7 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

7 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day at Home

Thank you mom!! We can never utter those words enough, right?! With everything they do for us and for all of the love they give, moms deserve a magical Mother’s Day celebration- even during quarantine! (Let’s hear it for all of the mamas out there who are conquering this homeschool/work-from-home challenge!!)

Since Mother’s Day will probably look a little different this year, we’ve put together seven fun and meaningful ways you can celebrate mom from home, whether she’s right there with you, or far away. You may not be able to take mom out for dinner, or treat her to a shopping spree at the mall, but there are plenty of ways to show her you care.

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1. Treat Her to Brunch in Bed

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photo: Lake Arts Studio | via Little Babes Who Brunch

We don’t know a single mom out there who doesn’t LOVE brunch food! Get the family together, whip up some pancakes, fruit, and eggs and treat mom to a delicious breakfast in bed. She deserves to sleep in today! You can also make mom a delicious mimosa or Prosecco cocktail with our favorite recipes here!

2. An At-Home Spa Day

palm robe

photo:Katie Shuler | via Cute Honeymoon Essentials

Treat mom to mud masks, mani-pedis, and essential oils right on the comfortable living room couch. It’s so easy to gather some skincare and selfcare essentials and let mom soak up all of that luxury. Here are some great guides to inspire you:

3. Send Mom on a Scavenger Hunt

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via our Printable Thank You Cards feature

Mom will LOVE this! We guarantee it! Take some time to write some sweet thank you cards to your mom. Tell her how much you appreciate everything she does for you, tell her how much you love her, and describe your favorite things about her. Young kids can also draw special pictures for mom. Hide your notes throughout the house and send mom on a scavenger hunt to find them!

4. Cook Her a Special Meal

A common Mother’s Day outing is to go out to a restaurant. Why not bring the restaurant to mom?! Set up a nice dinner table and make mom’s favorite meal! If you want to get outside, you can even make it a picnic in the yard. (PS- make sure you take care of all of the clean-up so mom doesn’t have to!!)

5. DIY Together

kid craft garden banner

photo: Etsy | via 30 Craft Kits to Get You DIY on at Home

Do you love to make handmade gifts for mom? Make it a family affair this year and gather everyone together to craft with mom! We just did a round up of these amazing craft kits that come prepared with everything you need already included! Talk about an easy and fun family activity! Here are some other fun DIY projects that we love:

6. Order or Send a Special Gift

¬†Whether mom is near or far, treat her to a special surprise. You may not be able to take her out shopping, so we put together this shoppable Mother’s Day gift guide to make it super easy! These are our favorite picks for beautiful and sweet presents that mom will love! 30 Mother’s Day Gifts that will Make Her Feel Extra Special!

7. Celebrate With Mom From Afar

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It may not be possible to celebrate with mom in person this year and that’s ok. You can still make her feel loved and appreciated from afar. Schedule a Skype or Zoom call with her so that you can take some time to sit and chat together. You can even share a virtual meal or movie night together though you’re separated! Spending time together face-to-face will make mom’s day, even if you can’t go give her a big hug.

Mother's Day Inspiration

photo: Kayla Adams | via Boho Mother’s Day Brunch Inspiration

Moms deserve an extra special Mother’s Day this year and we hope these ideas give you some inspiration on how to celebrate while staying home. Which idea do you think you’ll try? Let us know what you’re most excited for down in the comments below!