From Wedding to Home: Rainbow Dreams

From Wedding to Home Rainbow Dreams

Did you see this morning’s TWO PART “Colorful + DIY Fiesta-Inspired Desert Wedding Celebration”? If not, pop on over to Part 1 and Part 2, then head back over here! If you already did, you’ll know how vibrant + filled with saturated hues the entire event was… And it got us thinking, life’s better with a little color, isn’t it? Therefore, today’s installment of our From Wedding to Home series is all about how to bring a little color into your home!

rainbow pinata

We searched for some of the most lively pieces to create a bright + cheery space — from rich reds, vibrant yellows, verdant greens, and even rainbow items.

Ready to start the tour? Let’s see how to transform a space!

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to the bathroom, a great way to root everything is to have a framed picture or poster and then add accents from there — picking up the colors in it it: an assortment of towels, a painted mirror, bright cups + holders.

The above + below photos were taken by Betina Bianculli & Liam Bailey and first seen on Design*Sponge

Incorporate colorful + mismatched chairs in the kitchen, along with vibrant kitchen accessories!

Colorful glassware galore!! This definitely makes us want open shelves so we can stare at that gorgeous assortment all day…

The above photo was taken by Laura Gummerman and Elsie Larson and first seen on A Beautiful Mess

One of our favorite ways to bring a room together is to find a patterned rug with the hues you want and then find chairs to complement it!

The photo above is from Sugar and Cloth

Rainbow Light // Red Lighting Shade // Lime Green Modern Chair  // Paper Lanterns // Labyrinth Rainbow Rug // Colorful Sevilla Poster // Orange Metal Indoor Chair // Colorful Bamboo Spoons // Rainbow Stack Mixing Bowls // Bright Tumblers

So many fun ways to incorporate a pop of color, right? How would you do it? Let us know in the comments below!!