55 Best Wedding Gift Ideas – Unique Gifts Couples Will Love

a collage of the best wedding gifts for different couples including personalized wall art and an ornament, unique wine box and cork holder keepsakes, a gallery wall of picture frames, and a journal

It’s time to celebrate the newlyweds, and we’re rounding up the best wedding gift ideas for the occasion! While shopping the registry is always a safe bet, sometimes you want a good, original wedding present that stands out from the crowd — and that’s where these unique gift ideas come in. From personalized presents to creative versions of traditional wedding gifts, these ideas are just as one-of-a-kind as the happy couple.

So to help you make a good impression, we’ve rounded up the best wedding gift ideas that feel personal, thoughtful, unique, and totally wow-worthy. But before we unwrap our favorite ideas, let’s start with some wedding gift FAQs!

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Wedding Gift Ideas FAQ

good sentimental scrapbook journal wedding gift ideas in a white linen with gold foil debossed text and two wedding photos placed on top of it
wedding present ideas: this journal from DuncanandStone on Etsy

If you ask us, the best wedding gift ideas are the ones that keep the newlyweds in mind. They’re personalized to their interests, celebrate their unique love story, and set them up for a truly blissful married life together. But where do you begin when looking for good wedding gift ideas to really wow the couple?

To help you choose the best present for the love birds, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about gift-giving — from the key elements of a good wedding gift to where to shop for off-registry items. Let’s get into it!

Do you have to give a wedding gift from the registry or can you choose something else?

unique personalized travel illustration wedding gift ideas with the couple's initials in a white frame
wedding present ideas: this illustration from PlacesAndSpacesArtCo on Etsy

It’s always a good idea to choose a wedding gift from the registry when possible. After all, these are the items the couple has specifically asked for, so you know they’ll be appreciated!

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule — perhaps the couple didn’t create a registry, or maybe they’re requesting contributions to a honeymoon fund instead. There are also some occasions where all the gift ideas on the wedding registry have already been given, or you want to give an extra sentimental present that’s not on the registry. In these cases, you can go off-registry with a thoughtful wedding gift that you know the couple will love (don’t worry, we have tons of ideas down below!).

How Much to Spend on a Wedding Gift

good personalized serving tray wedding gift ideas with the couple's initials, the word "established," and their wedding date
wedding present ideas: this serving tray from PrimaPottery on Etsy

There’s no hard and fast rule or etiquette for how much to spend on wedding gifts, so your budget will ultimately come down to how well you know the couple and how much you’re comfortable spending. A good wedding gift will typically cost between $50 and $200 — but the closer your relationship, the more you might want to splurge.

For example, it’s perfectly acceptable to spend between $50 and $75 on wedding gift ideas for distant relatives or co-workers. But for closer friends and family (or if you’re gift-giving as a couple), we’d recommend shooting for the $100 and up range.

GWS Pro Tip: When deciding how much to spend on a wedding gift, its also a good idea to think about how much you’ve already spent on the wedding weekend. From travel to attire (and other expenses if you’re part of the wedding party), these costs may impact your overall wedding gift budget.

Can you give cash as a wedding gift? And if so, how much is customary?

unique honeymoon fund QR code in a gold frame wedding gift ideas
honeymoon fund signage: WillowLanePaperie on Etsy

Good news: it’s completely acceptable to give cash as a wedding gift — and sometimes even preferred! A cash gift allows couples to splurge on anything they want, from their honeymoon to any items left on their registry. Some couples may even have a honeymoon fund they’d like you to contribute to directly!

When it comes to how much to spend on cash wedding gifts, we suggest giving somewhere between $75 to $200 depending on a variety of factors. As with traditional wedding gift ideas, this number is based on your relationship with the couple and your personal budget.

GWS Pro Tip: If you do go the cash route, it’s a nice touch to send your gift with a thoughtful card or a note about what you’d like them to use it for, like a fancy meal on their honeymoon.

What is considered a good wedding gift?

unique personalized couples portrait illustration wedding gift ideas
wedding present ideas: this custom portrait from OpheliaCreativeArt on Etsy

The best wedding gift ideas are all about the couple, so they tend to be different for every wedding! That said, there are a few ways to choose a good wedding gift that shows your love for the newlyweds.

  • Check the registry: For the best wedding gift ideas, it’s always good to start with the registry. After all, the registry items were chosen for a reason, so even if it feels boring or impersonal to you, the newlyweds will still be excited to receive it. Click, order, done!
  • Add a personal touch: If you do choose to go off-registry, make sure your gift is personalized and special to the couple. Start by paying attention to things they enjoy and hobbies that make them unique. This could be a cocktail set for the martini lovers, or a custom map for the travel enthusiasts. Trust us, you’ll never go wrong with wedding gift ideas with that personal touch!
  • Choose your go-to gift: Sometimes the best wedding gift ideas are the tried and true classics. No matter the couple or the wedding, this is the one gift you always give. It’s efficient, saves you time, and is always a hit. (We included some good go-to wedding gift ideas in the list below!)

GWS Pro Tip: If you go off-registry, include a gift receipt with your wedding gift incase you purchase something the couple already owns.

How to Come Up With The Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Who Have Everything

good personalized square shaped monogram white marble coaster wedding gift ideas
wedding present ideas: these marble coasters from Crate&Barrel

We know the struggle: you’re shopping for a wedding gift for the couple who has everything, and you’re completely out of good present ideas. If they don’t have a registry, here are some tips to help you find unique wedding present ideas they’re guaranteed to love!

  • Go the personalized route: Sure, they may already have marble coasters or a luxe serving platter…but do they have any that are personalized with their names and wedding date? When it comes to the best unique wedding gift ideas, personalized presents are always a good option. Plus, this is a fun way to celebrate their new shared last name or celebrate the date they tied the knot!
  • Opt for experiences over things: For couples who truly have everything, think outside of the (wedding gift) box with unique experience ideas. Maybe they’d love a fun food tour on their honeymoon or a luxury spa day to relax after all that wedding planning. Memories last a lifetime, after all!
  • Upgrade their current essentials: You can never go wrong with useful wedding gift ideas, especially when they feel luxurious. Help the newlyweds start married life in style by upgrading some of their day-to-day essentials with luxury alternatives — such as an espresso machine instead of a coffee maker, or some heirloom-quality wine glasses.
  • Think about their hobbies and interests: Do they love to cook together? Give them a deluxe all-in-one pan. Dedicated pet parents? A custom portrait (with space for a fur baby) will be a total hit. When narrowing down good wedding gift ideas, take some time to think about what makes the happy couple so unique, and go from there!

And if all else fails, cash will always be one of the best fool-proof wedding gift ideas. Seriously, who doesn’t appreciate a little extra money to put toward their honeymoon or a down payment on a house?!

Our Favorite Places to Find Unique and Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

unique personalized doormat wedding gift ideas with text that says "Mr. & Mrs. Thomas est. 2019"
wedding present ideas: this personalized doormat from BlackButterflySigns on Etsy

Ready to start shopping? Here are the best places to find unique and thoughtful wedding gift ideas for every budget, style, and couple!

  • Etsy: If you’re looking for unique and personalized wedding gifts that stand out from the crowd, Etsy has THE best ideas. This is where you can find everything from thoughtful engraved keepsakes to custom home decor — all made by independent artists and small businesses. When it comes to good wedding gift ideas that aren’t on the registry, it doesn’t get better than this.
  • Uncommon Goods: This is another one of the best places to find unique wedding presents with a personal touch, including one-of-a-kind ideas that the couple will be gushing about for years (if not decades). We especially love the sentimental gift ideas at Uncommon Goods, like this wedding keepsake box and this custom vase. Cue the happy tears!

Unique, Good Wedding Gift Ideas At All Price Points (And For Every Type of Couple)

good personalized gold rim white jewelry dish wedding gift ideas customized with the couple's initials and a heart in between the letters
wedding present ideas: this jewelry dish from ThePaintedPress on Etsy

If you’re tired of the same old toasters and tea sets, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the best wedding gift ideas guaranteed to make a good impression — whether you’re going off-registry or looking for a unique present for a unique couple.

And to make it even easier, we’re breaking down these wedding gifts by budget, with everything from thoughtful presents for under $50 to luxury gift ideas. Read on for all of our faves!

Best Wedding Gift Ideas Under $50

monogrammed wood and white marble cheese board wedding gift ideas with a personalized gold "J" initial
wedding present ideas: this cutting board from Crate&Barrel

For your co-workers, distant cousins, and new friends, wedding gift ideas under $50 are totally acceptable. But just because they’re more affordable doesn’t mean they have to be any less meaningful!

When narrowing down the best wedding gift ideas in this price range, we recommend choosing a present that feels personalized to the couple. Whether it’s a gift that speaks to their interests (like a cozy blanket for the couple that loves movie nights) or a classic present customized just for them (like the monogrammed cheese board above), personal touches make a huge difference.

Keep scrolling for some of the best wedding gift ideas under $50 that are guaranteed to wow!

1. Best Wedding Gift For Home Chefs: This Personalized Family Cookbook

unique and sentimental family cookbook wedding gifts with a red cover and text that says "my family cook book"

If the couple is family, this cookbook is one of the most thoughtful wedding gift ideas to add to their kitchen counter. Fill it with a few recipe ideas to get them going, like grandma’s famous brownies, or pair it with this chic cookbook stand to give your wedding present an extra thoughtful touch.

Why We Love It: Each page of this cookbook features blank spaces for ingredients, tips, and even difficulty ratings. And with room for over 80 recipes, it can hold all the family meals that have been passed down for generations — plus a few new ones!

Price: $30-$40

Shop This Customizable Recipe Book

2. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Foodies: This Unique Infused Olive Oil Set

unique infused olive oil set good wedding gifts for couples

Whether they’re going to Italy for their honeymoon or they love to show off their latest gourmet dinner ideas, this wedding gift set is guaranteed to be a hit! It features four award-winning blends of extra-virgin olive oil infused with equally delicious flavors: basil, garlic, blood orange, and white truffle. DROOL.

Why We Love It: With four distinct flavors, this gift set will come in handy no matter what the newlyweds are whipping up in the kitchen. It’s one of the best wedding gift ideas for foodies who love to experiment with their recipes…and hopefully, throw a dinner party or two!

Price: $40

Shop THis Infused Olive Oil Gift Set

3. Best Wedding Gift For the Big Day: This Wedding Day Soy Candle

scented soy keepsake candle wedding gift ideas

A pricier candle isn’t typically something you’d buy for yourself — so it always feels like a treat. And that’s why this “Wedding Day” scent is one of the best gift ideas in this price range! With notes of sea salt, jasmine, wood, and cream, it’s the perfect calming scent for the big day.

Why We Love It: Since smell is one of the best ways to capture a memory, this gift doubles as a meaningful wedding keepsake. Add a note encouraging the couple to burn it on their wedding day or night for a scent they’ll never forget.

Price: $20

Shop This Wedding Day Keepsake Candle

4. Best Cute and Sentimental Wedding Gift Ideas: These Nostalgic Reel Viewers

cute unique personalized reel viewer wedding gift ideas

If you’re looking for unique wedding gift ideas, it doesn’t get better than this! Inspired by old-school reel viewers, these gifts can be personalized with pictures of the couple for a cute nostalgic keepsake. Fun AND sentimental, it’s the perfect excuse to go off-registry!

Why We Love It: You can customize this wedding gift with 7 memorable snapshots from the couple’s relationship (if you don’t know them as well, you can always find ideas on Instagram). Or better yet, wait until their wedding photos are ready for a unique alternative to a wedding photo book!

Price: $35

P.S. These also make for great bridal shower gifts!

Shop these Personalized Reel Viewers

woman wearing a luxury feather trimmed pajama gift set in an off-white hue

Give some love to the blushing bride! Check out our list of the best unique bridal shower gifts that she’ll be smitten with.

5. Best Personalized Wedding Present: This Hand-Drawn Wedding Venue Illustration

unique personalized venue line drawing illustration wedding gift ideas

Speaking of the best personalized wedding gift ideas, this one might just take the cake! Transform the couple’s wedding venue into a meaningful art piece with this bespoke illustration. We can’t think of a better way to memorialize the place where they said their “I do’s”!

Why We Love It: Each illustration is hand-drawn by an artist on Etsy — one of our favorite places for personalized gift ideas! — and is made extra special with the couple’s names, initials, and wedding date. It’s a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will look SO good next to their framed wedding portraits!

Price: $46

Shop This Hand-Drawn Wedding Venue Illustration

6. Best Wedding Present for Homebodies: This Soft Knit Throw Blanket

white knit throw blanket wedding gift ideas

Welcome the newlyweds home after an unforgettable honeymoon with this cozy wedding gift! They’ll be so excited to curl up together as a newly married couple, and this soft throw blanket will make the moment that much more special.

Why We Love It: You can choose from 18 different color ideas to give this wedding gift a unique and custom touch. Throw in some fuzzy slippers to complete the cozy vibes, and you’re pretty much golden!

Price: $30

Shop This Soft Knit Throw Blanket

7. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Entertainers: These Custom Monogrammed Linen Napkins

personalized monogrammed linen napkin wedding gift ideas in an assortment of colors

Does the couple love to throw a fancy dinner party? We’re talking three courses, matching plates, and linen napkins. Then they’ll be head over heels for this custom wedding gift idea!

A milestone upgrade for their usual table settings, these oversized linen napkins have a luxe, textured feel that will impress any guest. Choose from multiple color ideas for a wedding gift they’ll love displaying at the dinner table.

Why We Love It: These napkins can also be custom embroidered with a name or monogram of your choice — great for celebrating the couple’s new shared last name!

Price: $48 for a set of four

Shop These Monogrammed Linen Napkins

8. Best Wedding Gift Idea For Kitchen Newbies: This Newlywed Table Recipe Book

newlywed recipe cookbook wedding gift ideas

If the newlyweds are newbies in the kitchen, unique wedding gift ideas like this cookbook are the perfect way to build their cooking repertoire. Because we all know that one of the secrets to a happy marriage is great food!

Why We Love It: This wedding gift is made for beginner home chefs — it includes 100 straightforward recipe ideas designed to be cooked (and enjoyed) as a team. And with insider tips and easy kitchen hacks, it’ll have them feeling like pros in no time!

Price: $30

Shop This Newlywed Recipe Cookbook

9. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Hosts With The Most: This Chic Wood + Marble Coaster Set

circle shaped personalized wood monogrammed marble coaster wedding gifts

If the newlyweds love to host pre-drinks for the friend group, these wedding gift ideas will look right at home on their coffee table. Each coaster in this set of four is handmade with white marble and features a chic wooden letter for a custom touch. We love a gift that’s stylish and practical!

Why We Love It: High-quality coasters are one of the most fool-proof wedding gift ideas — they’re guaranteed to be used and never go out of style. Add some champagne glasses to complete the set (and a bottle of bubbly, if you’re feeling generous!).

Price: $30

Shop This Alphabet Wood and marble Coaster Set

10. Good Wedding Gift Ideas For The Holidays: This Personalized Wedding Ornament

unique ornament wedding gifts personalized with the couple's names and wedding year

It’s not something you think about until the season comes along, but a cute ornament is one of the best thoughtful wedding gift ideas for newlyweds. It’s such a special way to commemorate their first Christmas together as a married couple — and a sweet heirloom that they’ll treasure for holidays to come!

Why We Love It: With a classic white design, this ornament is the perfect addition to any tree. Get it customized with a special phrase or the couple’s name and wedding date for the ultimate wedding keepsake!

Price: $22-$32

Shop This Personalized Wedding Ornament

Best Wedding Gift Ideas Under $100

woman holding a basket of unique personalized kitchen set wedding gift ideas including custom round cork coasters, stemless wine glasses, and a wooden cutting board
wedding present ideas: this gift set from ZehrCustomEngraving on Etsy

If the soonlyweds are closer friends or family members, you can’t go wrong with wedding gift ideas around or under $100. It’s the perfect sweet spot for your perfect wedding present!

And with a larger budget, you can choose wedding gifts that the couple have always wanted, but never justified splurging on themselves. From custom engraved pieces to fun date ideas, let’s get into the best wedding gifts under $100!

11. Best One-of-a-Kind Wedding Gift Ideas: These Embroidered Wedding Photos

unique personalized embroidered couples portrait wedding gift ideas with embroidery on the bouquet

Looking for wedding gift ideas that are truly one-of-a-kind? We love these unique embroidered artworks! This talented artist on Etsy will take any wedding photo and add a special touch to it — in the form of intricate embroidered details.

Why We Love It: This wedding gift is fully customizable, with one-of-a-kind details and ideas that are based on your unique photo. Go classic with a portrait of the newlyweds, or switch it up with a close-up of a bouquet or veil. So many unique ways to create a piece of art for the couple!

Price: $85

Shop these Unique Embroidered Wedding Photos

12. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Wine and Cheese Lovers: This Personalized Serving Set

unique personalized wood and marble cheese board and coasters wedding gift ideas

Marble and wood come together to create one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who love the finer things in life (aka: wine and cheese). Their charcuterie board spreads just got WAY more interesting!

Why We Love It: With a custom engraved cheese board and matching coasters, this serving set will add such a special touch to their pre-dinner drinks and nibbles. Get it customized with different designs and fonts, and even add some optional wine glasses to complete the set!

Price: $70-$130

Shop This Personalized Cheese Board and Coasters

unique cheese board spreads with an assortment of snacks like crackers, fruit, olives, and meat slices

If the happy couple LOVES cheese and wine, don’t miss this round-up of the best charcuterie board gifts + ideas — including some good wedding present inspo!

13. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Sentimental Couples: This Custom Engraved Memory Box

unique and sentimental personalized memory box wedding gift ideas with the couple's name, location, and date engraved

For sentimental couples, this memory box is one of the sweeter wedding gift ideas they may not have thought of themselves. Engraved with the couple’s names, it’s a special place to store mementos from their wedding day AND all the unforgettable days after.

Why We Love It: Engraved with the couple’s names, this wooden gift box records all their special memories as they celebrate life together — starting with their treasured wedding keepsakes!

It can be filled with mementos from the couple’s wedding day AND all the unforgettable days after. It’s the perfect size for everything from photos to ticket stubs to dried bouquets, and more!

Price: $40-$100

Shop This Wooden Memory Box

14. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Wine Aficionados: These Crystal Wine Glasses

useful crystal wine glass good wedding gift ideas

Their champagne toasts may come to an end after the big day, but that doesn’t mean they have to go back to drinking from boring glasses! For wine connoisseurs, these wedding gift ideas are a serious treat. Each glass is crafted from sparkling crystal that’s resistant to chips, breaks, and scratches — perfect for a lifetime of toasts!

Why We Love It: Not only are these glasses super durable, but they’re also designed in a shape that’s perfectly suited to allow Sauvignon Blanc, rosé, and other crisp, un-oaked wines to release their flavors. So you’re not just giving them the perfect glasses — you’re also giving them the perfect sips.

Price: $56

Shop This Set of 4 Crystal White Wine Glasses

15. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For The Kitchen: These Marble Serving Bowls

useful assortment of white, redish pink, and black marble serving bowl good wedding gift ideas

If you’re looking for wedding gift ideas that the happy couple will use every day (for as long as they both shall live), these marble bowls are some of the best presents! They’re the perfect size for serving salsas and dips or holding pinches of salt and other spices. Perfect whether the newlyweds are whipping up dinner, indulging in a quick snack, or hosting their first dinner party as a married couple!

Why We Love It: With a mix of marble and brass, these bowls will instantly elevate any kitchen aesthetic. Everything looks good in them, and they look good on every surface. What more could you ask for?!

Price: $88 for a set of four

Shop These Unique Marble Serving Bowls

16. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Who WFH: This Unique Fragrance Diffuser Kit

unique fragrance diffuser kit wedding gift ideas

If they don’t already have an essential oil diffuser, they need one — especially if they’re a work-from-home duo! With this diffuser starter kit, they can easily turn their space into a productive office during the day and a relaxing oasis after they clock off. As one of the most unique and practical wedding gift ideas, they’ll definitely be thanking you for this one!

Why We Love It: This isn’t just any essential oil diffuser — with a smart design that connects to your phone, it can be controlled from anywhere, anytime. Control the fragrance, set schedules, and even adjust the ambient lighting to fit the mood, all using the Pura app!

Price: $81

Shop This Smart Fragrance Diffuser Starter Set

17. Best Wedding Present For Summer Date Nights: This Chic Picnic Basket

cute unique picnic basket wedding gift ideas

If you ask us, there’s nothing more classically romantic than a picnic date. And that’s why a luxe picnic basket is one of the best unique wedding gift ideas for the newlyweds! Their summer date nights are about to get a whole lot cuter.

Why We Love It: This modern picnic basket has everything the couple needs for wine and cheese under the sun. We’re talking plates, wine goblets, utensils, and a corkscrew — all in a stylish basket that can easily be carried to and from their favorite spot.

Price: $100

Shop This Chic Picnic Basket Set For 2

18. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Sommeliers: In Good Taste Wine Gift Box

unique curated assorted wine set wedding gifts

This is one of the best go-to wedding gift ideas for any couple who enjoys a good glass of wine after a long day. Choose between different curated box ideas based on the couple’s tastes — this wine and chocolate set is a no-brainer, but we also love the “spicy rosé” pack for a super unique wedding gift!

Why We Love It: Each wine box is curated with a flight of high-quality, small-batch wines that the newlyweds are guaranteed to love. Who knows, they may even discover their new favorite blend!

Price: $45-$90

Shop This Curated Wine Gift Box

19. Unique Wedding Gift Ideas For Jet-Setting Couples: This Personalized World Map

unique personalized push pin world map good wedding gifts for couples

For aspiring world travelers, this stylish world map is one of the best wedding gift ideas to help them kick off a lifetime of adventures together. Designed on a black + white cotton canvas, it goes with all decor styles — and you can even get it personalized for an extra special touch!

Why We Love It: In addition to the personalization aspect, this wedding gift also comes with push pins so the jet-setters can easily track their amazing memories and future travel ideas. First stop: their honeymoon!

Price: $80

Shop This Personalized World Map

20. Best Wedding Present For Cork Collectors: This Custom Wine Cork Holder

unique white wood wine cork holder wedding gift idea personalized with the couple's names

If you’re looking for more of the best wedding gift ideas for wine lovers (that aren’t a bottle of red or a set of glasses), we’ve got you covered. This gift celebrates their love for vino by turning each bottle the newlyweds share together into a special keepsake.

Why We Love It: This shadow box is made for displaying — you can choose from multiple different chic design ideas for a wedding gift that will look SO good hung up on the couple’s wall. Now all that’s missing are some corks to fill it with!

Price: $60-$110

Shop This Wine Cork Shadow Box

21. Best Wedding Present For Netflix Marathons: This Personalized Throw Blanket

unique personalized cotton throw blanket wedding gift ideas with the couple's initials and a floral design

Take their Netflix marathons to the next level with this personalized cotton throw blanket. It’s one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who would rather spend their Friday nights cuddled up together on the couch than anywhere else. And now they have something extra cute to cuddle up in!

Why We Love It: Each custom throw blanket is woven with three layers of 100% natural cotton, making it super soft and durable. Perfect for a lifetime of movie marathons and TV show reruns!

Price: $90

Shop This Personalized Cotton Throw Blanket

22. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Their Future Celebrations: These Unique Coupe Glasses

good gold-rimmed coupe glasses wedding gift ideas in a fluted glass design

Champagne glasses are one of the most classic wedding gift ideas — and for good reason! They help the happy couple toast their newly married status in style, while also stocking their kitchen with some high-quality glassware. But if traditional flute glasses feel a little boring, mix things up with these stylish coupe glasses instead!

Why We Love It: With a vintage-inspired style and a glamorous gold rim, these coupe glasses conjure up images of Old Hollywood starlets and the Roaring ’20s. Cool and classy, they’re the best wedding gift to elevate the couple’s rad bar cart ideas!

Price: $72 for a set of four

Shop This Set of 4 Coupe Glasses

Best Wedding Gift Ideas Under $200

round personalized wood and marble serving set wedding gift ideas with a custom cheese board with the couple's name on it
wedding present ideas: this serving gift set from Mark & Graham

Get ready to elevate your gift-giving game with these unique wedding present ideas! For your close friends and family, these wedding gift ideas are guaranteed to make a meaningful impression. They walk the line between something the newlyweds will use and love every day and something they’ll treasure as a keepsake for the rest of their lives.

As always, we’ve found the best creative wedding gifts as well as traditional ideas that still feel thoughtful. Here are our favorites!

23. Best Wedding Gift For Art Lovers: This Custom Couples Illustration

unique personalized framed couples portrait illustration wedding gift ideas

The best way to make a couple feel like royalty? Gift them a handmade portrait illustration! One of THE best personalized wedding gift ideas, this piece of art will become a treasured part of their home decor.

Pro tip: Since this wedding gift will need to be sent after the wedding (so that the portrait artist can nail the couple’s wedding day ‘fits), we suggest sending a thoughtful card beforehand with a little teaser of what’s to come.

Why We Love It: Illustrated by a renowned artist on Etsy, this wedding gift captures the couple in their wedding best and can even be personalized to include their fur babies, their wedding flowers, and other personalized ideas. It’s thoughtful, meaningful, and one-of-a-kind — no wonder it has hundreds of 5-star reviews!

Price: $128-$209

Shop This Wedding Portrait Illustration

24. Best Wedding Gift Idea For Future Anniversaries: This Personalized Vintage Wine Box

unique wood wine box wedding gift ideas personalized with the couple's last name engraved

Cheers to the happy couple! Vintage wine is one of the best traditional wedding gift ideas — and this personalized box takes the celebrations up a notch. With three different compartments for their favorite bottles, this box is meant to be cracked open for their first, third, and fifth anniversaries.

Why We Love It: Personalize this box with the couple’s names, wedding date, and other custom ideas for a wedding gift they’ll reach for every time they go to celebrate. Just don’t forget to choose some special bottles of wine to go with it!

Price: $169

SHop This Custom Vintage Wine Box

two gold foil hard cover vow books in white and grey linen

If the couple just got engaged, celebrate the exciting milestone with these killer engagement gift ideas (some of which also double as great wedding presents!).

25. Best Wedding Present For Coffee Connoisseurs: This Luxury Single-Serve Coffee Maker

good luxury coffee maker wedding gift ideas

We all know those couples who can’t start the day without a strong brew. Make mornings a little easier with this single-serve coffee maker, complete with a programmable display screen and a charcoal water filter. It’s one of the best wedding gift ideas they probably wouldn’t splurge on for themselves, but will definitely appreciate!

Why We Love It: This coffee maker works with K-cup capsules AND has a filter cup for ground coffee, so there’s no need to compromise. Include some gourmet coffee capsules or high-quality beans to get them started on the right sip.

Price: $150

Shop This Premium Single Serve Coffee Maker

26. Best Cute and Useful Wedding Gift Ideas: This Cute Mixing Bowl Set

good useful nested mixing bowl set wedding gift ideas in an assortment of colors

These wedding gift ideas are a step up from your everyday mixing bowls, with modern designs and fun pastel colors. They’re also dishwasher safe and come with cute matching lids — perfect for stacking, serving, AND storing!

Why We Love It: The mixing bowl set includes five different sizes that all nest together, so they can be used for hosting the couple’s nearest and dearest (you included!), as well as for enjoying just the two of them. A pretty great starting point for a lifetime of dining together, if you ask us!

Price: $110

Shop This Mixing Bowl Set

27. Best Wedding Present For Love Birds: This Personalized Tree Wood Carving

unique personalized wood carving wall art wedding gift ideas

Talk about one of the best unique wedding gift ideas for the love birds! Celebrate their romantic love story with this gorgeous wall art, which features a rustic tree carved into a piece of Baltic birchwood. The star of the show? The cute heart carving featuring their initials!

Why We Love It: If you’re looking for wedding gift ideas with sweet and meaningful symbolism, this is one of the best presents. After all, marriage is about putting down roots and growing together with another person — and what better way to remind them of this exciting milestone than with a stunning tree carving?

Price: $90-$165

Shop This Personalized Wood Tree Carving for Under $200

28. Best Wedding Present For Music Lovers: A Made-To-Order Personalized Song

unique personalized made-to-order song wedding gifts

Not something you’d think to register for and not something you generally seek out for yourself…that’s the intersection of the best wedding gift ideas. And this one definitely understood the assignment!

From special dates to cozy nights at home, newly married couples are always in need of a romantic soundtrack. This wedding gift takes that need and transforms it into something beautiful: a personalized song.

Why We Love It: All you have to do is share the couple’s love story with musician David Morgan and he’ll transform it into the perfect love ballad, with one-of-a-kind lyrics and music that matches their style. It may not make it on their Spotify Wrapped, but we have a feeling it’ll be their new favorite track.

Price: $100-$250

Shop This Personalized Song

29. Best Heirloom-Worthy Wedding Gift Ideas: This Personalized Leather Serving Tray

unique initials personalized leather serving tray good wedding gifts for couples

With a unique boho flair, this is one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples upgrading their home decor. It’s both a decor piece and a functional serving tray, perfect for carrying drinks, displaying flowers, or styling on a dresser or coffee table.

Why We Love It: We’re OBSESSED with the unique woven design and monogrammed etching — both of which are guaranteed to achieve heirloom status with the newlyweds. Pair it with these matching leather coasters for one of the best luxurious wedding gift ideas!

Price: $199

Shop This Personalized Leather Serving Tray

30. Best Wedding Present For the Ceremony: This Personalized Photo Book

personalized photo book wedding gift ideas

For one of the best personalized wedding gift ideas that the couple can use on the big day and treasure long afterward, look no further than this custom photo book. Created by Artifact Uprising and designed by you, it doubles as a unique guestbook and long-lasting keepsake. OBSESSED.

Why We Love It: You can customize each page to include a cute photo of the couple, while still leaving space for guests to write their well wishes in the margins. And with a custom hard-back cover, this wedding gift is a total upgrade from traditional guestbook ideas!

Price: $165

Shop This Unique Custom Photo Book

31. Best Wedding Present For Plant Parents: This Custom Succulent Planter Box

unique personalized "T" shaped wood succulent planter wedding gift ideas

The newlyweds will love watching their love grow with this adorable succulent planter box! It’s such a good wedding gift if you’re looking for something unique, symbolic, and personalized to the happy couple. Check, check, and check!

Why We Love It: Since this planter is designed with succulents, it’s also one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who don’t have the greenest of thumbs. Succulents don’t require as much TLC as other plants — just position them in sunlight, water them when the soil is dry, and let the succulents do the rest!

Price: $168

Shop This Personalized Succulent Planter Box

32. Best Wedding Present For Old Souls: This Unique Vinyl Record Player

black vinyl record player wedding gift ideas

Let’s face it: queuing up love songs on a bluetooth speaker just doesn’t hit the same as putting on an old vinyl record and dancing around the kitchen. And that’s why this record player is one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who love all things retro!

Why We Love It: While this wedding gift may be inspired by retro design ideas, there’s nothing old about the quality. It features a 3-speed turntable, built-in full-range stereo speakers, RCA and Bluetooth outputs, and a headphone jack. The newlyweds can even stream their digital music wirelessly when they’re not in the mood for vinyl!

Price: $150

Shop This Unique Vinyl Record Player

33. Best Wedding Keepsake Gift Ideas: This Bouquet Preservation Frame

unique wedding bouquet preservation frame gift idea

There’s nothing worse than spending hours (and your hard-earned cash) choosing the perfect florals for your big day, just to toss them out at the end of the night. That’s why this wedding gift is one of the best thoughtful and unique ideas for preserving all that hard work — and the gorgeous blooms — forever!

Why We Love It: Don’t have the skills to create a gorgeous floral display on your own? No prob! Just send the fresh arrangements to this Etsy seller within 5 days of the wedding, and they’ll transform them into one of the most sentimental gift ideas on this list!

Price: $115

Shop This Wedding Bouquet Preservation Gift Idea

34. Best Home Decor Wedding Gift Ideas: These Unique Marble Candleholders

unique marble candleholders good wedding gift ideas

This is another unique twist on traditional wedding gift ideas, and we are in love! With such a chic marble design, these candleholders are a far cry from your grandmother’s candlesticks. They’re carved from solid marble, giving them an understated elegance that will last a lifetime.

Why We Love It: Since these holders are made with natural marble that features unique patterns and colors, no two pieces will be exactly alike. There’s nothing better than one-of-a-kind wedding gift ideas to celebrate the couple’s one-of-a-kind love story!

Price: $139-$149

Shop These Unique Marble Wedding Gift Ideas

35. Best Wedding Present For LaCroix Lovers: This Sparkling Water Maker

unique and useful sparkling water maker wedding gift ideas

If the couple’s drink of choice is a seltzer water, make their dreams come true with this premium sparkling water maker. It’s one of those wedding gift ideas they didn’t know they needed until they received it — and now they won’t be able to live without it!

Why We Love It: This SodaStream machine gives you three levels of carbonation with the touch of a button. Just attach a reusable water bottle, press start, and enjoy! For unique wedding gift ideas that the newlyweds will be gushing about for years to come, it doesn’t get better than this.

Price: $200

Shop This Unique Sparkling Water Maker

Best Wedding Gift Ideas Under $400

cute and useful white Le Creuset soup pot good wedding gift ideas adorned with little red hearts
wedding present ideas: this soup pot from Anthropologie

They’re your ride or dies. They’ve seen you through the ups and downs, and vice versa. And now it’s time to show this couple just how much you love them AND their love story!

From luxury ideas to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, these wedding presents are designed to dazzle the happy couple on their special day — and beyond. Get ready to leave a lasting impression with these unforgettable wedding gift ideas!

36. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Adventurers: This Tinggly Experience Gift Box

unique luxury Tinggly experience best wedding gift ideas

Unique experiences are some of our favorite gift ideas (for weddings and beyond), and what better way to treat the newlyweds than with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure?! With this Just Married gift experience, the couple can choose one of hundreds of the world’s best experiences — from sailing excursions to food tours — hand-picked by the team at Tinggly.

Why We Love It: Tinggly experiences are available in nearly 100 countries, so this wedding gift is the perfect add-on for their honeymoon, first anniversary trip, or “just because” vacation ideas!

Price: $259

Shop These Tinggly Experience-Based Wedding Gift Ideas

37. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Gourmet Snacks: This Luxury Food Crate Subscription

unique luxury food crate subscription wedding gifts

Three months of luxury food? Sign us up! These wedding gift boxes come filled to the brim with gourmet nibbles from around the world, including premium cheese, luxury caviar, and other drool-worthy ideas. And with one box per month, this subscription will keep the celebrations going loooong after the wedding weekend!

Why We Love It: Since each wedding gift box comes with different gourmet food ideas, there’s guaranteed to be something the couple will enjoy. And if small nibbles aren’t their style, Williams Sonoma also has other gourmet subscription boxes to choose from — like this cheese + charcuterie subscription or this French pastry one!

Price: $350

Shop These Gourmet Wedding Gift Box Ideas

38. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Master Chefs: This Caraway Cookware Set

useful luxury pastel cookware set good wedding gifts for couples

For the master chefs (current or aspiring), a luxury cookware set is one of the best wedding gift ideas to help them start their new chapter in style. Out with the old and in with the new — and by new, we mean this gorgeous cookware set from Caraway.

Why We Love It: This ceramic set comes with all the must-have cooking essentials — from a non-stick frying pan to a chic dutch oven — and uses only non-toxic materials for healthier meals. And with such unique color options, it’s one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who are always the life of the (dinner) party!

Price: $350

Shop This Luxury Cookware Set

39. Best Wedding Present For Slow Cooking: This Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Oven

good luxury olive green Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven wedding gift ideas

Another one of the best wedding gift ideas for the kitchen, this Le Creuset signature dutch oven will have the newlyweds swapping their favorite take-out for some savory home cooking! It’s designed for slow cooking, with a design that heats food evenly for the most drool-worthy chicken, soups, pasta, and more.

Why We Love It: Not only is this one of the best useful wedding gift ideas for the kitchen, but it’s also SO gorgeous. Choose from multiple different colors for a stunning heirloom piece!

Price: $260

Shop This Luxury Cast Iron Oven

40. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Honeymooners: This Away Carry-On Suitcase

useful black Away carry-on suitcase wedding gift ideas

Couples that travel together stay together! For newlyweds who love a weekend getaway, this Away suitcase is one of the best wedding gift ideas to upgrade their current travel gear. With such a sleek and user-friendly design, it’ll be a lifesaver for their honeymoon — and for every adventure after!

Why We Love It: This carry-on features a durable polycarbonate hard shell, 360° spinner wheels, a built-in charger, and an interior compression system that makes it easy to fit all your essentials in the overhead bins. You can also personalize this wedding gift with fun ideas like a unique color or a personalized luggage tag!

Price: $295

Shop This Luxury Carry-On Suitcase

unique personalized heart shaped map art print in a square brown wood frame

Looking for more wedding gift ideas for travel lovers? Don’t miss our complete travel gift guide!

41. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Game Night: This Deluxe Wood Scrabble Set

unique Scrabble game set wedding gift ideas personalized with the couple's last name

For wedding gift ideas that spell out just how much you love the happy couple, look no further than this deluxe Scrabble set! It’s a gorgeous upgrade to the old board games they have lying around at home — and the perfect reminder to put away their phones and spend a little quality time together.

Why We Love It: With an heirloom-quality wood design, gold accents, and the option to add a custom name to the side, this Scrabble board is one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who take game night very seriously.

Price: $229

Shop This Luxury Wood Scrabble Board

42. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Aspiring Mixologists: This Luxe Barware Collection

good useful brass barware collection wedding gift ideas

They’re married now, and that means it’s time to step up their cocktail game. Goodbye PBRs and White Claws, and hello stunning cocktails made with their very own barware collection! For couples who never pass up a good nightcap, this is one of the best wedding gift ideas to elevate their mixology skills.

Why We Love It: This wedding gift comes with everything the newlyweds need to create their signature cocktail ideas at home: a glass shaker, stainless steel bar tools (with a marble tool stand), a glass ice bucket, and a stylish tray. And complete with a chic brass finish, it’s a gorgeous addition to any home bar!

Price: $310 for the full set

Shop This Brass Barware Collection

43. Best Wedding Present For Couples With a Sweet Tooth: This Colored Glass Cake Stand

good luxury colorful light amber hued glass cake stand wedding gift ideas

A luxury cake stand probably isn’t something most newlyweds would think to buy themselves — and that’s why it’s one of the best wedding gift ideas if you want to splurge on the happy couple. Make it extra special with this stylish glass one, which is inspired by antique glass and looks like an heirloom in the making!

Why We Love It: This cake stand comes in multiple different beautiful pastel hues, so there’s something for every style. It’s also hand-blown by Polish artisans and designed by a local maker in South Carolina — perfect if you’re looking for wedding present ideas that support local and small businesses!

Price: $225

Shop This Hand-Blown Glass Cake Stand

44. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For The Bathroom: This Ultra Soft Bath Bundle

good useful mauve luxury towel set wedding gift ideas adorning a bathtub setting

Give them the gift of a spa day every day with this luxury bath bundle! Since most people focus on gift ideas for the kitchen, this wedding gift will stand out from the crowd — and give the couple’s bathroom the luxurious makeover it’s been waiting for.

Why We Love It: Designed by Parachute, this bathroom set (which comes with four hand towels and four bath towels) is one of the best useful and luxurious wedding gift ideas on this list. Each towel is made with 100% Turkish cotton, so it looks, feels, AND dries like a dream.

Price: $372 (but it’s currently on sale for $334!)

Shop This Luxury Cotton Bath Bundle

45. Best Date Night Wedding Present: This Unique Subscription Box

unique creative date night subscription wedding gift ideas

A luxury wedding gift that doubles as a source for unique date night ideas? Say no more! Help the newlyweds start married life on the right foot with this fun date night subscription, which features unique activities that go beyond the classic dinner and a movie. Because after all that wedding planning, they deserve to have a little fun!

Why We Love It: This subscription is actually multiple wedding gifts in one — each month, the newlyweds will be sent a box with unique date night ideas, like a paint-by-numbers kit or a scrapbook filled with rad adventure challenges. So fun!

Price: $159 for three months or $305 for six months

Shop This Cute Date Night Subscription Box

46. Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Their Wedding Photos: This Picture Gallery Set

good sentimental picture frame gallery wall set wedding gift ideas

With so many gorgeous wedding photos headed their way, the newlyweds are going to need somewhere good to display them (besides Instagram) — and that’s where these wedding gift ideas come in! So much better than a single picture frame, this set will give them an entire gallery wall filled with their favorite memories.

Why We Love It: This gift takes the guesswork out of creating a gallery wall, with nine frames in four different sizes that look gorgeous both together and apart. It’s one of the best wedding gift ideas the couple will use and love for decades.

Price: $340

Shop This Modern Picture Frame Gallery

47. Best Wedding Present For Diehard Pizza Lovers: This Backyard Pizza Oven

unique useful personal pizza oven wedding gifts

They’re THE best hosts when it comes to backyard dinner parties — so they need THE best wedding gift ideas for their al fresco events! This outdoor pizza oven is the perfect size for almost any backyard space, and it cooks a drool-worthy stone-baked pizza in 60 seconds flat.

Why We Love It: So much more than just a pizza oven, this outdoor oven can also cook seared steak, chargrilled fish, chicken wings, roast veggies, and more. Plus, it runs on energy-efficient, eco-friendly wood pellets. Perfect if you’re looking for luxury wedding gift ideas that are also sustainable!

Price: $350

Shop This Luxury Outdoor Stone-Baked Pizza Oven

48. Best Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas: This KitchenAid Mixer

luxury Kitchenaid stand mixer

A list of the best wedding gift ideas wouldn’t be complete without a KitchenAid stand mixer. It’s the #1 item you’ll find on wedding registries — and it’s easy to see why! With 10 different speeds, it has all the power the newlyweds need to whip up their favorite treats, without taking up all their counter space.

Why We Love It: When it comes to wedding gift ideas for the kitchen, this is the crème de la crème. It’s made to last a lifetime, with an expert design that’s been a favorite for home bakers for over 100 years. Choose from multiple different color ideas (as well as rad attachments) for a fool-proof wedding gift they’re guaranteed to love!

Price: $380

Shop This Versatile Luxury Stand Mixer

Good Luxury Wedding Gift Ideas ($400+)

intricate luxury crystal flute glasses set wedding gift ideas
wedding present ideas: this champagne gift set from Neiman Marcus

With these luxury wedding present ideas, you’re helping the happy couple start married life on a high-quality note. Because if there was ever an occasion to splash out on truly luxurious gift ideas, it’s the wedding of your nearest and dearest!

The gifts in this section are all about day-to-day luxury, from deluxe kitchen essentials to home decor splurges. Whether your loved ones are dedicated foodies or whiskey aficionados, we’ve found the best luxury wedding gift ideas to make them feel like they’ve won the jackpot in love and life. Keep scrolling for our faves!

49. Best Wedding Gift For Cocktail Connoisseurs: This Wood Tabletop Bar Set

luxury wood expandable tabletop bar set good wedding gifts for couples

If the newlyweds never miss happy hour and love showing off their latest cocktail creations, this is one of the best luxury wedding gift ideas for them. More than just a typical barware collection, this luxury mixology set will give even the best cocktail bars some competition!

Why We Love It: This bar set comes in a stunning acacia wood box, which folds up for a stunning addition to any tabletop. It’s giving us major Mad Men vibes — SO stylish!

Price: $449

Shop This Luxurious Wood Tabletop Bar Set

50. Best Wedding Present For At-Home Latte Art: This Barista-Level Espresso Machine

luxury silver Breville espresso machine

This is one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who aren’t just coffee lovers — they’re dedicated coffee obsessives. With a barista-level design, this espresso machine is all they need to make their favorite caffeinated drinks without ever leaving the house. Breakfast in bed just got a whole lot fancier!

Why We Love It: From bean to brew, this wedding present will deliver the perfect cup every time, with features for customizable grinding, easy frothing, and even creating latte art ideas.

Price: $700

Shop This Luxury Barista Express Espresso Machine

51. Good Wedding Gift Ideas for Audiophiles: This HiFi Speaker Set

luxury home sound system

They can recreate their first dance over and over again with this luxury HiFi speaker set. With a premium multi-room sound experience, it’s one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who don’t just want their music to sound good — they want it to sound great.

Why We Love It: The newlyweds can place these speakers in two different rooms for a unique surround-sound effect, or use them together for the ultimate listening experience. If you’re looking for good wedding gift ideas for the audiophiles in your life, this is the very best!

Price: $988

Shop This HiFi Speaker Set

52. Best Useful + Stylish Wedding Gift Ideas: This SMEG Appliance Bundle

luxury white retro style Smeg kitchen appliances

You don’t just want wedding gift ideas that are useful — you also want them to look good. And that’s where these SMEG appliances come in! With a retro mid-century design, these appliances will make even the most boring tasks (like toasting bread in the mornings) that much more fun.

Why We Love It: With this bundle, you’re giving the couple’s kitchen a full SMEG makeover. It comes with all their daily must-haves, including a coffee maker + grinder, a toaster, a kettle, and a juicer. And if you’re looking for more stylish wedding gift ideas for the kitchen, check out more SMEG products here!

Price: $1150

Shop This Stylish SMEG Appliance Bundle

53. Best Luxury Wedding Gift Ideas For The Bedroom: This Linen Bedding Bundle

good quality linen striped sheets set wedding gift ideas

If you’re looking for luxury wedding gift ideas that the couple can enjoy every day (and night), high-quality bedding is a good place to start. And this linen bedding set from Brooklinen is one of the all-time best! Like something out of their wildest dreams, it’s soft, breezy, and SO cozy.

Why We Love It: This bedding set features everything the newlyweds need to elevate their beauty sleep — including a comforter, two pillows, a complete linen sheet set, and even a silk eye mask. It also comes with tons of different customizable ideas, perfect if you want a wedding gift that feels one-of-a-kind.

Price: $623

Shop These Luxury Bedding Wedding Gift Ideas

54. Best Luxury Wedding Gift Ideas For The Backyard: This Unique Outdoor Fire Pit

unique and useful wood burning outdoor fire pit wedding gift ideas

Nothing beats cuddling next to the fire with your other half, amiright?! Make every night one to remember with this unique outdoor fire pit — it’s one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples with a backyard space and an affinity for s’mores.

Why We Love It: Made with heat-resistant steel and featuring a unique obelisk design, this chiminea is designed for long-lasting fires that are easy to start and enjoy. If you’re looking for luxury wedding gift ideas that go outside the box (or should we say the home?), this is the one!

Price: $528

Shop This Outdoor Chiminea Fire Pit

55. Best Classic Wedding Gift Ideas With a Twist: This Luxury Sage Dinnerware Set

good quality sage green ceramic dinnerware set wedding gift

Last but not least, we’re leaving you with one of the best fool-proof wedding gift ideas of all time: a luxury dinnerware set! Wedding china is a tried and true gift, but it can also feel like one of the more outdated present ideas. For a modern upgrade, we love this luxury sage green set — it’s unique and timeless at the same time!

Why We Love It: Made with ceramic and stoneware, this 16-piece set is the kind of dinnerware that can be used every day. Because why save your wedding dishes just for special occasions?! And if this green set isn’t your style, we also love this luxurious Vera Wang dinnerware for more traditional wedding gift ideas!

Price: $450 for the complete set

Shop This Sage Green Dinnerware Set

Give The Best Presents All Wedding Season Long

good luxury wicker food hamper wedding gift ideas with an assortment of gourmet snacks, jam, and teas
wedding present ideas: this gift box from Williams Sonoma

There’s a lot to celebrate when your favorite couple gets engaged — which means a lot of parties AND a lot of gifts. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the best wedding-related gift ideas!

If the couple just announced their engagement, you need a great gift to share this exciting milestone with them! From personalized mementos to fun gift boxes, these are our favorite engagement gifts and ideas.

If the big day is getting closer, chances are you have a bridal shower on your radar. Show some love to the soon-to-be bride with these unique bridal shower gifts that she’ll genuinely love!

If you’re the one tying the knot (congrats!), you’ll also be giving unforgettable gifts in addition to receiving them. Take a look at our round-ups of the best bridesmaid gifts and the best groomsmen gifts that are perfect for thanking your crew!

We also have some great ideas for creating your wedding gift registry — from the best places to register in 2024 to the best registry ideas for couples that love to entertain.

What were your favorite wedding present ideas on this list? Spill the details in the comments below!