The Best 2021 Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

Halloween couple costume ideas wicked
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Halloween is on the horizon and we’re ready for our annual free pass to buy candy in bulk. We’re ALSO ready to dress up and have some FUN! But if you’re like us, you’re year goes something like this: First, randomly think of Halloween couple costume ideas all year long. Second, say, “Hey babe, let’s be (fill in the blank) for Halloween!!” And finally, forget every single idea you had come September. Yep! Been there. So this year, we’re on our game! We combed through the internet to find everything from funny couples costumes to cute couple costumes to DIY couples costumes to—you get it. It’s all here.

And guys, we even did you one better by searching for a few things to buy to help you recreate the looks below. So great, right? Before we jump into the costumes, here comes the disclaimer…

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Cute Couple Costumes

Alien and Astronaut

cute couple costume ideas aliens
via @27travels

Such a cute couple costume that you can put together super fast! We found those exact green pants and they feel more like a NEED than a want.
Metallic Green Joggers | Antenna Alien Headband | Cropped NASA Shirt

Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Halloween Couple Costume

pumpkin head cute halloween costume
via @kjp

This one will require a little bit of DIY…and a couple of BIG pumpkins. But how amazing is the final product?!
Pumpkin Fair Isle Sweater | Witches Candy Fair Isle Cardigan | Ghost Fair Aisle Sweater

Hip Hippies

Halloween couple costume ideas hippies
via @chloekiana

Please PLEASE check out the pants we found for you for this costume. They are perfection.
Psychedelic Flair Pants | Hippie Glasses + Peace Sign Necklace

Plundering Pirates

cute couple costumes pirates
via @brianamatopoeia

Play up the “booty” with this fun Halloween couple costume idea!
Women’s Red Corset | Pirate Hat | Renaissance Dress | Lace-up Boots | Men’s Pirate Costume

Father Time and Mother Nature


Love this creative take on a couple costume!
Grey Beard | Oversized Clock Necklace | Flower Crown

Pop Culture Couple Costume Ideas

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

game of thrones costume ideas
via @officiallyquigley & @jackpoticorn

No, we’re still not over Game of Thrones. (Bonus costume points: This is one of those rare costumes that’s perfect for cold weather!)
Daenerys Targaryen Wig | Daenerys Targaryen Costume Dress | Jon Snow Costume

Johnny and June

Johnny June costume
via Mary Costa Photography

If you’re like Mary, you can put together this whole costume with pieces from your closet — plus a can of hairspray.
Retro Dress with Full Skirt | Vintage Microphone | Classic Black Wayfarers

This is Us Rebecca + Jack Couple Costume

via Kelsey McMurtrey

This is another one that could be easy to recreate with items you already have!

Cinderella and Prince Charming

disney cinderella halloween costume
via @elizabethkeene

Of all the Cinderella iterations, the classic blue ball gown will always be just that. Classic. (And so fun to wear!!)
Blue Cinderella Ball Gown | Prince Charming Costume

Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

via @kels.decker

The makeup really makes this one but we are LOVING this couple costume idea!
Jack Skellington Costume | Stitched Sally Tights | Sally Dress | Red Long Hair Wig

Wednesday Addams and Cousin It

the adams family halloween couple costume
via @aww.sam

Just…perfect. It’s perfect!
Wednesday Addams Dress | Wednesday Addams Wig | Cousin It Costume

Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange

halloween couple costume harry potter bella sirius
via @victizle

Not a Halloween goes by without a few Harry Potter couple costume ideas coming down the block. But Sirius and Bellatrix? That’s an unbreakable combo.
Sirius Black Wand | Prisoner Costume | Bellatrix Lestrange Wig

Joker and Harley Quinn

Halloween couple costumes Joker Harley Quinn
via @dhialgo & @sariitaa_14

This Halloween, let’s get a little psychotic. (But also stay super cute.)
Purple Joker Suit Coat | “Daddy’s Little Monster” Harley Quinn Shirt | Fishnet Tights | White Combat Boots

Retro Vision and Scarlet Witch

wandavision halloween costume
via @ladytoxie

If you watched WandaVision, you’ll appreciate the meta-ness that is this perfect costume!
Vision Costume | Scarlet Witch Costume | Red Go-Go Boots | Red Wanda Wig

Carl and House from “Up” Couple Costume

via Keiko Lynn

I mean, how cute is this Up couple costume?!! This one takes some DIY, but you’ll leave your friends WOWing at this one for sure!
Colorful Balloons | Plaid Suit Jacket | Cane

Twilight’s Jasper and Alice

Halloween couple coustume ideas Jasper and Alice Twilight
via @tessanetting & @thejoemoses

Forget Bella and Edward — these two had the kind of supportive relationship we’re looking for.
Men’s Baseball Tee | Baseball Hat | Baseball Jersey

Belle and Gaston

Halloween couple costume ideas Belle and Gaston Beauty and the Beast
via @pbandjellyjenn

You could argue that Gaston was the true beast of the story.
Belle Blue Dress | Gaston Shirt, Gloves, Wig

The Princess Bride Halloween Costume

via A Beautiful Mess

As yoooooooou wiiiiiiiiishhhhh…..what a fun and romantic couple costume this would be! This bride made her own dress but we’ve found a similar dress that would work perfectly for this idea.
Red Dress | Gold Belt | Black Face Mask | Black Boots | Sword

Ron Swanson & his two greatest loves, a brunette + breakfast food!

via The Simple Life

For the couple who can’t stop watching Parks and Rec, this is such a fun idea!
Bacon and Egg Costume | Mug | Mustache

DIY Couples Costumes

Sweet Tooth

funny couple costume ideas sweet tooth
via Studio DIY

This adorable DIY Halloween costume idea by Studio DIY is easy to make with Kelly’s tutorial! (And peep through the site for more DIY couples costumes!)
Utility Jumpsuit | Pool Noodles

Cool Ghosts

Halloween couple costume ideas sheet ghosts
via Jenny May Photography

We’re not regular ghosts. We’re cool ghosts.
White Top Sheets | Black Beanies

‘Til Death Halloween Couple Costume

skeleton makeup couple costume
via @monique___ivette | Monique Ivette

What is it about a couple in skeleton makeup that is so eerie and cool? This is a great last-minute idea. Just grab the makeup and put on a pretty dress — you’re done! And check this out: Creepy Chic Halloween Fun Before This Couple Says ‘I Do’ IRL!
Skeleton Face Paint | Black Maxi Dress | Black Ribbed Dress | Men’s Black Vest

A League of Their Own Couple Costume

via Camille Styles

The ladies at Camille Styles have a fun DIY for this costume and we are so impressed! If DIY isn’t your thing we found costume as well!
Rockford Peaches Outfit | White Converse Sneakers

Funny Couples Costumes

Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan

Halloween couple costume ideas Tanya Harding Nancy Kerrigan
via @officiallyquigley & @jackpoticorn

Yes, they went there. Break a leg with this one!
Figure Skating Dress 1 | Figure Skating Dress 2 | Frilly White Socks | Chunky White Sneakers

Hawaiian Punch Couple Costume

via Brit + Co.

We are ALL ABOUT a PUNNY costume and this one is pretty fun, right?!
Hula Skirt Costume | Boxing Gloves

T Rex and Dr. Ellie Sattler

jurassic park funny couple costume
via @brittanyrosechatburn

If you’ve yet to see a T-Rex wobble along in public places, you don’t know the hilarity you’re missing. Pair well with any Jurassic Park character, but we’ve got a soft spot for Laura Dern’s Dr. Sattler and her reasonable footwear.
Inflatable T-Rex Costume | Pleated Khaki Shorts | Cropped Light Blue Top | Oversized Pink Button Down Shirt | Hiking Boots

Party Animals

via Brit + Co

This is such a fun one – and perfect for a last minute idea! Wear some fancy clothes and add a fun animal mask!
Animal Masks | More animal masks

Britney and Justin – Denim Era

couple costume ideas britney justin
via @jesihaackdesign

Channel your inner pop princess and prince at the height of their kingdom! Funny couples costumes just got fashionable.
Britney Denim Dress | Mini Denim Dress | Denim Cowboy Hat

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