29 Unique Wedding Program Examples to Elevate Your Ceremony

two retro 70s inspired wedding program examples displayed on a brown woven placement with a white gauze fabric in the background
retro ’70s-inspired programs: RosemaryLines on Etsy

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that can really elevate your entire celebration. The perfect example: wedding programs! Not only are these little pieces of stationery a helpful way to keep your guests in the loop, but they also set the tone for your ceremony right off the bat. That’s why we wanted to share a few of our favorite examples to help you make the perfect first impression!

From modern boho styles to fun and unique designs (just wait until you see the newspaper-inspired one!), we’ve rounded up the best wedding program examples for every wedding aesthetic.

But first, we’re breaking down a few FAQs to help you decide if programs are right for you — and how to choose the perfect style!

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Are wedding programs worth it?

simple modern terracotta wedding program examples sitting on a wooden backdrop adorned with a magnolia branch
simple terracotta programs: NikiPressDesigns on Etsy

This is completely up to you! Like all wedding traditions, programs are totally optional, so whether or not they’re worth it will depend on your personal preference, your wedding budget, and the style of your ceremony.

For ceremonies with multiple different rituals, songs, or officiants, programs are super helpful for guests who want to follow along. But if you’re planning a short service with a simple vow reading + first kiss, then you may not need an in-depth itinerary.

Here at GWS, we’re big fans of wedding programs — they’re a handy (and aesthetic) way to keep your guests up-to-date about all the little details that went into your ceremony, from your processional song to each member of your wedding party. Plus, they make for great keepsakes after the big day!

What should you include in a wedding program?

The Newlywed Post modern newspaper inspired wedding program examples
newspaper-inspired programs: CreativeUnionDesign on Etsy

All wedding programs should include a timeline of the ceremony (ie: the processional, the vows, and any other traditions you’ll be following), as well as information about your wedding party. Also be sure to add your names, the date, and the time and location of your ceremony — this way, your programs will double as sweet post-wedding mementos!

Some couples also use their programs to thank their guests and deliver other important + fun info for the big day. Think: the cocktail list, details about the after-party, cute tidbits about their love story, and shout-outs to loved ones who couldn’t make it.

If you’ve created a wedding hashtag or are planning an unplugged ceremony, this is also a great place to fill your guests in on this info!

GWS Pro Tip: Not only should your programs include important ceremony information, but they should also reflect your wedding theme. Look for programs that use your wedding colors, mirror your venue, align with the formality of your event (e.g., semi-formal or black tie optional) or match your personal styles. And bonus points for personal touches, like a photo of the two of your or an illustrated map of your venue!

How much should you spend on wedding programs?

modern wedding program examples with a simple watercolor eucalyptus adorned design
modern eucalyptus programs: FancyPaperieShop on Etsy

You can find gorgeous wedding programs for all price points, so don’t feel like you have to break the bank to make a good impression. Typically, you should expect to spend around $1 to $6 per program — but the final price tag will depend on the design, your paper choice, and how in-depth your programs are.

If you’re looking to save a little cash but still want a cute look, many sellers offer digital programs for an affordable price, such as $6 for the total design. From there, you can print the programs yourself (a more budget-friendly option!) or keep it digital for the big day.

GWS Pro Tip: Not only are digital programs better for your wallet, but they’re also friendlier on the environment! If you want to go this route, we suggest adding them to your wedding website or including a QR code on your welcome display so your guests can access them on their phones.

When should you order your wedding programs?

modern fan wedding program examples with tassels and a tropical leaf design on the edges
tropical fan programs: sweetdatesprints on Etsy

To be on the safe side, you should order your wedding programs around 1 to 2 months before the big day. If you’re having them printed, this will give the seller plenty of time to create your design and send them to you in the mail. If you’re printing them yourself (or going digital), you have a bit more flexibility with your schedule — but better to be early than late!

If possible, it’s also helpful to wait until all of your guests have RSVP’s before ordering your programs. You’ll likely want one program per guest (with a couple extras to save as keepsakes), so this will help you save money (and paper) on excess programs.

The Best Places to Buy Unique and Beautiful Wedding Programs

boho wildflower wedding program examples printed on long rectangular card stock
boho wildflower programs: LovelyTemplatesCo on Etsy

So, where do you start?! To help you narrow down your faves, here are our top 3 places to find the best programs for all styles.

  • Etsy: With hundreds of customizable designs, Etsy is your one-stop shop for all things wedding stationery. They have gorgeous programs for all aesthetics, venues, and seasons, from unique illustrated designs to elegant traditional styles. Plus, you can personalize any of these programs to make them your own!
  • Minted: This is a classic stationery go-to for a reason! Minted is where you can find high-quality programs with timeless designs and luxurious touches, like shimmering gold foil and traditional calligraphy. And as a bonus, most Minted designs also come as menus, place cards, and table numbers for a cohesive look.
  • Zazzle: Good luck narrowing down all of Zazzle’s gorgeous programs! They have seemingly endless styles, from modern fan designs to in-depth booklets. You can also sort their collection by theme, perfect if you’re looking for something specific.

Our Favorite Unique Wedding Program Examples

Wedding programs are a small detail of your ceremony — but done right, they can make a BIG impression. That’s why we searched high and low for the best unique wedding program examples that really stand out. Give your guests something to have and to hold during your ceremony with these rad designs!

1: Modern Hexagon Wedding Program Example

modern hexagon simple wedding program examples with pink silk ribbons on the left margin

How rad are these hexagon-shaped programs?! We love the combo of the simple + minimalist design with the unexpected geometric shape. It’s classic and unique at the same time, perfect for a modern wedding!

Plus, the silk ribbons are the ultimate bow on top of this elegant example (literally!). If you’re opting for the booklet style, this is a great way to add that extra special touch to any design. Just choose a ribbon in your wedding colors and you’re pretty much golden!

Shop This Simple + MOdern Wedding Program Example

2: Tropical Palm Leaf Wedding Program Example

tropical palm leaf modern wedding program examples laying on a gauzy silk neutral toned fabric

We love how this wedding program example highlights the theme and location of the ceremony in such a chic way. With this lush palm leaf design, there’s no doubt that you’re throwing a vibrant tropical wedding!

And despite being only one page, this program has plenty of room for all the essentials. The “thank you” section at the bottom is an extra special touch! Use this space to thank your guests for coming and get them excited for all the celebrations to come.

Shop This Unique Destination Wedding Program Example

GWS Pro Tip: When choosing botanical programs, look for designs that match your venue décor, bouquets, or natural surroundings. For example, these hibiscus programs are perfect for a Hawaii wedding, while this palm tree design oozes California vibes!

3: Unique Pastry Bag Wedding Program Example

unique wedding programs that are printed on rustic brown pastry bags

With this example, your wedding programs are working double duty! Printed onto rustic pastry bags, these programs do so much more than just guide your guests through the day. They also hold confetti for your recessional, double as cute goodie bags (cookies encouraged!), or hide little surprises for your loved ones.

Fill them with dried petals (a more sustainable alternative to confetti), some tissues (for all the happy tears), a mini bubble wand, or even photo keepsakes for their memory box. There are no wrong answers here!

Shop This Unique Paper Bag Wedding Program Example

4: Chic Welcome Display + Wedding Program Example

modern neutral sage hued welcome display wedding program examples hanging from a golden metal stand

Don’t want to print out dozens of paper programs, but also don’t love the idea of going digital? Meet: this wedding program display example!

Instead of a generic welcome display at the entrance of your ceremony, this program-slash-sign greets your guests with all the info they’ll need for the rest of the day. It establishes the mood, and sets everyone up for the timeline of events. Plus, it’s so dang cute!

Change the color scheme to match your ceremony, and choose any frame or holder to make it pop. We found this similar copper one!

Shop This Modern Wedding Program Display Example

5: Elegant Fan Wedding Program Example

traditional laser cut brown paper fan wedding program examples with cute ribbon and a scalloped edge

If you’re tying the knot in the spring or summer, help your guests beat the heat AND stay informed with these fan-shaped programs!

With an elevated laser-cut edge, this paper fan screams elegant, formal vibes. Complete with traditional calligraphy and a delicate ribbon to tie it all together, it’s such a stylish and unique take on the classic wedding program design. Plus, your guests will be thanking you during the sunny cocktail hour!

Shop This Traditional Fan Style Wedding Program Example

6: Groovy ’70s-Inspired Wedding Program Example

pink and orange hued retro 70s inspired wedding program examples

Planning a ceremony with a ’70s vibe? Go groovy with this retro wedding program example!

A colorful design is a great way to stand out and brighten up your ceremony, and we’re suckers for the muted pink + orange color scheme of these rad programs (although the colors, fonts, and wording are totally customizable).

Best paired with disco ball décor and a Fleetwood Mac recessional song!

Shop This Retro Colorful Wedding Program Example

couple exiting their autumn ceremony while guests throw confetti at them

Nothing sets the mood for your ceremony like a truly great soundtrack! Capture that iconic “just married” feeling with our list of the best recessional songs.

7: Custom Infographic Trifold Program

unique illustrated infographic style trifold wedding program examples

If you’re taking the time to create programs for your ceremony, then you might as well have a little fun with it! We love how this trifold wedding program example goes above and beyond the classic info to tell your guests a little more about your love story.

Like an infographic for your wedding, this design includes a map about where your guests are from, statistics about the wedding planning process, a timeline of your relationship, and a space for your fave photos. Plus, it’s super customizable, so you can add different illustrations to make it your own!

Shop This Unique Trifold Wedding Program Example

8: Elegant Terracotta Wedding Program Example

simple modern terracotta one page wedding program examples printed on long rectangular column style card stock

For the boho babes with a minimalist vibe, these simple programs are EVERYTHING. The design is modern and to-the-point, while the terracotta color scheme adds a warm, unique vibe. And the botanical line art gives the look *just* the right amount of somethin’ somethin’.

This example is proof that you don’t need a bunch of frills to create iconic wedding programs! Simple, but SO effective.

Shop This Simple Boho Wedding Program Example

9: Floral Booklet Wedding Program Example

floral terracotta modern booklet wedding program examples with line illustrations

This wedding program has the same minimalist vibe of example #8, but with a chic folded design. Not only does this booklet style give you extra space for your juicy details, but it also looks extra neat and tidy — and helps those floral illustrations stand out!

And if you love this modern boho design as much as we do, be sure to check out all of its matching templates. With everything from menus to thank you notes, you can keep your entire wedding stationery suite cohesive!

Shop This Simple Floral Wedding Program Example

10: Fun Newspaper-Inspired Wedding Program Example

interactive newspaper-inspired wedding program examples

Get your guests smiling from the moment they arrive at your ceremony with this fun wedding program example!

Cute, clever, and totally unique, this newspaper-inspired design is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Everyone will love reading your feature love story — and filling out that wedding-themed word search! Plus, this program would look SO cute framed in your home after the big day.

Shop This Unique Newspaper Wedding PRogram Example

11: “Something Blue” Traditional Wedding Program Example

traditional simple dusty blue and white one page wedding program examples with script and serif fonts

Still on the hunt for your “something blue”? Look no further than these dusty blue wedding programs!

Blue is such a dreamy wedding hue that goes with almost any palette, and we love how it adds the sweetest pop of color to this traditional program design. It’s classic, romantic, and timeless — plus, it’s giving us major Bridgerton vibes!

Shop THis Traditional Blue WEdding Program Example

12: Illustrated Venue Wedding Program Example

modern wedding program examples with a personalized wedding venue illustration

If you’re looking for wedding program examples that feel totally unique to your special day, it doesn’t get more one-of-a-kind than a custom illustration. And we’re big fans of this handmade venue design!

With these programs, the designer will create a totally one-of-a-kind drawing based on a photo of your venue. Customize it with your wedding colors and get ready to watch your storybook ceremony become a reality!

Shop This Custom Illustration Wedding Program Example

13: Art Nouveau Gold Foil Wedding Program Example

Art Nouveau inspired gold foil floral wedding program examples

Pay tribute to the early 1900’s with these Art Nouveau-inspired programs! The gold leaf foil adds such a glamorous touch to any design, and we’re especially digging it in this retro floral motif (a classic element of the Art Nouveau era). A luxurious look for a nature-inspired celebration.

P.S. Minted has multiple different foil options (and tons of gilded wedding program examples), perfect for any wedding style!

Shop This Gilded Gold Wedding Program Example

14: Keepsake Magazine Style Wedding Program Example

unique modern magazine style wedding program examples

When one page just isn’t enough, this unique wedding program example gives you an entire magazine worth of space.

Such a rad modern take on traditional programs, this design features 46+ pages for you to explain all the must-know details of your event and let your creativity fly. It comes with templates for you to customize with info about the ceremony, pictures of your love story, and so much more.

If you’ve ever dreamed about creating your own editorial spread, your wedding day is the perfect opportunity!

Shop This Unique Magazine-Inspired Wedding Program Example

15: Western-Inspired Wedding Program Example

cute rustic one page wedding program examples with western style illustrated icons

For anyone saying their “I do’s” at a rustic barn venue, scenic ranch, or jaw-dropping mountaintop, this western wedding program example is perfectly on-theme!

With cute illustrations and western-inspired font, this unique design will instantly set the tone for a day of cowboy boots, wide-brim hats, and reception line dancing. It says “Yee-Haw,” but with a chic + elevated touch!

Shop This Rustic One Page WEdding Program Example

16: Retro Mint Checkerboard Program

retro mint checkerboard style wedding program examples

Stand out with this unique wedding program example. From the checkerboard design to the retro font to the mint color scheme, it makes a statement that’s equal parts cool and elegant.

Plus, this one-page design comes in six different color options and five paper selections, including high-quality recycled paper made out of 100% post-consumer waste. Add matching stationery (like place cards, menu cards, or table numbers) and you’re good to go!

Shop This Elegant Mint Hued Wedding Program Example

17: Personalized Photo Fan Program

modern custom photo fan wedding program examples with script display font and a large image of the couple

For a modern fan design, we love this personalized wedding program example. One side features a sweet photo of the two of you (this would be a cute place to show off your engagement photos), while the other side gets into the nitty gritty details of the ceremony.

Complete with a chic wood handle, this custom design is aesthetic AND practical for those hot summer days. And how cute would it be to see an entire crowd holding up your favorite photo with your boo? Swoon!

Shop This Modern Fan Wedding Program Example

18: Unique Vintage Inspired Printed Handkerchief Program

traditional printed handkerchief wedding ceremony program in a vintage inspired design

Cue the tears! With this unique wedding program example, your guests will be prepared for the ceremony in more ways than one. It’s the perfect design for a heartfelt, vintage-inspired wedding where tears of joy are definitely on the itinerary.

And made with high-quality linen, these handkerchiefs also double as great wedding favors!

Shop This Elegant Handkerchief Wedding Program Example

personalized Himalayan salt shot glasses

Show your guests some love and appreciation with our round-up of the best unique wedding favors. After all, who doesn’t love a cute keepsake to take home after the big day?!

19: Adventurous Mountain-Inspired Program

rustic watercolor style folded wedding program examples with a blue and green mountain design

The mountains are calling, and so is this wedding program example! For those adventurous Rocky Mountain ceremonies, we love a mountain-themed design like this one. It features the prettiest watercolor mountain scene, as well as some on-theme pinecones on the back.

And for the minimalists, we also found this chic black + white mountain design that would suit any adventurous outdoor ceremony.

Shop This Watercolor Booklet Wedding Program Example

20: Simple One Page Wedding Program Example

simple modern botanical one page wedding program examples printed on a textured grasscloth style card stock and attached to a retro clipboard

Keep it simple and to the point with this minimalist one-page program. With such a straightforward design, this example would work great as a framed piece at the entrance of your venue or as a digital file for your guests to access on their phones.

And as a bonus, 50% of all profits for this program go to sexual abuse victims. Perfect for couples that love to do good with every purchase.

Shop This Modern Botanical Wedding Program Example

21: Glamorous Black Fan Wedding Program Example

modern black trifold fan wedding program examples with handwriting style script font

How cool is this modern wedding program example?! It combines the practical side of a fan with the in-depth info of a trifold design. The result? A chic + informative program perfect for a warm weather wedding!

Plus, you can customize this program with as many pages (or “petals”) as you need, as well as over 80 different color options. And the seller also has tons of different patterns and motifs to choose from!

Shop This MOdern Black Fan Wedding Program Example

22: Cute Infographic Wedding Program Example

cute modern infographic style wedding program examples

For the numbers people, we have a feeling this infographic wedding program example will spark some serious joy. It features fun stats, like how many dresses you tried on before you found the one, and also gives you a chance to shout out a few guests, like the people who traveled the furthest to see you!

And with such a cute design, it would add a fun touch no matter your wedding style, theme, or time of year.

Shop This Modern Infographic Wedding Program Example

23: Whimsical Watercolor Wildflower Program

simple calligraphy one page wedding program examples with a watercolor style wildflower design

You can’t go wrong with floral wedding programs, and this example has stolen our hearts! Dotted with blossoming watercolor wildflowers, it will add a whimsical vibe to a springtime garden ceremony.

Tie a pretty wildflower to each program for an extra special touch, or spray them with some floral perfume to really stand out! We love this idea if you’re also looking for a signature scent for the big day.

Shop This Watercolor Floral Wedding Program Example

24: Starry Night Wedding Program Example

black starry night modern wedding program examples with gold font

If your love was written in the stars, celebrate finding your perfect compatibility match with these celestial-inspired programs!

The dark + moody vibe of this example has us totally starstruck, with a black background and an enchanting golden starry night design. We’re picturing it for a dreamy evening wedding or a celestial-themed ceremony. All that’s missing are some twinkling fairy lights!

Shop This Celestial Black Wedding Program Example

25: Gilded Arched Wedding Program Example

traditional gold foil arched wedding program examples with an intricate royal looking design

Channel the old money aesthetic with this elegant wedding program example. It oozes luxurious vibes, with gold foil calligraphy and a formal arched design fit for royalty.

We also love the layered look of multiple pages, which are held together with a stylish ribbon and can be fully customized with your wording.

Plus, how rad is that custom gold crest at the top? If you want to feel like royalty on the big day, these are the programs to make it happen.

Shop This Elegant Arched Wedding Program Example

26: Boho Trifold Wedding Program Example

terracotta boho floral arch trifold programs framed with a silk ribbon and eucalyptus stems

Another arched design, but this time with a boho twist! We love everything about this wedding program example, from the pampas grass to the terracotta color scheme to the trifold design.

And with so much space, you can customize these rad programs with a note about your reception, a message for the loved ones who couldn’t make it, or a request for an unplugged ceremony.

P.S. If you’re tying the knot under a boho arch similar to this design, then these programs are a MUST!

Shop This Floral Trifold Wedding Program Example

27: Rustic Sage Green Program Design

sage green botanical olive wreath fan wedding programs

Here at GWS, we love all things green — so the recent sage green trend has been one of our faves! If you’re embracing the earthy hue on your big day, then this modern wedding program example is a need, not a want.

In addition to their trendy color, these programs also stand out with a rustic olive wreath design and handy fan style. We’re digging them for a chic outdoor ceremony in the spring or summer, paired with some sage green bridesmaid gowns of course!

Shop This Earthy Green Fan Wedding Program Example

28: Traditional Calligraphy Program Design

simple white and black traditional calligraphy wedding program examples

When in doubt, keep it traditional! If you’re going for timeless and elegant vibes on the big day, then these programs are your perfect match.

Featuring traditional calligraphy, a simple layout, and a classic black + white design, these stylish programs would pair perfectly with a black tie dress code. They’ll never go out of style — just like your love!

Shop This Traditional One Page Wedding Program Example

29: Modern Magazine-Inspired Program

modern 30-page magazine inspired programs with a picture of a couple walking together on the cover

And because we love this idea so much, we thought we’d end with another example of gorgeous magazine-style wedding programs!

These programs are so much more than informative stationery — they’re also a fun experiences and keepsakes for your guests. Fill the 30+ pages with a cute welcome message, a backstory about your proposal, an in-depth timeline, fun games (like a word search or heart maze), and all the best photos from your journey as a couple. We’re obsessed!

Shop This 30-Page Magazine WEdding Program Example

Is it ok to not have wedding programs?

modern white and black calligraphy fan style wedding program examples with light rose hued ribbons tied to them
calligraphy fan programs: MarryMePaperBoutique on Etsy

Yes, it is absolutely ok to not have them. While wedding programs are a fun tradition, they’re definitely not a requirement for your ceremony. If you’re working with a tight budget, planning a simple celebration, or skipping the wedding party, then don’t feel like you have to provide programs just because they’re traditional.

Remember: this is your day, so every decision should reflect you and your partner. If programs aren’t your vibe, then skip them!

timeline style simple retro black and white wedding ceremony program displayed on a wooden easel with a white linen fabric underneath
retro program: SincerelyByNicole on Etsy

Whatever your dream ceremony looks like to you, we’re here to help make it happen!

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What’s next on your wedding planning checklist? Let us know in the comments below!