Our Top 10 Favorite Wedding Movies of All Time

best wedding movies Father of the Bride

Sometimes you just need to press pause on the planning and press play on the Netflix. Wedding movies have been and always will be a staple for the big + small screen. The perfect scene for hijinks to ensue, love stories to unfold, and true loves to object after they race to the church just in time! Sure, they’re predictable and sugary sweet — but it’s that perfect escapism that makes them just so dang fun.

With your own wedding on the horizon, now is the time to revisit some of the best wedding movies of all time! Who knows, you might get inspired or learn a few things in the process! Like…avoid sketchy restaurants before you go bridesmaid dress shopping at all costs, for example. And also, make sure you aren’t in love with your best friend who’s in love with someone else. That kind of stuff. Now, without further ado…

Our Favorite Wedding Movies Ever:

1. Father of the Bride

Rent on Amazon (and create a Watch Party!)

2. Bridesmaids

Stream on Peacock or Rent on Amazon

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Stream on Netflix

4. The Wedding Planner

Stream on Hulu

5. The Wedding Singer

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6. Wedding Crashers

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7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Stream on Hulu

8. 27 Dresses

Stream on HBO Max

9. The Proposal

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10. Crazy Rich Asians

Stream on HBO Max

Pass the popcorn and press play. And then once you’ve binged aaaall the wedding movies, jump back into planning with our guides!