What Jen’s Loving This Month: March Finds

What Jen's Loving March

We’re welcoming March with open arms and also scratching our heads trying to figure out how January + February flew by so fast! Do you feel the same way? Whether you work for yourself, are a go-gettin’ boss babe, manage a side hustle, or a hard workin’ mama — it’s important to take time for yourself, and practice a little self-care. As I work from home, it’s easy to stay up answering e-mails at all hours, not get in my work-out, and put little things I love (like getting manicures or cooking a delicious meal) at the bottom of my To-Do list. In an effort to make more time for myself, I’ve put together this March Guide which focuses on self-care + bringing in fresh pieces into my home that make me happy!

If you think of yourself as a plant, one that needs the right environment, nourishment, sunlight and care to flourish, it is so much easier to take care of yourself — always on a constant quest for growth. It’s important to take time and retreat, nourish yourself and rejuvenate so that creativity can flourish. With that said, here are a few of my favorite things for the month of March that encourage rest, relaxation, and being good to yourself:

1. Macramé Hanging Shelf — Give any room a relaxed boho vibe with this stunning macramé hanging shelf! Decorate it with your favorite succulents, air plants, travel + wedding photos, framed calligraphy sayings, and whatever else makes you happy. Better yet, start growing your own flowers + herbs from seedlings and watch them bloom as you do.

2. Tassel Statement Earrings — Yes, self-care includes buying yourself sweet accessories. Rock them on date night or just for yourself! You go, girl.

3. Adopt a Plant Tee — Bring nature indoors! Whether you’re a self-proclaimed “crazy plant lady,” or simply love to garden, I kinda sorta adore this comfy tee! P.S. Indoor houseplants can improve the quality of air in your home!

4. Larkspur Twig Wreath — Bring those fresh springtime vibes to your porch, and every time you walk through the front door you’ll be greeted by the sweet touch of nature. (Bonus: It’s on sale!!)

5. Nike Flex Women’s Running Shoes — Maybe it’s just me… but I’m pretty positive that every time I get new workout gear (leggings, shoes, cute tops), I make a point to get my workout in + get a major sweat on. Plus comfy feet? Yes, please. Always.

6. Pedestal Dessert Bowl — As the spring weather warms up, I’m planning on having more dinner + dessert nights on our patio and enjoying the fresh springtime evenings. Can you imagine serving a gorgeous trifle dish in here, a fruit salad, or even sliced watermelon?!

7. Palazzo Marbleized Planters — Okay, so here’s the game plan: head to your nearest Home Depot or garden center while wearing your crazy plant lady shirt, pick up your favorite potted greenery, plant them in these luxe planters, and place them on your macramé hanging shelf!

8. AKNARI Brightening Serum — A pure and of high concentration dose of organic prickly pear seed oil, does wonders to bestow a bright, youthful looking complexion! I’ve been using this the past month and I am loving the results!

9. Embroidered Fable Dress — How we adore the flowing + flattering embroidered Free People dress! It’s just begging to be worn to the farmers’ market on a Sunday morning…

10. Raquel Rattan Sunflower Mirror — Feel seriously sunny no matter what the weather is!

Keep marchin’ on this month, lovelies! And remember to take time for yourself. :)