25 Jaw-Dropping Spots That Will Make You Want to Elope

25 Jaw Dropping Spots for Eloping

The past few years have given rise to the trend of eloping, in lieu of the traditional wedding—and for good reason! No longer does the term “to elope” conjure up images of the past, where a couple runs away and marries in haste. Rather, eloping has become a serious thing to consider when you + your beloved are planning your vows. Why? Well, elopements are intimate, and you don’t have to cater to a crowd (or the costs involved). Oftentimes, it’s just the couple, their officiant, and the photographer; sometimes they’ll include parents, siblings, a best friend, or a pet. Since you two don’t have to worry about the grand set-up, table arrangements, or all the things that go into the festivities, you can relax and focus on just the two of you. Additionally, many couples choose to elope abroad so not only does that make for a cool story, but you’re all set for a grand adventure following ‘I Do!’

From colossal mountains, to beaches in France, and painterly lake views, the awe-inspiring elopements keep on comin’… We’ve sorted through our favorite elopements to bring you some destination inspiration! Are you a couple that loves warm weather and sifting your toes through the sand? We’ve got a few tropical locations. Perhaps you’ve got a penchant for history and towering castles? We’ve got that too! Hang out with us as we dish out our top 25 places to elope (in no particular order)!

25. Horseshoe Bend + Antelope Canyon

from this Intimate Horseshoe Bend Elopement

Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona is known for it’s insanely gorgeous view of the water, framed by the canyon walls. Also near here is Antelope Canyon, which is set on Navajo land (about a 20-30 minute drive); known for the ‘slot canyon,’ visitors can walk through the giant slabs of rock and take some seriously cool photographs!

photography: Jordan Voth // venue name: Horseshoe Bend near the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell Antelope Marina in Arizona

24. New Zealand

from this Bohemian-Inspired New Zealand Elopement

This sweet little spot is on a magical island near Auckland, New Zealand. We can’t picture anything dreamier than this!! By the seaside, with your beloved, and golden light…

photography: Nadia Meli Photography // venue name: Waiheke Island, New Zealand

23. The Beaches of Normandy

from this Romantic French Elopement in Normandy

While some will say that Paris is the most romantic place in all of France, we think this white sand beach in Normandy *might* just top that…

photography: Fabien Courmont // venue name: Normandy, France

22. Isle of Skye, Scotland

from this Intimate Isle of Skye, Scotland Elopement

A velvet quilt of verdant moors, jagged + rocky mountains, glistening lochs and colossal sea cliffs—this is the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It’s known for being a mystical + magical place, and as the land of fairy folklore!

photography: The Kitcheners // venue name: Isle of Skye, Scotland, United Kingdom

21. Fiji

from this Adventurous Fiji Highland Elopement

This was the first couple to ever tie the knot in the off-the-beaten-path unknown Fijan Highlands! When we think of Fiji, images of turquoise waters and sandy beaches come to mind. However, that’s not all there is to these gorgeous lands!

photography: Kama Catch Me // venue name: Fijian Highlands

20. Lake Louise, Canada

from this Lake Louise Elopement

Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada is unlike any other place in the world. With glistening turquoise waters framed by snow-capped mountains and lush Evergreens, it’s definitely a top spot to elope in North America!

photography: Dawn Photography // venue name: Fairmont Chataeu Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta, Canada

19. A Castle in Ireland

from this Elopement Inspiration at an Irish Castle

Years and years ago, Lord McQuillan of Dunluce imprisoned his daughter in a tower of this castle, after she refused the arranged marriage to her cousin. On a wild + stormy night, she and her true love fled and set off on a rowboat but were bashed against the cliffs. While one may see it as a romantic tragedy, it’s believed that their souls will forever remain together. Would you get married on these historic cliffs?

photography: Priscila Valentina Photography // venue name: Dark Hedges (as seen in Game of Thrones), Dunluce Castle in Ireland

18. In front of an Ice Cave in the PNW

from this Winter Elopement in an Ice Cave

The wintry landscape of the Big Four Ice Caves is just one of the many wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Though they are incredible, if you’re visiting—take caution and pay attention to warnings as this area is known for its unpredictable weather + elements.

photography: Dawn Photography // venue name: Big Four Ice Caves, Washington, USA

17. Santorini, Greece

from this Bohemian Elopement in Santorini, Greece

Can you imagine eloping in a place that’s known for its postcard worthy views? And with its proximity to so many other places, can you say island hopping?

photography: Nisha Ravji Photography // venue name: On the Rocks Hotel, Santorini, Greece

16. Iceland

from this Iceland Destination Elopement 

Iceland’s green + rocky cliffs that overlook the ocean make for one stunning location! Complete with waterfalls, black sand beaches, and intriguing remnants of an old plane crash—Iceland is definitely for the adventurous duo!

photography: Nirav Patel // venue name: Landmannalaugar and Dyrholaey in Iceland

15. At a Waterfall

from this Fairytale-Inspired Waterfall Elopement

How about at a waterfall? Your day will surely be memorable if you put on a pair of boots and hike up your dress as you ascend a mountain to the falls!

photography: Kristen Booth // venue name: Wahclella Falls in Portland, Oregon

14. On Top a Hawaiian Crater at Sunset

from this Maui Elopement on Top of Haleakala Crater

Surrounded by volcanic rock, ethereal clouds and one incredible sunset, we couldn’t have pictured anything more perfect! For the couple that loves warm locations, especially Hawaii—Haleakala Crater on Maui is for you!

photography: Angie Diaz // venue name: Haleakala Crater, Kula, Hawaii, USA

13. In the Desert of Joshua Tree

from this Bohemian Elopement in Joshua Tree

Are you inspired by the Southwest? Do you love the desert? What about easy California vibes? Joshua Tree offers up insanely starry nights, lots of cactus, and dreamy sunsets.

photography: Emily Wren Photography // venue name: Joshua Tree, California

12. In a Treehouse

from this Bohemian Treehouse Elopement

Stay in a treehouse + marry in the forest? Count us in!

photography: Jagger Photography // venue name: TreeHouse Point Fall City, Washington

11. Crater Lake in Oregon

from this Idyllic Oregon Lake Elopement

Surrounded by lush greenery + one breathtaking view of the lake—can you imagine saying your vows at Crater Lake?

photography: Allison Harp  // venue name: Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

10. Yosemite National Park

from this Romantic Yosemite Elopement

If you love the mountains, adventurous hikes, and insane views, Yosemite National Park in California may be for you! Nothing beats the incredible sights + photographs from Taft Point.

photography: Tyler Branch // venue name: Yosemite National Park, California, USA

9. In a Flower-Filled Gondola

from this Gondola Elopement in Long Beach, California

Want to do something different? You don’t have to be in Venice, Italy for this… Why not rent a gondola and have it decked out with florals?

photography: Zoom Theory // venue name: Gondola Getaway Naples Long Beach, California

8. At the Sand Dunes

from this Modern Desert Elopement Inspiration in the Sand Dunes

Perhaps head out to the sand dunes with some colored smoke bombs with your beloved?

photography: Lillywhite Photography // venue name: Imperial Sand Dunes, Niland, California

7. An Abandoned Building in the PNW

from this Vintage Bohemian Oregon Elopement

Covered in moss, this abandoned building in the PNW is both eerie + enchanting.

photography: Phil Chester // venue name: The Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

6. The Artistic Creation of Salvation Mountain

from this Colorful Elopement Inspiration at Salvation Mountain

For the quirky + artistic couple, the cotton candy colored Salvation Mountain in Niland, California is quite the sight!

photography: Candice Benjamin Photography // venue name: Salvation Mountain in Niland, California

5. Olympic Peninsula Beach

from this Olympic Peninsula Beach Elopement

The weather at Olympic National Park in La Push, Washington is notorious for being unpredictable…to put it mildly. The day before this couple eloped, there was a storm strong enough to push a colossal tree trunk down the beach!

photography: Ryan Flynn Photography // venue name: Olympic National Park in La Push, Washington

4. In Snowy Colorado

from this Snowy Colorado Elopement

This rustic house. In Colorado. In the snow.

photography: Benj Haisch // venue name: Dunton Hot Springs Dolores, Colorado (also featured in our Top 26 Coolest Places to Get Married)

3. Los Angeles — With the Dreamy Skyline in the Background

from this Los Angeles Skyline Elopement

Overlooking the downtown Los Angeles skyline, just above Dodger Stadium… How dreamy is this?!

photography: Georgie Carlos  // venue name: Elysian Park Los Angeles, California

2. Capitol Reef National Park

from this Capitol Reef National Park Elopement

The unsung hero of Utah’s national parks, this is Capitol Reef.

photography: Phil Chester // venue name: Sunset Point in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

1. The One That Started it All — Rattlesnake Ridge

from this Romantic Elopement in the Woods

Of course we had to share this one!! We published this elopement at Rattlesnake Ridge back in 2013 — just as elopements were starting to gain traction—and since then, we’ve received so many letters + sweet notes from future brides-to-be, saying this is THE post that inspired them to elope.

photography: Benj Haisch // venue name: Rattlesnake Ridge North Bend, Washington

While some may be concerned about offending family members for not including them in the day, many couples have told us after announcing that they had chosen to elope, everyone was really supportive. Ultimately, the day is about you two and celebrating your love. One major thing to consider if you’re wanting to elope in a foreign country—make sure to check out the local embassy’s marriage requirements + restrictions. Sometimes the process is a lot lengthier and special documents must be filed in advance.

So, can you imagine yourself eloping with your loved one? Just you, them, an officiant, and the photographer in some incredible location? Where would you go? Let us know in the comments below!