27 Best Wedding Cake Toppers for the Perfect Finishing Touch

celestial wedding cake topper

The perfect finishing touch, a top-tier trend, and they literally take the cake! Wedding cake toppers are the perfect opportunity to bring a little personalization into your wedding day. We’ve scouted out the best custom cake toppers, unique wedding cake toppers, and even a few funny ones to take your cake to the next tier.

Historically, wedding cake toppers depict the bride and groom. They began rather figuratively, with figurines posed in traditional wedding attire after World War I. In the ’20s, retailers like Sears & Roebuck began marketing 2-inch toppers, and as the wedding cake tradition took off, so did the toppers.

How do you choose a wedding cake topper?

The first step in choosing a wedding cake topper is picking one that represents you as a couple. While cake toppers aren’t as necessary as they once were, they still carry the same tradition of representing the newlyweds. Only these days, there are fewer figurines and more laser-etched custom designs, floral pieces, and even funny wedding cake toppers.

Secondly, the topper should literally top off the cake. The size of the topper is important relative to the size of the cake. It shouldn’t be SO big that it overwhelms the cake and throws off the balance. It should elevate and complement the cake’s design. It’s always a good idea to let your baker know if you have one you’d like to incorporate, as well.

Finally, a good question to ask yourself is this one: can it be re-used? Generally, this is a good question to keep in mind throughout all your wedding planning. But something like a wedding cake topper has the potential to move into the heirloom-worthy realm! Even if it can’t be re-used right away, perhaps down the line it will come into play for another purpose.

What do you do with a wedding cake topper?

Before the wedding, the cake topper should be given to the baker or the planner. The cake may need to be transported without the topper, depending on size, and added once your cake is in place. After the wedding, instruct your planner to give the topper to a parent or attendant for safe-keeping. You can display it somewhere in your home, stick it in a plant, or keeping it wrapped safely in a box of your wedding mementos.

Where do you buy a wedding cake topper?

As for where to buy wedding cake toppers, there is no question that Etsy is where it’s at! You can find custom cake toppers from independent designers that are top quality and create the best designs. Truly, no place compares if you’re looking for something unique and stylish. With that said, we found the best in the categories of custom cake toppers, modern figures, unique wedding cake toppers, and funny wedding cake toppers below!

The Best Custom Cake Toppers

Acrylic Monogram Custom Cake Topper

acrylic monogram custom cake topper
A simple design for the modern couple. Choose from over 30 etching colors — metallic and glitter options included.

Purchase on Etsy $28

Simple Wooden Banner

unique wedding cake toppers names
A darling piece of wooden artwork to be cherished on your cake and after your special day.

Purchase on Etsy $33

Custom Acrylic Arch

mr mrs acrylic arch custom cake topper
Choose from 6 fonts and 7 color options for a truly custom piece.

Purchase on Etsy $40

Modern Script Custom Cake Topper

acrylic custom cake topper
This 6″ cake topper is filled with your choice of acrylic paint from 7 custom designs.

Purchase on Etsy $35+

Monogram Rustic Cake Topper

monogram wooden personalized cake topper
This laser-crafted monogram topper comes with over 100 5-star reviews.

Purchase on Etsy $19+

Personalized Wreath Cake Topper

gold round custom cake topper
This custom topper is laser-cut from wood and painted gold for a piece that pairs perfectly with flowers!

Purchase on Etsy $15.99+

Custom Topper in Romantic Script 

rustic wedding cake topper
Put your name on display for all to see in the dreamiest script font.

Purchase on Etsy $14.27+

Wire Love Birds Monogram Topper

gold wire bird custom cake topper
These sweet little birds spell out your monogram for a custom-made wire cake topper.

Purchase on Etsy $46

Modern Figurine Cake Toppers

Personalized Wooden Portrait Topper

wooden photo unique wedding cake topper
How beautiful is this wooden portrait topper? And this one was expertly crafted based on this wedding we shared on GWS!

Purchase on Etsy $45

Wooden Slab Custom Figurine Topper

wooden figurine unique wedding cake topper
Talk about heirloom material! This is the sweetest topper and it sits on a custom wooden slab decorated with your choice of flowers.

Purchase on Etsy $185

Alternative Family Cake Topper

alternative wedding cake toppers
An intricately cut custom piece, this topper can be made to suit you and your partner (and family)!

Purchase on Etsy $28.80

Me & Him Figurine Topper

custom same sex wedding cake topper
There are SO many details that can be customized for this topper. From skin tone to eyes to hair, suits and lapels, and extra details…this one is special.

Purchase on Etsy $150

The Best Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Moon + Star Wedding Decorations

celestial wedding cake topper
A celestial cake topper is always a good idea — and we have a few favorites. But these stars and moon combo are winners!

Purchase on Etsy $56

Written in the Stars

written in the stars wedding cake topper
Another sweet iteration of the moon and stars etched into wood!

Purchase on Etsy $32

Dried Flower Rustic Cake Topper

dried floral unqiue wedding cake topper
The perfect rustic topper for a simple cake — and these flowers will last forever.

Purchase on Etsy $65

Sun Cake Topper

acrylic sun unique wedding cake topper
This cute sun cake topper is a fun idea for a retro-inspired cake.

Purchase on Etsy $16+

Half Moon + Stars

celestial cake
We loved the topper from this wedding! And you can get it off Etsy for the perfect finish to a celestial cake.

Purchase on Etsy $48

Macramé Rainbow Cake Topper

macrame boho rainbow unique wedding cake topper
Boho rainbows are all the rage and make for the cutest cake topper!

Purchase on Etsy $23

Flamingo Figurine Cake Topper

flamingo wedding cake topper
A whimsical twist on a traditional wedding cake topper, this little pair of flamingos adds personality to any cake!

Purchase on Etsy $45

Felted Alpaca Cake Toppers

alpaca wedding cake topper
Aren’t these two the cutest? This alpaca set is expertly crafted to perfect detail.

Purchase on Etsy $114+

Pinky Promise Alternative Wedding Cake Topper

alternative unique wedding cake toppers
And now for something totally different — this rockabilly cake topper is such a rad option!

Purchase on Etsy $14

“Just Married” Cake Banner

just married banner wedding cake topper
A little bit rustic, this banner topper is perfect if you’re also layering flowers or other details.

Purchase on Etsy $20

Crystal Moon Cake Topper

crystal moon cake topper
This moon can be created to perfectly fit your cake! Brass moon with quartz points and Herkimer diamonds truly make for a stunning centerpiece.

Purchase on Etsy $110

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

“About Damn Time”

About Damn Time Wedding Cake Topper
So pretty and yet so brutally honest.

Purchase on Etsy $20

“Mischief Managed”

mischief managed harry potter wedding cake topper
Every true Harry Potter fan can appreciate the humor here!

Purchase on Etsy $30+

“Shit Just Got Real”

funny wedding cake toppers
It’s a funny wedding cake topper — with class!

Purchase on Etsy $15

“Mutual Weirdness Forever”

funny wedding cake topper
And for our final funny option, something only you two can fully appreciate. Go on, be weird together.

Purchase on Etsy $150