Wedding Inspiration from the Movies: (500) Days of Summer

Today’s inspiration is from another favorite movie of mine from 2009, (500) Days of Summer. The movie is about Tom, a failed architect who makes a living by writing cards and Summer, a free-spirited secretary. Tom believed in the traditional fate, destiny, true love package while Summer is very skeptical about love. It’s about the 500 days of their relationship.

There are lots of great elements to incorporate from the movie. I love the vintage-inspired wardrobe, the downtown Los Angeles location, and Tom’s love of architecture.

500 days of summer wedding inspiration
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I picture a rooftop wedding downtown with lots of little white lights. Pops of blue color – including a vintage blue dress for the bride. Hope Hanafin, the costume designer for the film, choose to use the color blue as an accent and I love that idea. Hope said it was the romance from a male point of view. Even when you first see Summer, she has on a white shirt, but still has a blue butterfly. So it tracks all the way through. I just wanted there to be a way to make her stand out. She becomes a magnet. The only other place blue is used is the dance sequence, after Tom’s first night with Summer. The whole world would turn into her, so that’s what everyone is in blue in that scene — the construction workers, the mailmen, the office workers. Everything becomes kind of a reflection of his love for her. What a perfect metaphor for a bride. :)

Another element that I think would be fun to incorporate is the use of a chalkboard (Tom had a chalkboard wall in his apartment). And the night would end with some karaoke – maybe even a Hall & Oates dance number :). You make my dreams come true…

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  1. I just saw this movie the other night and was thinking the same thing about Summer's wardrobe. Love that pale blue dress for a wedding dress!! Also, great soundtrack – karaoke would be fun for a wedding!

  2. I am loving this little series of movie inspiration! I love (500) days. We're very inspired by Big Fish and The Notebook for our upcoming wedding.

  3. My fiance and I absolutely adore this movie! He's a HUGE movie buff, so we're thinking of incorporating a "movie" theme, per say, into our June 2011 wedding, but we don't want it to be over the top. It's a (hopefully outside) botanical garden wedding. Any suggestions?

  4. oh i LOVE this inspiration board esp since this movie is one of my favorites. totally made my day seeing this. that shade of blue and somehow incorporating the chalkboard would be such a great idea.

  5. I absolutely adore this movie! And I love the inspiration board. It seems like the perfect downtown, casual, Cali wedding. The blue tones and the architecture compliment each other perfectly, especially when paired with a sun-soaked day. Besides, anything with Zooey Deschanel is a hit with me!

  6. i really enjoyed this movie! wonderful inspiration board – i love the idea of a rooftop wedding with lots of little lights :)

  7. Ooh.. Chalkboards could be incorporated in so many ways… as a "guest book", on the backs of chairs (maybe a special accent for the bride and groom's chairs?), little tiny chalkboard placecards, table cards… And (although I didn't see the movie – yet! – so correct me if I'm wrong) I could see them having an old-school record player at the reception and tons of vinyl for guests to make their own dance party!

  8. (500) days of summer is an amaazing movie, zooey's blue wardrobe definitely imprinted in my mind whenever i go shopping. to think of the movie as an inspiration for a wedding is such genius, especially paired with the chalkboard aspect. also, the soundtrack to this movie has some great songs i will definitely be playing at my wedding.

  9. wow – I have been thinking exactly the same thing. when I saw that scene at the wedding, her pale blue dress and his brown suit, I immediately thought "they are the perfect outfits for our wedding…". I would have done the same post, but yours is better!

  10. an additonal note: some more inspiration from this movie could be the colorful origami birds in summer' apartment. would be a cute detail to any wedding

  11. What a great inspiration board! I think there are lots of us wishing we had had such a gorgeous blue-themed wedding in real life, LOL.

  12. Great idea, one of my favorite movies. thanks!

  13. I haven't seen the movie but I just saw a clip of it on the web. It's quite a romantic love story. I love the scenery and the idea of having a rooftop wedding is awesome!I agree that karaoke would be a blast in a wedding too!!!

  14. I love this movie, it's definitely one of my favorites. What an awesome idea for wedding inspiration! I love this post.

  15. Love the movie, love this idea. It's true – the shades of blue in the movie were intoxicatingly sweet. Great soundtrack, too, which could be fun for a wedding.

  16. please please please keep the movies inspiration boards coming!!!! they are so fab!

  17. Great wedding inspiration! Love the movie too, great story.

  18. i LOVED this movie…and actually did a little blog post over at my blog bc i loved that little chalkboard table drawing so much!!! thank you so much for the inspiration.
    i am doing a fun little giveaway on my blog for some v. cute little citron fingerless gloves (it's still rather chilly and blustery..right!?) if you have a delicious cupcake recipe to share come check it out!!! i am baking my own for my wedding in june and trying to decide on flavors : ) thanks…i really do love LOVE your blog and check it everyday for inspiration! thank you.

  19. I so love the movie and loving your inspiration. My soon to be hubby lives in Downtown LA and we love LA. We have been looking at art galleries, empty lofts, or even at the Bonaventure Brewing Comp to have our reception. Please add more inspiration board from the movie..

  20. I couldn't love this movie more. I loved so many things about it and adored the costuming! Right after I saw it I posted about it and agree that so many elements from the movie would be great for a wedding! Hurrah! I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with this movie. I even made my own special music playlist to add to songs I already love from the movie (I know huge dork!) Here's my post:

  21. very inspiring, LA is certainly beautiful location for all weddings

  22. Just saw this movie this past weekend & immediately fell in love. Scott & I went out the very next day to find the park with the famous bench! Absolutely adore this inspiration board – a 500 Days of Summer-influenced wedding would be so dreamy!

  23. What a great movie, and so inspiring!!

  24. i love the movie inspiration. what a wonderful idea, and this one is wonderful! thanks for sharing.


  25. I LOVE this movie. I want Zooey's dress that she wore to the wedding for my wedding dress. :)

  26. That chalk table was made by mi piace kate design, she's a san francisco designer. you can see more of her work here:

    and more about the table too:

  27. Lots of inspiration out their! Great Movie


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