26 Best Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Every Type of Person

comfort self care themed unique DIY gift basket ideas with a cozy knit blanket, luxury socks, and an olive green coffee mug
unique hygge gift box: HappyHyggeGifts on Etsy

When one gift just isn’t enough, we’ve rounded up the best gift basket ideas to give you an entire unique box of goodies! Here at GWS, we love gift baskets, and we also love giving gift baskets. With so many unique ideas and themes to choose from, they make the perfect gift for everyone on your list, from co-workers to hosts to your other half.

And no, these aren’t your grandmother’s gift baskets! We’ve found the best fun and unique gift basket ideas for every occasion (cocktail gift box, anyone?!), including some rad DIY options for a one-of-a-kind present. Let’s get into it!

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How to Make a Gift Basket Unique and Special

unique holiday theme gift basket ideas with hot chocolate making essentials including two reindeer mugs, snowman marshmallows, and a white Le Creuset pot
hot chocolate gift box: Crate & Barrel

In the past, gift baskets have earned a bad rap — but there are tons of unique and modern ideas to transform them into something people will actually love! To make a gift basket special, think outside the box (or should we say the basket!) with fun and unique themes that feel personal to the recipient. For example, aspiring mixologists will love a cocktail themed gift basket WAY more than a stale snack box!

Another one of the best ideas for making gift baskets unique is to focus on high-quality items. Instead of giving someone a basket filled with generic bath products, why not gift them a collection of brands that they already have on their wishlist?! This will give your gift a luxurious, thoughtful, and personal touch.

DIY Essentials – How to Make a Gift Basket

unique comfort self care gift basket ideas with DIY lavender spa essentials
lavender spa gift box: Anthropologie

To create a wow-worthy gift basket, here are a few DIY essentials to make it pop!

  • A cute basket: This one’s a no-brainer! Choose a basket that reflects the theme of your gift — like a wicker basket for a picnic theme — or keep it simple with a sustainable gift box. You can also think outside the box (literally!) and display your items on a cheese board or inside a cute tote bag.
  • Filler and cushioning: Achieve the ultimate wow moment when someone opens your gift basket by using filler (like shredded crinkle paper) between your items. Not only will this help you arrange everything in a stylish way, but it also acts as padding to protect your gifts from breaking.
  • Chic ribbons and unique accents: Make unboxing your gift basket as fun as possible by tying ribbons around different items inside the box, such as a blanket or a package of sweets. You can also add unique accents, like dried flowers or confetti, for a stylish finishing touch.
  • Stylish packaging: Finally, add cute packaging to keep your items in place and give your gift basket a look that screams, “Unwrap me!” For boxes, this could be as simple as a cute bow, while baskets may require plastic wrap and a ribbon to tie everything together.

Complete the basket with a personalized card, and prepare for major ooohs and ahhhs as you reveal the final result!

The No DIY Route – Who makes the best gift baskets?

comfort hygge unique gift basket ideas with a personalized wine tumbler and gourmet snacks
personalized fall gift box: NorMorGifts on Etsy

Don’t have time to curate your own gift basket? No prob! If you don’t want to go the DIY route, here are the best places to find unique pre-made gift basket ideas for every theme.

  • Etsy: If you’re looking for unique gift basket ideas that stand out from the crowd, Etsy has the best of the best! From luxury spa boxes to unique grilling gift sets, they have something for everyone on your list. Plus, every purchase supports a small business or independent seller!
  • Williams Sonoma: Williams Sonoma is here to change the way you think about food baskets. Instead of boring snacks that end up in the trash, their food crates are filled to the brim with gourmet cheese, tea, pizza, and more. We also love their unique cocktail gift basket ideas!
  • Bestowe Gifting: For unique bespoke gift basket ideas, look no further than Bestowe Gifting. They specialize in elevated and sustainable gift boxes custom-curated for every occasion, whether you’re shopping for family, clients, or someone in between. And as a bonus, they package their products with recycled materials and work with local artisans for gifts you can feel good about!

Whether you’re shopping for a pre-made gift basket or curating your own DIY box, we’ve rounded up the best (and most unique) ideas for every interest, theme, and occasion. Let’s unbox these bad boys!

Our Favorite Unique Homemade and DIY Gift Basket Ideas

personalized unique homemade DIY gift basket ideas for entertainers with wine and cheese board essentials
DIY wine gift set: Crate & Barrel

When it comes to DIY and homemade gift basket ideas, the sky is the limit. This is your chance to get creative and curate a box that’s tailor-made to the person on your list, whether they’re a wine aficionado, a coffee connoisseur, or an avid bath lover.

To help you brainstorm ideas, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite unique gift baskets for different interests. But remember, these are just a jumping-off point — as long as it fits in the box, no theme or collection is off-limits!

1. Best DIY Gift Basket Ideas for the Holidays: A Unique Seasonal Care Package

holiday themed unique homemade DIY gift basket ideas with a cute blanket and sweet snacks

‘Tis the season for some R&R! If you’re looking for DIY gift basket ideas for the holidays, you can’t go wrong with all things comfy and cozy. Get inspo from this festive gift box, which comes with everything you need for the perfect winter night at home.

The DIY essentials: Kickstart some holiday cheer with a cuddly throw blanket, gingerbread cookies, a coffee or hot chocolate kit, a seasonal mug (and stirring spoon!), and a festive ornament. Complete the box with a cute bow and personal note, and you’re pretty much golden!

P.S. If you don’t want to fully DIY your own gift basket, this Etsy shop has tons of unique handmade boxes! They even offer customization options, so you can give your care package a personal touch.

Shop These Festive Gift Basket Ideas

holiday themed monogram coffee cups

Looking for more holiday gift ideas? We’ve got you covered with this round-up of unique Christmas presents for everyone on your list!

2. Best Gift Basket Ideas for Aspiring Mixologists: A Cocktail Themed Gift Set

margarita themed unique homemade DIY gift basket ideas with cocktail essentials

For the aspiring mixologist in your life, you can’t go wrong with a cocktail themed gift basket! They’ll love the opportunity to try out new recipes and add a few gourmet ingredients to their bar cart.

The DIY essentials: For the best DIY cocktail gift basket ideas, use their drink of choice as inspiration. (If you don’t know their go-to order, a margarita is always a crowd-pleaser!) From there, gather everything they need to whip up a killer nightcap, including gourmet mixers, a sleek cocktail shaker, flavored salts, and, of course, the booze.

Simple kits like this Casamigos gift set are also great ideas to include in your cocktail basket. Just add a bottle of alcohol and you’re good to go!

Shop These Margarita Gift Basket Ideas

3. Best Gift Basket Ideas for Gardeners: A Unique Spring Planter Box

cute garden themed homemade DIY gift baskets and ideas with flower seed packets, a watering can, and a trowel

This is one of the most unique DIY gift basket ideas on this list! Rather than giving someone the same old gourmet food basket, mix things up with a gardening box instead. It’s the perfect present for avid gardeners, springtime celebrations, or for someone who just moved into a new house.

The DIY essentials: Get them garden-ready with seed packets for local plants and flowers, a gardening tools set, and a cute watering can. You can also go above and beyond with stylish gardening gloves or a plant-inspired mug!

While you can easily DIY this gift basket using your local gardening center, Terrain has some of the best gardening gift ideas that will be delivered right to your front door. They even offer a build-your-own box option, which includes all the must-haves!

Shop These Gardening Gift Basket Ideas

4. Best Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for a Self-Care Night: A DIY Luxury Spa Box

unique comfort homemade DIY gift basket ideas with self care spa essentials like body scrub and scented soap

Give someone the gift of self-care with these DIY spa basket ideas. A relaxing night of luxury without ever leaving the house? Now that’s priceless!

The DIY essentials: Pamper them to the fullest with spa essentials like luxe body scrub, relaxing bubble bath (or bath bombs), a cozy candle, and aromatherapy lotion. We also love the idea of throwing in a spa-worthy towel or robe, too!

To make creating this DIY gift basket even easier, this Etsy shop has rounded up all the best gift ideas and must-haves for a self-care night. All you have to do is pick your faves and let them do the rest!

Shop These Build-Your-Own Spa Gift Basket Ideas

5. Best Unique Gift Idea for Everyone on Your List: A DIY Candy Bento Box

unique homemade DIY gift baskets and ideas with an assortment of luxury gourmet candy

Looking for fool-proof gift basket ideas for everyone on your list? You can’t go wrong with something sweet! Whether you’re shopping for a co-worker or your other half, a candy gift box is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

The DIY essentials: When it comes to candy themed DIY gift baskets, the ideas are endless. Choose a theme, like nostalgic favorites or all-pink sweets, or stick to a specific gourmet brand, like this Sugarfina box. Just be sure to mix and match different flavors for a bit of variety!

And if you love Sugarfina as much as we do, definitely check out their DIY gift basket ideas. You can customize your own drool-worthy bento box, with different gourmet candy flavors hand-picked by you!

Shop These Candy Themed Gift Basket Ideas

6. Best Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Fall: A Cozy DIY Care Package

fall themed unique homemade DIY gift basket ideas with a cozy blanket, a succulent plant, and a ceramic mug

Celebrate cozy season with a gift basket someone can cuddle up in! Fall is the time to reset and relax, so why not give them a care package designed for just that? Complete with an autumnal color palette, it’s the perfect gift to brighten up those darker fall days.

The DIY essentials: Help someone create a cozy fall routine with must-haves like a soft knit blanket, a cute mug, and a seasonal candle (ideally with a fall scent!). You can also channel fall vibes with pumpkin-flavored coffee, cozy socks, and a plant that doesn’t require too much sunlight, like a succulent.

For more fall themed DIY gift basket ideas, check out this pre-made hygge care package!

Shop These Fall Gift Basket Ideas

7. Best Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for Foodies: A DIY Gourmet Dinner Crate

unique Italian food themed homemade DIY gift basket ideas with pasta making essentials

Sure, you could give someone a gourmet food basket filled with pre-made treats. Or you could give them a gourmet food ~experience~ with DIY dinner gift basket ideas! This is such a fun option for foodies who love to cook and are always trying new recipes.

The DIY essentials: For DIY dinner gift basket ideas that stand out, choose a fun theme to base your ingredients around, like Taco Tuesday or Italian pasta night. Then grab all the essentials to make that dish, opting for fun gourmet ingredients or authentic brands. And don’t forget to package everything in a cute cooler!

For more gourmet ideas, we LOVE the unique gift baskets at Williams Sonoma. They have everything from breakfast crates to location-specific baskets (like this French-inspired one), perfect for every type of foodie!

Shop These Gourmet Food Gift Basket Ideas

8. Best DIY Gift Basket Ideas for Brunch Lovers: A Bloody Mary Cocktail Crate

unique homemade DIY gift basket ideas with cheese and bloody mary cocktail making essentials

For the person who’s always inviting you out to boozy brunch, why not bring boozy brunch to them for a change?! Another one of our favorite cocktail themed gift basket ideas, a DIY Bloody Mary box is the ultimate gift for hosts, besties, or fellow brunch lovers.

The DIY essentials: In addition to Bloody Mary cocktail ingredients (aka, vodka, Bloody Mary mix, and garnishes like olives, pickles, or hot sauce), you can also include small snacks like cheese, crackers, or breakfast pastries. It’s like brunch in a box!

And if a Bloody Mary isn’t their go-to brunch drink, you can also DIY this gift basket with other cocktail ideas like mimosas or Irish coffee. There are no wrong answers here!

Shop These Bloody Mary Gift Basket Ideas

The Best Unique + Small Gift Basket Ideas

comfort self care unique small gift basket ideas with spa essentials like a bath bomb and luxury soap
small self-care gift box: AghaStudioShop on Etsy

Not a DIY pro? Don’t stress — the rest of these unique gift basket ideas are pre-packaged and ready to go, so all you have to do is sign the card.

To kick things off, we’ve rounded up the best small gift baskets with unique ideas that stand out from the crowd. Simple but still super fun, these boxes are perfect for co-workers, neighbors, teachers, hosts, or anyone who needs a quick pick-me-up!

9. Best Small Gift Basket Ideas for Cookie Connoisseurs: This Milk Cookie Box

unique small pink tin of gourmet cookies

A gift basket filled exclusively with cookies? Say less! This small variety tin from Milk is one of the best mouth-watering gift basket ideas for anyone and everyone. After all, who doesn’t love a gourmet cookie — or better yet, 12 of them?!

The essentials: This small gift box is filled with Milk’s best-selling cookie flavors, so you can sink your teeth into a variety of sugary goodness. They’re also all packaged in a cute reusable tin — no extra wrapping paper necessary!

Shop These Small Cookie Gift Basket Ideas

10. Best Small Gift Basket Ideas for a Luxury Spa Night: This Citrus Themed Self Care Box

unique citrus themed small gift basket ideas with comfort spa essentials like bath bombs and scented soap

Give even the most luxurious spa some competition with this blissful gift basket, which is packed full of all the best luxury essentials for a relaxing night at home. Complete with a fresh citrus theme (and the cutest packaging), it’s the perfect care package for spring or summer!

The essentials: This gift box may be small, but it doesn’t hold back on luxury products. Give someone the full spa treatment with an exfoliating shower brush, a soothing candle (and matches), scented soap, a nourishing hair treatment, citrus bath bombs, and a cute shower pouf.

We also love that it includes an adorable journal and pretty pink pencils for a little bath-time mindfulness!

Shop These Citrus Spa Gift Basket Ideas

11. Best Small Gift Basket Ideas for Coffee Lovers: This Winter Coffee Box

winter themed small gift baskets and ideas for coffee lovers with two green mugs with evergreen trees on them

We can’t stop buzzing about this coffee themed gift basket, which features all the best ideas for a gourmet coffee break! It’s the cutest way to spice up a coffee lover’s routine, and WAY more exciting than a Starbucks gift card. Plus, this gift box also has a cute winter theme, perfect for the holiday season!

The essentials: Elevate their caffeination station with a small ceramic coffee canister, stainless steel stirring spoons, and two evergreen tree mugs (which are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe). All that’s missing is a bag of their favorite coffee beans!

P.S. For more ideas for the coffee lover in your life, also check out this gourmet coffee sampler — it would be a great add-on for this gift basket!

Shop These Coffee Themed Gift Basket Ideas

12. Best Small Gift Basket Ideas for Some R&R: These “Take Care” Boxes

unique small gift basket ideas with relaxing self care essentials like aroma diffusers and plant growing kits

Treat someone to an entire mindset shift with these “Take Care” gift boxes. Whether they need to find balance, seek peace, or shine bright, these small gift baskets have all the essentials to make it happen. They’re such a sweet gesture whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or just because!

The essentials: Each of these small gift baskets features simple ideas that promote rest and relaxation. Choose between the Find Balance box (featuring an aloe grow kit, an aroma diffuser, and natural reeds), the Seek Peace box (featuring a lavender grow kit, an hourglass mindfulness timer, and an essential oil roller), and the Shine Bright box (featuring a sunflower grow kit, sugar scrub, and energizing face mist).

Shop These Relaxing Gift Basket Ideas

13. Best Small Gift Idea for Gourmet Movie Nights: This Artisanal Popcorn Kit

small gift baskets and ideas with an artisanal popcorn making kit in a wooden box

For the people who would rather stay home watching movies than go out to the bar, this gift box is a MUST. It features everything you need to make a gourmet bowl of popcorn from the comfort of your own couch. Perfect for pairing with your latest movie marathon!

The essentials: Featuring specialty popcorn kernels, infused oil, and flavored salts, this small gift box comes with all the essentials for a luxury movie snack. You also have the option to choose between two different flavor options: Spice Lovers or Herbs. So much better than movie theatre popcorn!

Shop These Gourmet Popcorn Gift Basket Ideas

14. Best Small Gift Basket Ideas for Milestone Moments: This Personalized Photo Box

unique small gift basket ideas with a personalized framed photo and home essentials

Milestone moments deserve extra special gift ideas, and this basket delivers. With this unique box, you’re giving someone so much more than a few home decor pieces — you’re giving them a way to mark a special occasion!

The essentials: This gift basket keeps things sweet and simple with home decor ideas that are packed full of meaning. Inside you’ll find a luxurious three-wick candle, an elegant snuffer, and a solid oak picture frame, which you can easily personalize with a special photo.

Whether someone just had a baby or just moved into a new home, this gift box is a meaningful and personal way to say “congrats!”

Shop These Home Decor Gift Basket Ideas

black and white customizable vinyl welcome door mat

Moving into a new home is a huge milestone — and it deserves to be celebrated! Say congrats with these unique housewarming gift ideas for every budget.

15. Best Small Gift Idea for Matcha Superfans: This Self Care Spa Box

unique matcha themed small gift basket ideas with comfort spa bath essentials like body cream and scented soap

Calling all matcha lovers! This small basket is packed full of self-care spa essentials and gift ideas inspired by the cozy green drink. It’s such a cute and unique way to pay homage to their obsession, and give them some pampering at the same time!

The essentials: Matcha lovers will LOVE all the matcha-themed ideas in this gift basket, from matcha body cream to a matcha shower steamer to matcha soap. It even includes a matcha-scented candle (and matchsticks) to set the matcha mood. Best paired with a matcha latte!

Shop THese Matcha Gift Basket Ideas

16. Best Small Gift Basket Ideas for Dessert Lovers: This DIY Ice Cream Sandwich Kit

unique small gift basket ideas with DIY gourmet ice cream sandwich essentials

Cookies and ice cream — name a more iconic duo!! One of the best unique gift basket ideas for dessert lovers, this small gift set comes with everything you need to DIY the ultimate ice cream sandwiches. Perfect for kids….or kids at heart!

The essentials: Featuring four pints of drool-worthy ice cream flavors and 24 assorted cookies, this gift set is a sugary dream come true. Make unlimited ice cream sandwich combos with chocolate turtle sundae ice cream, cherry chocolate chunk ice cream, peanut butter cup ice cream, and butter brickle ice cream — not to mention the two dozen gourmet cookie flavors!

Is your mouth watering, too?

Shop These Ice Cream + Cookie Gift Basket Ideas

The Best Fun Gift Basket Ideas

cocktail themed unique fun gift basket ideas with green coupe style drinkware and personalized coasters
fun cocktail gift box: Crate & Barrel

Now for the fun part! While we’ve already included tons of fun and unique gift basket ideas, these boxes go above and beyond to give someone an exciting experience with their gift.

The fun doesn’t stop once the bow is untied — these baskets also double as cute date ideas, birthday party essentials, and relaxing moments to unwind. Keep scrolling for our faves!

17. Best Fun Gift Basket Ideas for Summer: This Gourmet Picnic Crate

unique picnic themed fun gift basket ideas for summer with gourmet snacks and drinks

Is there anything better than a sunny picnic in the summertime? We think not — and that’s why this picnic gift basket is one of our favorite ideas on this list! No need to go grocery shopping or pack a wicker basket thanks to this fully stocked snack crate.

The essentials: Picnic goers will love nibbling on freshly baked artisanal bread, handcrafted cheese and salami, fresh seasonal fruit, sparkling apple cider, and more. Plus, this basket also comes with four paper napkins, a bamboo cutting board, and a cheese knife.

All that’s missing is a cute picnic blanket and a grassy spot in the sun!

Shop These Unique Picnic Gift Basket Ideas

18. Best Fun Gift Idea for the Whole Family: This Unique Mochi Ice Cream Box

unique dessert themed fun gift basket ideas with mochi ice cream

If you’re looking for fun gift basket ideas for the entire family, it doesn’t get better than ice cream! For something extra unique, we love this mochi ice cream gift set from Mochidoki. It features a fun take on the Japanese dessert, with unexpected flavors that will get everyone talking.

The essentials: Satisfy their sweet tooth with four pieces of each flavor of mochi ice cream, including vanilla chip, strawberry, cake batter, matcha, black sesame, purple sweet potato, mango, and passion fruit. Complete with four wood plates, bamboo serving tongs, and cotton tea towels, it’s one of the best gift basket ideas for families, hosts, or dessert lovers!

Shop These Mochi Ice Cream Gift Basket Ideas

19. Best Fun Gift Basket Ideas for Astrology Experts: This Personalized Zodiac Box

unique astrology themed fun gift basket ideas with personalized zodiac items like a drinking glass and bath salts

We have major starry eyes for this astrology-themed gift box! Help them manifest their best year yet with personalized gift ideas based on their unique zodiac sign, all gift-wrapped in a pre-packaged basket. It’s such a fun gift for your favorite astrology lover’s birthday!

The essentials: Add a little extra magic to their day with a zodiac-themed drink tumbler (which comes with a bamboo lid and a stainless steel straw), scented bath salts, an engraved wood keychain, and a faux rose.

You can also upgrade to a deluxe or ultimate gift basket, which includes additional fun ideas like chocolate, a scented candle, and a scrunchie!

Shop These Astrology Themed Gift Basket Ideas

20. Best Fun Gift Basket Ideas for Winter: This Unique Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit

fun gift baskets and ideas for winter and fall with a hot toddy cocktail kit

Simmer down and warm up during the cold winter months with this unique basket, which features all the must-have ingredients and gift ideas to create a classic hot toddy cocktail. With this fun gift, the ultimate cozy nightcap is only a few stirs away — the perfect way to unwind during the holiday season!

The essentials: Upgrade their winter happy hour with two glass mugs, a gold-plated jigger, an orange clove hot toddy kit, dehydrated lemon slices, two honey stirring spoons, and two cinnamon sticks. You can also add a custom note for an extra sweet finishing touch!

Shop These Hot Toddy Cocktail Gift Basket Ideas

21. Best Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Fun Birthdays: This Personalized Charcuterie Box

personalized birthday themed fun gift basket ideas with DIY cheese and snacks

What better way to say “Happy Birthday!” than with a fun gift basket filled with the very best snack ideas?! The perfect addition to a birthday party, this savory basket doubles as a delicious charcuterie board. Plus, it can also be customized for a unique personal touch!

The essentials: Build a crowd-pleasing snack board with 19 hand-selected artisan cheeses, meats, dried fruits, nuts, crackers, and chocolates — all beautifully arranged and ready to eat! You’ll also be birthday-ready with rainbow birthday candles, a serving board, and a cutlery kit.

Choose between small, medium, or large depending on the size of the party, and get ready to earn the best hosting award!

Shop These Birthday Themed Gift Basket Ideas

22. Best Fun Gift Idea for Chocolate Cravings: This Gourmet Chocolate Box

unique set of organic gourmet chocolate bars

Struggling to come up with fun AND unique gift basket ideas that everyone will love? One word: chocolate. This gift box is an instant winner, with multiple bars of silky smooth organic chocolate, plus unexpected flavors you can’t find at the grocery store. What more could you ask for?!

The essentials: Make someone’s day with a spread of gourmet Raaka chocolate bars, with fun flavors like bourbon cask aged, pink sea salt, green tea crunch, Earl Grey, and more. Plus, the 8-bar box also includes a sixteen-page booklet that outlines the process behind the sweet treats. Fun and educational!

Shop These Unique Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas

The Best Thoughtful Comfort Gift Basket Ideas

self care themed unique comfort gift basket ideas with gourmet tea and scented soap
unique comfort gift box: Free People

Give the gift of comfort with these thoughtful and unique gift basket ideas. With items that are designed for self-care, these boxes are a sweet way to help someone relax, slow down, and take some time for themselves. Aka, the perfect gift idea!

Whether someone is currently recovering from a difficult time or just needs a night of R&R, these are the best unique gift basket ideas for the job.

23. Best Comfort Gift Idea for Unwinding and Disconnecting: This Pink Pamper Box

best comfort gift baskets and ideas for women with spa essentials like bath salts and a silk sleep mask

For gift basket ideas that make you want to cancel your plans, turn on Do Not Disturb, and spend the night indulging in a little self-care, this box is IT. It’s made by BOXFOX, one of our fave gift box brands — they always include the products we’ve had on our wishlists for months, and this basket is no exception!

The essentials: Designed to give you the ultimate self-care night, this gift box includes a brightening pearl sheet mask, a pink silk sleep mask, soothing Herbivore bath salts, a prosecco rose scented candle, and delicious gourmet chocolate. We wouldn’t blame you for buying a box for yourself, too!

Shop These Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas

24. Best Comfort Gift Idea for Cozy Breakfast in Bed: This Gourmet Pancakes + Coffee Box

unique comfort gift basket ideas with gourmet pancake mix and coffee essentials

There’s nothing comfier or cozier than breakfast in bed, and that’s where this unique gift box comes in! With these breakfast themed gift basket ideas, you can give someone the gift of a slow morning at home, eating delicious pancakes while cuddled up in a cozy blanket. It doesn’t get better than that!

The essentials: Whip up a delish breakfast in bed with buttermilk pancake mix, organic maple syrup, gourmet ground coffee, two black mugs, a wooden mixing spoon, a chai candle, and a cozy throw blanket. And don’t forget to customize a handwritten note to tie it all together!

Shop These Gourmet Breakfast Gift Basket Ideas

25. Best Comfort Gift Idea for a Grieving Loved One: This Personalized Sympathy Box

small sympathy themed gift basket ideas with personalized cards and unique items like a succulent plant and comfort stone

Grieving the loss of a loved one can feel impossible — but this gift box is designed to make it a little bit easier. It features both messages of sympathy and helpful tools to deal with grief. When flowers don’t feel meaningful enough, this is such a thoughtful way to let someone know that you’re thinking about them.

The essentials: Show your love and support with 20 affirmation cards, a wood block to display the cards, a succulent plant, and a personalized handwritten card. You can also upgrade to a deluxe gift basket, which includes additional comfort gift ideas like plantable seed paper (shaped like hearts) and a comfort stone.

Shop These Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas

26. Best Unique Gift Idea for Holistic Comfort: This Mind, Body, and Spirit Box

unique body mind and spirit themed comfort gift basket ideas with spa essentials like bath salts and gourmet chocolate

Don’t just pamper their body — with this unique gift box, you can restore their mind and spirit, too! Featuring a variety of indulgent self-care gift ideas, this gift basket delivers an entire holistic experience. While it was originally designed for cancer patients, it’s an amazing gift for anyone who needs a little extra comfort right now.

The essentials: Treat their mind, body, and spirit with luxurious rose oil, botanical bath salts, a scented candle, decadent gourmet chocolate, and a small geode. It’s self-care at its finest!

Shop These Mind, Body, and Spirit Themed Gift Basket Ideas

DIY The Best Basket With Our Most Loved Gift Guides

unique small self care comfort gift basket ideas with a cozy blanket and tea paired with a handmade mug with a rainbow design
unique self-care gift box: BeyondGiftsCo on Etsy

Looking for more unique DIY gift basket ideas? We’ve got you covered! To help you curate the ultimate box for every occasion, here are a few of our best gift guides.

For the holidays: Fill your holiday-themed gift basket with these cute Christmas pjs for couples, these adorable holiday mugs, and these elegant Christmas decorations for a present that will give Santa Clause a run for his money!

For parents: Gift boxes are such a unique idea for parents that are hard to shop for. Curate yours with the help of our gift guide for parents, as well as these Mother’s Day gifts, these unique gifts for dads, and these mom-approved sweatshirts!

For wedding parties: Show your wedding party some love with these unique bridesmaid gift ideas, as well as these cool gifts for groomsmen. Also a great way to ask your besties to be in your “wedding party”I do” crew!

Which of these unique gift basket ideas were your fave? Let us know in the comments below!