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bridesmaids movie

A few weeks ago, Universal Pictures asked me if I’d like to preview their new film, Bridesmaids and be part of a Bridesmaids Blogger tour. I’ve been dying to see this movie since I saw the trailer a few months ago, so I said of course! The hubby + I headed out to watch it and we loved it – perfect for a movie night with your girls – or your man (seriously, the guy sitting next to me was laughing hysterically the entire movie!) Of course the movie is over top, Judd Apatow is the producer and it was co-written by one of my SNL faves, Kirsten Wiig – who I seriously want as my new BFF – she is so funny in this movie! Oh, and Melissa McCarthy – wow – who knew she was so funny! I had to look up who she was and didn’t even recognize her from the character she played on my favorite Gilmore Girls back in the day – but she kills in this movie!

bridesmaids movie bridal shop

In the movie, Kristen plays the best friend of Lillian (Maya Rudolph) who is getting married. Kristen’s life is in a downhill spiral while her best friend’s life is pretty perfect. I don’t want to give too much away (although the bridal shower gifts are my favorite! You guys will die!!) but it did get me thinking about some of the duties of the bridesmaids. One scene that stood out to me was when the girls go to the Bridal Salon. It’s such a fun time to see your best friend try on some gorgeous wedding dresses, but it’s often the time finding your dresses comes up. In the movie, one of the characters is super rich and the other is pretty much broke (poor Kristen Wiig) and they are trying to pick the one dress they will all wear – personally I love Kristen’s choice above :). I’ve been in a handful of weddings – one right out of college when I had NO money and some more recently when I actually could afford the dress! But it brings up a good point. All your girls won’t have the same budget and they probably don’t have the same body type, so why make them all wear the same dress? I love bridal parties that wear different dresses and we share A LOT of those weddings here on GWS.

One common question I often get from brides is that they love this idea, but don’t know how to do it themselves. So, I’m going to try and help you guys out with some tips on this today. :)

Let’s start with those of you who want your bridesmaids to wear one color in different styles or shades of the same color like these lovely ladies below…


Top photo by Cheyenne Schultzgrey bridesmaids dresses from this wedding; bottom photo by Priscila Valentina, see the red bridesmaids dresses on this post

One easy way to do this is to go to the paint store and find the paint swatch that best matches the shades you are going for and mail that swatch to all your ladies. If you have any other opinions on the dress (length, sleeves, etc), let them know also. Or have them surprise you. Your ladies won’t let your down and they will all look gorgeous and not be stressed that they can’t afford the dress. :) Also, some companies such as J. Crew and The Dessy Group are great with letting you pick one color and then having your bridesmaids select the style of dress they want in that color.

paint swatch bridesmaids dress

Photos above by Austin Gros from this wedding

Another popular idea is picking vintage/romantic dresses in the popular blush/peach/pink family. Super romantic + pretty, right?

blush peach bridesmaids dresses

Top photo from this wedding by Paper + Lace Photography ; bottom photos by Caroline Tran from this wedding

A reader emailed and asked how to create this look for her bridesmaids and below are some dresses I found online that would work great. You could send your bridesmaids some ideas and let them run with it – I’m sure they would surprise you with gorgeous dresses as in the two weddings above. :)

blush peach bridesmaids dresses

Clockwise from top left: BHLDN, ModClothAnthropologieModCloth – Dresses range in cost from $45 – $650, perfect for all budgets!

I also recently received an email from reader about the top photo below. She loved the look of this bridal party, but wasn’t sure how to create that herself. If you want to mix prints + solids, I recommend picking 1-2 colors that each dress should have so they look good together. Or you could do what the bride in the bottom photo did and just let her girls pick whatever dress they wanted! She knew they were all fashionable and she wanted them to look great + pick what they wanted to wear.


Top photo from this wedding photographed by Kelly Melissa; bottom photo by Erin Hearts Court from this fabulous wedding

Here are some ideas to put prints + solids together. This palette is using mustard yellow and melon as the two colors – super fun, right?

print and solid bridesmaids dresses

Clockwise from top left: Mod ClothBHLDNAnthropologieBHLDN

Hopefully this was helpful to you brides trying to decide what to do or maybe you bridesmaids who want to forward this to your friend as a hint! :) I’d love to hear from those of you asking your girls to find their own dress, how you asked them and what guidelines (if any) you gave them. :) And if you are looking for a break from wedding planning and lots of laughs check out Bridesmaids – it’s in theaters this Friday (May 13th).

Also be sure to check out the next stop on the tour at The Brides Cafe on Thursday!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Universal Pictures’ Bridesmaids. Photos courtesy of Universal Pictures.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting the pics of the bridesmaids who could wear whatever they wanted, no holds barred. That’s what I’ve told my bridesmaids but I hadn’t seen anyone do it yet. Lately I’ve been worried what it will look like (why should I worry? is this important? NO) and I’m so relieved that it really does look as cool as I thought it would in my head :D

  2. I love the paint swatch idea. Great post! Thank you for the tips :)

  3. So glad to hear you liked the movie! I’ve been wanting to see it too, but worried it would be lame. Awesome. Going to see it this weekend!! LOVE Kristen Wiig too :)

  4. THANK YOU for the info on bridesmaids dresses!! This is just what I was looking for – love this blog!!!!!!! Think I’m going to do the paint swatch thing – great idea!

  5. These images are so pretty, just love the different styles and color themes.

  6. I felt the same way. I had eight different bridesmaids with different styles, different budgets, and different bodies. I wanted them all to have something they’d like to wear again and something they would feel good in. I chose blue, purple and fuchsia (all next to one another on the a color wheel) as my colors, and sent my bridesmaids collages I made to help them pic out their dresses. I wanted them to pick dresses in those colors, knee length and a dressy fabric. While at one point we had a majority of blue dresses (due to a pregnant bridesmaid needing a new dress, and that being the favored color among many!) there were some changes at the last minute and it all came together beautifully!

    Here’s a picture:

  7. Love all the thought you put into this post–you give some great advice. I think mismatched bridesmaid dresses are the way to go, especially with a bigger bridal party. Bridesmaids sounds like a hi-larious movie, can’t wait to see it :)

  8. i was just showing the trailer for this movie to my sister today, telling her i wanted to see it! it looks so funny. and this is actually what i wanna do for my bridesmaids as well. dresses that fit within a certain color scheme, but solids and patterns of all different shades and prints. we’ll see how it turns out.

  9. Oh my I have got to see this movie…looks like it’s going to be another night out with the girls!!!I love the photos you posted, such diversity in style and color for bridesmaid dresses. Fabulous….

  10. I’m seeing bridesmaids on Friday with a few of my bridesmaids! Can’t wait! Also, I love the mismatched BM dress idea. I decided just the other day that that’s what we’re going to do. All of my girls have very different styles and body types. I don’t want them to be uncomfortable in a cheesy BM dress I force them to buy that they’ll never wear again. A few people are skeptical but I think it’s going to look awesome!

  11. So jealous you got to see the movie early- I can’t wait! Also, great round-up and advice on mismatched bridesmaid dresses. I love the idea but think many brides do find it hard to do.

  12. I super love the Bridesmaids BLUSH collection!

  13. I totally dig the “pick-your-own-dress” look for bridesmaids, but I’m so glad you posted about giving some parameters. I’ve been on the -maid side of this request and was not given much to go on for picking a dress. Having never met any of the other bridesmaids and the wedding being out of town for me, I was totally unfamiliar with the entire scheme of the wedding. I felt like I had to hound the bride for some guidance as to style, fabric, color, length etc. I just got “Any Blue Dress”. End of instructions.I was terrified that I would show up the day before the wedding with a shiny satin navy cocktail dress when everybody else would be wearing aqua jersey maxi print dresses. Everything turned out BEAUTIFUL, by the way, but I would have appreciated some swatches or inspiration photos.

  14. Love the bridesmaid dress ideas and the photography is really useful, just goes to show that your bridesmaids don’t all have to wear exactly the same colour.

    Varying the shades of your chosen colour theme can actually look far more stylish!

  15. I also am looking forward to seeing this movie! It looks like a lot of fun. Great tips about how to choose bridesmaids dresses. I like to look at Pantone color swatches for ideas about color hues and combinations. Their website has several tools for color inspiration.

  16. Love the paint swatch idea. Brilliant.

  17. I love me a bit of bridesmaid wedding porn! its my favorite kind!

  18. You are so right about bridesmaids wearing different dresses! I have so many old bridesmaid dresses in my closet that I had to buy on my own and they cost me so much money! I think I was broke for so many years being in so many weddings. Choosing a color, but allowing the girls to choose their own dress (even something borrowed), definitely helps the budget problem.

    You’ve inspired us to write about our recent debate over bridesmaid shoes and whether or not they should be the same or different. Check it out:

  19. I told my girls that I wouldn’t take a dress out of my closet and force them to wear it so why force them to wear a BM dress that I picked out?

    We used a combined effort of my BM’s choosing styles they liked from a store I picked out. We ended up with 4 different styles and each compliments the shape of the girl. My MOH dress is satin and will be a deep purple and my BM’s are wearing 3 different styles of chiffon dresses in lilac.

    I also thought about my groomsmen and decided to not have them wear matching vests since I didn’t feel that lilac was a very complimentary color for them.

  20. love the non-garanimals dresses! ;)

  21. i’m having my bridesmaids buy their own dresses. basically, i just gave them a color (dark teal) and told them to find whatever they liked. i don’t care if they end up in a mix of patterned and solid – i think it will actually look better that way.

    i also told them to pick out their own shoes and accessories! i wanted everyone’s personalities to shine – b/c that’s why i asked them to be bridesmaids anyways :). corny, i know.

    and yes, i’m dying to see this movie!!

  22. LOVE the paint swatch idea. Another idea: When my friend got married, she sent us bridesmaids a photo of her bouquet. So we bought dresses that would look good with the bouquet.

    I wrote about mismatched bridesmaid dresses myself recently:

  23. i did this with my bridesmaids. i just picked a line of brides maid dresses that has LOTS of options since everyone has different styles and told them to pick any dress that comes in one color. i just placed the order last week. :)

    it was a little stressful because at first everyone wanted a mix of short and long, which i thought was perfect, but after people tried them on, everyone but one switched to a long dress. i didnt think it was fair to make one person not get what they wanted so i let her order the short. im hoping it wont stand out, but i figured as long as they match its fine with me. there are much bigger things to stress about!

  24. thank you so much for this post! i am having all of my bridesmaids pick any long dress they want. i want to do shades of grey/lavender/soft pinks but i have been wondering how to best explain the color palette– love the paint swatch idea, definitely going to head to home depot!

    also, my now bridesmaid who got married last year had us all pick out own dresses in any shade of pink. it was the 1st time i have gotten to do that as a bridesmaid and it was so wonderful. i found a great dress on sale and wore it again to another event later in the summer (never done that with any bridesmaid dress i had bought before!). there are so many expenses when you a bridesmaid so every little bit helps! a link to their wedding party picture w/ mismatched dresses-

  25. Where did you find the image of that card with the bridesmaid dress instructions/guidance on it? I definitely need something like that and, if there’s already a template for it, even better!

  26. I love the idea that brides these days are giving their maids for options. Personally, I like using the same color but giving two or three options for the outfit depending on body type and personal taste.

  27. I going to watch that movie this weekend. Most of my friend told me is a nice movie. Love the bridesmaid dresses in your pictures.

  28. Just got married myself, and still looking at wedding and bridesmaid dresses. wish I saw this earlier.

  29. Love the bridesmaid dress ideas and the photography is really useful, just goes to show that your bridesmaids don’t all have to wear exactly the same colour.

  30. I stumbled upon on your beautiful blog, I am marrying next summer, and I am searching for perfect bridesmaid dresses.
    I am wondering if anyone knows this designer I found on Etsy.

  31. Love the bridesmaid dress ideas and the photography is really useful, just goes to show that your bridesmaids don’t all have to wear exactly the same colour.


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