These Vintage Shop Owners Threw a Colorful Wedding Celebration in the Desert — Part 2

Vintage, eclectic, colorful — each one of those words could describe Jaimee + Adam’s wedding celebration in the desert of Twentynine Palms. We shared a bit about their wild reception this morning and now we’re back with the second installment! Vintage shop owners Jaimee + Adam wanted their celebration/reception to feel like a giant fiesta.

Jaimee shares Our inspiration for the day was all about keeping everything colorful and true to who we are as a couple! We chose a Mexico-inspired theme, that all started with the idea to have a taco bar for dinner, and then evolved into having life sized piñata versions made up of our likeness! But at the core of all of it, it was the space where we decided to have our reception that made it truly about us. The 29 Palms Inn was intimate, it was low key, and a truly special space that we will always hold close to our hearts!

Let’s head out to the desert + see the extravaganza photographed by Jenn Emerling!

The whole lot of them wore monochromatic vintage clothing, which made for the most *EPIC* photo!!

This lady’s got some serious STYLE, right?! Those gorgeous red shoes are from Macy’s.

Jaimee shares Try not to let the pressure of other people’s expectations get to you. With the presence of social media and blogs and magazines today, it would appear like some weddings are more concerned with style over substance, or trends over authenticity. This can sometimes translate into unrealistic budgets that get out of control or weddings that don’t match the couple! We did a LOT of DIY to make it feel more intimate and one of a kind, AND kept our total cost under $12k for 40 people! That was with the venue, food, entertainment, decorations, and photographer included!

The floral crown was crafted by flower crown by Foxglove Los Angeles.

Our Favorite Memory From The Wedding

There were so many, but two memorable moments stood out the most! One was having my parents introduce us for our first dance! My dad decided to write a speech in the moment and told me to trust him. He surprised my husband by intertwining his love of wrestling into the speech, and introduced us like a true wrestling announcer! Mixed with the emotions of the day, it kicked off the reception in such a heartfelt and lighthearted way The second was the unexpected meteor shower that took place that night at midnight! Everyone who was left at the reception at that point gathered under the desert sky to watch the stars and talk while trying to catch some of the magic. It was the perfect, low key way to end the night.

How gorgeous is this shot with the two of them in the streamers?! LOVE!

Our Advice To Those Planning Now

Go with your gut! If something doesn't feel like the two of you, then cut it out! We made a list of the things that were important to us to have during the reception that were authentic to who we are, as opposed to what is the "norm". Also, stay FLEXIBLE! Planning every last detail down to the minute can be overwhelming, especially when the only guarantee is that not everything will go according to plan! You might notice if a song doesn't play when you wanted it to or if you get hung up on an idea that didn't come into fruition, but your guests won't know the difference.

What a day (and night!), congrats J+A!!

photography: Jenn Emerling // venue name: 29 Palms Inn, Twentynine Palms, California, USA // event design: Jaimee Dormer (bride) // planning: Jaimee Dormer (bride) // florals: Paper cacti by Isobel Barberuk // wedding dress: Vintage // hairpiece: Flower crown by Foxglove Los Angeles // bride's shoes: Macy's // bride's ring: Earrings by Eat da Rich // makeup artist: Bride's mother // groom attire: custom // paper goods: Hartland Brooklyn // desserts: Si Paletas // custom pinatas: The Pinata House // centerpiece vases: Tactile Matter // paper flowers: Rookie Creates // colorful linen napkins: Witty Bash