam with these satin drawstring bags. Perfect for face masks and nail files!

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Bridal Shower Soap Favors

bridal shower soap favors
photo: Harper & Grace Photography featured in this post

Cute, handmade soaps are practically perfect when it comes to bridal shower favors. We found some really fun options that lean more modern and will surprise + delight guests.

Organic Handmade Soaps

organic bridal shower soap favor set

This set is a colorful assortment and has the yummiest smelling soaps. If you have a color theme, you can choose which ones you want in the set!

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Donut + Cakesickle Soap Set

bridal shower soap favors donut treat box

Okay, are these soaps not amazing?! Give us anything that looks like a donut or a popsicle. Or…

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Chocolate Bar Soap

bridal shower soap favors chocolate bar

Yes, this is soap that looks like a chocolate bar. Obsessed.

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Indian Wood Rose Soap

wood rose bridal shower soap favors bipoc owned

BIPOC owned skincare line Nyah created this stunning and delicious soap with real roses!

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Bridal Shower Candle Favors

Boulangerie Jar Candle

Bridal Shower Candle Favors

Because you truly can never go wrong with a candle. These jarred candles by Boulangerie are classics and always a favorite.

Shop from Anthropologie

Molded Wax Taper Candles

Bridal Shower Candle Favors Taper Set

These pillar candles are SO cute and they’re already wrapped — win-win!

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Bubble Cube Candle

Bridal Shower Candle Favors Bubble Cube Square

These cuties are so fun and the colors are so good!

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Garden Flower Tin Candle

Bridal Shower Candle Favors Floral Bloom

Perhaps they’re too pretty to light but they’re definitely not too pretty to gift!

Shop Candles from Cai Cai Handmade

Goddess Candles

Bridal Shower Candle Favors goddess body candle

Channel all that feminine goddess energy into one stunning bridal shower favor.

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Inexpensive Bridal Shower Favors

Seed Paper Plantable Cards

Inexpensive Bridal Shower Favors Heart Seed Paper

You can plant the heart and watch an assortment of wildflowers grow!

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Mini Tea Jar Favors

inexpensive bridal shower favors individual tea jars

Mini jars of tea?! How adorable are these!

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Cute Dip-Dye Boxes with Treats

inexpensive bridal shower favors dip dyed favor box for treats

Minted has the cutest little (affordable!) treat boxes to fill with candies or sweets.

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Bridesmaid Drink Pouches

inexpensive bridal shower favors personalized pouches

Adult drinks never ever looked so fun. Personalize a drink pouch and add your own cocktail!

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Rustic Bridal Shower Favors

Gourmet S’Mores Kits

rustic bridal shower favors s'mores kits

When you like cute bridal shower favors but you also love yummy snacks. This s’mores kit wins.

Shop From 1927 S’mores company

Mini Dried Flower Bouquets

rustic bridal shower favors mini dried flower bouquets

Give the gift of flowers that will never fade with adorable mini dried bouquets.

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Mini Cactus Favors

rustic bridal shower favors mini cactus

No one will even believe these teensy tiny cactus planters. Get ready for some squeals.

Shop From Tierra Sol Studio

Macrame Keychains

rustic bridal shower favors macrame keychain

Recall the days when you and your BFF carried the same keychain — let’s bring it all back.

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Wooden Bridal Shower Coasters

rustic bridal shower favors personalized coasters

These custom wooden coasters can be personalized to your event and they’ll certainly steal the show.

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Rose Petal Wrapped Sage

rustic bridal shower favors rose petal sage bundle

Sage is great but sage wrapped in rose petals? Better.

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Elegant Bridal Shower Favors

Macaron Gift Boxes

elegant bridal shower favors lauderee macaron box

If you’re giving macarons, give only the best of the best.

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Monogram Pendant Necklace

elegant bridal shower favors monogram necklace

A personalized gift is always appreciated. These monogramed necklaces are perfect!

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Pharmacia Eau De Parfum

elegant bridal shower favors eau de parfume

Choose from 3 utterly romantic scents, reminiscent of a “stroll through a castle garden.”

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Bistro Tile Vanity Tray

elegant bridal shower favors tile vanity tray

A vanity tray is an excellent option for a smaller party when you want to give something really special.

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Personalized Bridal Shower Favors

Personalized Bridal Shower Favors Mirrors
featured in this post

Make the guests feel seen and special with a gift that’s been personalized specifically for the event.

Personalized Lip Balm

personalized bridal shower favors lip balm

Lip balm that’s branded for the big day? Yes, please!

Shop Lip Balm From Mod Party

Personalized Coffee Beans

personalized bridal shower favors coffee beans

It would truly be very hard to go wrong with fresh coffee beans as a bridal shower favor. Even better with your own personalization.

Shop Coffee Beans From Etsy

Personalized Rose Bath Bombs

personalized bridal shower favors bath bombs

These mini pink and rose bath bombs are infused with rose essential oil and you can customize the labels for your party.

Shop Bath Bombs on Etsy

Mini Wine Bottle Labels

personalized bridal shower party favors

Mini bubbly with your own custom labels is a MUST.

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Beach Themed Bridal Shower Favors

Beach Themed Bridal Shower Favors
photo: Penelope Photography featured in this post

If you’re planning a beach-themed bridal shower, we’ve got the perfect favor ideas.

Palm Leaf Sunscreens

beach themed bridal shower favors sunscreen

First up, cutie little sunscreens branded perfectly for a girl’s weekend.

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Palm Leaf Tumblers

beach themed bridal shower favors palm leaf tumblers

These matching palm leaf tumblers are super fun for the beach – or simply a beach theme!

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Oyster Shell Ring Dishes

beach themed bridal shower favors oyster shell ring dish

For something a little different, these oyster ring dishes are so chic.

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Candy Bridal Shower Favors

Candy Bridal Shower Favors
featured in this post

Candy + treats as a party favor will NEVER grow old. Here are a few of our favorites!

Milk Cookie Faves Tin

Candy Bridal Shower Favors Milk Cookie Tin

No one does cookies better.

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Bridal Shower Candy Bags

Candy Bridal Shower Favors Personalized Candy Bags

Make your own candy bags and tap into some nostalgia with these sweet candy pouches.

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Compartés Chocolate Bars

Candy Bridal Shower Favors Compartes Cookie Butter Gourmet Chocolate Bar

If a candy bar grew up and got a killer blowout, it would be Compartés. The prettiest chocolate also tastes amazing.

Shop Premium Chocolate From Compartés

Champagne Bears

Candy Bridal Shower Favors Sugarfina Champagne Gummies

Bubbly bears combine the best of childhood with the best of now. Cheers, ladies!

Shop Candy Boxes From Sugarfina

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