Honeymoonin’ Holiday: For the Adventurous

Happy #WanderlustWednesday, everyone! Did you happen to catch our guide a few weeks back featuring the best places to honeymoon if you’re looking to unwind? If not, pop on over there and then check back here for some destination inspiration! Today, we’re switching things up and while many of these places can be considered ideal places to unwind, they’re definitely more suited for those seeking adventure.

Do you and your love want to hike through the forest, kayak through choppy rivers, wake up at dawn to see the sunrise from the mountain-top… or yeah, something like that? Well then, you’re in the right place! Prepare to take note + start planning your next grand holiday. Adventure awaits!

{top photo by Irene Fiedler from Morocco}


If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll have a blast touring the countryside to visit many of the locations that were used for filming. And even if you’ve never seen the show — no worries! There are tons of epic hikes to waterfalls + rolling green mountains (make sure to check out Skaftafell + Mt. Esja!), along with the ever-popular Blue Lagoon, and the wreckage from an old airplane crash on a black sand beach (Sólheimasandur).

photos by Molly Scott Photo & Video from this Surprise Proposal in Southern Iceland

Freycinet, Tasmania

Tasmania, or Tassie to the locals, is the island just south of the continent of Australia and is known for being the “natural state.” Nearly 40% of the state is composed of national parks + reserves, making it one picturesque location! Saffire Freycinet in the area of Coles Bay has everything you’d want, and more: sailing and kayaking, quad-bike tours, hiking, and even a private island with seals and penguins. Their summer months are from December to February, so a major win for those in the Northern Hemisphere that want to jet somewhere warmer during their winter.


Patagonia is the land of majestic glaciers and mountains. Located in South America’s most southern frontier, the landscapes all grow wild, while others completely barren. There’s a chilling calmness and quietness that consumes you as you see Patagonia’s rocky peaks and pristine rivers. To experience Patagonia in all its glory will take much planning of the landscape, bus routes, and other forms of transportation… but my goodness, it is worth it.

first image by Killy Ridolsvia Flickr; second image by Deensel, via Flickr

Gálapagos Islands, Ecuador 

Make your way to one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site locations and explore the incredible ecosystem. The Galápagos aren’t an easy place to navigate on your own, so we suggest visiting Gálapagos Safari Camp! Here, the tented luxury camps of Southern Africa are brought to Ecuador — and instead of giant cats, tortoises roam the landscapes.Express your inner Darwin on land, at sea, on surrounding islands or even underwater, on an excursion with one of the camp’s scuba guides. It’s a low-key sort of safari, compared to the African variety, but if you’re at all interested in the natural world, the Galápagos are one of the planet’s greatest wonders.


It can be an adventure in and of itself, navigating the winding roads in Morocco’s mazed cities. A couple noteworthy places (other than the better known Marrakesh + Casablanca) include Fes and Essaouira. Visit the busy medina (old city) in Fes, explore the famous tannery, and many markets brimming with textiles + spices. While in Essaouira, find your preferred surf spot! Lastly, finish off the trip with a camel trekking tour… in the Sahara desert!

photos by Irene Fiedler from this Dreamy Moroccan Anniversary Session


After hiking through the Lucerne region (with lush meadows, tons of cows, and scenery that looks like it’s from a fairytale), you can relax at Hotel Villa Hongg, in this incredible pool with views for days! Bonus points if you make it up to Grindelwald — a village in the Swiss Alps with legendary skiing in the winter + hiking in the summer. This town also serves as the base for climbing the iconic north face of Eiger Mountain. If you head just outside of Grindelwald to Gletscherschlucht, you’ll find an impressive glacial gorge + waterfalls.

Costa Rica

Fancy something a bit more tropical? Pack your bags + head to Costa Rica! With so many things to do + experience, your options are endless… Imagine zip-lining through the cloud forests, hanging out near Arenal Volcano, where you can go rafting, rappelling, or take a dip in hot springs, and spending your evenings watching sea turtles nest! Think you’ll get bored? With the amount of sweet surfing spots + incredible hikes, we certainly don’t think so!

images above from this vacation rental spot: Feliz Iguana 

Check back soon for our next Honeymoonin’ Holiday Guide — and let us know what categories we should cover next in the comments below!