Wedding Inspiration from the Movies: I Am Love

With the Oscar’s coming up this Sunday, I thought it would be fun to do another wedding inspiration from the Oscar’s week here on GWS! There is so much inspiration out there and the cinematography of movies is such a great place to find ideas. Last year I shared inspirations from UpAmélie, (500) Days of Summer and I Love You Man. To start this week off, I thought I would share inspirations from one of the most visually beautiful movies I saw this past year (and nominated for an Oscar for best costume design ), I am Love. I am Love takes place in Italy and is all about passion, food, and fashion – those sound like the perfect elements for a wedding to me!

wedding inspiration from italy

photo credits going clockwise: LOVE barrette from, stills from the movie, red dress from Carolina Herrera, cherry blossoms, movie still, penabico font, photo via pinterest

I picture an intimate dinner party reception with delicious food + wine. Cherry blossoms for flowers and a gorgeous red dress. Tilda Swinton wore a red dress in the movie and I just think it would be so dramatic for your wedding. One of my other favorite elements from the movie is the movie poster (seen below). It features a gorgeous classical copperplate script and that would be such great inspiration for your invitation. The font above is pretty close to the one used in the movie and you can purchase it from and play around with it for your decor.

i am love movie

To really keep with the Italian theme, you could have your wedding in a location inspired by Italian architecture such as the Villa Terrace in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Villa del Sol d’Oro in Sierra Madre, California; or Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas. Or of course, there is always Italy! :)

I have a few more fun posts already planned to share this week, but I’d love to know what movies inspired you the most this past year?