Having Trouble Organizing Your Wedding Ideas? Allseated Is the Tool You’ve Been Waiting For.

Okay – so you’re planning your wedding. You’ve thought about the flowers, you’ve hired an event planner, and you’ve even booked a venue. Congratulations! But here’s one thing you may not have thought about: your wedding planning software. Welcome to Allseated, the event industry’s #1 planning software! 

Whether it’s your seating chart, floor plan, or guest list,  Allseated is your all-in-one solution! Their collaborative platform allows for seamless communication between key teams like wedding planners, venue coordinators, and even the happy couple. No more tedious paper and pencil planning! This all-digital platform is the wedding planning tool you didn’t know you needed, but soon won’t be able to live without. Wanna learn more about how to make Allseated work for you and your wedding? Let’s get into it!

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Using Allseated to Make Floor Plans

Your wedding venue is beautiful. So much so that you should even have it at your fingertips! After all, what better way is there to plan every minute detail than to be looking directly at your venue’s floor plan? With Allseated’s advanced technology, your venue comes to life right on the screen (fully to scale)! And don’t think you’re limited to a 2D view, either. Allseated allows you to seamlessly switch between a 2D and 3D model so you can plan your beautiful decor from every angle. 

Some of the benefits of the floorplan feature include:

  • Adding in furniture, like tables and chairs
  • Customizing the layout and dimensions of the space
  • Including spacing for dance floors & entertainment areas (such as a dessert table)
  • Marking exits within the layout
  • Add in planning details and notes directly into the floorplan 
  • Saving favorite objects & templates for future layouts (a great perk for wedding pros!)

and more!

Seating Charts Become a Breeze

Ah, seating charts. Everyone’s favorite part of wedding planning. Kidding! While it may still be a little uncomfy to have to find a way to amicably separate Uncle Joe from his ex-wife, Linda, Allseated does make the process a little easier! After the RSVPs are done trickling in and your floorplan is created, it’s easy as pie to assign seats. Just select a name from the guest list and drop it over to the table you want to seat them at! This process is fully customizable, even down to which seat at the table you would like your guest to be seated in. 

Speaking of guest lists, let’s talk about how Allseated helps you keep every detail neat and tidy. Want to keep your guests written down in one convenient place? Check. Keep mailing information handy? Check. Track RSVPs? Specify each wedding event a guest is attending? Keep note of everyone’s meal preferences? Check, check, and check! Yup – it’s that simple. No more running around your notes app trying to remember whether it was Megan or Rebecca that asked for the vegan or gluten-free meal options.  

We all wish we could visit our venue more times than is realistic. It can be easy to forget the placement of seemingly small details that the venue may not allow you to relocate! With Allseated, you can easily switch between a 2D and 3D view of your floorplan, allowing for a seamless 360° view of the area. Better yet, it’s fully collaborative! Your florist, wedding planner, and even furniture company can all be invited onto the platform to help you better visualize the execution of your dream wedding. 

*Phew* We’re feeling more relieved about wedding planning already! Are you? Check out Allseated for all of your wedding software needs!