This Organic Garden Party Wedding Has Us in Complete Awe

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Maddie and Oliver are a couple madly in love, and they want to share it with the ones that love and support them. To the happy newlyweds, family and friends are to thank for their loving relationship. So when it came to planning their wedding, it only felt natural to treat their wedding as a love letter to their gracious supporters. 

From beginning to end, their wedding day was filled with love, thoughtfulness, and an organic flow. This completely self-planned affair only involved a select few vendors, including the talented Joy-Monet Photography team to take photos and video for the couple. Even the venue was on family property! Care for an inside look into this special day? Let’s begin.

Garden Party Affair

Light blue and blush wedding invitation suite

The couple’s invitations from Minted were every bit as delicate and sweet as the ambiance they created on their wedding day.

Puff sleeve custom wedding dress

This is one of the dreamiest dresses we’ve ever seen! Maddie had this to say when describing the process behind finding her way to her custom wedding gown:

I went to a few bridal stores in Minneapolis and didn’t feel connected to any dresses I tried on. It only took me a couple of dresses to realize that sometimes the things you love on other people might not work as well on your own body. I was originally only going to do a bespoke cape but realized I was struggling to find something unique to wear under it. All of my inspiration was very light and airy with puff sleeves so I wanted to emulate that.

solitaire pear ring with gold band

Blue and white floral bridesmaid dresses

Puff sleeve custom wedding dress

Blue and White Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaids were perfectly dressed for the occasion! 

Again, I wanted something that felt like an ethereal backyard garden party. I love all that Hill House makes but [especially] loved the blue botanical. It seemed silly to me to make my bridesmaids uncomfortable or spend too much money. It was a win-win.

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Touches of Home

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Our Musical Choices

Processional: We curated a select few folky instrumental songs that we wouldn’t mind walking down the aisle to and hit shuffle.

Recessional: We choose a summer jazz playlist as our background during cocktail hour.

First Dance: Come Away with Me by Norah Jones

Colorful outdoor wedding flower arrangement

One of the most lowkey, sentimental elements of the wedding were the beautiful flowers. Each and every arrangement was handmade with love by Maddie’s aunt. Not only that, but the flowers were also grown by her. That’s amazing!

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Bride walking down the aisle of her backyard wedding

Maddie’s parents looked full of pride and joy as they walked their daughter down the aisle to her future husband.

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Maddie wore a LELET NY hairpiece and Jade Oi Studio earrings to round out her stunning bridal look. Oliver was dressed in a crisp suit from Proper Cloth and a chic tie from Dazi.

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Running Away Together

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

The couple practically ran away together after officially being pronounced husband and wife. We love seeing couples be so excited to finally be married!

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

While on the way to their reception, little did the couple know how much love and excitement was brewing in their honor.

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Bride holding pink and red bouquet

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

Oliver and Maddie shared one last private kiss before being greeted by friends and family at their reception.

For the Family

White open wedding tent

Our Favorite Memory From The Wedding

The most memorable moment was entering the sailcloth tent after the ceremony and photos. Everyone was seated and people cheered so loudly that we thought our hearts might actually explode. There aren’t many opportunities to have everyone you love in one place at one time but when it happens, it’s overwhelming, to say the least.

Outdoor wedding welcome sign

A simple wooden welcome sign fit effortlessly into the wedding’s organic decor and vibe.

Wedding cake and macaron table

Food was one of the focal points of the day. In keeping with the theme of chic simplicity, Maddie and Oliver elected to serve locally sourced food and beverages. Meats and vegetables came from local butchers and farmers to the Maine area, while beverages were either provided by a family friend’s small business or were local beers and wines. As for the tableware, glassware was thrifted for the occasion and compostable plates played a prominent role. 

All of the small details that we invested in might not have been perfect in every sense, but they were beneficial to our local communities and were customized for the people that we love endlessly.

Open white wedding tent

Our Advice To Those Planning Now

Consider the wedding from the perspective of the people you love. Can everyone eat? Will your guests be comfortable? There will be things you didn’t plan for and moments that you wish you could fix but if you pick just a few things that really matter to you that you can control, you’ll be able to focus on the day and the emotions rather than the details.

The internet makes you believe that everything has to be picture-perfect, but you won’t look back at the detail shots and smile. You’ll look back at the photos of faces of people that matter to you who took the day to celebrate you and the person you love. That’s what’s important.

Freeport Maine Backyard Wedding

If anything perfectly sums up Maddie and Oliver’s wedding, it would be this message from the bride:

The funny thing is that we didn’t want to make our wedding necessarily about us as a couple. We’ve spent the last 4.5 years living away from family and friends so it was important to us that we prioritized them. We wouldn’t be who we are as a couple without everyone we love.

photography: Joy-Monet Photography // venue name: Private Residence, Freeport, Maine, USA // florals: Maddie's Aunt // wedding dress: Custom // hairpiece: LELET NY // bride's shoes: Margaux // bride's ring: Filigree Jewelers // bridesmaid dresses: Hill House Home // groom attire: Dazi and Proper Cloth // groom's shoes: Bobbies // groom's ring: Filigree Jewelers // videography: Joy-Monet Photography // paper goods: Minted // cake: Big Fish Cake Studio // desserts: European Bakery Maine // accessory rings: GLDN Jewelry // accessory rings: Laura Lombardi // earrings: Jade Oi Studio