Links + Loves: The Perfect Thanksgiving Dress + Cute $10 Blue Light Glasses

deep red halloween bridal bouquet

Do you have your Halloween costume ready? Let the candy commence! Next up in our collection of best bridesmaid dresses by color, it’s sage green! Over 20 great dresses in the new neutral we love. And now that pandemic couples are married and celebrating anniversaries, we’re having a blast sharing how everyone’s celebrating — and bringing the party back. This disco anniversary party is SO FUN.

And psst, here’s a little secret. Not long ago we polled our readers on IG to find out how we can help with your holiday gifting this year. And we’ve been quietly rolling out our 2021 holiday gift guides ever since. These are THE most helpful guides we’ve ever put together (you guys have the best ideas). Check out every guide we’ve shared so far — more on the way!

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Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:

From Jen:

Hawaii is now welcoming tourists again and I’m heading there this weekend with my family! CAN NOT WAIT! Be sure to follow along on Stories where I’ll be sharing new hotels, fun activities to do while there, and of course, food + beaches to explore!

These are my favorite diffuser blends – I’ve been using them while working, in the evenings, and first thing in the morning to start my day!

The perfect dress for Thanksgiving Dinner….or if you want major comfort with style, I suggest these!

From Britt:

I bought blue light glasses from Target (Wild Fable, so they’re cute) for $10 and I’m feeling so responsible.

A reminder that we often make friendship so complicated…but sometimes it’s just toilet paper and Cheese-Its.

I found the perfect coat to duplicate this “relaxed by I’m still chic” look that I keep coming back to for fall/winter. (Love this option, too.)

From Katie:

Dune is out in theaters and HBO Max and I absolutely loved it! A lengthy movie, but I was intrigued the whole way through.

I’m already thinking about Christmas decorations and of course lighting up the whole house in twinkle lights. This pair has been popular on IG, a bit pricey but they look so cute!

Our dog, Jasper, needed some new toys and was having a sale. We scored this Darth Vadar Halloween plush for $3.99!

From Sheena:

For maybe the first time in my life (no, seriously), I’m finding myself looking forward to winter. Like, give me allllll the snow days. Which has me super hyped to make these whiskey eggnog drinks.

I’m also beyond ready to break out all my winter essentials for snow day adventures. This cozy parka (I have the dark garnet color) is my #1 go-to grab for super chilly days. It’s a splurge, but 100% the warmest thing I own. Works perfectly for cold mountain weather.

Also, can we talk about Target’s scarf selection for a sec? Because this girl makes it a rule to buy one new scarf a year (guilty of owning waaaay too many!). And I’m obsessing over this neutral plaid cutie right now. And the scarf prices at Target are seriously amazing.

From Diana:

I just started my journey into using retinol, and I’m super excited to finally get going on this! However, I am a little scared of the dreaded “purge” and the peeling, so wish me luck! In order to cope with what’s about to start happening to my face, I’m leaning more into other parts of my beauty routine. this is a God-send for my hair.

Have a fun Halloween weekend!

photo: Siera Harbin | florals: fleur.​ish​ as seen in this Gothic Halloween Wedding