Links + Loves: Diana-Inspired Sweatshirts + a TikTok That’s Pure Serotonin

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Welcome to this week’s Links + Loves!

Yes, it’s mid-September and no, it’s not too early to think about your Halloween costume. Here’s a huge list of the best couple costume ideas! And it’s also not too early to think about Engagement Season TM — here are some unique rings for your outside-the-box types. Finally, are luxury picnics better than weekend brunching?!

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Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:

From Jen:

Guess I’m not the only one dealing with insomnia this past year….to help with this, I’ve been taking these sleep gummies and they are helping big time! Highly recommend if you are also having sleep issues…

Who else is decorating for fall right now? Loving these tassel pumpkins and these pumpkin candles!

And speaking of fall, Madewell is having their big 20% off EVERYTHING sale (they only do this twice a year!). Great chance to stock up on a few new things for fall. I have my eyes on this denim popover dress and these boots.

From Britt:

I’m still in no-spend September, but last week Katie mentioned a Revlon lipstick and I had a coupon (#couponlady) to get a tube for free! I picked up “Nude Fury” and…it’s a perfect nude. Can I say that? It’s clean beauty and already less than $5 but if you’ve got Target Circle, it’s 15% off through Saturday!

I’m chasing those “Lady Diana sweatshirt + bike short” vibes with the changing weather and have my eye on a few oversized sweatshirts. It’s either this (the color) or this (the zip!) or this (so academic).

I loved this commentary about this year’s Met Gala and some symbolism in the fashion that I didn’t quite catch.

Also, this is me right now.

From Katie:

$5 Pumpkin Shortbread candle from Target? Sold.

This TikTok of glitter falling onto the camera is pure serotonin. You have to see it!

This small shop by Kalio Chic is SO CUTE. I bought a rainbow ghost-felt garland for Halloween and I can’t wait to get it! Happy to shop small whenever I can.

From Sheena:

Skincare is kind of my obsession and the brand that dominates most of my routine is Biossance.

Their squalane + phyto-retinol serum is my go-to nightly essential after I finish cleansing (anyone else’s mom tell them to start with anti-aging products in their 20’s?!). And since I live in a dry climate, I like to make sure my under eyes are thoroughly moisturized, and the squalane + omega repair cream is essential.

But let me just real quick sing the praises of the best best BEST cleanser ever. Primally Pure’s cleansing oil is a total gem (and they have different ones for different skin types!). I always get the larger 4 oz bottle, which lasts me months. As someone who doesn’t really wear makeup, this cleanser is all I need, but they also have a baby bar that is commonly paired with this oil cleanser for a double cleanse!

Have a great weekend!

photo via @eastolivia