Links + Loves: This Perfect Standing Mirror is Back in Stock + We Tried This Viral Soup

See ya, second week of January! It was a good one here on GWS. We shared our 2022 wedding trend predictions — did you see ’em?! And if you love a Hillhouse nap dress, you’ll love this wedding. And let’s not forget wedding cakes! The most beautiful ones of all are right here.

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Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:

From Jen:

Like a lot of you, I’m all about cleaning + organization right now! For my desk, I bought these gorgeous cream gel pens that I’m in love with. For the bathroom, I bought these containers to organize all my skincare and beauty products. And for the kids, I bought this storage box for all of our legos (would be great for craft supplies also). Something about having the home organized is really helping me right now!

Who else is playing Wordle??

If you are looking for a fun show your whole family can watch and you love music, my family has been loving That’s My Jam.

The Lagoons are one of my fave bands and they just released their latest album this week, Daybreak. Highly recommend!

From Diana:

Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup. More specifically, this mushroom + leek soup recipe I found on TikTok! So. good.

My acne has been out of control lately so I’m pulling out all the stops to keep it at bay. These daily vitamins have been amazing at targeting my hormonal acne! And for days when I need a quicker fix, the COSRX pimple patches always get the job done. Seriously – I’ve used them for about 8 years now and I’m never going back.

From Sheena:

Anyone else obsessed with spicy snacks? Like, give me all the hot Cheetos. Except, make them healthier. This week I discovered that Veggie Straws just released a spicy hot version. Needless to say, they’re my fave snack at the moment. If you like veggie straws, you are going to love these.

I can’t help but share this incredible Instagram account that takes random peoples’ crappy, complaining Google reviews of various national parks and turns them into these hilariously sarcastic and sassy posters. It’s wild to see the strange things people complain about! As a national park lover, I always get a kick out of each post.

Aaaaand lastly, this dry winter air is truly destroying my skin. This giant tub of CeraVe cream is basically the most lightweight, hydrating lotion I’ve ever used and is the most soothing thing to put on. I basically don’t leave the house without wearing it. Works like a charm for dry winter skin.

From Katie:

If you haven’t seen the new season of Queer Eye, stop that right now! The fab 5 are in Texas and each and every episode is special and transformative. I love them!

I’ve had some strange breakage points in my hair recently (hello face-framing hairs, you good?) and TikTok has once again, influenced me. Recently added to Sephora for easier buying – K18 Molecular Hair Repair is the “it girl” for hair repair. I’ll warn you, it’s pricey. Will report back on this one.

Last week I treated myself to a new lipstick and this Bite Beauty Hydrating Matte Lipstick in Sugar Buns was my pick. It looks like the perfect lip pink color! Can’t wait to try it out.

From Britt:

I hesitate to share this because I don’t want you to buy it before I can order mine, but this mirror has been out of stock for ages and it’s back! It’s the perfect standing mirror and it’s BIG for less than $150. Don’t buy it…(but do).

Maybe I’m a rare breed, but I love January and all its newly-focused energy. If you want to prep for the year ahead with some guidelines you get where you wanna go, Camille Styles released this free Vision Workbook and it’s beautiful! (Just make a copy to edit your own!)

I bought these bamboo washcloths for my daughter and I maaay have stolen them when I discovered they are the perfect face cloths. I’m going to order them again in grey for makeup removers!

Have a great weekend!

photo via @leannefordinteriors by @erinashkelly