Wedding Trend: Non-matching Bridesmaids Dresses

One of my favorite things about the wedding I posted yesterday (besides the stunning photography!) was the non-matching bridesmaids dresses. I just love this idea and think it brings a great modern feel into the wedding.

non-matching bridesmaids dresses

{j crew, aaron delesie, the image is found, sugarlove weddings via bespoke press }

When Jenna Bush got married, she wanted her bridesmaids to wear the colors of wildflowers. She had the dresses custom made by Lela Rose, but you can easily pick an idea like this and create it for your wedding. Jenna chose wildflowers, you could pick the sunset, the beach, citrus fruits, the ideas are endless, to create a beautiful color palette.

Jenna Bush bridesmaid dresses

There are lots of ways you can pick dresses for your girls today. From picking one color and having the girls pick their favorite style – this works great with j crew dresses – to selecting a theme, to even going to your local paint store, picking some paint chips and mailing the girls the color palette they should stay in. I’ve created a few sample palettes to show you how easy this can be.

Here is a great palette in daffodil yellow.

yellow bridesmaids dresses

{dresses: Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique from Nordstrom, Anthropologie, J Crew, Anthropologie}

A simple gray palette. Gray is a great dress color you know they will wear again and gives you the chance to really have fun with their bouquets – a bright pink peony? yellow tulips? green button mums? so fun.

gray bridesmaids dresses

{All dresses from J Crew, except second from the left – Anthropologie}

Maybe you want the Maid of Honor to really stand out. This cute dress from J Crew would be perfect for her, then the other bridesmaids could pick either the light or dark pink – lovely!

pink bridesmaids dresses

A romantic vintage wedding? What about this collection? You could even pick the dresses ahead of time and let each girl pick which one she wanted – or really leave it up to them and show them a sample palette.

romantic bridesmaids dresses

{Dresses: Anthropologie, ModCloth, Anthropologie, ModCloth, Anthropologie}

I definitely love this idea. It’s much more likely your bridesmaids will pick a dress they will wear again. Some of my favorite places for bridesmaids dresses (and rehearsal dresses and engagement session dresses) include: J Crew, Anthropologie, ModCloth, Nordstrom’s, Simple Silhouettes, Max Studio, and Thread. Anyone planning on giving your girls a palette and having them pick their own dresses? Where are you getting your dresses from?

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  1. my bridesmaids are going to be wearing the yellow bungalow gables anthropologie dress above! of course, they're not-not-matching (meaning, they're matching), but i was just excited to see it as one of your picks. :)

  2. Nice post. I love this look. I adore the second pic in the first row. I looked at the site it came from and there are sketches of the dresses. Any idea who they're buy?

  3. Yes!! My girls are wearing non-matching JCrew dresses and we are just working out the details now. I have been a bit worried about doing this (will they look like easter eggs), so thanks for the post on this trend!

  4. Donna- Fun! I love that dress! Your girls are going to look so cute!

    Kate- Yes! I do know who designed those beautiful dreseses. They were designed by the talented Kay Unger –

    A Mindful bride – can't wait to see which ones they pick!

  5. Great post!! I especially love the taupes (in the bottom right corner of the first image), the vintage group, and the greys!! So many totally chic groupings!! My girls are also wearing different colored dresses, inspired by the grey-purple tones of the mountains, where we are getting married! Check them out:

  6. one of my bridesmaids wore j crew and one wore bcbg…we just told them to go long, beachy-bohemian and any shade of brown…it totally worked and each girl got to wear something they felt beautiful in and that they could wear again! i loved that it felt eclectic and natural!

  7. I love non matching bridesmaids dresses within the same color palette.Visually, it looks absolutely stunning in wedding photography! I also like non matching bouquets for the bridesmaids….again so visually appealing.It also allows the girls to express their personalities while still fitting into the theme of the wedding.Great Post!

  8. this post is reaaaaaallly helpful! nice one!! thanks a lot~

  9. I LOVE those yelllow dresses!

  10. I hope this trend cathches on like wildfire. I love the non-matching, yet cohesive look.

    Great post!

  11. Great post! Thanks for sharing–I've bookmarked it for later. I know it will be useful when I start figuring out bridesmaid dress "stuff."

    Best Wishes!

    MidwestElle @

  12. Unusal though I think I would still go for the same colour, you don't get any arguements then

  13. this is what I'm going for… I'm giving my bridesmaid's free reign over the jim hjelm collection as long as its floor length. It's turnig out harder than I thought with the girls all loving 2+ dresses.

  14. I am so glad you posted this. Non-matching bridesmaid's dresses are my favorite. I love shooting weddings with this theme. It creates so much more depth in the photos and adds some spice to the wedding. J Crew dresses always look stunning.

  15. So lovely! I did this with our bouquets, ranging from reds to yellows for a fall wedding. Wish I had thought to do the dresses too!

  16. I was recently in a wedding where the bride let the bridesmaids choose "a green dress." The only restriction was length. We didn't even see them all together until the day of the wedding, but they coordinated beautifully. The colors in the photos reminded me of assorted sea glass. Plus, we really appreciated having a choice!

  17. I've never actually seen a wedding where the bridesmaids wore different color dresses – I've seen where they wear different dresses but in the same color. This idea has to warm up to me first. I do like the uniformity of the pictures but it does bring a lot of beautiful new colors to the mix!

  18. 5 million gold stars for this post! From the photography aspect it makes it so much more playful and interesting. You picked some great non-matching choices!

  19. I like the same dress in different shades of color, or the one color in different styles of dress, but I'm not sold on having totally different colors and cuts (top left of the top images) – it just looks like a group of girls going out.

  20. Oh my! ^^ So beutifull pictures, u really inspired me! My dream are to become photographer!

  21. Gorgeous dresses! What a great idea — I hope some of my girlfriends are reading this blog so they get some good bridesmaid inspiration!

  22. Love the yellow dresses. Comfort and sexiness is important…espcially with the shoes.

  23. I allowed my girls to pick one of three styles of JCrew dresses in graphite grey. I'm psyched to see one of them in this post! I can't wait to see all of them together in their different styles!

  24. We're having a vintage wedding and I gave my girls a palette of grey. Only one girl has picked a dress so far, but it's been interesting to see their different styles coming out in the things they like!

  25. My bridesmaids will be choosing their own dresses – we'll pick a color (probably yellow) and a length (probably knee or a bit above) and let them go to town. They'll have coordinating shoes and bouquets to tie the look together, and the MOH (my sister) will be wearing the opposite color. Bridesmaid's dresses are so expensive – if they're going to spend that much they might as well spend it on something they love! The fact that they all have exquisite taste doesn't hurt either. :-)

  26. This post is amazing! Does anyone happen to know who makes the dresses in the top left picture (yellow, pink and purple)? This is exactly the soft but glam type of look I would be looking for!!

  27. love this – great post. great ideas, great colors!

  28. So fun! My bridesmaids and I planned something just like this on Saturday. I picked a color and sent them a swatch (I am in CA, they are in Maryland and Seattle). They are going to pick dresses cocktail lenght that is as close to the color as they can get. I think we are going with contrasting shoe too. Grey dresses and blue shoes.


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