Get Your Glow On with This 6-Month Bridal Skincare Routine

get glowing skin with this 6-month bridal skincare routine

What’s the one thing you should truly invest in for your wedding day? A great photographer is high on the list (of course), but our argument is for something a little closer to home…your skin! Because nothing—not even those shoes you can’t stop thinking about—will give you that famous bridal glow quite like healthy, nourished skin. And investing in something you’ll have your entire life? Now, that’s something to say yes to.

Today we’re sharing our 6-month pre-wedding skincare routine (for all skin types!) to prep for that natural glow come wedding day…and beyond. Bye-bye, dull skin—see ya never!

Six Months Out

For naturally glowing skin, it starts from the inside out.

  • Manage stress. Find your destressers so you can manage stress starting NOW. Download the meditation app. Write in the journal. Go on the hike!
  • H20. Yes, it really works: drink more water! Make hydration a habit for skin that truly glows. If you’re thirsty, you’re already on your way to dehydration, so invest in a cute water bottle and stay one step ahead!
  • Exfoliate and hydrate. Dead skin cells give a dull appearance, so start exfoliating once a week. Follow with a serum to secure that hydration! Our go-to? Jurlique’s Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum to help bring out a natural glow with 24 hours of staying power.

Next up, time to add some skincare products for glowing skin to your arsenal!

Five Months Out

get glowing skin with this 6-month bridal skincare routine

When it comes to wedding skincare products, here’s what we recommend for healthy + glowing skin come the big day:

  • Clean up. You’ll need a cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin tight or dry. We love this Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser for all skin types.
  • Prep. A good facial essence preps your skin to hold in hydration for a smooth complexion. This Activating Water Essence is a must for your skincare routine.
  • Moisturize. It’s all coming up roses! And this Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion from Jurlique provides instant hydration for a glow that goes on all day.

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Four Months Out

  • Permission to hit snooze. Things may start getting crazy from here on out. Make sleep a priority so your body can repair and refresh.
  • The sweet goodbye. Cut down on sugar and alcohol now to give your body time to detox and brighten up in time for the big day. (PS: You’re still hydrating, right?)

Three Months Out

get glowing skin with this 6-month bridal skincare routine

  • Plump it up. It’s time to call in some reinforcements and thankfully, we know the best face oil for glowing skin. This Skin Balancing Face Oil is all about intense nourishment! Mix it with your moisturizer for a major enhancement.

Two Months Out

  • Protect the glow. Not all serums were made the same, and this Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum is all about preventing signs of aging (oh, you aren’t stressed, are you?!) and promoting fresh, dewy, supple skin.

One Month Out

  • Focus on diet + exercise. Okay, but for real. Less booze + sugar, more water + walking! Even small changes can make a big impact on your skin.

Week-Before-the-Wedding Skincare Routine

get glowing skin with this 6-month bridal skincare routine

  • It’s go time. Book the pre-wedding facial and fully enjoy it. AKA, eliminate distractions and give yourself some love.
  • Balance it out. Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist is a must-have for your wedding day. It’s instant hydration on the go, plus the perfect refresher to set your makeup.
  • Keep it up. Trust the process and don’t give up on the routine yet! Take care of your skin, get some sleep, and save the booze for the big day.

Day of the Wedding

  • Get your glow on. You’re ready, you’re glowing, and thank goodness you booked that killer photographer to capture it all. Spritz a little rosewater mist and go have some fun!

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